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Name: Allyson McConnell

Age: 34 yrs old (2013)

State: (NSW)

Sentence: Sentenced in 2012, in Canada, to 6 yrs jail - With time served and credits, McConnell spent 10 months in the Alberta hospital psychiatric ward.
Canadian authorities ordered McConnell to be deported back to Australia - Deported April 2013, Arrived back in Australia 10-4-2013.

Offence/Other: Allyson McConnell - Child Killer - McConnell admitted to drowning her sons, 2 year old Connor and 10 month old Jayden, in a bathtub in her adopted home town of Millet, Alberta, in 2010.. At the non-jury trial last year, the judge found McConnell not guilty of the second-degree murder of the boys, but guilty of their manslaughter, and sentenced her to six years' jail. With time served and credits, McConnell spent 10 months in the Alberta hospital psychiatric ward. Appeals against the not guilty murder verdict and sentence were lodged and Mr McConnell and prosecutors had hoped McConnell would be forced to stay in Canada until they were heard, but Canadian authorities ordered McConnell to be deported.

Child killer Allyson McConnell found dead

Allyson McConnell, who was convicted of drowning her two children in Canada, has been found dead on the NSW central coast.
A member of the public reported seeing a body lying on rocks underneath Brian McGowan Bridge on Brisbane Water Drive at West Gosford, police said.
The death is not believed to be suspicious.
A full post-mortem examination will be conducted and a report will be prepared for the Coroner.
Police said formal identification would not take place until later in the week, but sources told Fairfax Media there was no doubt as to the identity of the woman.
Ms McConnell, who had been living in Gosford with her mother, returned from Canada in April after serving 10 months of a six-year sentence for second degree murder.
She was released in April this year after receiving an early release from a psychiatric hospital.
She admitted drowning her two sons, two-year-old Connor and Jayden, 10 months, in a bathtub in her adopted home town of Millet, Alberta, in February 2010. Before her sons' deaths, she had been in the middle of a messy separation from her Canadian husband Curtis, who she had met in 2006 while working at a ski resort.
She told her trial she was severely depressed and suicidal when she killed her children.
Canadian prosecutors had lodged an appeal against her sentence and extradition.

www.smh.com.au (18-9-2013)
Lisa Davies

Dead eyes of Aussie child-killer Allyson McConnell

Baby killer Allyson McConnell landed in Sydney yesterday - leaving behind the graves of her two sons, a shattered ex-husband and political fallout that has rocked the Canadian legal system.
The 34-year-old looked gaunt after the 16-hour journey from Alberta after a last-minute bid to stay her deportation on Friday failed.
McConnell was released on Thursday after serving two-thirds of a 15-month sentence in a psychiatric ward after drowning her sons Connor, 2, and 10-month-old Jayden in a bathtub before jumping off a freeway overpass three years ago.
With her mother Helen Meager by her side, McConnell refused to answer questions as older sister Ros Meager pushed a luggage trolley to the carpark.
McConnell, formerly of Gosford, was last year convicted of manslaughter but escaped a mandatory life sentence after Justice Michelle Crighton found her not guilty of second-degree murder because she was suffering postpartum depression and, in a haze of alcohol and sleeping pills, did not have the intent to kill the two boys.
She was sentenced to six years in jail for each child, which was reduced to 15-months in recognition of the 2 1/2 years already served in custody at Alberta Hospital.
She was released after 10 months under a standard Canadian prisoner credit scheme. Her estranged husband Curtis McConnell said his distraught family was "ashamed" at Canada's legal system: "We fear ... we will never see her face justice for the horror and terror she inflicted on two innocent babies before killing them."
Prosecutors had appealed against both the verdict and sentence but a five-month delay meant it was not listed for hearing before a deportation order was issued under the country's strict laws to remove non-citizens immediately after their sentence expires.
Provincial prosecutors argued they could not contest the deportation order, which falls under federal jurisdiction, sparking angry exchanges between Alberta's Justice Minister Jonathan Denis, Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney and McConnell's solicitor Peter Royal. Mr Denis said Alberta would, if possible, seek an extradition order for McConnell.

AAP (11-4-2013)
Richard Noone

Curtis McConnell outraged as Allyson McConnell returns to Australia after drowning sons

An Australian woman who drowned her two young sons in a bathtub in Canada has arrived back in Australia.
Allyson McConnell, 34, flew into Sydney Airport this morning on an Air Canada flight out of Vancouver with her mother Helen Meager.
She refused to answer reporters' questions as she and a female companion pushed a luggage trolley to the airport car park, with blank stares and "no comment" the only response.
McConnell is expected to travel to Gosford on the NSW Central Coast where Mrs Meager lives.
McConnell's former husband, Curtis McConnell, along with prosecutors and the Alberta justice minister, fought to keep McConnell in Canada until the appeals for her six-year sentence and acquittal on second-degree murder charges were heard.
McConnell admitted to drowning her sons, two-year-old Connor and 10-month-old Jayden, in a bathtub in her adopted home town of Millet, Alberta, in 2010.
At the non-jury trial last year, the judge found McConnell not guilty of the second-degree murder of the boys, but guilty of their manslaughter, and sentenced her to six years' jail.
With time served and credits, McConnell spent 10 months in the Alberta hospital psychiatric ward.
Appeals against the not guilty murder verdict and sentence were lodged and Mr McConnell and prosecutors had hoped McConnell would be forced to stay in Canada until they were heard, but Canadian authorities ordered McConnell to be deported.
Mr McConnell fears his ex-wife could kill again in Australia.
"Will anyone there know about the murders she committed here?'' he asked.
"Being only 34 years old, will she start a new family and have another child in her care?'' Alberta Justice Minister Jonathan Denis said on Monday he wanted McConnell returned to Canada if the appeals were successful.
"We will be in contact immediately with Australian officials and have her brought back to Canada so she can serve the rest of her time here," Mr Denis told the Canadian Broadcast Corporation.
"Under the treaties that we have, my understanding is that if the sentence was overturned in favour of some larger sentence, Australia would be required under these conventions to bring her back to Canada to pay her debt to the province."
McConnell, 34, met her Canadian husband in 2006 when they were working at a ski resort in British Columbia.
They married, but after the birth of Jayden the marriage broke down. Mr McConnell filed for divorce and successfully blocked McConnell from taking their sons to Australia.
McConnell has battled depression and admitted she drowned the boys.
However, the judge who heard the murder trial found there was reasonable doubt McConnell "had the specific intent to kill her children".
On the day of the children's death Mr McConnell received a phone call from Edmonton police informing him his wife had fallen off a bridge and onto a roadway.
She survived, but was in hospital. "Where are the kids?'' Mr McConnell asked the officer on the end of the phone. The officer didn't know.
Mr McConnell jumped in his car and drove to the family home, where the doors were locked, the volume on the TV was turned up and the power was out in certain rooms.
There was no sign of two-year-old Connor and 10-month-old Jayden.
He frantically searched the house and came to a bathroom, but the door was locked.
Desperate, he used a butter knife to open it. "I could smell their dead bodies,'' Curtis McConnell, speaking through tears, testified at his wife's murder trial in a Wetaskiwin court last year. Connor and Jayden were floating in the bathtub.
"I just dropped to my knees and I reached into the water, and the water was so cold. "They were so cold and stiff. I had to pull them out.
"She just left them there to rot.''
On the toilet seat next to the bathtub was his wife's wedding ring. Allyson McConnell had lunch at a hotel before jumping off the bridge.

www.news.com.au (10-4-2013)

Deportation to Australia for child killer Allyson McConnell despite appeal

ALLYSON McConnell, the Australian mother convicted of drowning her two young sons in Canada, will be deported to her homeland next week, a report says.
Allyson McConnell's jail term ended yesterday after she served 10 months of her 15-month sentence in an Alberta hospital.
Allyson McConnell drowned in two young sons in bath. court told
Albertan authorities had been expected to ask the Canadian government to stop the deportation so that appeals could be heard.
But Canada's federal Minister of Public Safety Vic Toews said Alberta's justice minister was too late in asking for the stay of deportation when McConnell's case was reviewed by the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada on Friday (Saturday AEDT), local CBC news reported.
The review follows protests by McConnell's former husband, Curtis McConnell, and Alberta authorities who lodged appeals against what they deemed was the Australian's lenient sentence and conviction for manslaughter, rather than murder.
They wanted the appeals to be heard before she leaves Canada. The deportation review scheduled McConnell to leave on Monday (local time) for Australia, CBC reported.
Until then, 34-year-old McConnell would remain in the Edmonton psychiatric hospital.
Meanwhile, Alberta Justice Minister Jonathan Denis said the prosecution service would press ahead with its appeals, CBC reported.
"Whether or not Ms McConnell remains in Canada, Albertans can be assured that the prosecution service is pressing ahead with these appeals and will continue to seek justice in this case,'' Denis said in a statement.
McConnell, who suffered depression, drowned 10-month-old Jayden and two-and-a-half-year-old Connor in the bathtub of their family home in Millet, Alberta, in 2010.
The judge who convicted McConnell of the lesser charge of manslaughter found she did not have the requisite intent for murder.
McConnell moved to Canada in 2005 from her home on the NSW Central Coast, met Curtis McConnell and they married.
However, the marriage soured and the McConnells were engaged in a bitter divorce before the deaths, with McConnell desperate to take her boys back to her home town of Gosford.

www.news.com.au (6-4-2013)




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