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'Government Knew of Paedophile'

The Government turned a blind eye to allegations that one of its senior public servants was a paedophile, it has been alleged.
Carl Francis Walker, 65, died in Royal Darwin Hospital recently after falling ill in Berrimah prison.
He was serving seven years for molesting Indonesian children.
Walker, who filmed himself abusing young boys, ran an Indonesian language course for the Territory Government.
He often accompanied official delegations to Indonesia in the 1990s and maintained a flat in Kupang, where he lured children and sexually assaulted them.
Interpreter Luciana Ferrero said many NT public servants knew Walker was a paedophile or at least had suspicions.
She said the Indonesian Embassy and Unicef investigated him in the early 1990s.
"But he was well protected by a gaggle of self-serving people who thought Carl was wonderful," she said.
"He knew how to flatter their fragile egos and make them feel important, while he was hiding behind a debonair facade.
"Many knew or suspected him ... but he was influential."
Ms Ferrero said she was accused of slandering Walker when she worked for the Government on contract and said he was a paedophile.
She said those who did nothing to stop him should "feel some guilt and shame for having looked the other way while he was destroying the lives of young Indonesian children, taking advantage of poverty and ignorance".
Ms Ferrero, who now lives in Bali, told the Northern Territory News that Walker destroyed the career of another public servant by falsely accusing him of being a pedophile.
Her former husband, Darwin-based engineer Mike Nicholls, said Walker brought boys back to Darwin.
He said he twice saw him on Kupang-Darwin flights with Indonesian children aged about nine to 12.
A senior public servant told the NT News that nobody suspected Walker was a paedophile.
"He would say he had family matters to attend to in Kupang and disappear. We didn't realise until he was arrested that he had a strange interpretation of 'family matters'."

www.dailytelegraph.com.au (25-12-2009)
Nigel Adlam

NT pedophile teacher asks court to cut his jail term

A former teacher who photographed himself sexually abusing teenage boys has appealed against his jail sentence.
Carl Francis Walker, 63, has lodged documents in the Supreme Court claiming the 14-year jail sentence imposed by Chief Justice Brian Martin was "manifestly excessive''.
The appeal has been set down for a hearing in the Supreme Court on June 16. Walker's prison sentence was suspended after seven years.
He pleaded guilty to two counts of committing an indecent act with a child in Indonesia and two counts of possessing child pornography.
During his trial, the Supreme Court heard Walker had been caught taking photos of himself sexually abusing teenage boys.
He was also found with more than 14,000 images and 226 videos of child pornography on his computers.
Federal and NT police found the pictures in a raid on Walker's Darwin home.
At least 60 of the images, downloaded from websites, showed sexual acts involving torture or cruelty to children.
During the trial, defence lawyer Mark Hunter said Walker believed building a collection of child porn would make him "safer'' to children in the community.
But Walker also told police he took pictures of the Indonesian boys because he was hooked on child porn and wanted to make his own.
Justice Martin said Walker's crime was not a victimless one.
"The victims are the children,'' he said.
The former school teacher and Charles Darwin University lecturer went to Indonesia many times at taxpayers' expense, despite suspicions he was a pedophile.
Walker ran a government Indonesian language class for a decade from the late 1980s and often went to Kupang on excursions with students.

Matt Cunningham


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