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Serial child sex offender tried to bury girl alive

Serial child sex offender Colin George McKane at Melbourne Supreme Court.

A predatory child sex offender who was jailed this week once tried to bury a girl alive and was recommended for indefinite imprisonment by the public prosecutor.
Colin George McKane was sentenced on Tuesday to nine months in jail for tracking down minors for sex after seeing their photographs in a newspaper.
At the time he was the subject of a supervision order imposed after he finished a sentence for kidnapping and molesting a 10-year-old girl.
At his 1998 trial for the abduction and molestation, the Office of Public Prosecutions asked Judge Leo Hart to declare McKane a dangerous offender, so he could be sentenced to prison indefinitely. Judge Hart refused and sentenced McKane to nine years in prison.
At that trial, it emerged that McKane had a long and brutal history of sexual abuse of children, a record police described as one of the worst they had ever seen. He had previously been jailed, in 1995, for phoning children whose picture he had seen in the paper.
''This is Colin George McKane, the paedophile police believe should never be released,'' this newspaper's John Silvester wrote at the time. ''For at least 25 years McKane has been every parent's nightmare.
''He has attempted to bury a girl alive, abducted girls from the street and made hundreds of obscene phone calls that left children terrified.
''He refused prison sex-therapy programs, flouted parole conditions and reoffended every time he was released from prison.''
In a confidential police report in 1992, McKane was described as ''a real threat to females and children. He is a definite sexual deviant and while serving his last prison sentence for rape, declined medical assistance and counselling''.
In 1977, a psychiatrist wrote: ''I think he needs to be hospitalised for further psychiatric assessment in his own interest and also in the public interest.''
The parole board found he was ''a long-term recidivist sexual offender, progressing from indecent exposure to indecent assault. Offences had involved knives, scissors and once an unloaded rifle also notable has been his lack of impulse control, no sense of responsibility, of right and wrong and no remorse.''
In 1984, McKane bashed a 16-year-old girl with a tyre brace in Warrnambool as she was walking home, put her in his car, dragged her to a beach, assaulted her, then dumped her in a hole, covering her with bracken and debris.
The girl escaped while McKane was away. Later that night, when police were examining the scene, McKane returned - with a shovel.
Police believed he was going to bury her.

www.theherald.com.au (11-10-2012)
Dan Oakes

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Extended sentence for sex offender who pursued children

A serial child sex offender has been ordered to serve extra jail time for breaching a supervision order by tracking down minors for sex after seeing their photographs in a newspaper.
Colin George McKane, 54, was labelled ''a serious danger to the community'' by a judge who sentenced him in 1998 over the abduction and molestation of a 10-year-old girl he snatched from the street.
He had already carried out more than a dozen random and opportunistic indecent attacks on young girls, including on a 16-year-old he kidnapped, knocked-out, raped and left for dead. The attack took place soon after he had been released from jail over a sex attack on a nine-year-old girl.
The Director of Public Prosecutions sought to keep McKane in detention at the completion of his sentence because of his extensive criminal history and the troubling fact that he was unaware of any precipitating factors. But the order was denied.
Instead, a five-year supervision order was granted under the Serious Sex Offenders (Detention and Supervision) Act 2009. The strict conditions included that McKane reside at the Corella Place sex offenders facility at Ararat. He was forbidden from contacting or going anywhere near children without the written consent of the Adult Parole Board.
But six months after the order was imposed, McKane used the phone book to get the telephone numbers of three children whose photographs appeared in the Geelong Advertiser newspaper.
At his sentencing hearing over the breaches in Victoria's Supreme Court yesterday, Justice Katharine Williams said the children pictured had been identified in the paper by name and the suburb in which they lived.
On the night of June 18 last year, McKane called one of them, a 16-year-old girl, and asked to speak to her when her father answered. McKane gave the false name of Peter Gray and asked her to commit a sex act on him. She refused before handing the phone to her mother.
McKane ended the call but phoned back over the coming days. The same night, McKane phoned a 10-year-old boy and asked him for phone sex.
He called a 14-year-old girl the next day. After speaking to her about the event she appeared in the newspaper for, he said she was ''very beautiful'' before asking for phone sex.
The court heard all three victims were scared and disgusted by McKane's calls. One feared what he was capable of, while another said she was ''freaked out'' and frightened that he might find her address and break into her house.
McKane pleaded guilty to charges of using a carriageway to harass, offend or menace and was sentenced last November to three years and four months in jail, with a two-year non-parole period.
But Justice Williams yesterday sentenced him to an extra nine months in jail for breaching the supervision order.
She noted his lengthy history of sexual offences against girls aged between seven and 16, which began when he was 15.
His prior offending also included making obscene phone calls in 1994-95 to girls whose photographs he had seen in the newspaper.
''Your victims were unknown to you and selected at random and when opportunity presented itself,'' the judge said, adding that he had no remorse.
Defence lawyer Helen Spowart sought to have McKane's identity suppressed, arguing naming him could lead to vigilantism and had the potential to impair his rehabilitation. But David Grace QC, for the Victorian Government Solicitor's Office, argued that unless there was clear evidence his life would be endangered, the ''mere possibility'' he might be adversely affected was insufficient to warrant suppression.
Justice Williams agreed, adding that identifying him might ''encourage or enhance the safety of people who might become victims of Mr McKane's spontaneous and otherwise unexplained offending''.
McKane will begin serving his latest sentence next January.

www.theage.com.au (10-10-2012)

Sex offender gets three years jail for phone calls

A convicted sex monster who tracked down teenage girls in Geelong and made obscene phone calls to them has been sentenced to three years jail.
Colin George McKane, aged in his 50s, appeared at a closed hearing in Geelong Magistrates' Court on Monday where he pleaded guilty to 10 Commonwealth charges of using a carriageway to harass, offend or menace.
It is unsure why the court was ordered to be closed.
The filth-laden calls were made in June this year, after McKane tracked down his victims from their pictures in the Geelong Advertiser.
At a hearing in Geelong Magistrates' Court on June 22 this year, Detective Senior Constable Amanda Evans told how one Geelong family answered the phone on June 18 to an "old sounding" man asking to speak to their daughter.
Sen-Constable Evans said the girl hung up after the man suggested a sex act.
The court was told that, on the same day, another family received a phone call from a man wanting to speak to their daughter.
"The following day a man phoned the home of a third girl, asking her age and requesting phone sex," Sen-Constable Evans said.
"Police were contacted and the man was later arrested and charged."
The court heard McKane was found in possession of three mobile phones, a Geelong phone book and a copy of the newspaper open at the page where the victims appeared.
In 1998, McKane, who by then had a 25-year history of random attacks on more than a dozen girls aged from seven to 16, was jailed for 10 1/2 years for sexually molesting a 10-year-old girl.
A County Court was told how McKane had snatched the young girl during a street party and indecently assaulted her, before her terrified screams forced him to release her.
He had been paroled just five months earlier after serving a four-year jail term for offences in 1995, when he made threatening and obscene phone calls to girls he had seen pictured in newspapers.
In the 1980s McKane was jailed for 10 years for an attack on a 16-year-old girl during which he knocked her unconscious, raped her and left her for dead.
That crime was committed two months after his release from a five-year jail term for a sex attack on a nine-year-old girl.
A County Court judge at the time said McKane committed many of his crimes in public places and did not appear deterred by detection and punishment.

www.geelongadvertiser.com.au (16-11-2011)

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