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Inquiry into how pedophile was granted bail, allowing him to abuse more kids

An inquiry has been ordered into how a convicted WA pedophile was granted bail, which allowed him to abuse three more children in a pre-prison ``binge''.
Darryl James Osborne, a father of three, was handed extra jail time by a Perth judge last week, after being convicted of abusing a six-year-old school friend of his son, and two brothers aged 11 and 12 at a public pool in a small wheatbelt town in 2011 and 2012.
All but one of the new offences were committed while he was on bail for the earlier crimes.
Judge John Gerard Staude said Osborne had told authorities he knew he was going to prison, and so he believed he had nothing to lose by abusing even more children.
Now after family of the new victims voiced their anger, WA Police Minister Liza Harvey wants to know why Osborne was given bail in the first place.
``It is a tragedy, and as a mother I can understand the horror that they must be going through ... at the hands of this monster,'' Ms Harvey told ABC radio.
``Right across our systems, from the very first decision to release this person through to the point where he has re-offended, the system has failed right across the board."
Ms Harvey says she has asked police why Osborne was released on bail, why he was allowed to live hours from where he was bailed in Albany, and why his bail conditions were not monitored.
Osborne was initially sentenced to 10 years behind bars but that was reduced by the Court of Appeal to eight years.
He pleaded guilty to six more sexual offences against boys aged under 13, and was sentenced to a further two years in jail. He will be eligible for parole in May 2020.

www.news.com.au (4-2-2014)

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Pedophile Darryl James Osborne offended while on bail, sentenced to more jail time

A convicted pedophile has been handed extra jail time by a Perth judge for re-offending while on bail.
Darryl James Osborne, a father of three, was in 2012 convicted following a District Court trial of 16 counts of indecently dealing with a child under the age of 13 years and four counts of sexually penetrating a child under 13.
He also pleaded guilty to two charges of indecently recording children under the age of 13 years and two counts of possession of child exploitation material.
The offences occurred between 2008 and 2011 while Osborne was a parent helper at a school attended by two of his sons.
Osborne was initially sentenced to 10 years behind bars but that was reduced by the Court of Appeal to eight years.
He has since pleaded guilty to six sexual offences against boys aged under 13, five of which were committed when he was on bail for the earlier offences.
The court heard Osborne abused a six-year-old school friend of one of his sons while he was visiting the family home.
He also abused two brothers, aged 11 and 12, at a public pool in a small West Australian Wheatbelt town where he was working as a driller in the mining industry.
Osborne, 37, also indecently dealt with another boy at the same pool, and threatened to kill the 10-year-old if he told anyone.
"It goes without saying that each of your victims was harmed by your offending," Judge John Gerard Staude told Osborne during sentencing today.
"My understanding of your explanation for the offences which you committed whilst you were on bail is that you were aware that you were going to prison in relation to the offences that you had already committed and you considered you would lose nothing by taking advantage of further opportunities to offend."
Osborne was sentenced to a further two years in jail and will be eligible for parole in May 2020.

www.news.com.au (30-1-2014)

Perth judge fears for future of 8 molested schoolboys

A District Court Judge has described his concern that eight young boys molested by a Perth father are yet to experience the full impact of their abuse and, as adults, may turn to drugs and struggle to maintain relationships.
The boys, aged six to nine years, were sexually assaulted by Darryl James Osborne between 2008 and May this year.
Seven were abused while Osborne was acting as a parent helper at their school and during swimming lessons at a local pool.
He would covertly take photographs of them on his phone while they changed, including some of the boys naked.
The eighth boy was the son of a friend of Osborne, who was unaware he was on bail awaiting trial for the earlier offences.
The court heard the boys were so young they did not fully grasp what had happened to them, including one victim describing Osborne touching his "tentacles" and another believing he was his best friend.
During sentencing yesterday, the court heard the victims already were showing signs of trauma, having suffered changed personalities and become withdrawn even from their siblings and parents.
"They've lost self confidence, they've lost their innocence," Judge Bruce Goetze said, summarising five victim impact statements written by the boys' mothers.
"They're aware of their own bodies, they don't want to get changed in front of other people ... they don't want to be running around in bathers.
"[The incidents also have] affected the family relationship. That necessarily impacts on the family dynamics about how the family unit goes about normal day-to-day living."
Judge Goetze said the devastating situation also had created rifts between some of the boys' parents who did not agree on how best to treat their son.
Most of the boys had changed schools, while one had moved twice, and they feared not only returning to the school where they were abused but to nearby areas where students may recognise them.
"That impacts on them socially and little boys like to play sport and ... it impacts on them there," Judge Goetze said.
"Friends at the new school and friends at the old school ... know about what's going on so these little children simply can't escape what has happened to them.
"They all suffer from feelings of betrayal [and] anger.
"One can expect as they grow older they'll more fully come to understand what has happened to them."
Sentencing Osborne to 10 years jail, Judge Goetze said in his experience the boys would likely suffer for decades to come.
"They now are perhaps too young to fully understand what happened to them," he said.
"One victim in particular tried to down play [Osborne's] offending and wrongdoing, but ... as they grow older and mature and become post-pubescent teenagers and then adults they'll have a greater appreciation.
"Experience has shown that this kind of offending does result in the [children who] are offended against, finding it difficult as they grow older to maintain friendships and relationships because of this breach of their friendship and trust.
"They may also suffer less self confidence and self-esteem and that can impact on their social and emotional development."
Bravehearts founder Hetty Johnston said child sex assault victims often developed mental health issues including depression and anxiety and drug and alcohol dependencies and went on to commit their own crimes.
"They become confused and angry ... and that gets them into trouble [and] that continues until the point where they're in jail," she said.
"That's why so many of our prisoners have been sexually assaulted.
"They have personal relationship issues, difficulty forming a normal relationship with a partner, marriage breakdowns, sexual dysfunction and confusion issues."
However, Ms Johnston said Osborne's victims would be helped by knowing he had been jailed and that their abuse was no longer a secret.
"The secret can be really damaging," she said.
"[But] they can see he got into trouble ... it's very clear to them that they haven't done anything wrong."
Ms Johnston said it was vital victims sought professional counselling to prevent future affects.
"Most people with the right kind of help get on and have a normal life," she said.
"When they don't deal with it, then they're left with all the horrible outcomes because of this ball and chain thing that they carry around."

www.watoday.com.au (16-8-2012)
Courtney Trenwith http://www.watoday.com.au/wa-news/perth-judge-fears-for-future-of-8-molested-schoolboys-20120815-2496t.html

Perth father jailed for molesting numerous boys

A Perth father who sexually assaulted boys while acting as a school parent helper has been jailed for 10 years.
Darryl James Osborne, 36, was "a master of secretive touching" and an "insidious" offender who targeted multiple boys aged six to 12 years, Prosecutor Louise O'Connor told the District Court.
He secretly touched and took photos of students at a public swimming pool and in classrooms between 2008 and 2011.
It was also revealed today Osborne reoffended while on bail in May awaiting trial for 25 offences.
He assaulted a six-year-old boy while sleeping over at his family's home. The boy's father, a friend of Osborne's, had no idea he was on bail.
Osborne pleaded guilty to the offence.
Almost 2000 child pornographic images and two videos also were found in his possession when he was arrested in March.
Osborne has a previous conviction in Queensland for possessing child pornography, which the court heard was unknown by the Perth school where he offended.
Osborne abused seven boys during 2008-11 before one caught him taking photos on his phone from his hip and reported it to a teacher. The images showed the students in various states of undress, and included some full frontal photos of the boys naked.
Judge Bruce Goetze said the offending was "open and brazen" and described Osborne as a "sexual predator".
"[Osborne] moved on from simply looking at photos to taking photos on your phone to the actual touching of young boys who were in the same class as your own [children] at their school," Judge Goetze said.
The court was told that while Osborne had admitted to being interested in images of children he continued to deny he had touched them. A psychologist and a psychiatrist said he was at medium to high risk of reoffending.
Osborne was sentenced to 36 years and three months but after considering concurrence it was reduced to 10 years.
He will be eligible for parole after eight years.
Outside court relatives of the victims were unhappy with the sentence.

www.watoday.com.au (15-8-2012)
Courtney Trenwith

Parent helper paedophile found guilty

A jury has found a former parent helper at a Perth primary school guilty of 20 child sex offences committed against boys aged between six and eight.
Darryl James Osborne, a 36-year-old father-of-two from Waikiki, has been on trial in the District Court of WA for nine days.
Between 2008 and 2011, Mr Osborne molested seven boys aged six to eight a total of 20 times. The charges included four of sexual penetration of a child.
He was found not guilty of one count of indecent dealings with a child under 13.
Prosecutor Louise O'Connor told the court Mr Osborne's sexual interest in young boys was clear.
She said after his arrest in March 2011, police found 72 photos of young boys taken by Mr Osborne on his mobile phones in a swimming pool change room.
Almost 2000 pornographic images of young boys were also discovered on a thumb drive owned by Mr Osborne.
However, Mr Osborne claimed to be the victim of gossip and innuendo who was wrongly accused after admitting to possessing and producing child pornography.
The jury took five hours to reach its decision.

www.watoday.com.au (21-6-2012)
Anne-Louise Brown

Accused child molester was a 'master of secretive touching'

Darryl James Osborne was a "master of secretive touching" who molested little boys for "thrills" and sexual gratification, a court has heard.
Mr Osborne, 36, is standing trial in the District Court of Western Australia, accused of molesting seven boys a total of 21 times from 2008 to 2011.
At the time of the alleged offences he was working as a parent helper at a Perth school. The alleged victims were aged six to eight.
State prosecutor Louise O'Connor said Mr Osborne's offending was "insidious", describing him as a "master of secretive touching".
Mr Osborne was found with thousands of images of child pornography in his possession after his arrest in March 2011, including more than 70 photos he'd taken of naked boys in a changeroom.
Ms O'Connor said taking pictures "was no longer enough" for Mr Osborne, and he'd started touching little boys "because he needed more of a thrill".
She said he was a "trusted adult" to his "innocent victims", and took advantage of this position.
"These are young innocent boys simply talking about things that happened to them at the hands of this man - this man who has a sexual interest in young boys," Ms O'Connor said.
The trial continues

www.smh.com.au (20-6-2012)
Anne-Louise Brown

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