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'I'm too old to rape again'

Dennis Lyddieth.

A repeat rapist who terrorised Perth's western suburbs for nearly four years is bidding for his freedom, with his lawyers claiming he is too old and too ill to attack again.
Dennis Lyddieth has served nearly 20 years in jail after terrifying attacks on 13 women in their homes between 1987 and 1991, and further sex offences when he was released on parole in 2002.
The judge who originally sent Lyddieth to jail described him as a "a truly dreadful menace to the young women of our community".
But now the Supreme Court is being asked to consider releasing Lyddieth under strict supervision, with Justice Ralph Simmonds being told that heart disease and diabetes, as well his age of 63, all reduce his risk of offending.
Psychiatrist Peter Wynn-Owen said he considered Lyddieth a serious risk of attacking again, saying the stresses of looking after himself outside jail could trigger an attack.
Justice Simmonds, who sparked controversy when he released sex offender Patrick Comeagain this year, was told that while Lyddieth had made progress in jail, it was still "slight . . . on a scale of very, very, very small change".
In 1992, Lyddieth was jailed for 19 years and one month for 48 offences, including 16 counts of aggravated sexual assault, six counts of sexual assault and nine counts of in- decent assault against 13 women.
Then in 2002, after being paroled, Lyddieth was convicted of several indecent acts near beachgoers at Cottesloe and Hillarys.
He is categorised as a dangerous sex offender, but his lawyers say he could be freed under strict supervision, including GPS monitoring.
Lawyer Mara Barone argued that Lyddieth's heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and laryngitis meant he would be unlikely to be physically capable of attacks like those he committed in the 80s and 90s.
But prosecutors opposed his release, saying his "lack of frankness" with authorities would pose a significant impediment to any supervision.
Justice Simmonds is due to reserve his judgment.

The West Australian (19-9-2014)
Tim Clarke

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Serial rapist to remain behind bars

A serial rapist who terrorised women in Perth's western suburbs in the 1980s will remain behind bars after a Supreme Court judge ruled there was an "unacceptable risk" to the community if the man was released from prison.
Dennis John Lyddieth, who has spent 20 years in jail, was last year declared a dangerous sex offender.
Lyddieth, 61, committed 48 serious offences against 13 young women whose homes he broke into at night.
He committed other offences when he was released on parole in 2002.
After an annual review of Lyddieth's continuing detention order, Supreme Court Justice Eric Heenan ruled that Lyddieth should not be released into the community.
"At this point, I consider that on the balance there would be an unacceptable risk to the community if Mr Lyddieth were to be released on a supervision order," Justice Heenan said.
In his decision ruling that Lyddieth’s continuing detention order should not be rescinded, Justice Heenan said it must not be forgotten that the 61-year-old's offender involved "appalling behaviour" to young women, especially those living alone, made worse by deliberate targeted planning which preceded the attacks.
"The court must, therefore, bear in mind that the consequences of Lyddieth reverting to his former pattern of offending would be extremely grave and absolutely devastating for any innocent victim unfortunate enough to be the target of his unsuspected attentions," Justice Heenan said.
Lyddieth's lawyer Mara Barone had argued the current legislation was adequate to protect the community if he was released into the community on a supervision order.
Justice Heenan said while it was accepted that Lyddieth had made some improvement, he was left with the "distinct impression that more demonstrated progress needed to occur before those positive signs could be regarded as a sufficient response to any continuing risk of reoffending".
"A certain degree of lack of frankness suspected to exist because of his denial of sexual fantasies creates unease because, as put by (the State), he may be concealing that information because revealing it would disclose a greater level of risk than might otherwise be supposed," Justice Heenan said.
Lyddieth will have another annual review of his order next year.

The West Australian (10-9-2013)
Natasha Boddy

DPP wants sex offender Dennis John Lyddieth jailed for life

A 60-year-old man who committed a string of sex attacks on Perth women in the late 1980s and 1990s and was due for release in June is facing the prospect of a lifetime behind bars.
Dennis John Lyddieth was sentenced to 19 years jail in 1992 for a string of rapes which he committed on women in their homes.
The sentencing Judge described Lyddieth at the time as a “truly dreadful menace to young women.”
The offences occurred in Perth's western suburbs between 1987 and 1991.
Lyddieth was released on parole in 2002 but was sent back to prison shortly afterwards because he committed seven counts of indecent acts in public.
Those offences occurred between March and June of 2002 and involved Lyddieth exposing himself and masturbating in front of women at beaches.
He was sentenced to 12-months jail and was ordered to serve out the remainder of his 19-year sentence without parole.
Today the Director of Public Prosecutions successfully argued in the Supreme Court there are “reasonable grounds” a court may decide Lyddieth is a dangerous sex offender.
Justice John McKechnie said he was satisfied a full hearing into the matter be held because there are reasonable grounds a court could decide Lyddieth be declared a dangerous sexual offender.
The full hearing into the matter will determine if the 60-year-old be held in indefinite custody or released on a supervision order.
DPP Prosecutor Tom Scutt told the court Lyddieth, who appeared via video link from Bunbury Prison for today’s hearing, committed the seven counts of indecent acts in public in 2002 whilst under electronic surveillance.
He said the most recent offences were not of a “serious sexual nature” but constituted “sexually motivated offending.”
Lyddieth’s defence lawyer Mara Barone told the court her client now had a “declining sex drive” because of his old age and was worried about dying in jail.
She said while she did not want to "downplay the serious nature” of the 2002 offences they did not constitute a serious sexual offence.
Two psychiatrists will write reports on Lyddieth which will be presented at the full hearing, due to be held soon. (31-1-2012)
Phil Hickey

Western suburbs rapist still a danger: DPP
DPP bid to keep serial rapist jailed.

Nearly 20 years after serial rapist Dennis John Lyddieth was jailed for terrorising women in Perth's western suburbs, State prosecutors have applied to have him deemed a dangerous sex offender, which could halt his imminent release from prison.
Lyddieth, who was sentenced to 19 years jail in May 1992, appeared in the Supreme Court on Friday via a video link from Bunbury Regional Prison after the Director of Public Prosecutions filed an application under WA's dangerous sex offender laws.
The West Australian understands the 60-year-old was released on parole about 10 years ago but was back behind bars within months after breaching the conditions of his supervision. It is understood he received an additional jail term for offences committed while on release, which means he is now about to complete the 19-year sentence imposed in 1992.
Lyddieth pleaded guilty to 48 charges relating to sex attacks against 12 women after breaking into homes in Nedlands, Claremont, Shenton Park, Subiaco and Leederville.
His "reign of terror" lasted from 1987 until 1991.
In that time, he committed 12 burglaries, 16 aggravated sexual assaults, six sexual assaults, seven aggravated indecent assaults, two indecent assaults and offences of robbery, theft and assault.
Lyddieth, who was armed with a knife when he committed his offences, was arrested after brazenly returning to the home of one of his victims.
Sentencing Lyddieth, Supreme Court judge Justice Kerry White described him as a menace to young women and said that he had committed an appalling catalogue of crimes.
On Friday, Justice John McKechnie adjourned the DPP's application until tomorrow to let Lyddieth get legal representation.
Under the dangerous sex offender laws, the State has to show there are reasonable grounds for believing a court might find Lyddieth is a serious danger to the community. The application is then set down for a full hearing, which includes expert evidence from two psychiatrists.
If Lyddieth is deemed a dangerous sex offender, the court must consider the protection of the community as the paramount consideration when deciding whether to impose an indefinite custodial order or allowing his release on a supervision order.

The West Australian (30-1-2012)
Amanda Banks

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