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Police reassure parents: Paedophile abduction plot foiled four years ago

Mudgee Local Area Command Superintendent Martin Fileman has appealed to parents to remain calm following a report that a paedophile was planning to abduct children from the Mudgee and Rylstone areas.
The Sunday Telegraph has reported that while serving a jail sentence in Goulburn jail, "Grant Neville Whiley" sent letters to another paedophile outlining the names, ages and addresses of the children they intended to abduct.
Superintendent Fileman said police at Rylstone and Mudgee have had numerous calls from concerned parents since the report appeared.
“I want to alleviate the community’s fear and I assure them that the plot referred to by the Sunday Telegraph was foiled almost four years ago while the offender, who was born in 1970, was in jail,” Superintendent Fileman said.
Superintendent Fileman said police from the Mudgee Local Area Command were concerned about the effect of Sunday’s report on the local community.
“Information available to New South Wales Police relates to documentation seized by NSW Corrective Services at Goulburn jail when Whiley was an inmate there in July 2007,” he said.
“The information itself is almost four years old. It pertains only to setting up a proposed child pornography ring in the vicinity of Glen Davis.”
Superintendent Fileman said that the police had no knowledge of a list of names of children from the Mudgee and Rylstone areas referred to article.
“However, police will continue to make enquiries through Corrective Services to establish what the seized documentation did contain,” he said.
“If further information becomes available we will keep the community informed.”
Superintendent Fileman said both sex offenders mentioned in the article were in jail and would remain there for some time.
Whiley appeared in Central Local Court, Sydney on Monday, March 7, on fraud charges.
He was refused bail and remains in the custody of the Department of Corrective services.
Some years before his move to the Mudgee Local Area Command, Superintendent Fileman was a senior investigator with the Child Protection Enforcement Agency.
During his time in that role he dealt with such matters as the notorious “Dolly” Dunn and Philip Bell matters.
“I view any matters of exploitation of children as being the lowest form of crime and I see it as totally unacceptable and assure the community that this pair is unwelcome here,” he said.
Whiley’s next court appearance will be on March 22 in Central Local Court, Sydney.
Parents concerns Both police and the Mudgee Guardian office has been swamped with phone calls and emails from concerned parents in the area.
If there is a list, parents are calling on Police to inform the parents of those children named.
They are also concerned as to what resources the two men had to enable them to create the list.
For example, was it information from junior sporting organisations.
Other concerns include the cloak of anonymity that these criminals are afforded by the law and are calling for tougher penalties for this type of offender.
They say that offenders who cross this line should have no rights and that the community should have the right to decide if these people be allowed to live in any community after serving prison sentences.

www.mudgeeguardian.com.au (9-3-2011)
Don mahoney

Paedophile's 'snuff' sex plot revealed

A notorious paedophile who allegedly planned to set up a "snuff camp" on his release from jail was freed on a legal technicality that left him unsupervised in the community for almost six months.
The notorious sex offender, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was released from jail after his sentence expired in its entirety on April 23 last year.
He only reappeared on the prison radar after being re-arrested in October for a raft of fraud offences in the Wollongong area of NSW.
Six months before his release, prison intelligence uncovered a set of letters being sent by the inmate to another paedophile, a former scoutmaster, located in a separate wing of Goulburn jail.
The pair had planned to set up a "snuff camp" in country NSW upon their release.
The letters outlined the names, ages and addresses of the child victims they intended to abduct - all were living around the Mudgee and Rylestone areas of NSW.
The two men had secured funding to buy a secluded, rural property to film the videos, and vehicles to assist with transport.
They discussed procedures they would undertake if police ever cottoned on to their plans.
Prior to his release, prison authorities flagged the inmate as being a danger to the public, and applied to keep him behind bars under a Continuing Detention Order (CDO).
The application would have seen the man imprisoned for another five years.
The Sunday Telegraph has learned that just after the CDO process began, the inmate was charged and convicted after officers found hand-drawn images of child pornography in his cell.
The man was sentenced to a further four years in jail, which meant the CDO could no longer be made.A CDO can only be made for a sex offender six months before their release.
An appeals judge later reduced his sentence and he was immediately released into the community, despite Department of Corrective Services' attempts to keep him in custody.
He remained off the police radar until last October, when he was arrested over a $500,000 fraud scam in Wollongong.

He will appear in a Sydney court tomorrow to answer the fresh charges.
A Corrective Services spokeswoman said the department was aware of the matter and circumstances surrounding his release.

The Sunday Telegraph (6-3-2011)
Yoni Bashan

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