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Name: James Trevor Birmingham

Age: 52 yrs old (2012)

State: SA

Sentence: Prior convictions. Sentenced again in Feb 2012 to 10yrs jail/ eligible for parole in 2017/ Pleaded guilty to 1 count of abduction/ 8 counts of rape.

Other: Convicted Rapist - Pleaded guilty in August 2003 to 3 counts of rape/ 2 of attempted rape/ Sentenced to 11 1/2yrs jail/ 9 1/2yrs non parole. Victims were women. Committed the offences with his accomplice Trevor John Brooks. Both offenders were caught through DNA evidence.

Rapist Gregory James Smith jailed for 14 years for crime committed in 1989

A cowardly rapist has finally been jailed, 23 years after abducting a woman described by a judge as "resourceful and courageous".
Gregory James Smith, 52, was today sentenced to 14 years' jail with a non-parole period of seven years and six months.
In November 1989, Smith and James Trevor Birmingham approached a woman walking to the YMCA on Flinders St.
They forced her into a car and drove her to the Adelaide Hills where they raped her repeatedly.
Smith was charged with abduction and eight counts of rape after a DNA sample was taken in 2010.
In February, Birmingham, 52, was jailed for 10 years and his existing non-parole period - for another rape and a fatal road-rage crash - was extended by four years.
Today, District Court Judge David Lovell said he had found Smith's version of events to be "totally unbelievable".
He said Smith's actions were "contemptible and cowardly" and his conduct during the trial was the same.
"You have shown no contrition or remorse," he said.
Judge Lovell described the victim as a "remarkable, resourceful and courageous woman" who continues to worry about whether she should have done more to fight off her rapists.

AdelaideNow (20-12-2012)
Tessa Akerman

James Trevor Birmingham outside court in 1996. He was later convicted of kidnapping and rape.
Serial rapist James Trevor Birmingham to stay locked up

Knowing he was about to be jailed over a fatal accident, James Trevor Birmingham raped a woman for hours.
His crime was made all the worse by the fact he escaped punishment for six years, protected by the mask he wore and the lack of a DNA match.
What made Birmingham's actions truly revolting, however, was the fact he had done it before - and avoided arrest for almost 30 years.
Yesterday justice finally caught up with Birmingham for his 1989 abduction and rape of a tourist.
The District Court jailed him for another 10 years, ordering his existing non-parole period be extended by four years.
Judge Gordon Barrett said it meant Birmingham, who has been in custody since 2003, would not be eligible for release until 2017.
"(In 1989) you abducted, raped and terrified a woman over a period of hours," he said. "You ruined her life, it remains damaged 22 years after the act, and it will continue to be. As you now approach middle age, you have come to see how appalling your conduct, as a young man, was."
Birmingham, 51, pleaded guilty to one count of abduction and eight counts of rape. Judge Barrett yesterday detailed his "troubling" criminal history.
In 1983, while on bail awaiting sentencing for larceny, Birmingham was one of a gang of men who indecently assaulted a woman. Five and a half years later, he struck again.
"The victim was walking back to a hostel when you pulled up alongside her," Judge Barrett said.
"You got out the car, put your hand around her mouth and told her to get in the car ... it took her a moment to realise you were not joking. From that moment on, she was frightened for her life."
Judge Barrett said Birmingham took the woman to the Adelaide Hills and raped her repeatedly for 2 hours, dropped her back at the hostel, but was not caught.
"The victim blamed herself for not being able to tell police enough information so you could be apprehended sooner," he said.
"She has carried humiliation, guilt, embarrassment and what she describes as `a shameful secret' for 20 years."
Birmingham went on to kill young driver Shannon Burke in a 1996 road-rage incident. He chased Mr Burke down the wrong side of Main North Rd and rammed his car until it went off a bridge and burst into flames.
Again on bail and awaiting sentence, Birmingham teamed up with Trevor James Brooks to rape another woman, in Elizabeth, in 1997. The pair escaped because they wore masks and could not be matched to the police DNA database.
Birmingham was about to finish his five-year term for killing Mr Burke when he was linked with the Elizabeth rape and jailed for a minimum 11 years.
Just as his non-parole period for that crime was due to expire, police were finally able to connect him with the tourist's kidnap and rape.
Judge Barrett said Birmingham's crimes deserved a 16-year sentence, reduced to 12 years on account of his contrition.
He further reduced that term to 10 years on the basis of the totality principle - a legal requirement that no sentence, or combination of sentences, be "crushing".

www.news.com.au (3-2-2012)
Sean fewster

Rape victim's 22-year wait for justice

James Trevor Birmingham destroyed the life of a previously unknown rape victim, who has waited 22 years for justice.
Birmingham, 51, appeared in the District Court yesterday and the case was put back to let the victim have her say.
He has pleaded guilty to one count of abduction and eight counts of rape.
On November 19, 1989, Birmingham kidnapped a woman - who cannot be named - and raped her repeatedly.
The Advertiser understands Birmingham was linked to the crime by DNA analysis. It is the second time the criminal has been tripped up by his genetic code.
In March 1997, Birmingham and another man donned Ku Klux Klan hoods, broke into a Salisbury North home and raped its lone occupant.
He was on bail at the time, pending sentencing for killing driver Shannon Troy Burke a year earlier.
Mr Burke, 20, died after Birmingham drove his car on to the wrong side of Port Wakefield Rd and rammed him. Mr Burke's car crashed into a concrete bridge over the Little Para River and burst into flames.
Birmingham received a five-year, non-parole period for that offence.
He had nearly completed his minimum term when, in August 2003, police charged him for the Salisbury North rape.
Birmingham was jailed for 11 years, with a 9 year non-parole period, for that crime. His co-accused, Trevor John Brooks, received a 27-year term.
The Salisbury North offence was one of four rapes Brooks committed in the 1990s, each time disguised by a mask.
Yesterday, prosecutor Tracey Nelson asked the court to delay Birmingham's sentencing submissions.
"The victim has been contacted, but she is now overseas," she said. "She very much wants to attend court personally to read out her victim impact statement."
Judge Gordon Barrett remanded Birmingham in custody.

www.news.com.au (2-8-2011)

Rapist Claims No Memory Of Attacks That Haunt Victims

A masked serial rapist who brutally assaulted four women over five years has told the District Court he cannot remember any of the attacks.
The victims of Trevor John Brooks, 37, say they remain "haunted" by the sight of him naked, except for a mask, breaking into their homes and violating them.
Brooks pleaded guilty to the rapes committed in the northern suburbs between 1995 and 2000 - he was caught after DNA evidence linked him to the crimes.
Yesterday, his lawyer said her client was "an automaton" - or robot-like - during the spree, fuelled by drugs and plagued by a total memory loss of the incidents.
"He started using amphetamines and then rohypnol - he was working as an automaton and not remembering anything," Rosic Reed, for Brooks, said.
"His behaviour then was completely dis-inhibited, he was not operating in his usual nature - which was an upstanding member of the community, a loving husband and father."
Her claims were refuted by Judge David Smith, who on Wednesday heard two hours of victim impact statements.
"You seriously cannot be putting to me that he is a fine, upstanding member of the community," Judge Smith said.
"That is very hard to accept ... in each of these attacks there were conversations, there was premeditation, there was overwhelming evidence of his consciousness of what was happening. It is inexplicably very horrifying, and none of (your submissions) even approaches explaining how this could have happened."
Brooks' co-accused in one of the rapes - 43-year-old James Trevor Birmingham - also claimed he had no memory of the incident in which he participated.
He pleaded guilty to helping Brooks rape a 21 -year-old woman in her Salisbury North home while they wore "Ku Klux Klan" style masks.
In a statement, Birmingham said hearing his victim's statement on Wednesday had left him feeling "disgusted" with himself.
"I am truly remorseful and very, very sorry for the devastating impact of my actions on the victims of this offending," he said.
Judge Smith will sentence the duo on a date to be set.

Adelaide Advertiser (6-12-2003)
Sean Fewster

Soul Ripped Apart By Serial Rapist

A victim of a masked serial rapist who plagued the northern suburbs for five years took her own life because he had "ripped apart her soul", the District Court has heard.
The woman, who was recovering from open-heart surgery at the time, killed herself a year after she was attacked by Trevor John Brooks of Salisbury North.
She was one of four women Brooks, 37, raped between 1995 and 2000, each time naked except for a mask. All of his victims were home alone. A fifth woman saved herself by fighting back with a pair of scissors and a bat.
One victim, then aged 21, was raped by Brooks and another man, James Trevor Birmingham.
Yesterday, she told the court she had spent seven years "haunted" by the memory of the duo standing in her bedroom wearing "Ku Klux Klan masks".
In October, Brooks pleaded guilty to seven counts of rape and two of attempted rape. He was arrested after his carelessness allowed a sample of his DNA to be collected and traced.
Birmingham, 43, joined Brooks in assaulting a 21-year-old woman at Salisbury North in March 1997, just five months before he was jailed for killing a man in a road smash.
Yesterday, Judge David Smith heard victim impact statements, including a poem by the woman who committed suicide.
In October 2000, Brooks raped her in an Elizabeth motel room until police arrived, scaring him off. In the process he left behind a sock from which his DNA profile was obtained.
Twelve months later, just before she and her husband were due to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary, the woman committed suicide, having endured a long battle with her memories of the incident.
"Terror, indescribable pain, my soul has been ripped apart; Tears fall like acid rain while blood drains from my heart," the poem reads. "The faceless shadow, rancid smell- mine forever more; His voice will haunt me till he rests in hell, his power too great to ignore".
Throughout two hours of victim impact statements, Brooks sat hunched in the dock, avoiding harsh stares from the packed gallery.
But he looked up, seemingly in shock, when confronted by his first victim, a woman known as 'Hayley'.
Hayley was raped in her Elizabeth Park home in January 1995 while her husband and two sons were away on a fishing trip.
"I needed to hear the word 'guilty' come out of your mouth, Mr Brooks," she said.
"I do not want revenge, I want you to hear me say this:
I may always be affected by your actions, but I'm free.
"You, Mr Brooks, are not free."
Judge Smith remanded both men for further submissions tomorrow.

Adelaide Advertiser (4-12-2003)
Sean Fewster

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