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Name: John Alan Wilde

Age: 48 yrs old (2010)

State: NSW

Sentence: Labelled one of the state's worst sex offenders....

Offence/Other: Serial Rapist. Prior history dating back to 1981.

Sex offender back behind bars after being found with knife

One of the state's worst sex offenders is back behind bars after he was found with a large knife hidden between his bedhead and pillow.
John Alan Wilde has spent close to 30 years in prison for a life of sexual violence that began in 1981 - and most of his crimes have involved raping women he held at knifepoint.
He was released from jail on December 12 last year following a campaign by The Sydney Morning Herald, despite warnings by the State Government that he still was not safe to be set free because he had never completed a sex offenders program.
Yesterday afternoon Wilde, 47, made an impassioned plea for "mercy" at Waverley Local Court, telling magistrate Lee Gilmour that he used the 30cm knife in his religion, which he described as "witchery".
The court heard he had been living in a special government-run halfway house under a strict extended supervision order on 30 conditions, including that he wear a GPS tracking device.
The knife was found on Wednesday after officers at the halfway house had refused Wilde's requests for a knife or a sword.
"I screwed up . . . I'm not a danger to the community, I don't believe I deserve (to go to jail again) - that will destroy my life, that will destroy my rehabilitation," he said.
Wilde denies that he ever committed the sexual assaults for which he has been convicted. His most recent sentence of 16 years was in 1991 for breaking into a woman's home and stabbing, bashing and raping her at knifepoint - just 13 days after being released on parole for a similar attack.
With his sentence ended, the Government applied to keep him in jail under legislation designed for the most serious sex offenders.
That bid was rejected by Supreme Court judge David Kirby.
Asking for "leniency and mercy", Wilde yesterday said he was due to begin a course with animal rescue group WIRES within days, something he believed would help secure his "re-integration" into society.
However, Ms Gilmour sent him back to jail for a fixed term of two months, saying the sentence must carry an element of deterrence.

The Daily Telegraph (20-3-2009)
Lisa Davies/ Janet Fife-Yeomans

Sex offenders on breach charges

Two serious sex offenders allegedly breached the conditions of their release from NSW jails within weeks, it emerged yesterday, as a third, the serial rapist John Alan Wilde, walked free.
Bruce Malcolm Thomas, 61, who the Government wanted to keep in jail because of his "high risk" of re-offending, will be back in court on Monday for possession of a prohibited drug and failing to comply with supervision orders.
Thomas has spent 35 of the past 38 years in jail. On the six occasions he has been let out of jail, he has committed further sexual assaults. In the last, in 1996, he had been out for one month when he raped a former cellmate's girlfriend. He produced a large carving knife, grabbed the victim's breast, slammed the back of her head against a cupboard, then repeatedly raped her over a three-hour period while her three-year-old son walked in and out of the room.
In October, Justice Michael Adams rejected the Government's attempt to keep Thomas behind bars. Yesterday Justice Adams published his reasons for allowing him to be released.
"Although the defendant is manipulative and cannot be trusted to be truthful and he has in the past committed serious offences in breach of his parole obligations, I consider that the risk of his absconding in order to commit some criminal offence is unlikely."
The judge ordered Thomas to spend a year in the newly opened supervision centre at Malabar designed to help serious offenders reintegrate into society. During the day, residents of the Community Offender Support Program centre are free to come and go, subject to any court orders. There is a night curfew.
Yesterday Justice Adams said he was "quite sure" that Thomas "is most anxious to be released from jail and not to return". The judge said, "The fear of such a return if he does not fully comply with the conditions of a supervision order is, to my mind, a powerful one in his case although I appreciate that in the past he repeatedly committed serious offences in breach of his parole undertakings."
Thomas, who has been out of jail for two months, will appear before the Downing Centre Court on Monday charged with two counts of failing to comply with supervision orders and one count of possessing 0.3 grams of cannabis.
Meanwhile, another serious sex offender released under supervision allegedly breached the conditions of his release within two weeks. Alexandria George Brookes, 44, is being prosecuted for allegedly entering a forbidden area, which included a child-care centre, in June.
Brookes, who has a history of sexual offences dating back to at least 1986, wore an electronic bracelet. It sounded an alarm when he entered a so-called exclusion zone around Parramatta Stadium. A court has heard he acknowledged the alarm, left the zone but re-entered it two minutes later for a further two minutes.
It is unclear where he went but it was a Sunday and no children were at the child-care centre.
When Brookes was released in May, the Supreme Court's Justice Michael Grove noted that he had twice before failed to register as a sex offender on release from jail.
But, he said, even though it was ordered by the sentencing judge, Brookes had never had any supervision from the probation and parole service when released. He had previously been released for more than two years without being accused of further sexual offences. Brookes has been imprisoned since June and is yet to be convicted.
Wilde said as he was leaving jail yesterday he was not concerned "in the slightest" that he would reoffend.
This week the Government lost its bid to keep him in jail for a further two years, as a danger to the community, but it is considering an appeal.
Justice David Kirby ordered Wilde's release from jail under a three-year extended supervision order, with "very onerous" conditions including wearing a monitoring device, observing a 6pm to 6am curfew and avoiding alcohol or illicit drugs.

www.smh.com.au (13-12-2008)

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Evil rapist could be released

The Supreme Court will decide next month whether another vicious serial rapist is to be released on to the streets, after the bungled release of rapist Raymond Barry Cornwall last week.
The Attorney-General has used the Crimes (Serious Sex Offenders) Act 2006 to apply for the continued detention of John Alan Wilde, 45, who has completed his 16-year prison sentence.
Meanwhile another accused sex offender is coming to Australia. Read more here.
The Supreme Court last week decided to detain Wilde on an "interim basis" until January 24.
The order was made the day after Cornwall breached the conditions of his release, by the Court of Appeal under an extended supervision order, by fleeing on the day of his release. He was recaptured last Friday after a day on the run.
Wilde's history of sexual violence dates back to March 1981, when he raped a woman after forcing his way into her home. Two days later he assaulted a 17-year-old girl.
He was jailed for two years, and attacked again three months after being released on parole.
On September 1983, armed with a knife, he bound, gagged and sexually assaulted a young married woman who was at home with two babies.
Thirteen days after release on parole in October 1991 he forced his way into a woman's home and then stabbed and bashed her before tying her up and raping her.
The sentencing judge said Wilde exuded "a sense of latent, only barely concealed violence, which does not bode well for his future, nor that of the community when he is released".
The Supreme Court hearing heard that Wilde had refused to undergo a sex offenders treatment program in prison.
The court has the power to either grant the application for a 25-month extended detention order so he can undergo treatment, to order Wilde's release under an extended supervision program, or to release him without conditions.
It adjourned the matter for a "risk management plan" to be prepared which would outline how Wilde might be adequately treated and supervised while in the community.

AAP (24-12-2007)
Kara Lawrence

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