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Name: John Raymond Zimmerman

Age: 26 yrs old (2011)

State: VIC - Frankston

Offence/ Sentence: Sentenced 16-12-2011, in the Vic County Court, to a minimum of 12 yrs jail.

Other: Former tour manager of a popular teen band. One of Australia's worst online sex predators. Zimmerman Pleaded guilty to 87 charges including 3 rapes, 23 counts of sexual penetration of a child under 16 yrs, multiple indecent acts and using the internet for procuring minors and child pornography. All but 2 of the 55 victims were between the ages of 12-15 yrs.

Sex predator John Zimmerman needs cash to appeal sentence

One of Australia's worst online sex predators wants legal aid to pay for an appeal against the severity of his 12-year sentence.
John Zimmerman was jailed for raping, stalking and abusing under-age teenage girls.
His lawyers sought the 12-year minimum.
Zimmerman is believed to be in fear of his life, despite being jailed in a protection unit.
There are concerns a contract has been taken out on Zimmerman, who attacked the daughter of an outlaw motorcycle gang member.
Zimmerman, who was tour manager of the disbanded teen band The Getaway Plan, used MySpace, Facebook and MSN to lure girls, heaping compliments on fans of the band after raiding their websites.
He would then persuade girls to pose for him on webcam.
He would use images of the girls to threaten them.
He was convicted of 87 charges, including three of rape and 23 of sexual penetration of a child under 16.
His lawyer asked a County Court judge not to impose a "crushing" sentence on him, suggesting 12 years was in the appropriate range.
Two police operations uncovered the extent of Zimmerman's offences, committed from 2006 to 2010.
Police believe Zimmerman had other victims who were reluctant to come forward.

Herald Sun (8-3-2012)
Anthony Dowsley

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John Raymond Zimmerman jailed for multiple rapes and grooming online

Online sex predator John Zimmerman has been sentenced to at least 12 years in jail.
One of Australia's worst online sex predators, who claimed 55 teen victims, has been hit with a 12-year jail sentence in the County Court today after pleading guilty to multiple rapes, sex acts, grooming and stalking charges.
John Raymond Zimmerman, 26, the former tour manager of popular but now-defunct teen band The Getaway Plan, used MySpace, Facebook and MSN to lure young girls into sex, via webcam and in person, and then forced some to continue submitting to his depraved acts by threatening to post naked photos of them or telling friends and family, the County Court heard.
Zimmerman, who must serve a minimum of 12 years as a serious sex offender, was convicted of 87 charges including three rapes, 23 counts of sexual penetration of a child under 16 years, multiple indecent acts and using the internet for procuring minors and child pornography.
The sickening crimes began in 2006 and continued until 2010, with a further victim claimed by Zimmerman even after his initial arrest in November 2009 following a complaint by one girl's mother, before police became aware of the full extent of the offences or victims, the court was told.
All but two of Zimmerman's 55 victims were aged between 12 to 15 years, with a number subjected to gross sexual acts at school grounds and in vehicles, while many were threatened with violence or further harassment if they refused to comply.
Zimmerman used his position in the music industry to entrap victims with offers of concert tickets, or fame and money which never materialised, the court heard.
In sentencing Zimmerman, Judge Richard Maidment said the offences were "utterly deplorable" and "selfish and evil".
But the judge also issued a warning about the internet for young users and criticised the lack of protection built into the sites by their owners and designers.
"It is abundantly clear that teenage users of social media applications such as MySpace and Facebook are constantly vulnerable to manipulative on line attack from determined, skilful, unscrupulous and serial sexual predators,'' Judge Maidment said.
"It is unfortunate that those who employ their ingenuity in devising and providing popular social media facilities such as My Space and Facebook have accorded so little priority to protecting a significant class of their clients from readily foreseeable harm.
"That responsibility is left with often unsuspecting parents who may be ill-equipped to assess the risks to which their children are exposed by unsupervised access to the internet."
Outside court, a 16-year-old stalking victim said she was lucky enough to have been so sickened by Zimmerman's online sexual approaches she "blocked" him from further contact.
"Don't meet people you see and talk to on Facebook or MSN or MySpace if you don't know them," the girl said. "They could just be creeps."
The teen said she wanted to be in court, along with a large number of other victims and their families, to see Zimmerman face justice. "To see that disgusting man put away, to get what he deserves."

Herald Sun (16-12-2011)
Mark Dunn

Victim tells of her anger at rapist John Raymond Zimmerman

A teenager who was coerced into having sex with a former band manager she met online when she was 14 has vented her anger at him in court.
"John Zimmerman, you are pathetic and I hate you. I hate everything about you and I hate what you have done to me," she read from her victim impact statement in the County Court today.
The girl was one of 55 victims who conversed with 26-year-old John Raymond Zimmerman on social networking sites including Facebook and MySpace, from 2006 to 2010.
Zimmerman has pleaded guilty to 87 sex, child pornography and harassment crimes, including three counts of rape, involving victims aged between 12 and 17.
Zimmerman, of Frankston, was the former tour manager for Australian band The Getaway Plan and used the group's popularity to lure teenage girls by offering free concert tickets, merchandise and the opportunity to go backstage.
If victims refused, he would threaten to send graphic images he had obtained of them to their parents or schools, Zimmerman's pre-sentence hearing has been told.
The victim who read her statement in court on Thursday was offered tickets to one of the band's gigs in return for having sex with him, the court has heard.
On Thursday, she bravely stood facing Judge Richard Maidment, with her back to Zimmerman, as she outlined how his offending had impacted on her life.
"John Zimmerman is a disgusting, revolting paedophile," she said.
"He does not deserve to see the light of day.
"At the time of the incident I was a very young impressionable girl.
"All I wanted to do was see my favourite band play."
She said Zimmerman took her virginity and called her a slut to her face.
He had made her hate herself, she said.
"He has something evil growing inside him," the teenager said.
"I want him to feel the same way he made me and so many other girls feel - powerless, angry, depressed, used and dirty."
Zimmerman's barrister Julie Sutherland said Zimmerman became caught up in the fervour surrounding The Getaway Plan, especially from young women, and considered himself a celebrity.
"He became addicted to the cult of young female adulation but more importantly he became addicted to the cult of celebrity."
She said Zimmerman's behaviour was disgraceful, opportunistic and predatory, but he was guilt-ridden and utterly ashamed of what he had done and had penned a letter of apology to his victims.peIn the letter, read to the court, Zimmerman said: "No one deserves to ever go through this situation I have put you all in and it hurts me to think the emotions that you and your family are going through.
"I'm sorry for hurting you and your family and I cannot express that enough."
Ms Sutherland said Zimmerman was finding prison difficult because he was housed in protective custody with two murderers, including one of the state's most notorious killers.
Prosecutor Louisa DiPietrantonio has called for Zimmerman to be jailed for a maximum of 17 to 20 years.
But Ms Sutherland called on the judge not to impose a crushing sentence.
Zimmerman was entitled to a reduced sentence due to his guilty plea and his youth, she said.
The hearing continues on Friday.

Herald Sun (17-11-2011)
Anthony Dowsley

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