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Qld - Former Labor M.P. Keith Wright guilty of child rape, paroled in 1999

Former Labor MP and Baptist lay preacher, Keith Wright, was a strong moral campaigner — deeply religious, opposed to pornography and a vehement defender of children and their need for protection.
As it turned out, children would need protecting from Wright, the former Queensland state Opposition leader and member for the federal seat of Capricornia, with a sexual bent towards adolescent girls.
Wright was arrested, tried by jury and found guilty of one count of rape, one count of indecently dealing with a girl under 14, and four counts of indecently dealing with a girl under 16.
His victim had been aged 13 when the abuse, which occurring between 1983 and 1985, first began. At the age of 16, when the girl involved tried to break off their relationship, Wright, refusing to take no for an answer, raped her in her own bedroom.
Wright received an eight year jail sentence for these crimes in 1993 then, a year later, his sentenced was increased by 12 months after a second trial for more sex offences.
In the second trial, involving another victim — an 11-year-old girl when Wright began molesting her — he was found guilty of one count of indecent and unlawfully dealing with a girl aged under 14, between 1984 and 1986, and two counts of indecent dealing with the same girl in 1989 and 1990.
Wright was eventually paroled on 11 June 1999, after serving only five years of his sentence, and has now launched a new phonetics-based 4S literacy program for children on the Gold Coast.
Wright has said that promoting his literacy package is a chance for him to “contribute to the community”.

www.alpwatch (27-2-2008)
By Ginger

Child Sex Offender May Sue

Convicted child sex offender Keith Wright may take legal action over a ban preventing him from promoting his literacy courses to Queensland schools.
State Education Minister Anna Bligh last week described the 61-year-old former prisoner as an "inappropriate person to be associated with our schools".
Mr Wright's solicitor Andrew Boe today raised the possibility of legal action to overturn the ban.
"There may be decisions made by officials here which are reviewable because they are taking into account irrelevant factors," Mr Boe told ABC radio.
"The fact is, his product is not harmful to children."
Mr Wright, a former state opposition leader and federal Labor member for the central Queensland-based seat of Capricornia, was sentenced to nine years' jail in the 1990s for sex offences against two girls.
He was released on home detention in February 1999 before being granted parole.
Mr Boe said Mr Wright had only been to a school on one occasion to promote his literacy program and that was after hours.
"The 24 teachers at the school did not wish to make the travel to where he was and they asked him to go to the school," Mr Boe explained.
"He's never been in the school during school hours ... when children are about."
Mr Boe said Mr Wright simply wanted to be able to market his product.
"He doesn't want to have a right to go into schools," Mr Boe said.
"The excitement comes because he is a person with a significant profile and a political history.
"The current government might be a little bit concerned because of the fallout politically if they don't do something.
"But the bottom line is, sexual offenders are in the community."
Mr Boe said Mr Wright had a right to earn a living.
"If you have served your time the community expects that you go on with your life," he said.
"It is safer for the community that convicted sex offenders are transparently working in the community and not living in a marginalised fashion.
"There's a significant degree of research that suggests that the likelihood of re-offending is dramatically decreased if the person has a functioning community within which to re-enter."

AAP (21-6-2003)

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