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Age: 44 yrs old (2013)

State: Queensland

Sentence: Sentenced in July 2006,in the County Court to 18 months jail - to serve 4 months jail with 14 months of sentence suspended for 2 yrs.

Offence/Other: Natalina D'Addario - Former School Teacher (English Teacher)..pleaded guilty in the County Court to one count of sexual penetration with a person aged 16 and two charges of participating in oral sex with a child under her care, supervision or authority between May and July 2005.

Victoria needs a law to ensure teacher texts to children are also sent to their parents

More than 100 years ago, Victoria's lawmakers were concerned not only by the increasing presence of noisy, new-fangled horseless carriages on our roads, but by the drunks steering them.
Back then cars were for the wealthy. The few owners could easily have afforded drivers, but driving was a novelty and if you had a car, mostly you drove it.
With horses and pedestrians sharing roads not designed for cars, driving was perilous - and Parliament was told too many owners of haste-wagons were drinking and then driving their cars furiously.
A technology that no Parliament had at that stage anticipated was causing serious problems and the law needed to catch up.
In 1905, it did: Any driver of a motor car or motorcycle proved to have been under the influence of intoxicating liquor while in charge of such motor car or motorcycle shall be guilty of an offence, read that year's quite controversial Motor Car Act.
A few years later, the Act was amended. Speed limits - they'd not been needed for pedestrians and horses - were introduced.
The Act has evolved with regular adjustments ever since. It will continue to.
Similarly, Victoria's stalking laws were not long ago modified to account for cyber-bullying, which the law had not foreseen.
Some recent court cases have me thinking that we should update another Victorian law - as quickly as we can.
A scan of the evidence given in a series of trials over the last seven years involving predatory teachers abusing children in their care shows an alarming correlation.
Eltham North physical education teacher Karen Ellis had sex with a 15-year-old student of hers. She said she was in love with him. She was then married, with three children.
You'd reckon a part-time job and three kids would keep a young mum busy enough, but multi-tasking Ellis found time to send one young man 499 text messages in three months.
They had sex six times before the boy's mother worked things out.
Ellis, sounding as dumb as she looks, said that she might have still been with the boy had he been older and the circumstances different. But he wasn't, and they weren't.
After lenient County Court judge John Smallwood suspended her sentence, three Court of Appeal judges more sensibly decided Ellis should be jailed.
Another female phys ed teacher, Belinda Campbell, was suspended from teaching after being found to have kissed a boy to whom she sent 200 text messages.
The Victorian Institute of Teachers disciplinary panel found her guilty of serious misconduct, but suspended her for only a year.
Yet another phys ed teacher, Travis Glenn Robertson, sent a 15-year-old student 589 text messages while grooming her for the encounters that would land him in jail for two years after he had group sex with her and another unidentified victim.
Natalina D'Addario was a Kensington language teacher jailed after she sent racy text messages to a boy, 15, before having sex with him in a car.
Mark Andrew Hayes was also jailed after he let his fingers do the talking, describing his 15-year-old victim in one text message as a sexy, horny schoolgirl - the message was one of 400 they exchanged.
Smiling Michelle Lynn Dennis sent one boy student more than 1000 text messages, and another more than 300, before having sex with both and being jailed by a Ballarat court.
The trend is as clear as your ring tone: predatory teachers are using text messages to criminally prepare kids for sex that not only disrupts their school years, but can scar them for life.
They prefer text messaging for several reasons:
It doesn't involve a ringing phone that could attract a parent's attention - you know, like the way you might ask your son why his phone had just gone off 1000 times.
A silent communication can also be made at any hour.
Unlike an email, of which there might be a physical manifestation such as a printout - a text message is slyly elusive.
And unlike a family laptop, the mobile is not a shared device. It's in your pocket.
The problem is obvious, and so is the solution.
Any Victorian teacher sending a text message to a child under their care, supervision or authority should be required to copy in that student's parent or guardian.
Not to do so should be a criminal offence.
There will be a small degree of inconvenience in this, like there is in passing through security at the airport.
But it will do the trick in an instant.
Monash University's Professor Chris Goddard, an international expert in child protection, and Dr Joe Tucci, CEO of the Australian Childhood Foundation, both believe copying parents or guardians in on teachers' text messages is a good idea.
It respects the rights of parents as well as protects children, said Dr Tucci yesterday.
The sexual exploitation of children relies on secrecy and it relies on everything being disguised. What this does is open it up and make it transparent.
Dr Judith Slocombe, the CEO of the Allanah and Madeline Foundation, also agrees.
We would like to see legislation that ensures parents are made aware of teachers' contacting their children out of school hours through the use of any digital technology, she said.
It looks like this ball is firmly in the court of Victoria's Attorney-General, Robert Clark.

www.heraldsun.com.au (5-11-2012)

Teacher jailed for sex acts

A female teacher who performed sexual acts three times on a teenage student in her car was in jail last night after a judge sentenced her to four months behind bars.
Natalina D'Addario claimed the student, then 15, had coerced her into having oral sex after she bombarded the boy with text messages, which included telling him she was undressing after a hot bath and how she missed his "gorgeous eyes".
D'Addario, 37, of Kensington, yesterday pleaded guilty in the County Court to one count of sexual penetration with a person aged 16 and two charges of participating in oral sex with a child under her care, supervision or authority between May and July last year.
Judge Roland Williams, who suspended 14 months of a maximum jail term of 18 months, said the public denounced such behaviour and D'Addario's conduct amounted to "a serious breach of trust".
The court heard D'Addario, an English teacher, was called "sexy" by students, including the victim. Chief Crown Prosecutor Jeremy Rapke, QC, said D'Addario had called the student and sent him numerous text messages. After the boy showed the messages to his friends, they encouraged him to "go for it", Mr Rapke said.
Their first liaison occurred on May 13.
When the boy turned 16 last year, D'Addario gave a birthday card and chocolates to him in front of his classmates. D'Addario later performed oral sex on the boy in her car, which was parked outside a primary school. "On the way driving back, Ms D'Addario told him they had something special," Mr Rapke said.
The court heard that after their last liaison in July last year, Ms D'Addario jokingly told the boy she would "bite his penis off" if he told anyone about their affair. The boy later told the school's assistant principal about his affair with D'Addario, who was then charged and suspended without pay.
The boy told police that he told his mates and they thought he was "a bit of a legend". While Judge Williams said the boy was a willing participant and had not suffered serious emotional damage, he told D'Addario: "The fact that you were female and the complainant was male makes no difference. The shame that you have had to endure from your family and friends and others who have been made aware of what you did is certainly significant," he said.
Robert Richter, QC, for D'Addario, said his client, who had no prior convictions, was a lonely, vulnerable and depressed woman.

www.theage.com.au (26-7-2006)

Female teacher admits sex with student

A female substitute teacher has pleaded guilty to performing oral sex on a teenage student.
Natalina D'Addario, 36, of Kensington, was on a short-term contract at a school in Melbourne's north when she began a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old boy in May last year.
D'Addario, who previously worked in non-government schools, was employed at the school as a relief teacher.
The Department of Education had suspended her after the school became aware of the allegations in September last year.
She appeared today in Melbourne Magistrates court, where she pleaded guilty to three charges of sexual penetration with a child under 16 and sexual penetration with a 16-year-old child who was in her care, supervision and authority.
She allegedly performed oral sex on the student in suburban Dallas and Ascot Vale between May 13 and July 31, 2005.
Magistrate Lisa Hannan ordered that the name of the school where D'Addario had previously been employed as a substitute teacher be suppressed.
Ms Hannan ordered D'Addario to appear in the County Court on March 31, 2006 for pre-sentencing submissions.

www.smh.com.au (10-2-2006)

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