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Name: PAUL LESLIE AITON (Paul Aiton)

Age: 49 yrs old (2010)

State: VIC-Crowlands, near Ararat

Sentence: Sentenced in the Victorian Supreme Court in 1993 to 22 yrs jail/ 18 yrs non parole- Released January 2011.

Offence/Other: Paul Leslie Aiton/Child Killer- Murdered toddler Daniel Valerio (2 yrs old). A post-mortem examination revealed internal injuries akin to those found in road accident victims, more than 100 bruises, and old fractures.
Paul Leslie Aiton
Paul Leslie Aiton

Hiding behind dark glasses and fake tatts, Daniel Valerio's killer walks free but locals furious

CHILD killer Paul Leslie Aiton walked free from prison, but when he arrived in his new neighbourhood the message was clear - "get out".
The merciless Aiton, who for months bashed and tortured Daniel Valerio before killing him because he was crying, emerged in an elaborate disguise - a fake sleeve tattoo, a beard, earrings, hat and sunglasses - so any images broadcast in the media would be misleading, reported the Herald Sun.
One of the fake tattoos read "Born to be wild".
His new neighbours in the small farming community of Crowlands, near Ararat, where he owns a property, fear he could reoffend.
Paul Leslie Aiton

"We'll be keeping an eye on him and locking all the doors and windows," local mum Sharon said.
"We don't have guns - we're not allowed to have them these days because we'd shoot him."
Steve, who has a teenage son, said Aiton would be wise to stay out of trouble.
"As long as he keeps away from here he'll be right," he said.
Others said they were hopeful the child killer had been reformed.
"When I first heard I felt panic and fear, but the experts say he's done his time and we have to respect that," one said.
Aiton served 18 years of a 22-year sentence for the bashing death of two-year-old Daniel at West Rosebud in 1990.
The tot's internal organs were crushed by a punch from burly Aiton, who was in a relationship with Daniel's mum, Cheryle Butcher.
Aiton had subjected Daniel to months of violence before the final fatal blow, boasting to workmates about some of the assaults.
Pyrenees Shire mayor Michael O'Connor said he understood residents' fears.
"Crowlands is a very small and close-knit community. I can fully appreciate and understand the concerns," Cr O'Connor said.
He was not aware Aiton was becoming a resident until told by the Herald Sun.
Aiton spent his first hours of freedom barricaded inside his home, which is plastered with signs warning people to "keep out".
It also looked as if Aiton, who has spent much of his jail time in protection, had been bashed before his release, with bruising visible on his right cheekbone.
He left Marngoneet Correction Centre in Lara at 8.30am yesterday, where he had been working on the disguise.
He declined to comment to the Herald Sun, passing on a message through a friend that he had been advised by Corrections Victoria to remain silent.
A member of the Prison Fellowship drove Aiton from the jail to a new life where he has a wife, Linda, a storage business and owns a property, which they bought together for $170,000 in 2007.
He also has a stepdaughter, aged about 12.
As a condition of his parole, he is restricted from having contact with children unless authorities give him written permission.
The Baillieu Government opposed his release but could not reverse a decision by the Adult Parole Board.
Aiton has been able to marry twice since his evil crime, has enjoyed conjugal visits and claims to be reformed.
The day after killing Daniel, he proposed to the dead toddler's mother. She agreed to marry him, and did so three months later.
Ms Butcher had not noticed her son had been carrying two broken collar bones in the last six weeks of his life.
A doctor who performed an autopsy on Daniel's battered body compared the trauma to that of a road crash victim.
The Herald Sun revealed in October that Aiton had since married a woman whose previous jailbird husband had died.
A former prison mate of Aiton has revealed he is not remorseful about the brutality he unleashed on Daniel and older brother Ben.
Crime Victims Support Association president Noel McNam- ara said he was worried Aiton would reoffend.
"The Parole Board just have this idea this evil person is let out of jail after 18 years and will be cured. It just doesn't happen like that," Mr McNamara said.
He said Aiton's early release would be traumatic for all victims of crime.
Daniel's murder led to mandatory reporting of child abuse after it was revealed doctors, police and community workers had been warned before he died that the boy was being beaten.
The Adult Parole Board said Aiton would be closely monitored and special conditions were placed on him.
Aiton is also banned from drinking alcohol, and must stay away from Daniel's family.

Herald Sun (14-1-2011)
Anthony Dowsley/ Wayne Flower

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Daniel Valerio

Daniel Valerio killer Paul Leslie Aiton to be freed next month

CHILD killer Paul Leslie Aiton will be freed next month. The Adult Parole Board yesterday decided Aiton will be released on January 13.
He is serving a minimum 18 years in prison for the murder of two-year-old Daniel Valerio.
An APB statement said: "Mr Aiton will be subject to a strict supervision regime and he will be closely monitored by Community Correctional Services (Corrections Victoria) and the Board."
Daniel was the son of Aiton's partner Cheryle Butcher.
Aiton killed the boy at their West Rosebud home in September, 1990.
Should Daniel Valerio's killer be released? Have your say
Daniel’s brother Ben told the Herald Sun he was deeply disappointed by the early release.
“I’m not happy at all. I don’t see why someone who killed a two-year-old should be let out early,” Mr Valerio said.

Herald Sun (16-12-2010)

Daniel Valerio's killer Paul Leslie Aiton makes bid for freedom from jail

UPDATE 11.15am: PREMIER John Brumby says he understands why people are outraged about the potential release of the thug who bashed Daniel Valerio to death. Killer Paul Leslie Aiton will make a bid for freedom tomorrow.
He was sentenced to 22 years’ maximum, with a minimum 18 with good behaviour for the brutal murder of his two-year-old stepson.
Aiton has served the minimum sentence and a win at the parole board hearing could see him out by November.
Mr Brumby said he took a “very strong view” of crimes against children but said he couldn’t comment on the parole board’s decision-making process.
“That’s a matter for the parole board, but I think the community more generally takes a very very very strong view about those who maim or kill defenceless children and I share that view,” Mr Brumby said.
“One of the first things that I did after becoming Premier … was toughen up the law in relation to those who commit crimes against children.
“I take a very strong view of this as most Victorians and most families.”
Opposition corrections spokesman Andrew McIntosh said Aiton should not be released early.
"This man must serve his full jail term given his lack of remorse for his vile and despicable crimes,’’ Mr McIntosh said.
"John Brumby must ensure that this man is kept behind bars for his full jail term and not released into the Victorian community in November."
Daniel's death, after months of savage violence by Aiton, led to the introduction of mandatory reporting of suspected child abuse in Victoria.
Almost two decades after his death, Daniel's battered face remains a symbol of ineptitude by authorities who were supposed to save him.
He died after his internal organs were crushed when he was punched by Aiton at their West Rosebud home.
Daniel's grandfather said he hoped Aiton felt remorse. "He was a lovely kid," Ian Ottway said.
Aiton's bid for freedom sparked a plea for authorities to warn single mums about starting relationships with child beaters.
Child Wise executive director Bernadette McMenamin said mothers who began relationships with offenders should be told by authorities of their background.
Adult Parole Board general manager David Provan said members would consider reports and recommendations from Community Correctional Services before making a decision on Aiton. Aiton, 49, will not appear in person.
The 188cm tall killer - who weighed 105kg at the time - was later to say he "just lost it" because Daniel was screaming and crying.
But former work colleagues told Aiton's trial he made sickening boasts about his treatment of the boy. They told how Aiton would order the boy to stand in the shape of a star then kick him from behind.
They also gave evidence that he referred to throwing Daniel against a wall and watching him slide down it, shoving the child face-first into his own faeces and lifting him by the hair as he slept.
Evidence was also tendered that Aiton beat the boy's penis with a wooden spoon when he urinated in the bath. A post-mortem examination found Daniel suffered 104 bruises and two broken collarbones in his brief life.
Aiton, who initially tried to deny killing Daniel, was convicted by a Supreme Court jury in 1993.
In sentencing him, Justice Philip Cummins said: "I consider you have not shown remorse for the death. You have shown concern for your own position."
Aiton was sentenced to 22 years' maximum, with a minimum 18 with good behaviour.
Grandad Mr Ottway said he hoped Aiton felt some remorse.
Mr Ottway said Aiton had served his time and he hoped what had happened to Daniel was a one-off.
Daniel's case led to major change in child welfare in Victoria after it was revealed inaction by authorities failed to stop the abuse.
A judicial inquiry found 21 people, including five doctors, Community Services Victoria and police were involved in Daniel's case after CSV received anonymous calls he was being beaten.
Laws were later introduced making it mandatory for police and health and teaching professionals to report suspected child abuse.
Aiton had lived with Daniel's mother, Cheryle Butcher, after they met through an introduction agency. Ms Butcher last year spoke out for the first time in 16 years to beg authorities to do more to help children in peril from abuse.
Aiton's earliest possible release date is November 26.
People Against Lenient Sentencing president Steve Medcraft said Aiton should not be given an early release because there was no way to prove he was reformed.
"The guy's a thug. I have no pity for him whatsoever and I just hope the same parole board has the same feelings,'' Mr Medcraft said.
"He should have 22 (years). Daniel Valario got life.
"They'd want to put some strict safeguards in place to make sure he has no access to children (if he was released).''
A Corrections Victoria spokeswoman said prisoners on parole were closely supervised.

Herald Sun (14-9-2010)

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