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Knife-wielding serial rapist jailed for 22 years

A knife-wielding serial rapist who wore a mask as he terrorised his victims has been jailed for more than two decades.
Phillip Gordon Lindsay, now 52, bound, blindfolded and raped women at knifepoint during a series of attacks in the early 1990s in Adelaide.
He was found guilty of 19 charges, including 12 counts of rape and five counts of burglary, committed at Evanston, Wynn Wale, Christie Downs and Old Reynella between 1990 and 1993.
He wore a mask during each of the break-ins and sometimes helped himself to drinks from his victims' fridges during the ordeals.
Lindsay was arrested on DNA evidence in 2010 but argued he could not remember the attacks because he had been abusing drugs at the time of the crimes.
Today Justice Timothy Stanley told Lindsay his offending cast a dark and continuing shadow over his victims' lives.
"Each of your victims endured a terrifying ordeal as a result of your offending. Many have lived in fear over many years that they would be attacked again," he said.
Lindsay has been sentenced to a jail term of 22 years, with a non-parole term of 13 years.
But he will be eligible to seek parole in 10 years because of back-dating of the sentence.
Justice Stanley said Lindsay had taken steps towards rehabilitation, giving up drugs and alcohol in 2000, and getting his life back on track.
The court was told Lindsay has severe emphysema and is expected to die in prison.
Outside court, one of his victims spoke of how she had lived in fear until Lindsay was arrested in 2010.
"Since they've caught him it's been a lot better," she said.
"You're not living in fear that he's still out there ... I never thought he would ever be caught so I was quite relieved in 2010 when I got the call to say that he was caught."

www.abc.net.au (31-5-2013)
Loukas Founten

Sick serial rapist Philip Gordon Lindsay pleads for leniency

Convicted rapist Phillip Gordon Lindsay only has a 40 per cent chance of surviving his jail term if he receives a four-year sentence, the Supreme Court has heard.
Lindsay, 52, violently raped five women at knifepoint in their homes in the 1990s and was arrested nearly 20 years later based on DNA evidence.
He was charged with 12 counts of rape, five counts of burglary, one count of false imprisonment and one count of using a motor vehicle without consent.
He was convicted by a jury in November and is appealing his conviction.
Today, Lindsay's lawyer, Paul Charman, told the court his client has emphysema and had only a 40 per cent chance of being alive in May 2017.
Mr Charman asked Justice Timothy Stanley to take into account Lindsay's rehabilitation since a previous term of imprisonment and his illness.
"Every year he does serve will be a significant proportion of the rest of his life," he said.
Mr Charman said his client's condition had "deteriorated significantly" since sharing a cell with two smokers.
"It would be a brave fellow indeed who asked two inmates to stop smoking," he said.
Mr Charman said Lindsay had made significant changes to his life since 2000 when he was in jail for other offences.
"From 2000 on there's been a significant change in Mr Lindsay's attitude and his level of offending", he said.
"(He's) not necessarily the same person that committed these offences."
Mr Charman said there was no question that the current charges were serious and that the women had suffered.
He said his client was a drug user at the time of the offences and does not remember committing the horrific crimes.
"If he did it, then he is horrified," Mr Charman said.
"He genuinely does not remember what was happening at that point in his life ... if he did this then it was horrific and he is very remorseful. Frankly, he doesn't understand how he committed them."
Prosecutor Sandi McDonald told the court Mr Lindsay's mentions of remorse and contrition were "hollow and meaningless" in light of the fact that he is appealing the conviction.
Ms McDonald also said that his behaviour for the past decade should not be seen as a period of rehabilitation.
"This man has had the benefit of most of his life at large," she said.
Justice Stanley will sentence Lindsay next Friday.

www.news.com.au (23-5-2013)

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Man guilty of raping five Adelaide women

A man has been found guilty of raping five women at knifepoint in their Adelaide homes decades ago.
Phillip Gordon Lindsay, 52, had pleaded not guilty to five counts of burglary, 12 of rape, one of false imprisonment and one of taking a motor vehicle without consent.
After a two week trial in the South Australian Supreme Court, he was found guilty late on Thursday of all charges.
The offences took place in the early hours of the mornings between February 1990 and January 1993.
The rapist had disguised his face before blindfolding and tying up his victims.
One woman, who was alone in her home with her seven-week-old baby, was woken up by a man who had one of the infant's nappies wrapped around his head.
Another victim was tied up before the man left the room and she heard him open the door to the room where her three daughters were sleeping.
He returned, pulled her out of bed, put her in her car, drove a short distance and then raped her in the back seat.
The main issue at the trial related to DNA evidence from all of the scenes, which the crown contended matched Lindsay's DNA.
The case was adjourned to November 29.

www.theaustralian.com.au (9-11-2012)

Serial rapist convicted over knifepoint attacks

A court has found a man guilty over home invasions in which he bound, blindfolded and raped women at knifepoint.
Phillip Gordon Lindsay, 52, faced trial on 21 charges including five counts of burglary and 12 of rape allegedly committed in the northern and southern suburbs of Adelaide between 1990 and 1993.
It was alleged he covered his face and broke into the homes of five women through windows.
Once inside, he bound, gagged and blindfolded his victims then raped and stole from them.
The South Australian Supreme Court was told Lindsay helped himself to drinks from his victims' fridges during some of the ordeals.
Lindsay was arrested on DNA evidence nearly 20 years after the offending.
His lawyers argued the DNA provided only a statistical match and not identification.
But a jury unanimously found Lindsay guilty of all of the offences.
He is to be sentenced later.

www.abc.net.au (9-11-2012)
Loukas Founten

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