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Age: 24 yrs old (2011)

State: VIC - Ballarat

Sentence: Sentenced in the Vic Supreme Court, on the 1-7-2011, to life in jail - 33 yrs non parole.

Offence/Other: Ramazan Acar - Dubbed "The FaceBook Killer" - Acar Murdered his 2 yr old daughter (Yazmina).
Ramazan Acar
Ramazan Acar

Facebook killer Ramazan Acar granted leave to appeal

A man who announced his intention on Facebook before murdering his toddler daughter has been granted leave to appeal against his life sentence.
Ramazan Acar, 24, posted a chilling message on Facebook, "Bout to kill ma kid", before murdering two-year-old Yazmina in November 2010.
Earlier this year Acar was refused leave to appeal the life sentence with a 33-year non-parole period by a single judge in the Victorian Court of Appeal.
But today, two judges of the same court granted Acar leave to appeal on a single ground - that a personality disorder may have impaired his judgment on the night of the killing.
A second ground, that the sentence was manifestly excessive, was rejected.
No date was set for the appeal hearing.
In sentencing Acar in July 2011, Justice Elizabeth Curtain described the murder as the worst possible kind.
She said Acar had killed his daughter to get back at her mother after their split.
Acar pleaded guilty to the murder.

AAP (20-4-2012)

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Prisoners plan special 'treatment' for child killer Ramazan Acar

A man who boasted about killing his daughter on Facebook before stabbing her has been singled out by other prisoners for special "treatment", a court has been told.
News of Ramazan Acar's "difficult" time was revealed in his bid to appeal against a life term with a 33-year minimum.
Acar, who appeared in the Court of Appeal via video link from Port Phillip Prison yesterday, argues the sentence is manifestly excessive.
Acar, now 24, pleaded guilty to murdering daughter Yazmina, 2.
He was dubbed "the Facebook killer" because he posted chilling messages, one reading: "bout 2 kill ma kid."
He also rang the girl's mother, Rachelle D'Argent, and said: "You're not getting her back."
Justice Mark Weinberg has reserved his decision until next week on whether to grant leave to appeal.

Herald Sun (28-1-2012)

Police investigate how Ramazan Acar called Yazmina's grandmother from jail

A heartless killer who murdered his two-year-old daughter has telephoned the little girl's grandmother from jail.
Police are investigating how Ramazan Acar, 24, was able to make the call from the privately run maximum-security Port Phillip Prison.
It is an offence for an inmate to contact family members who are the victims of crime. Yazmina's mother, Rachelle D'Argent, told Channel 9's 60 Minutes the family was shocked.
"He's contacted my mum's house and my mum was outraged," she said.
"She told them not to call again. She didn't want to hear that name in her house again."
A Corrections Victoria spokesman said the call, from the prison, run by G4S Custodial Services, had prompted an investigation.
"There was an incident on June 11 where a call was made and was diverted to a person he (Acar) wasn't approved to have contact with. He has been banned from making personal phone calls," she said.
Corrections officers call contact lists to verify recipients will take inmates' calls. The jail phone system uses codes, not direct numbers.
A Victoria Police spokesman said an investigation was under way.
Acar was last week jailed for life, with a minimum of 33 years, for stabbing his daughter to death after abducting her from Hallam on November 17 last year. He had sent Ms D'Argent taunting messages, telling her he was about to kill their daughter.

www.news.com.au (4-7-2011)

Facebook status update killer gets life for murder of his daughter
Little Yazmina Acar's father, Ramazan Acar, has been jailed for murdering her

"MUMMY told you there would be justice for you."
So said Rachelle D'Argent today, clasping a photo of her dead daughter Mimi, after the two-year-old's father was jailed for life for her murder.
Ramazan Acar, 24, must serve at least 33 years behind bars for his cruel crime.
Outside the Supreme Court, Ms D'Argent, holding the photo, said, "Mimi, it's our day today ... And even though I haven't accepted that you're not here, forever you'll be in my heart, and I know you'll always be smiling down on all of us.
"My beautiful angel."
Acar, who was dubbed the Facebook killer after posting chilling messages on the social network site detailing his plans to kill his daughter, abducted her, stabbed her, and dumped her body.
In one message, he said "bout 2 kill ma kid".
And in a phone call to Ms D'Argent he said: "I'm going to do it. "Do you have any last words for her?" Mimi came on the phone and said "I love you" and Ms D'Argent replied "I love you, too".
In another call, Acar said: "Guess what, baby, you're not getting her back. I loved you, Rachelle, and look what you've made me do."
Justice Elizabeth Curtain said Acar had breached a parent's most fundamental duty:
"Your infant daughter was killed by the one man in the world whose duty it was to love, nurture and protect her ...
Further, you committed this murder for the worst possible motives; revenge and spite.
"You killed your daughter to get back at her mother."
Justice Curtain said the sentence had to deter those who wanted to use a child as a weapon, for revenge.
Acar, of Meadow Heights, pleaded guilty to the murder of Yazmina, committed on November 17 last year.
He stood impassively in the dock yesterday, as Ms D'Argent wept silently.
On the day Mimi was killed, Acar arrived at Ms D'Argent's Hallam home and asked to be allowed to take her to a nearby milk bar.
Acar, who the judge said had an obsession with what he called "the thug life", had been banned from seeing his daughter after a number of incidents in which he abused and assaulted Ms D'Argent.
The couple had separated and reunited a number of times, but the relationship ended after Acar was convicted of assaulting and threatening Ms D'Argent.
Justice Curtain said Acar told a psychologist Mimi was playing when he approached her with the 30cm knife.
The little girl started to cry and "looked at you in fear, as though he were the devil".

Herald Sun (1-7-2011)
Norrie Ross

Mum tells of grief for daughter whose murder was updated on Facebook

THE mother of a toddler whose murder was chillingly updated by text and on Facebook has told a judge today how she misses her daughter every minute of every day.
Brave Rachelle D'Argent fought back tears as she described her devastation at the stabbing death of two-year-old Yazmina, known as "Mimi", by her estranged partner Ramazan "Ramzy" Acar.
"It always was and always will be mummy and Mimi for life," Ms D'Argent said in her Supreme Court victim impact statement.
Reading from the statement she told Justice Elizabeth Curtain that she missed Mimi's smile, her laugh and missed holding her hand and missed her lying next to her in bed.
"I miss her running up to me and jumping into my arms, hugging me and telling me how much she loves me," Ms D'Argent said.
The pre-sentence plea hearing was told that Acar posted a message "Bout 2 kill ma kid." on Facebook after kidnapping her in his car from outside her home in Hallam.
Prosecutor Peter Rose SC said that after he snatched the child he sent a series of text and Facebook messages to Ms D'Argent, taunting her and giving her a running commentary on his plans to murder Mimi.
Mr Rose said in one phone call he told Ms D' Argent: "I'm going to do it. Do you have any last words for her?"
Yazmina came on the phone and said to her mum "I love you" and Ms D'Argent replied "I love you too".
One text message to Ms D'Argent Acar said "It's ova I did it", another said "I h8t you" and a Facebook message read "Pay bk u slut".
Mr Rose said Ms D'Argent stopped contact between her daughter and Acar because of his violence and threats but he tricked his way back into their lives by pretending he had changed.
On the day he kidnapped Mimi he told Ms D'argent he was taking her to a nearby milk bar to buy a Kinder Surprise egg but that was the last time she saw her daughter alive.
Acar, a bricklayer, pleaded guilty to one count of murdering his daughter on November 17 last year.
As details of his crime were told to the court by Mr Rose he bowed his head in prisoners dock and appeared to be weeping.
Mr Rose said that Acar drove Yazmina to the edge of a new housing estate at Greenvale, took her from the car and stabbed her a number of times with a 30cm knife.
He then called Ms D'Argent and stated "I've killed her. She's just lying there next to me in her leggings and her top covered in blood, and her guts are hanging out."
Mr Rose said the knife did not penetrate any vital organs and the toddler died slowly and as he read details from the post mortem Ms D'Argent put her fingers in her ears and wept uncontrollably.
The hearing is continuing.

Herald Sun 16-6-2011
Norrie Ross

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