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Anti-libidinal drugs spare paedophile jail

Notorious Perth paedophile - Robert Gordon Cummins.

A notorious Perth paedophile has avoided more jail time for a historical sexual offence, with the judge saying anti-libidinal drugs had since deprived him of any sex drive.
Robert Gordon Cummins, 49, admitted to indecently dealing with a child under the age of 14 almost 26 years ago when he was a 24-year-old cafe proprietor.
His 12 to 13-year-old victim, the daughter of one of his friends, was forced to flee the rear of the cafe after Cummins tickled her genitals while they were watching TV.
He was interviewed by police some 25 years later and made full admissions.
The District Court Judge Michael John Bowden noted it was Cummins first sexual offence and was followed by a string of sentences for others, including one sentence of more than eight years.
Having been identified as a high risk offender, he was placed on medication to reduce his sex drive, which seemed to be working, Judge Bowden said.
"That really does seem to be the key insofar as this particular case is concerned," he said during sentencing on Tuesday.
The drugs had resulted in Cummins losing interest in any sexual activity, Judge Bowden said.
"It really is the fact that the chemical medication seems to have deprived you of any sex drive that leads me to deal with this case in the manner in which I am going to deal with it," he said.
"The offence is so serious that imprisonment is the only appropriate disposition but it does seem to me that I cannot say that a suspended sentence in the circumstances would be wholly inappropriate."
Judge Bowden sentenced Cummins to 12 months in jail, suspended for 18 months, provided he continues to comply with a strict, previously-imposed supervision order, which has 36 conditions including that he take the medication.

au.news.yahoo.com (22-4-2014)

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Paedophile in child sex plot set free

A paedophile involved in an evil and sophisticated conspiracy to travel to Thailand to commit child sex offences after being released from jail, including plans to turn an orphanage into a child brothel and grooming Thai mothers to get access to their children, walked free from jail last night.
Robert Gordon Cummins, 46, was sentenced in the Supreme Court yesterday to two years and seven months jail after admitting he conspired with two other convicted paedophiles in prison,
Mark Pendleton and Kenneth William Bishop, to commit child sex offences outside Australia.
But Justice John McKechnie ordered Robert Cummins be freed from jail on a recognisance release order after serving 18 months - a term which has already been served because he was taken into custody on the charges in March last year.
The court was told Cummins was an "entrenched paedophile" who estimated he had committed more than 1000 child sex crimes. He met and befriended Pendleton, who allegedly included him in the Thai plot, in 2005 in a sex offender treatment program in prison.
Cummins was the first to be released on parole in 2008 and started putting plans into action, including contacting Thai mothers on internet chat rooms and sending them money and gifts, such as clothing for their children, some as young as 18 months.
State prosecutor Bruno Fiannaca said Cummins confessed to planning to set up a sewing business in Thailand and employ impoverished mothers from remote villages in a bid to abuse their children.
He said Cummins admitted he and his co-accused wanted to become benefactors to an orphanage and "effectively convert it into a child brothel".
The court was told Cummins has agreed to testify against his co-accused, who will fight the Commonwealth charges at trial. Cummins' sentence was heavily discounted because of his early guilty plea and co-operation with authorities.
Justice McKechnie said Cummins joined an "evil conspiracy that had the potential for the rape of many young Thai children" and the plot "went well beyond fantasy and hope."
"Conspiring to leave Australia and go to a country where poverty can make easy pickings for sexual predators brings shame upon us all," he said.
Police uncovered the plot in 2008 after tapping phone calls between Cummins and Pendleton and intercepting their mail.
Declared a dangerous sex offender in 2008, Cummins is bound by a strict supervised release order.

au.news.yahoo.com (20-9-2012)


DPP's lapse may see paedophile freed

A notorious convicted pedophile could be freed from jail because the commonwealth has not given the state of Western Australia authority to prosecute new child sex charges.
Former school teacher Mark Pendleton, 52, appeared in the WA Supreme Court on Monday charged with conspiring to commit an indictable offence and conspiring to commit child sex offences overseas.
He appeared with convicted paedophile Kenneth William Bishop, 70, and Robert Gordon Cummins, 46, who have also been charged with conspiring to commit child sex offences overseas.
Pendleton was due to be released in March 2011 after serving 11 years of a 16-year sentence for sexually assaulting 11 girls from 1995 to 2000, but he was ordered to remain behind bars to face the fresh charges.
Bishop, a former British resident, is serving 16 years in jail after pleading guilty in 2002 to 44 counts of sexually penetrating girls aged 12 to 15.
Cummins has been remanded in custody, accused with Pendleton of planning a child sex tour of Thailand and Vietnam.
However, the three men have yet to be formally indicted - even though their case is listed for trial in November - because the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions has not authorised the state to prosecute the case on its behalf.
WA Supreme Court judge John McKechnie on Monday questioned why the men had been held so long awaiting indictment, saying they could be released if the matter continued to drag on.
"Don't be surprised if they leave the court [at their next appearance]," Justice McKechnie told WA prosecutor Joanne Andretich.
While Ms Andretich asked for a four-week adjournment pending commonwealth authority and official indictments, Justice McKechnie also questioned her appearance before the court.
"I don't know your authority to appear for the prosecution," Justice McKechnie said, suggesting the state had not yet been authorised to proceed with the case.
Justice McKechnie also cast doubt on whether the trial was ready to proceed, saying he was "very conscious" of the fact the men had already been held for more than 16 months.
"I think the whole thing is just not ready for trial," he said.
Ms Andretich assured the judge the case was ready to proceed and that authorisation would be granted within the next four weeks.
The judge remanded the men to reappear on August 20.

www.watoday.com.au (23-7-2012)

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