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Age: 39 yrs old (2011)

State: QLD- Toowoomba

Sentence: Sentenced in the Toowoomba District court (3-6-2008) to 2 yrs 2 mths’ jail - Suspended after serving 2 more months (Has served 10 months).

Offence/Other: Pleaded guilty to 2 counts of rape. Victim was a girl aged 12-13 yrs old. Offences occurred in Toowoomba between August 2006 - August 2007.

Rodney Wade

Pedophiles hide out at Harlaxton

Two convicted pedophiles, a man and his stepson, are living together in a Harlaxton house within walking distance of a Toowoomba neighbourhood centre.
A concerned whistleblower revealed to The Chronicle that Peter John Wade, 66, and his stepson Rodney John Wade, 36, were believed to be living together at Gleeson Crescent, Harlaxton.
She came to The Chronicle shocked that Peter Wade was working voluntarily as the secretary at the Harlaxton Neighbourhood Centre five days a week, without a Blue Card.
Convicted pedophiles cannot obtain Blue Cards.
Centre co-ordinator Matt Tamou confirmed Peter Wade had been working at the centre for years, but had been away for six weeks as he suffers from a serious medical condition.
This leave for medical reasons is an annual occurrence.
Flying under the radar after changing his name, Peter Wade has had direct access to children for years.
His real name is Peter Flory and he was convicted and jailed 14 years ago in Melbourne for four counts of sexual penetration of a person aged between 10 and 16, four counts of indecent assault and one count of gross indecency. He was sentenced to four and a- half years jail with a non-parole period of 18 months.
All convictions were offences against children. Peter Wade's victims were four girls who were known to him.
He pleaded guilty and confessed to the crimes.
One child became pregnant with Wade's baby as a result. She gave birth to a baby girl.
Police sources have confirmed his name change and court documents have confirmed his convictions.
He changed his surname from Flory to Wade when he moved to Queensland.
Peter Wade's stepson is self-confessed child rapist Rodney John Wade, who walked free from prison on August 1 this year after serving just eight weeks in jail after being sentenced for two counts of raping a 12-year-old girl in Toowoomba.
Rodney Wade had been held in custody for 10 months prior to that sentencing.
He is now on a two-year suspended jail sentence.
Rodney Wade told a family member in a recorded phone conversation in prison that he was coming back to Toowoomba to live with his parents at the Harlaxton address.
Sources have confirmed seeing Rodney Wade at the Gleeson Crescent address multiple times since his release on August 1.

Founder and executive director of Bravehearts Hetty Johnston was outraged that two convicted pedophiles, father and stepson, could be living together.
“The fact that two offenders could be living in the same house is really dangerous,” Mrs Johnston said.
“We need legislation that makes it illegal for child sex offenders to associate with each other because they feed each other's notions that there is nothing wrong with what they are doing.”
Mrs Johnston said it was a crime against the community that Rodney Wade was not made to undergo rehabilitation and counselling in prison.
“He's gone out (of prison) the same way he went in.
“And now if he's living with another child sex offender - the chances of his rehabilitation seem zero.
“He's a walking time bomb and some innocent little kid will pay the price.”
Peter Wade's crimes against the four girls were monstrous.

Court documents reveal Peter Wade had sex with three of the girls, forced two of the girls to perform oral sex on him, forced two of them to perform oral sex on each other and also committed other sexual offences against the girls.
The abuse occurred over a period of three years.
The whistleblower, a source close to the Harlaxton Neighbourhood Centre, said Peter Wade organised the children's Christmas parties each year and the annual Family Fun Day activities in the park.
“At the children's Christmas parties he's right there in the middle with them,” she said.
“It's just shocking that he is allowed to work there.”
The source said she could recall many moments where Peter Wade's hidden identity shone through.
“The Harlaxton State School sends their newsletter over and in one edition there was a photo of a pretty young girl in it who had done well.
“Peter held it up and said 'she'll be a nice one when she's a bit older'.
“I had an instant knot in my stomach and I felt sick.”
The source repeatedly contacted the Harlaxton Neighbourhood Centre and complained about Peter Wade working without a Blue Card; however her efforts were shot down.
“At times they (members) just laughed it off, saying 'well, he's doing a damn good job'.”
She even contacted the centre co-ordinator Matt Tamou and said he told her that since he held a Blue Card, his volunteers did not need one.
Mr Tamou told The Chronicle that he had a Blue Card and denied saying his volunteers did not need one.
“I have about 40 volunteers here . . . not all of them, no (hold Blue Cards).
“They have their own reasons for not getting one.
“I'm not about to say, if you haven't got a Blue Card, bugger off.”
Mr Tamou said he had directly asked Peter Wade to get a Blue Card, however Wade said, “I don't feel I do the work with children, and therefore I don't need one”.
It is understood that neither Mr Tamou nor others at the neighbourhood centre were aware of Mr Wade's past.
The whistleblower said she had since been in contact with the Commission for Children and Young People who organised Blue Cards.
Mrs Johnston said it was an absolute credit to her for coming forward.
“Pedophiles are attracted to where children will gather,” she said.
“And if they can get to them, they will.
“Neighbourhood centres are quite often used by vulnerable families and children.
“And it is a real breach of duty of care that the centre has not conducted a Blue Card process with them.”
The Wades have been living in Toowoomba for about 25 years.
Peter Wade was arrested and charged by Melbourne police when he returned to Victoria to attend a family member's funeral.
After serving time in jail, he came back to Toowoomba.
The Chronicle confronted Peter Wade at his Gleeson Crescent home last week.
He denied being convicted of child sex offences and denied that his stepson Rodney Wade was living with him.
“We have to live here. Our son doesn't live here. How about a bit of respect for these people,” Peter Wade said.
“Apparently, the newspaper has said quite a bit about our son and I think you should leave it alone.
“You should respect our privacy.”

Lacey Burley

Man, 36, Admits Raping Girl, 12

A self-confessed child rapist will be back on Toowoomba streets within two months. Rodney John Wade, 36, yesterday pleaded guilty before Toowoomba District Court to two counts of rape against a young girl in Toowoomba between August 31, 2006, and August 9 last year.
Crown prosecutor Paul Alsbury said the girl was aged 12 and 13 at the time.
Incensed members of the girl’s family approached The Chronicle outside court after Wade’s sentencing yesterday, pleading for his name to be made public.
Victorian-born Wade spent 10 years in the Army before leaving the defence forces and taking up a position as head kitchen chef at a private school in Toowoomba. He had also coached a girl’s high school basketball team in Toowoomba and had volunteered time with the local Police Citizens Youth Club, the court heard.
Wade had spent 300 days, or 10 months, in custody since his arrest last August but that time could not be declared as part of his sentence as another charge, that of failing to return his Blue Card after it was suspended, had not yet been dealt with by the courts.
Referring to other similar cases, Mr Alsbury said, despite the maximum penalty being life imprisonment, the range of sentence in these circumstances was two-and-a-half to three years’ jail with actual jail time of about one-third of the head sentence. Wade’s barrister Robbie Davies agreed.
Mr Davies said his client had since separated from his wife of seven years and due to the nature of the offences any contact with children would now be monitored by authorities and subject to strict rules.
When released from prison Wade would also be subject to the conditions of the Sex Offenders Register such as regularly reporting to police.
Judge Ian Dearden was scathing of Wade’s behaviour which he said had seriously impacted on the young victim. “You have taken away her innocence and opportunity to grow in her own time,” he said. His conduct had not only seriously affected the young girl, it had “shattered” Wade’s own family, he said.
Taking into account Wade had been in custody for 10 months, Judge Dearden sentenced him to two years and two months’ jail, the term to be suspended after he has served another two months with the remaining two years’ jail to hang over his head for the next four years.

Courier Mail (4-6-2008)
Peter Hardwick

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