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Schoolgirl 15 killed paedophile suspect revenge attack jailed 6 years

A girl of 15 who killed a suspected paedophile after learning he would not face charges for abusing her sister has been jailed for six years.
The girl and her sister’s boyfriend – who were both 14 at the time – stabbed 45-year-old Robert Daley to death in his kitchen hours after prosecutors dropped the case against him.
Weeks earlier, the girl had told police Daley had pestered her to have sex with him since she was 11 and had twice indecently assaulted her.
He had been held in January on suspicion of offences against her 16-year-old sister and his own girlfriend, which he denied.
Only the 16-year-old was willing to proceed with her allegations, and on April 23 the Crown Prosecution Service said there was a lack of evidence.
That day Daley, a heavy drinker and crack cocaine user, rang the 16-year-old to ‘gloat’ about the decision.
Hours later, her boyfriend went with the younger sister to Daley’s home in Brixton, South London to 'teach him a lesson'.
A fight broke out and Daley was knifed five times including twice in the heart.
The victim was heard screaming: 'Call the police, call the ambulance. They've stabbed my artery.'
He crashed into the living room and collapsed dying on the floor.
Eight minutes after the attack, the youths were captured on CCTV leaving the flat in Brixton, South London, at 5.50pm on April 23 this year.
The footage showed how the girl even casually waved to two passing police officers while still carrying the murder weapon wrapped in a bandana.
A judge said the youths, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had showed 'chilling criminal sophistication for 14-year-olds,' in carrying out their revenge.
In the aftermath of the attack, the girl told friends that she had stabbed Daley because he had sexually assaulted her.
She claimed that she and the boy had gone to his flat to 'hustle' him for money, but a fight broke out when Daley groped her.
The girl, now 15, was sentenced to six years for manslaughter, after being cleared of murder.
Her accomplice, also 15, was convicted of murder after a three week trial at the Old Bailey.
Yesterday he was given a life sentence and told he must serve at least nine years for the murder.
Judge Anthony Morris QC told him: 'You saw what you were doing as an act of revenge for what you saw as an insult to your girlfriend.
'I reject the evidence of both of you that Robert Daley carried out an attack on the girl that afternoon.
'I'm satisfied both of you invented that story.
'I'm also satisfied that once lured in to the kitchen you started to stab him with the knife, that attack continued in the hallway where there was evidence of repeated blows to the body as he lay on or near the floor.'
As they ran out of the building, the boy threw the knife into a bin, but she stopped to retrieve the knife and wrapped it in his bandana before disposing of it later.
Daley was arrested in January on suspicion of committing various offences against his girlfriend and a 16-year-old girl.
He denied the allegations and the Crown Prosecution Service decided there wasn't enough evidence to bring charges on April 23.
Daley - a heavy drinker who took crack cocaine - called the 16-year-old later that day to say he had been cleared.
She then sent a text message to him warning: 'Stop calling and texting me, I really don't want anything to do with you.
'You are a perverted man and I can never forgive you.'
Yesterday the judge said the 16-year-old appeared to have a genuine complaint of sexual assault against Daley, but he said it was 'understandable' why the case was dropped.
Judge Morris said the 15-year-old girl had no 'morale guidance or parental support' as her parents were in prison.
The teenager did not go to school between the age of 12 and 14 had been excluded twice for 'extreme verbal abuse to members of staff'.
While on remand she has been involved in eight 'incidents', five of which involve assaults.
The boy, who became a father for the first time shortly after the trial ended, had also been excluded permanently from school in February this year.
He had previously been excluded three other times, once for taking a knife to school and on a separate occasion for threatening to stab another pupil.

www.dailymail.co.uk (18-10-2010)

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