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Name: Terry John Williamson

Age: 42 yrs old (2012)

State: NSW - Sydney

Sentence: Sentenced to 24 years jail in 1991. Released from silverwater prison on 16-2-2012.

Offence/Other: Known as the "Bulli Rapist". Terrorised the community of Bulli, on the NSW south coast, for 10 months in 1989 and 1990.
Victims included an 11 yr old boy and 10 females aged from 5 to 43 yrs old.
When released, he is likely to live in one of Department of Corrective Services halfway houses or Community Offender Service programs in Sydney's south-west.
Was released from silverwater prison on 16-2-2012.
Must comply with 42 parole conditions, including electronic monitoring, drug and alcohol testing, anti-libido medication and staying away from his victims and the Illawarra Region.

News (16-2-2012)- Victims of Crime Association League (VOCAL) vice-president Howard Brown said Williamson should have been jailed for life.
"Regrettably because the sentence was clearly inadequate in Williamson's case, the NSW State Parole Authority had in my view no option but order his release under very strict supervision," Mr Brown told AAP.
"But if justice were to have been done when he was originally sentenced, he should have been originally sentenced to life imprisonment never to be released." - Read more below.

Terry John Williamson- Pic- 2012
Terry John Williamson- Pic- 2012

Wollongong sexual sadist Terry John Williamson fights bid to keep cravings under control

Terry John Williamson is fighting being monitored for five years.

A sexual sadist who terrorised Wollongong, snatching children from their beds and raping them, is fighting government attempts to electronically monitor him and suppress his libido.
Justice Peter Johnson will today decide if Bulli rapist, Terry John Williamson, who was aroused by the fear and suffering of his victims, will be monitored for five years.
Williamson completed a ­­ 24-year jail term in May for raping and assaulting 11 victims, aged five to 43, over nine months from August 1989. He was 20 when he pleaded guilty to the horrific crime spree.
He was paroled in 2012 after eight failed attempts.
Since his release, Williamson has worn an electronic bracelet. He has been taking anti-libidinal drugs since 2004.
The government yesterday asked the NSW Supreme Court to place an Extended Supervision Order on Williamson for five years.
Williamson’s lawyer Matt Johnson said his client did not oppose the order but wanted to be monitored for only three years and to stop taking his anti-libido drugs after that time.
The order would have Williamson under the strict supervision of Corrective Services as if he was a parolee. He would not be allowed access to pornography or children and would continue to take anti-libidinal drugs and wear the tracking bracelet for the term of his parole.
The court heard Williamson suffered “multiple sexual paraphilias” — sexual gratification from sexual violence which can only be controlled by psychiatric treatment and anti-libidinal drugs.

www.news.com.au (3-7-2014)

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Anti-libido medication monitoring for Bulli rapist Terry John ­Williamson

Bulli rapist Terry John ­Williamson should be supervised past his parole period to ensure he takes “anti-libido’’ medication aimed at preventing him from reoffending, a court heard yesterday.
The state has sought a ­ Supreme Court order to ­ impose continued monitoring of Williamson, whose two-year supervised parole period is due to finish on May 15.
Williamson terrorised the Illawarra area for nine months in the early 1990s, raping 10 female victims aged from five to 43 and an 11-year-old boy.
He was released from Silverwater jail in February, 2012, almost eight years after his mandatory non-parole ­period of 22 years expired.
The state’s Parole Authority imposed a raft of tight ­conditions on the now 44-year-old’s release, including electronic monitoring, a ­ curfew and banning him from the Illawarra area.
During his sickening spree, Williamson used a police scanner to avoid detection and attacked some of his ­ victims inside their homes.
His first victim was a 13-year-old, who he attacked at Bulli High School in August, 1989. The Supreme Court heard yesterday that Williamson’s rehabilitation is improving “in a stable and progressive way.”
Barrister David Kell, acting for the state, said “it is imperative that it continues and it continues in a structural way.”
The court was told Williamson has been taking anti-libido medication and the state believes he should remain supervised to ensure he takes it. Mr Kell said if the supervision stopped and Williamson no longer took the drug, “it would rapidly escalate the risk of reoffending”.
Williamson’s counsel Matt Johnston said he would not oppose an interim order which would continue the supervision until the court passes judgment.
Justice Richard Button reserved his decision yesterday.

www.news.com.au (25-4-2014)

Bulli rapist Terry John Williamson walks free from jail
Sex fiend- Bulli rapist- Terry Williamson

The Bulli rapist who terrorised an entire city has been released from jail.
In a nine-month period Terry John Williamson attacked and raped ten females aged from 5 to 43 as well as an 11-year-old boy in the Wollongong area.
The red-headed Williamson has spent the last 22 years behind bars for the brutal attacks committed while he was only nineteen.
At the height of his reign from August 1989 to May 1990 the streets of the city and surrounding suburbs were empty with women and parents too terrified to leave their homes or let their children play.
As hysteria broke out during Williamson’s reign of terror community leaders called public meetings to address the community.
So great were people’s fears no-one would turn up.
Now 42 Williamson walked free from Silverwater jail under the strictest of parole conditions.
The State parole Authority granted his release with strict reporting conditions after refusing parole for seven straigt years.
By releasing Williamson two years before his full jail sentence the Authority can impose the strict conditions they have set.
If he is kept until his full date he would be released without any conditions at all.
When it was announced Williamson would be released victims groups were outraged and victims shocked.
Victims of Crime Association League (VOCAL) vice-president Howard Brown said one of Williamson's victims had moved out of NSW.
"She is so scared what would happen when he is released," Mr Brown told reporters outside the hearing today.
"In my view, given the nature of these offences, this person should have received a life sentence, never to be released."
As part of his parole, Williamson will be subject to:
· Must adhere to electronic monitoring
· Banned from the State’s Illawarra region
· Must undertake drug and alcohol testing
· Must continue psychological counselling
· Must comply with all directions regarding treatment and medication
· Cannot contact his victims
· Banned from contacting children under 16 without supervision
· Must adhere to curfews

The Daily Telegraph (16-2-2012)
Mark Morri

Bulli rapist Terry John Williamson can now be monitored - Premier

Freeing the so-called Bulli rapist two years early will mean he can be closely monitored on the outside, NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell says.
Terry John Williamson, 42, walked free from Sydney's Silverwater prison today after 22 years of a 24-year sentence.
As a young man, he terrorised the community of Bulli, on the NSW south coast, for 10 months in 1989 and 1990, and used a police radio scanner to avoid detection.
He sexually assaulted ten women and girls and an 11-year-old boy.
He was convicted of 19 charges relating to the sexual assault of his victims, whose ages ranged between five and 43.
Williamson was granted parole by the State Parole Authority in January.
He had been denied parole every year since 2004 but the parole board determined he should be released so he can be monitored in the community.
Mr O'Farrell said in Sydney the community shouldn't be concerned.
"I understand the decision has been taken so that appropriate control mechanisms can be put in place before his period of parole ends," he said.
"If he'd served his full term the authorities wouldn't have had any capacity to impose those sorts of controls."
Williamson was wearing a white polo shirt, jeans, sneakers and a brown cap when he walked out of jail at 11am (AEDT).
He was greeted by a large media pack but didn't say anything as he got into a pale blue car.
Williamson must comply with 42 parole conditions, including electronic monitoring, drug and alcohol testing, anti-libido medication and staying away from his victims and the Illawarra Region.
Victims of Crime Association League (VOCAL) vice-president Howard Brown said Williamson should have been jailed for life.
"Regrettably because the sentence was clearly inadequate in Williamson's case, the NSW State Parole Authority had in my view no option but order his release under very strict supervision," Mr Brown told AAP.
"But if justice were to have been done when he was originally sentenced, he should have been originally sentenced to life imprisonment never to be released."
Mr Brown said while Williamson remained under supervision the risk to the community was low.
"But I will become quite concerned when the community compliance group, which is currently responsible for his supervision hands the matter over to the probation and parole service," Mr Brown said.
"Because there is historical evidence to indicate the probation and parole will not do a proper job of supervision."

news.com.au (16-2-2012)

When is it safe to free this rapist?
Looming dilemma for the prison service

THE notorious Bulli rapist who bound, gagged and raped women and children at knife-point is enjoying day release in preparation for his eventual freedom.
The idea of serial rapist Terry John Williamson, who terrorised a community during a 10-month rampage, being free to walk the streets is one that stirs strong emotions – about whether it is safe to release violent criminals once they have served their time.
Williamson is allowed out of jail up to twice a month to visit banks, supermarkets and post offices.
The last time he was released on bail, charged with sexual assault and abduction in 1990, he raped a 20-year-old Wollongong woman.
The dilemma for authorities with a sex offender like Williamson, now 41, is that to stall his release until the very end of his sentence, in 2014, would be to place the community at high risk of his reoffending.
"Many victims would never want the offender released from jail, I understand that," Parole Authority spokesman Robert Cosman said.
"But the reality is these people have been sentenced by a court to a certain length of time in jail.
"It is much safer to release a person on supervision. The statistics show that they are less likely to reoffend with supervision in the community than without it."
Williamson has undergone annual parole hearings since his minimum sentence expired in 2004. Now the Parole Authority wants him to be let out of jail unsupervised, on day release, before his parole to live in south-western Sydney. His next parole hearing is in March. Corrective Services Commissioner Ron Woodham has opposed his parole.
Williamson, whose victims included females aged from five to 42 and an 11-year-old boy, caused such fear during his rampage from 1989 to 1990 that police called meetings to calm the public.
He committed his assaults armed with a nine-centimetre knife and wearing a balaclava to cover his distinctive red hair. He attacked his younger victims in their beds.
Just over half of the Bulli rapist's victims, who have placed themselves on the voluntary NSW Victims Register to stay informed of his movements, are aware of his day leave.
Some wrote letters of complaint to the Serious Offenders Review Council, which oversees Williamson's case.
One woman, who was attacked in her home and then watched Williamson assault her five-year-old daughter, is said to be traumatised whenever he is let out.
However, she has supported the Parole Authority's handling of the case: that Williamson undergo day leave to help him adjust to community life and that when he is finally released from prison, he be on parole supervision and under strict conditions to reduce the likelihood of his striking again.
Williamson has previously been refused on the grounds that he may reoffend and was unable to adapt to normal, lawful life.
Currently, Williamson – a former truck driver who has undergone training courses in prison, including gaining a fork-lift driver's ticket – is allowed out of jail in the company of a Salvation Army officer and without a tracking anklet.
He has been taking anti-libidinal drugs to suppress his deviant sexual urges and has undergone a sex offender program.
Williamson has made dozens of trips out of jail and walked the streets of Bathurst, Lithgow and Katoomba, even visiting a museum.
When released, he is likely to live in one of Department of Corrective Services halfway houses or Community Offender Service programs, which provide 24-hour supervision, counselling and drug and alcohol testing.

The Sydney Morning Herald (30-1-2011)
Candace Sutton

Release program depends on strict rules

When Terry John Williamson walks free from prison, it will be under strict conditions.
He will be forced to wear a satellite tracking anklet (pictured), will have to keep taking medication to inhibit his libido, known as "chemical castration", and must avoid places such as public toilets and playgrounds.
Should Williamson not comply with any of these conditions he risks a return to prison.
He will have to obey NSW Corrective Services Community Compliance Group officers, who have 24-hour search and surveillance powers and can visit offenders' homes unannounced, subject offenders to urine and breath tests and call police to issue a warrant for any breach.
Just after his release Williamson is likely to spend up to six months in one of the department's halfway houses or community service programs in Sydney's south-west with 24-hour supervision.
His mother, Robyn, is his main social support for his impending release. His father, Albert, died months after his arrest.
There is no certainty that Williamson will be released at his next parole hearing in March.
He must acknowledge his behaviour, have undergone courses to prepare for living in the community and have approved accommodation. He will not be able to move interstate or overseas without permission of the State Parole Authority. He also needs to satisfy the authority that he will undergo supervision and recommended community programmes, will not drink alcohol or take drugs and will not approach victims or their families.
The national recidivism rate — the proportion of offenders returning to custody or court within two years of release — is about 60 per cent.
Don Weatherburn, director of the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, said governments needed to spend more on offender rehabilitation, as most criminals were eventually released into the community.
“The truth is 99 per cent of offenders will end up back in the community,” he said. “And most of them will not have improved their social skills or employment skills which they need to help them reduce their risk of returning, as much as finding accommodation and staying off drugs and alcohol."

www.smh.com.au (30-1-2011)
Candace Sutton

Freedom Rejected
The Bulli Rapist, Terry John Williamson, will remain in jail after his latest bid for freedom was rejected by the NSW Parole Board last Thursday.
The former Corrimal truck driver, now 36, was jailed for 24 years in 1991 for multiple rapes and attacks on women and children over a nine month period from 1989.
His victims included an 11-year-old Bulli boy and a 13-year-old Towradgi girl, who were both attacked in their beds.
Over 700 people attended a public meeting, called by police at Bulli in 1990, to calm community fears. His reign of terror ended with his arrest after skipping bail in May 1990. His latest bid for parole was his third.

www.northernleader.com.au (11-5-2006)
http://www.northernleader.com.au/article/bulli_rapist_freedom_rejectedBulli Rapist freedom rejected

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