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Name: Victor Leslie Urquhart

Age: 47 yrs old

State: WA

Sentence: Sentenced in the WA District Court in May 2007 to 20 yrs-7 months jail/ 18 yrs-7 months non parole.

Offence/Other: Pleaded guilty to kidnapping/ sexual assault charges.Also found guilty in April 2007 of plotting to murder the victim. The victim,a 14 yr old boy,was grabbed off the street/held captive/ handcuffed/ gaggedand sexually abused for several weeks, by Urquhart and Robbie Sebastian Wheeler.

Compensation increased for paedophile victim

A man who was a teenager when he was the victim of two paedophiles in Perth seven years ago has won a fight to increase the amount of compensation he received.
The man, who cannot be identified, was 14 in 2005 when he was abducted, held hostage for three weeks, and repeatedly sexually assaulted by Robbie Wheeler and Victor Urquhart.
Both men were convicted of plotting to murder the teenager and were sentenced to more than 20 years' jail.
Four years later, the victim was awarded $182,000 in compensation but he lodged an appeal arguing he should receive the maximum of $300,000.
The West Australian State Government has now agreed to provide an additional ex-gratia payment of more than $117,000.

www.abc.net.au (16-10-2012)

Duo's 'Sick Fantasy' To Kidnap And Kill Boy, 13

Two men who admit to kidnapping and sexually assaulting a teenage boy for three weeks carried out all parts of their fantasy except killing the boy, a court has been told.
Robbie Sebastian Wheeler, 43, and Victor Leslie Urquhart, 46, went on trial today in the Western Australian District Court accused of conspiring to wilfully murder the boy.
Wheeler and Urquhart pleaded guilty in court to a total of 27 charges between them, including deprivation of liberty, indecently dealing with and sexually assaulting the then 13-year-old boy, in the Perth suburb of Kelmscott in 2005.
But they have pleaded not guilty to one charge of conspiring to kill the boy, for which they are standing trial.
Prosecutor Carmel Barbagello told the jury there was documentary evidence of the accused's plan to kidnap, drug, sexually assault, kill and then dispose of the victim's body.
"The only thing they didn't do was they didn't kill the boy and they didn't dispose of his body," Ms Barbagello said.
Wheeler's lawyer Hilton Quail said his client may have had a "sick fantasy" to kill the boy but there was no conspiracy to actually do so.
The trial continues.

AAP (10-4-2007)

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Payout For Sex Abuse

A young boy used a sex slave by two pedophiles could be paid up to $300,000 in compensation for the "extraordinary" crimes against him.
The boy, now 16, was 14 when he was taken from a Perth street in 2005 by Robbie Sebastian Wheeler,43, and Victor Leslie Urquhart, 46.
The pair were convicted this year for kidnapping the boy, raping and conspiring to kill him.
The boy could receive a $300,000 payout from the West Australian Government.

Herald Sun (17-7-2007)

Pedophile Sentences Welcomed

A TEENAGE boy who was snatched from a Perth street and sexually abused for three weeks by two "depraved" pedophiles has welcomed the lengthy jail sentences given to his tormenters.
Robbie Sebastian Wheeler, 43, and his boyfriend Victor Leslie Urquhart, 46, were yesterday both sentenced in the West Australian District Court to more than 20 years in prison for their crimes.
The men were convicted last month of plotting to murder the then 14-year-old boy, who they had already admitted to kidnapping and sexually abusing between August 30 and September 19, 2005.
Judge Michael Bowden said the men's crimes displayed "staggering depravity" and they had tried to corrupt the boy with their sexual deviance.
"These offences were committed for no other reason than your own sexual gratification," Judge Bowden said.
He sentenced Wheeler to a total of 23 years and eight months in prison and Urquhart to a total of 20 years and seven months in prison.
Investigating officer Detective Senior Sergeant David Bryson said the boy, who cannot be named, was "very happy" with the sentences.
"It was absolutely horrific right from the very start and they definitely got the sentence they deserved," he told reporters outside the court.
"Ultimately this result today will help him rebuild his life again."
The court was yesterday told the boy, who watched the sentencing via video-link, suffers from eating and sleeping disorders as well as frequent flashbacks and nightmares of his ordeal.
His education had been disrupted, he had become reclusive and had at least once attempted suicide, the court was told.
Prosecutor Carmel Barbagallo said the men had done immeasurable harm to the boy.
"This young victim was corrupted, his innocence ruined, his childhood stolen from him," she said.
The boy's mother said the family was pleased with the result, though they would have preferred the men to be locked up for good.
During the trial the court was told the men abducted the boy from a Perth street, dragged him inside their house, handcuffed him to a bed and gagged him with gaffer tape.
Over the next 21 days they repeatedly had unprotected sex with the boy, forced the boy to use sex toys on himself, made him watch pornographic videos, had sex with each other in front of him and made him defecate in a bucket.
They threatened him with violence and made plans to kill him, dump his body in bushland and dissolve it with acid.
Wheeler will be eligible for parole after serving 21 years and eight months. Urquhart will be eligible for parole after serving 18 years and seven months.

FULL STORY - By Jim Kelly
THE homosexual lovers who abducted, abused and plotted to kill a Perth schoolboy were themselves sexually abused as children, the District Court was told yesterday.
Robbie Wheeler, 43, and Victor Urquhart, 46 had previously pleaded guilty to kidnapping and sexually abusing the boy between August 30 and September 19, 2005 but denied they intended to kill the boy.
During the pair's trial the court was told the men lured the teenager to Wheeler's home, with the promise of marijuana and an Xbox, and then held him captive for 20 days, repeatedly having unprotected sex with the boy.
Appearing to be sentenced, the men sat without emotion as sick details of their troubled childhoods were revealed.
Both came from broken homes and were sexually abused while they were still in primary school.
But despite their sad upbringings, both led apparently blemish free lives until, severely affected by methylamphetamine, they kidnapped a 14-year-old boy and subjected him to sickening abuse for 20 days.
The court was told the pedophiles were either so affected by their past experiences or drugs, they were not able to objectively perceive what they were doing.
Their warped perspective was evidenced by their belief the boy they abducted had willingly participated in the sex acts they performed on him.
Lawyer Hylton Quail, representing Wheeler, said his client's life experiences, particularly as a child, had shaped what he had become as an adult.
He told the court what happened to the abducted schoolboy was similar to what happened to Wheeler when he was a boy.
As an 11-year-old living in country WA, Wheeler formed a sexual relationship lasting five or six years with 40-year-old man he met in a park.
Mr Quail said although Wheeler was a willing participant in the relationship at the time, he now realised he was was manipulated by the older pedophile.
At the same time, Wheeler was dating a schoolgirl who was the same age as him.
The relationship with the pedophile broke up when the man found out Wheeler had a young girlfriend and he was sent to Sydney where he was promised a place to live and a job.
Child welfare authorities sent him back to Perth where he confessed to his girlfriend about his relationship with the man and his growing desire to live as a woman.
She responded by attacking him with a knife.
The court was told Wheeler's gender confusion stemmed from his early childhood where between the ages of eight and 10 he lived with his abusive step-grandfather.
His parents had divorced when he was just nine-months-old and although his father had custody of both Wheeler and his sister, he was shunted between relatives before eventually being sent to live with his grandparents.
Soon after his grandmother's death, his step grandfather began sexually abusing him in an increasingly sadistic manner.
After moving back with his emotionally distant father, Wheeler began experimenting with his sexuality.
By 18, Wheeler was undergoing hormone therapy and was regularly dressing as a woman -- even performing in Perth drag shows in return for free drinks.
He formed a relationship with a man and together they moved to Sydney where he lived as woman, preparing for a gender reassignment operation.
He got work as a civilian in the NSW police force before joining the Australian Taxation Department.
While his work life appeared to be settled, his relationship was so abusive he eventually packed his bags and escaped back to Perth, where he resumed living as man.
His partner followed him to WA, broke into his home and raped him.
By 1997, Wheeler was a heroin addict and although he managed to break free from the drug's grip alone, he soon began using increasing amounts of methylamphetamine.
Mr Quail said the drugs allowed Wheeler to express emotions, especially happiness, which he had not before experienced.
But his drug use spiralled out of control to a point where Wheeler quit his job with the tax department because work was interfering with his drug taking.
The court was told Wheeler's increasing sexual fantasies involving children coincided with his increasing methylamphetamine use.
"The use of speed turned him into someone he really wasn't,'' Mr Quail said.
Urquhart, who had been openly gay since his childhood, was also using the drug and the pair first met in 2002 through a mutual dealer.
Lawyer David Manera, representing Urquhart, said his client's past was also marred by sexual and physical abuse.
He was first sexually abused as a six-year-old and was raped by a friend's brother when he was 12.
Urquhart was bullied at school for being homosexual and as an adult was betrayed by his de-facto partner of 15-years from whom he contracted HIV.
Following the break up of that relationship in 2000 and suffering from depression, Urquhart quit his job with the disability services commission and began taking increasing amounts of drugs which he paid for from a disability pension.
Although he used heroin and cannabis, it was methylamphetamine which controlled his life and led to him participating in the abduction of the boy, Mr Manera said.
He said Urquhart was shamed, embarrassed and remorseful for what he had done.
Quashing reports the men had a "cushy'' life in jail, both lawyers said their clients faced long and lonely prison sentences for their crimes.
Pedophiles are regarded as the "lowest of the low" by other inmates and both men would need to be segregated for their own protection for as long as they were behind bars, the court was told.
Wheeler has already been assaulted and was moved from Casuarina Prison to Hakea for his own protection.
Urquhart was sexually assaulted in prison and has attempted to take his own life since being locked up.
"He will live in isolation and fear for the term of his sentence," Mr Manera said.

AAP (25-5-2007)
Adam Gartrell/ Jim Kelly

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