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Name: William John Watkins (Deceased)

Age: 40 yrs old

State: VIC- Altona North

Sentence: Sentenced in 2000 to 4 yrs 3 months jail/ 2 yrs non parole, for raping a neighbour.

Offence/Other: In January 2006 two sisters (Colleen Irwin, 23 yrs, and Laura Irwin aged 21 yrs) were stabbed to death in their Altona North home. It is believed Watkins, their neighbour was responsible. Blood stains were found in his flat linking him to the murders. Watkins was shot dead a few days later by Police in late January 2006.Prior conviction for raping a neighbour - sentence above.

Pic: William John Watkins

Sisters' Parents Beg For Answers

The parents of two sisters who were raped and murdered still want answers after an inquest failed to address why a habitual criminal was free to kill.
Allan and Shirley Irwin say they will continue to demand to know why William John Watkins was allowed to serve jail terms for different offences at the same time -- slashing his total time behind bars.
Colleen Irwin, 23, and Laura, 21, were found stabbed to death in their Altona North home on January 28, last year.
Coroner Dyson Hore-Lacy yesterday told the Irwins he had no power to look into Watkins' criminal history and his sentencing.
Counsel assisting the coroner, Sen-Constable Matthew Watts, said: "I have been asked to raise concerns in relation to Mr Watkins' criminal history, and why he wasn't incarcerated at the time."
Mr Hore-Lacy replied: "I can understand those concerns, but under the Act they are not issues that I am entitled to explore."
Outside court, Mr Irwin said the inquest had been a waste of time.
"The only thing I wanted to hear was why he was out, and he (the coroner) can't deal with that," he said.
The Herald Sun yesterday obtained a record of Watkins' criminal history through the Coroner's Court, after two Freedom of Information requests for it were rejected.
The 38-year-old's record dated back to 1985 and included convictions for rape, aggravated burglary and assaulting police.
The killer was jailed for 4 1/4 years with a minimum of just two years for rape, aggravated burglary and theft in May 2000.
Two months later, he was sentenced over seven crimes including intentionally causing injury and being unlawfully on premises, but all but three months of the jail term was made concurrent with the earlier sentence.
Watkins was jailed for 12 months over the callous bashing of a legally blind woman in her home in 1998.
Mr Irwin said that when Watkins applied for parole, he was assessed as being at moderate risk of reoffending. He moved into a rented flat next door to the Irwin sisters in May 2004.
Sen-Constable Brett Gallaughar told the inquest Watkins attacked Colleen when she arrived home from a birthday party just after midnight, and then her sister.
The bodies of the much-loved sisters were discovered side by side on a bed when a friend investigated.
Watkins fled to Western Australia, and was intercepted in Karratha by Acting Sgt Shane Gray for stealing petrol.
Watkins bashed Sgt Gray, fracturing his skull, before the policeman shot him dead.
Mrs Irwin told yesterday of the couple's continuing heartbreak.
"Every day that goes past, you miss them more," she said.
Crime victims support advocate Noel McNamara said: "The justice system has let the Irwin family down, and the Bracks Government, Attorney-General Rob Hulls and the judiciary have got blood on their hands."

Herald Sun (2-6-2007)
Katie Bice

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Coroner: Violent Neighbour Killed Sisters

A violent convicted criminal raped and murdered Melbourne sisters Laura and Colleen Irwin, a Victorian coroner has found.
Colleen Irwin, 23, and Laura Irwin, 21, were discovered stabbed to death in their home at Altona North, in Melbourne's west, on January 28, 2006.
Victorian Coroner Dyson Hore-Lacy today found that the girls' neighbour, William John Watkins, raped and stabbed them to death.
"What is known and I so find is that ... Mr Watkins has managed to overpower both girls ... raping and killing both young women," he told the inquest.
Watkins was fatally shot by police three days following the murders when he bashed an officer in WA after being pulled over for stealing petrol.
Detective Senior Constable Brett Gallaughar earlier told the inquest the women had been stabbed to death and there was DNA evidence to indicate they had been raped.
He said Watkins had a string of offences, including a conviction for rape, aggravated burglary and theft.
For those offences he was jailed for four years and three months, but was released after two years.
"I have been asked (by the sisters' parents Shirley and Allan Irwin) to raise concerns about Watkins' criminal history and why he wasn't incarcerated (at the time of the girls' deaths)," he said.
Mr Hore-Lacy said it was not his role to explore those issues.
Outside court, Mr and Mrs Irwin said the inquest was a waste of time.
"What has happened is he tells us exactly what we already knew and ... the only thing I wanted to hear was why was he (Watkins) out (of jail) and he can't do that," Mr Irwin said.
Mrs Irwin said the coroner's finding had not given her any closure and time had only intensified her grief.
"Every day that goes past you miss them more," she said.

AAP (1-6-2007)

Fury Over Concurrent Jail Terms

The parents of the slain Irwin sisters say they have seen the criminal history of the only suspect in the murders.
Allan and Shirley Irwin said they were shocked the records showed William John Watkins was given concurrent sentences, allowing him to serve more than one jail term at the same time.
They claim Watkins would have been in prison at the time he killed Colleen, 23, and Laura, 21, if he was ordered to serve sentences consecutively.
The Herald Sun applied to have Watkins' criminal history released by Victoria Police after the sisters' murder on January 28 last year.
The newspaper's request was rejected on the grounds Watkins could not be asked for consent to have the information made public.
Watkins brutally murdered the sisters at their shared Millers Rd, Altona, home before being shot dead by police officer Shane Gray three days later in Western Australia.
Mr and Ms Irwin say they hope to attend the inquest on Watkins this year so they can support Sen-Constable Gray.
The couple said they remained frustrated the justice system failed to use its power to keep society safe from the urges clearly shown by Watkins.
His prior convictions included rape, aggravated burglary and assaulting police and he had done jail time for bashing a blind invalid pensioner in 1998.
"There's not an apology of any description. This wasn't an accident. It's not just one person who suffers," Mr Irwin said.
A memorial park will be unveiled in the Irwin daughters' honour this weekend in their home town of Toolamba, near Shepparton.
About 100 locals -- led by former policeman Des Good -- have put many thousands of hours of effort into the task.
It has converted ugly, disused railway land into a special place featuring granite blocks, tiled areas, a barbecue shelter, car park, water feature and grassed areas.
Two pink-flowering crepe myrtle trees are set to blossom fully to mark the anniversary of the sisters' deaths.
Ms Irwin was deeply moved when she visited the work site last Saturday to find just how much her daughters meant to so many people.
"It was like an ant farm. It brought tears to my eyes," she said.
The memorial will be opened this Sunday at 3pm.
Ms Irwin said the anniversary of their death would end a painful year full of reminders of what had been lost.
Her daughters' bedrooms at the Toolamba family home remain untouched, full of hundreds of photos and other memories of their lives growing up.
A letter to the Corinella children's page, sent by Laura at six, is pinned to her wall.
A framed shirt and ball signed for her by fast bowler Brett Lee takes pride of place in the lounge.
Sculptures by Colleen adorn the house and garden.
"God, I miss them," Ms Irwin said.
She said there had been some deeply unpleasant situations, such as having to sell her daughters' cars.
In some cases, the grief was compounded by unthinking companies and government bodies that continued sending bills and other documentation months after they died.
"It's stuff you just don't need," Ms Irwin said.
Being forced to make a will without being able to give to Colleen and Laura had been another profoundly upsetting experience.
"You live for your kids," Ms Irwin said.

Herald Sun (16-1-2007)
Mark Buttler

Slain Girls' Parents Talk To Hero Cop

The parents of slain sisters' Colleen and Laura Irwin have personally thanked the policeman who shot dead their daughters' killer.
Allan and Shirley Irwin spoke to West Australian policeman acting Sgt Shane Gray by phone from their home at Toolamba, near Shepparton, on Thursday.
"I said I'm so glad he had the strength to do what he did," Mr Irwin said yesterday.
Sgt Gray replied he and his wife felt for the Irwins and could not fathom what the couple was going through after losing their only two children.
"We got a bit tight in the tummy and Shirl was a bit shaky after it," Mr Irwin said.
Colleen, 23, and sister Laura, 21, were stabbed to death in their Altona North home.
William Watkins
A friend found their bodies in an upstairs bedroom of the Millers Rd house on January 28.
Three days later, Sgt Gray pulled over William John Watkins, 38, on a stretch of highway just south of Karratha.
Watkins bashed him before being shot dead.
Victoria Police later named him as the Irwin sister's murderer.
It was discovered Watkins had prior convictions for rape, intentionally causing serious injury, aggravated burglary, assaulting police and theft.
Today the Irwins will visit the girls' grave to commerorate Colleen's 24th birthday.
"We are going to go to the cemetary tomorrow evening (Saturday) with a couple of friends, sit there and have a drink," Mr Irwin said.
"I don't think it will be a good day but it's what Shirl wants to do."
Mr Irwin said his wife felt she could share the birthday with her daughter at the cemetary.
"Shirl said, 'I know they're not there, but that's the only place we kow they are'."
Mr Irwin said Colleen's friends would gather in Melbourne to remember their friend for her birthday.
"It ain't getting any better," Mr Irwin said.
It's getting worse, it's not getting better.
"I don't know if it's reality hitting home."
The Irwins were hoping to meet Sgt Gray in Karratha but had to make do with a brief telephone conversation when they were unable to get WA Police approval.
"We got to speak to him. Shirl was happy about that.
"She thanked him as well. At least they did that for us, so we got to thank him and check how he was."
Sgt Gray told the Irwins how pleased he was to hear Mrs Irwin's comments last week when she described him as a hero and said she wanted to hug and kiss him and pin a medal on his chest.
Sgt Gray is expected to have surgery on his nose next week.

Herald Sun (11-2-2006)
Shelley Hodgson

Fix This, Family Pleads

The uncle of the murdered Irwin sisters has called for mandatory minimum sentences to be given to repeat violent offenders.
Hugh McGowan has written a letter to his local MP demanding stronger sentencing legislation for rapists.
Mr McGowan accused the justice system of failing his neices Laura, 21 and Colleen, 23, who were found stabbed to death in their Altona North home 12 days ago.
Suspect William John Watkins was shot dead later in Western Australia by a police officer.
"He was a habitual criminal whose crimes got worse as he got older," Mr McGowan said.
"He was clearly beyond rehabilitation yet was allowed to walk the streets because the judiciary either did not understand what kind of person he was, or misjudged what he was, or worse still, empathised with him because he showed no remorse."
The sister's father, Allan Irwin, also wrote a letter, calling for a greater role for victims in sentencing.
"Let people who have to deal with the horror and pain have a major role in the sentencing of the criminal," Mr Irwin said.
Mr McGowan also called for:
The removal of remorse as a factor in sentencing people found guilty of violent crimes.
on any examination of the victim's past in court.
A guarantee of protection or anonymity for witnesses testifying against alleged violent offenders.
Criminals histories of offenders to be made public before sentencing.
Watkins was a violent offender who received a minimum two years' jail in 2000 for raping a woman, and a 12-month sentence for bashing a blind invalid pensioner in her own home.
Nationals MP Jeanette Powell read the letters in Parliament during a debate on the Crime (Sexual Offences) Bill.

Herald Sun (9-2-2006)
Kate Rose

Evil Watkins Is One Of Many

William John Watkins was a time bomb and everyone heard the ticking before he picked on a blind woman less than half his size and beat her sensless in her bed.
By the time he raped a woman in the sanctity of her home 18 months later, his alarm was ringing loud and clear.
How any judge could sit in front of a man like Watkins and consider the sentences imposed were appropriate for what he did is beyond the comprehension of most normal people.
The operative word here is "normal".
Normal people live in commission houses in Deer Park, rentals in Frankston and have mortgages in Benalla.
They live in homes in Altona that their parents bought for them.
They are the ones who pay the salaries of those who sit in judgement and who try to see into the hearts of animals like Watkins.
But we must remember, life in the places where our judiciary reside is seldom witness to life's harsh edges. There are many like Watkins- beyond redemption- who are spared the rod and go on to kill and maim again and again.
They are evil people who know how to manipulate the system and convince psychologists and counsellors that they have put their pasts behind them.
Judges and magistrates have to take chances with our lives everyday bacuse they have to believe people can change.
But some people don't. Are these judges and magistrates accountable for their decisions? All we can hear is the weeping of people like the Irwins as they pay with their children's lives. Imagine what it is like to lie in your bed, caked in a drunk's sweat with his body violating yours.
And also imagine months or years later, after been dragged through a shambolic trial, full of pointless delays, hearing about how much potential the rapist has for rehabilitation.
And then watch him walk free before the scars from your last surgery have started to fade.
The blood of Colleen and Laura Irwin lies upon our society, which failed to deal with Watkins throughout his putrid career.
There are plenty like Watkins left out there. And they live near you.

Sunday Herald Sun (5-2-2006)
Comment- By a Serving Victorian Police Officer

Girl Called Triple -O In Dying Moments

One of two sisters stabbed to death in their Melbourne home early last Saturday called tripl-0 for help as she was dying.
But Telstra says the emergency call lasted five seconds before it was terminated, amid reports the woman's throat had been cut, making it impossible for her to speak.
Telstra's triple-O service received a call from a mobile phone belonging to one of the sisters about 1:44am on Saturday, more then 19 hours before the bodies were of Colleen Irwin, 23, and Laura Irwin, 21, were found in their Altona North home.
Telstra spokesman Andrew Maiden said an operator answered the call but there was no voice or background noise and the call was terminated, at the caller's end, after five seconds.
Colleen, a budding photographer, and Laura, a graphic artist for the Ten Network, were found stabbed to death in their Millers Road home by a friend about 9pm on Saturday.
Suspect William John Watkins, 38, who lived next door to the women, was shot dead on Tuesday by a West Australian police officer he bashed after being pulled over for stealing petrol.
Mr Maiden defended the decision not to refer the call to Victoria's Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority, saying Telstra's national tripl-O answering service received 28,000 such calls a day.
"We didn't send emergency services because this situation occurs 16 times every minute," he said.
Allan Irwin, the father of the murdered girls, said he did not blame Telstra for not following up the call.
"It's not their (Telstra's) fault," Mr Irwin said.
"They told me the call came from the girls' phones but there was never a voice and because it was a mobile and not a land phone, that didn't help."
Colleen and Laura will be farewelled today at a ceremony in Toolamba.

Geelong Advertiser (4-2-2006)

Police Blasted, Praised

Victoria polce was testerday criticised and praised after the death of two Melbourne sisters and their suspected killer.
William John Watkins, 38, was shot dead by a West Australian policeman on Tuesday after he bashed the officer when pulled over for failing to pay for petrol.
Victoria police issued a state-wide alert for Watkins on Tuesday afternoon after the discovery on Monday night of blood stained clothes in his apartment.
But the homicide squad was waiting for forensic reuslts before issuing a national alarm.
Watkins lived next door to Collen, 23, and Laura Irwin, 21, who were found stabbed to death in their Millers Road, Altona North, home on Saturday night.
Watkins had a long criminal history, including a two-year sentence for raping a neighbour and 12 months for bashing a blind invalid pensioner in her home.
He also had convictions for assaulting police and burglary.
Outgoing West Australian Police Minister Michelle Roberts yesterday criticised Victoria Police for not alerting interstate authorities a murder suspect was on the run.
"Victoria Police's failure to put out an Australia wide alert could well have cost a West Australian police officer his life," she said.
Victoria Police assistant commisioner Simon Overland said Victoria Police had done nothing wrong.
He said a nationwide alert could not be issued until Wednesday, when forensic results confirmed the blood found in Watkins' apartment was that of the sisters.
"There was no evidence at that stage (Monday night) to tie him in with the crime scene and tie him to the double murders," Mr Overland said.
The father of the two girls, Allan Irwin, yesterday said the justice system, not the police, had let his daughters down in allowing Watkins to live next door without being monitored or put on a sex offender register.
"It's a joke. The system let our kids down," he said. "How many chances can you give a person. A crime might only fit (get) 10 years, but if it's a second time, double or triple (the sentence).
"People on the street don't deserve to have that living in their street."
Mr Irwin said he was glad Watkins was dead, as that meant he could not harm anyone else.
He also defended Victoria Police for failing to issue a national alert.
"How would that have helped that bloke (the WA officer)?" he said.
"They only had a name; they didn't say what he was driving or where he was.
"I have got no criticisms at all. I think they have done a brilliant job."
The funerals for Colleen and Laura will be held in Toolamba tomorrow.

Geelong Advertiser (3-2-2006)
Charisse Ede/ Liza Kappelle

Why Was He Free

The grieving father of two murdered sisters says William John Watkins should never have been free to kill.
Allan Irwin yesterday lashed out at the justice system for allowing the convicted rapist and thug out of prison.
"The system definitely contributed to the passing of my girls," Mr Irwin said.
"It's a joke. When some clown does it again and does it again, what are they waiting for to realise he's not suitable to society?"
Colleen Irwin, 23, and sister Laura, 21, were stabbed to death in their Altona North home.
Watkins, 38, who was shot dead almost 5000km from the crime scene in Western Australia on Tuesday, had convictions for rape, intentionally causing injury, aggravated burglary, assualting police and theft.
He was a suspect early in the investigation. Blood found in his apartment on Monday waslater matched with the sisters' DNA.
Mr Irwin yesterday led condemnation at what he described as repeated lenient sentences for Watkins.
"All these clowns should have tattoos on their forehead for whatever they do. I'm talking about a cattle-brand tattoo," he said.
In May, 2000, Judge Bill White sentenced Watkins to a minimum of four years jail and maximum of four years and three months for raping a woman in her home in November 1999.
Two months later, Watkins was jailed for a year for bashing a blind pensioner as she lay in her bed in Jaunary 1998.
It is understood Watkins had seven previous court appeqrances, none resulting in jail.
Mr Irwin said Watkins had been able to walk the streets despite that his crimes had become worse.
"They want something like this to happen to think, 'Gee we should have put him away'. It's ridiculous, they are pathetic," he said.
Marg D'Arcy, program manager of women's health at the Royal Women's Hospital and Centre Against Sexual Assault, said rehabilitation of a rapist was not possible in just two years.
Ms D'Arcy said it seemed fair to predict Watkins would have been violent to woman again.
'If the sentence had have reflected the danger he posed, he probably wouldn't be on the streets," she said.
A police source said violent criminals like Watkins were often given far too many chances.
"It's pathetic," the source said.
"He obviously didn't learn from his mistakes."
The officer said such sentences served as a deterrent to rape victims going through the trauma of reporting the crime and giving evidence.
Police Assistant Commisioner Simon Overland wouldn't comment when asked his view on Watkins' rape sentence.
"It's a personal view and I'll keep it to myself," Mr Overland said.
"Obviously we feel for the family of victims of serious crime like this. It's terrible they have to experience this."
A spokeswoman for Victorian Attorney-General Rob Hulls said he could not comment on individual cases.
Shadow attorney-general Andrew McIntosh said the Liberals recommended last year that rapists be included in the Serious Sex Offenders Monitoring Bill.
Mr McIntosh said such a Bill would ensure criminals like Watkins were more closely monitored.
"What other Mr Watkins are out there?" he asked.
A doctor's report to the court in the rape case said Watkins' offences were impulsive and his criminal sexual activity "was opportunistic and certainly not planned".
The doctors' report said Watkins, who had a history of alcohol abuse, posed a low to moderate risk to the community.
Judge Bill White yesterday declined to comment on his sentence.
His associate, Martin Robinson, said as a matter of practice judges were precluded from commenting on sentences.
County Court Chief Judge Michael Rozenes also declined to speak.
A spokeswoamn said it was not appropriate for him to comment.
The Irwin sisters will be farewelled at a funeral at Toolamba Community Hall at 11am on Saturday.

Herald Sun (3-2-2006)
Shelley Hodgson/ Mark Buttler

Accused Murderer Had Sisters In Sight

William John Watkins had a clear view every time murder victims Laura and Colleen Irwin used the bathroom of their Altona North home.
From the porch of his ground-floor flat, Watkins could see clearly onto their upstairs bathroom.
Watkins had lived next door to the Irwin sisters for about two years.
Tall palm trees are dotted along the fence between the Irwins' two-storey home and the block of four flats where he lived.
But the palm tree directly between Watkins loungeroom and his victims bathroom had recently been cut down.
The tree, which still lies on the ground next to his flat, has green fronds indicating it has not long been lopped.
A real estate agent comfirmed that the tree had been chopped down in the past couple of months after a complaint from a tenant.
The removal of the tree gave Watkins, 38, his clear view of the Irwin girls' bathroom.
The bathroom window, which has no blind, was open yesterday.
The shower is visible when standing on Watkins's porch.
It is possible he could have seen the bathroom from his loungeroom.
With venetian blinds to hide behind, Watkins would have been able to peer up at the victims' bathroom without anybody noticing.
Inside the modest rental flat, everything appeared normal.
The loungeroom was neat and tidy, while shoes and socks had been left near the bathroom basin, suggesting Watkins might have left in a hurry.
Police believe the convicted rapist murdered Colleen, 23, and, Laura, 21, upstairs in their Millers Rd home on Saturday night before driving to Western Australia.
WA Policeman Sgt Shane Gray shot him dead at Karratha about 3500km from the scene of the murders.

Herald Sun (3-2-2006)
Matt Cunningham

Shot Man Suspect in Sisters' Killings

A convicted rapist shot dead by a police officer in West Australia was wanted by Victorian detectives over the stabbing murders of two sisters in Melbourne.
Melbourne man William John Watkins, 38, was fatally shot in the chest yesterday after he bashed acting Sergeant Shane Gray on a highway south of Karratha, in WA's remote Pilbara.
Watkins was pulled over by Sgt Gray on suspicion of stealing petrol, but it emerged yesterday he had a history of convictions for rape and assaulting police.
He was also wanted by Victorian Police for questioning over the murders of Colleen Irwin, 23, and her sister Laura, 21, who were neighbours of Watkins in the Melbourne suburb of Altona North.
The sisters were found dead from stab wounds in their home in Millers Road on Saturday evening.
Watkins lived in a block of flats in the same street.
"He (Watkins) is a perosn of interest in Victoria for a double homicide that happened there last Friday," WA police Superintendent Fred Zagami, of Karratha police, said yesterday.
But when he pulled over Watkins yesterday, Sgt Gray did not know the Melbourne man was wanted for questioning over the murders because Victorian police did not issue an alert until yesterday morning, said Supt Zagami.
Watkins was shot when stopped for allegedly speeding away from the Fortescue Roadhouse, south of Karratha, without paying for petrol for his Victorian-registered white toyota station wagon.
He was killed during an altercation with Sgt Gray, who suffered a broken nose and suspected head fractures.
"We can tell you that at least two shots were fired and at least one of the projectiles struck the person who is deceased in the upper chest area and we are not too sure about the second shot," said Supt Zagami.
"I have personally spoken to the deceased's sister and father in the eastern states and explained to them how the incident has unfolded here."
Sgt Gray, an experienced officer who trained others in the use of force, was traumatised by the shooting, he said.
"The last thing a police officer wants is to shoot somebody and death results...it's a split second decision between saving their life or the life of a member of the public."
Sgt Gray was flown to Perth overnight for treatment but yesterday was still too ill to be questioned.
Both WA and Victorian police called for public help to piece together Watkins' journey after he left Melbourne.
Police said officers who searched Watkins' car on Tuesday found little or no luggage, suggesting he may have fled Victoria in haste.
"The vechicle may have travelled from the WA/ SA border at speed over the last few days," said Supt Zagami.
"With his dark cap and red shirt and dark glasses and tattoos on his arms he should stand out."
Meanwhile, the parents of Colleen and Laura Irwin said news of Watkins' death did nothing to ease the grief.
"The Victorian police are still investigating circumstances of Colleen and Laura's death and will continue to do so," a family spokesperson said.

Geelong Advertiser (2-2-2006)
Liza Kappelle/ Charisse Ede

Dad Denies Stalker Link

The heartbroken father of two sisters stabbed to death in thei Altrons North home at the weekend had denied reports one of them was the vicitm of a stalker.
The bodies of Colleen Irwin, 23, and her sister Laura, 21, were discovered by a frtiend visiting thieir hoiuse in Millers Road, about 9pm on Saturday.
Both had stab wounds to their upper body.
Their father, Allan Irwin, said his "terrific, easy-going, "polite" daughters had a bright future.
An anonymous acquaintance of the sisters said the young women had ben stalked and Laura Irwin, whose car windscreen had been smashed, stayed a freind's house last week for fear of the stalker.
Mr Irwin said he and his wife Shirley were disturbed by reoports of a stalker. "That's bull---. We heard that on the radio this morning ourselves," Mr Irwin said.
"How would they know?
"If Laura or either of the girls had any idea (of a stalker), we would have heard about it.
"We haven't heard anything from the police, so that's just made-up s---."
Friends and neighbours in Toolamba, a tiny rural community near Shepparton, had rallied to help the couple.

Geelong Advertiser (31-1-2006)

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