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Age: 29 yrs old (2012)

State: NSW- Albury

Sentence: Sentenced in April 2012, in the Wagga District Court, to 22 years and nine months - 15 yrs and nine months non parole.. Eligible for parole 24-5-2026.
Update April, 2013 - Jolly appealed against the sentence, in part arguing that it was "manifestly excessive".. The Court of Criminal Appeal reduced his sentence to 18 years and nine months jail - 13 yrs and 4 months non parole.
The earliest date Jolly can now be released is 25-12-2023.

Offence/Other: Adam Gilbert Jolly - Abducted and sexually assaulted a 6 yr old girl in Wagga Wagga, on Valentines Day, 2010.. Jolly pleaded guilty to two counts of indecent assault of a person under 16 and one count each of sexual intercourse with a person under 10, assault with intent to have sexual intercourse with a person under 10 and take and detain a person with intent to obtain an advantage.

Child rapist's jail term cut on appeal

A man who snatched a screaming six-year-old girl from her front yard near Wagga Wagga, raped her and later dropped her near her home and said "you can walk from here" has had more than two years cut from his minimum sentence.
Adam Gilbert Jolly was last year sentenced to 22 years and nine months, with a non-parole period of 15 years and nine months for kidnapping and several child-sex offences.
Jolly appealed against the sentence, in part arguing that it was "manifestly excessive".
On Tuesday, the Court of Criminal Appeal handed down a new sentence of 18 years and nine months, with a non-parole period of 13 years and four months.
On the morning of February 14, 2010, Jolly, then aged 27, approached the girl as she sat on the steps in her front yard and asked her: "Is your mum home?"
He then picked up the screaming girl, took her to his ute, and drove away as the girl's mother tried to cling on to the back of the vehicle to save her.
Jolly then took the girl to two rural locations, where he raped and molested her, before he drove her back to near her home.
The sentencing judge found Jolly's offending was an "aberration and uncharacteristic", but his "unspeakable acts" had left the girl living a life of fear.
The judge also accepted the opinion of a psychiatrist, who said "it was more probable than not that [Jolly's] offending was a result of his feelings of revenge towards women".
On appeal, Justice Geoffrey Bellew found the sentencing judge had erred in finding that "self-sexual gratification" was an aggravating factor, which in effect, handed down a kind of double punishment.
Justice Bellew also found the sentences on two of his charges were excessive, as the trial judge did not take into account some factors that favoured Jolly.
Justices Clifton Hoeben and Michael Slattery agreed with Justice Bellew's findings. The earliest date Jolly can be released is December 25, 2023.

www.smh.com.au (16-4-2013)

Valentine's Day kidnapper and rapist faces two decades behind bars

As she saw her six-year-old daughter's terrified face in the rear window of a kidnapper's utility as it sped away, a Wagga Wagga mother thought to herself: "My God, will I ever see her again?"
The mother's horrific experience was recounted in Wagga District Court yesterday by Judge Jennifer English as she sentenced the kidnapper – 29-year-old Albury man Adam Gilbert Jolly – to 23 years in prison.
With time already served, Jolly will be eligible for parole on May 24, 2026.
The Daily Advertiser reported that the sentencing ended one of the darkest chapters in Wagga's history.
It began when Jolly snatched the girl from outside her home on February 14, 2010 – Valentine's Day.
He took the child to Gregadoo Road where he committed one act of indecency on the youngster.
Disturbed by a passer-by, Jolly then drove the girl to another location where he raped her in a 90-minute ordeal.
Jolly dropped the child near her home, saying "you can walk from here".
Judge English variously described Jolly's crimes as "horrific", "unspeakable acts" and "particularly gross".
The judge tried to fathom how the girl would have felt.
"Fear and terror would have been what this child experienced, and that fear and terror is something that is almost unimaginable," Judge English said.
She spoke of a girl who had been robbed of her childhood; who is too scared to stay at birthday parties without her mother; who is afraid to fall asleep; who needs her bedroom light on all night and the windows locked; and who wet her pants when she heard about another kidnapping.
Judge English refused to hold Jolly's mother accountable for her son's actions despite the distraught woman blaming herself for the way he turned out.
"At the end of the day the offender is an adult," Judge English said.
"He was not an 18- or 19-year-old trying to make his way in the world.
"He was 27 when he committed these horrific offences."
Judge English said Jolly had taken the girl for his sexual gratification and perhaps revenge for his previous unsuccessful relationships with women.
She said Jolly had seen the child as vulnerable and a victim upon which he could extract revenge for being rebuffed by a woman on a previous Valentine's Day.
Judge English said Jolly could have stopped his attack on the girl when he was disturbed in Gregadoo Road, but instead chose to commit worse offences at another location.
Judge English said Jolly had taken umbrage at the media branding him the Valentine's Day kidnapper in a written statement to the court, but she said that is exactly what he was.
As a sniffling and shuffling Jolly was led to the court complex cells after being sentenced, his inconsolable mother repeatedly cried "no, no, no" and the little girl's mother walked quietly out of the courtroom.

www.smh.com.au (3-4-2012)
Ken Grimson

Wagga child rapist jailed until 2026

ADAM Gilbert Jolly will be behind bars for at least 14 more years after being sentenced in Wagga District Court late this afternoon for his kidnapping of and sex attacks on a six-year-old girl on Valentine's Day two years ago.
In passing sentence, Judge Jennifer English desribed some of Jolly's offences as unspeakable acts that had been committed for Jolly's sexual gratification or revenge against females for previous unsuccessful relationships.
She said the victim had been robbed of her childhood.
Judge English read from parts of a victim impact statement from the youngster's mum, who told of seeing her daughter's face in the back window of Jolly's ute as he drove off with the child and thinking "My God, will I ever see her again."
After being sentenced, Jolly, sniffing and shaking, was led down a flight of steps from the court room to the cells below as his unconsolable mother cried repeatedly "no, no, no".
Wagga police crime manager, Detective Inspector Rod Smith thanked the community for helping solve the horrific crime and praised the work of police officers involved in the investigation, including the officer in charge, Detective Sergeant Michael Handley.

AAP (2-4-2012)

Child rapist breaks down

The mother of a girl molested by Adam Gilbert Jolly ran from Wagga District Court yesterday when Jolly sobbed uncontrollably as his distraught mother broke down in the witness box.
The emotionally charged sentencing of 29-year-old Jolly who snatched a six-year-old girl from the street outside her Wagga home and repeatedly sexually assaulted her at two locations had to be suspended twice for his mother Glenda to compose herself after breaking down while answering questions from her son's barrister John Weir and then Crown prosecutor Max Pincott.
Mr Weir asked Mrs Jolly if her son had told her how he felt about his offences.
"He is absolutely disgusted about what he has done, he does not know how to live with himself (as a result of) what he has done, his chest aches all the time," Mrs Jolly answered as her son's sobs filled the courtroom.
Judge Jennifer English called a temporary halt to proceedings as mother and son sobbed and the little girl's mum fled the court.
After the resumption, Mr Pincott read out graphic details of each of Jolly's repeated assaults on the girl and asked Mrs Jolly if she was aware of them.
"When you read all these allegations (in agreed facts), what was your reaction?" Mr Pincott asked.
“I could not believe it was my son,” she replied.
After Mr Pincott read out more of the allegations, Mrs Jolly broke down a second time and gasped: “A mother should not be expected to do this.”
Judge English will sentence Jolly on Monday.
Jolly, of Albury, has pleaded guilty to two counts of indecent assault of a person under 16 and one count each of sexual intercourse with a person under 10, assault with intent to have sexual intercourse with a person under 10 and take and detain a person with intent to obtain an advantage.
In his sentencing submission, Mr Pincott spoke of how Wagga was gripped by fear as news spread of the kidnapping on Valentine’s Day two years ago.
“The whole community held its collective breath while they awaited the fate of this child,” Mr Pincott said to Judge English, who said she was also in Wagga at that time.
He asked the judge to imagine the horror as the child’s mother attempted to grab the back of Jolly’s utility as he drove off with the girl and how she was left clutching the air and trying to get the vehicle’s registration number.
“One would think it was out of a Hollywood script,” Mr Pincott said.
In a letter submitted to the court, Mrs Jolly spoke of her family’s fears of reprisals for her son’s crimes.
“Did you consider the fear that (name of little girl’s mother) felt?” Mr Pincott asked.
“Yes I know her fear,” Mrs Jolly said, revealing to the court an experience of sexual assault in her own family and how she once lost one of her own children for 30 minutes.
“If I could take it away from her I would, if I could take her burden I would, if I could change everything I would, but I can’t,” Mrs Jolly said, who earlier blamed herself for her son’s psychological problems because she was too preoccupied by family financial problems and another son’s epilepsy to do anything about them.
“That is my regret, I should have done more for him, I should have been more intuitive for him and his feelings, I never had time for Adam,” Mrs Jolly said.
In her evidence, Mrs Jolly described her son as a loner who never adapted to living in an urban environment in 2007 after being on a farm for most of his life.
“He was lost in a world he didn’t know,” Mrs Jolly said.
“I feel his family life was not normal by any stretch of the imagination.”
She said her son had been assaulted in jail, had urine squirted into his cell and had received death threats.
Mr Weir said psychologist Dr Bruce Westmore had given an explanation for Jolly’s offences: disturbed psychology.

www.dailyadvertiser.com.au (30-3-2012)
Ken Grimson

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