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Name: Andrew Darling

Age: 42 yrs old (2014)

State: VIC-Ararat

Sentence: Sentenced to 9+ yrs jail - Released on parole May 2009.
Required to live at a residential address in Ararat as a condition of his parole.

Offence/Other: Andrew Darling/Child Rapist - Darling raped a 13 yr old girl, after breaking into her family's premises.. Police are currently hunting Darling for breaking his parole conditions (27-5-2009). Apprehended by Police in Albert street, Brisbane 2-6-2009.

Update (6-7-2014) - Police hunt escaped child rapist Andrew Darling..read more below.

Police baffled by mystery whereabouts of Ararat escaped sex fiend

News of Ararat absconder Andrew Darling’s escape would have left his victim feeling traumatised and afraid, says the state’s peak body against sexual assault.
Thursday marked the fifth day of the nationwide search to recapture the runaway fugitive, with police admitting they are baffled over his whereabouts.
Police have been keeping a watching check on ports and airports just in case the fugitive attempts to flee overseas.
His sister Rose Darling pleaded with her 42-year-old brother to give himself up, saying his family were becoming concerned for his welfare.
Darling, who was convicted in 2000 for raping a 13-year-old girl, fled the Corella Way correctional centre at 2.30am on Sunday after breaking the straps on two GPS tracking bracelets fitted to both ankles.
Victorian Centre against Sexual Assault (CASA) Forum spokeswoman Carolyn Worth said the woman, now aged 27, would be forced to relive her earlier trauma knowing her attacker was free in the community.
“I think for his victim it’s really quite disturbing; people often think that someone is going to come out (of prison) and get them, it’s a fear victims naturally have,” she said.
“Generally speaking this is not something that happens.
“This (escape) has been very public, so it would give the victim a jolt and force her to relive that trauma.
“She would have been pleased that he got a jail sentence and then she’s suddenly faced with the fact he’s out on the run.”
His sister Rose on Thursday appealed for her brother to turn himself in.
Darling faces up to five years in jail for breaching his supervision order at Corella.
“Everyone is curious to know what’s happened to him, and the longer this goes on, the more worried we are becoming,” she said.
“Obviously, the longer he evades police, the more trouble he is getting himself in.”
Ms Darling said she was concerned to learn that her brother had been accompanied by correctional staff on trips to pokie venues, including a recent group trip to Maryborough.
“For a recovering alcoholic like Andrew, that’s just asking for trouble,” she said.

www.news.com.au (10-7-2014)

Fugitive child rapist Andrew Darling has bush survival skills, say police

Andrew Darling is on the run after walking out of Corella Place.

Police say a child rapist who fled Ararat’s “Village of the Damned” has bush survival skills and could endure a long time on the run, sleeping rough.
Andrew Darling, who raped a 13-year-old girl in a bungled home burglary, left the Corella Place centre, which houses some of the state’s worst sex offenders, in the early hours of Sunday morning after cutting off electronic tracking bracelets fitted to both ankles.
As the police search for Darling, 42, took to the skies, Sergeant Peter Hawkins urged local landowners to keep an eye out around sheds and outhouses.
“He’s got a significant amount of bush knowledge and skills, and he does own a lot of camouflage clothes,” Sgt Hawkins said.
“He could potentially live out in the bush for some time.”
But his sister, Rose, disputed that he was a survival expert, saying he just used to sleep rough.
She told the Herald Sun he’d only bought camouflage clothing because it was cheap.
Ms Darling said he had been going out on approved outings for years, and had been close to being approved for unsupervised day release.
She said authorities had let her brother down with a string of broken promises about finding alternative accommodation.
“Finding alternative accommodation has been going on for months and that’s the only reason he’s staying there,” Mrs Darling said.
“The delays have caused him a lot of hurt, and he’s just got frustrated with the system.
“If you keep getting told you’re going to get out, obviously after a while it’s going to affect you.”
Ms Darling, who last spoke to her brother last week, said she had no concerns he would hurt anyone while on the run.
“I have kids who have been absolutely mortified by what’s being said about their uncle. He’s also got an 18-year-old daughter,” Ms Darling said.
“I can understand people being concerned because there are some people living in that place who will never get out who are absolutely disgusting presences. And he’s well aware of that, too, because he’s had to live around them.
“It makes him feel dirty to be around these people who have done these despicable acts.
“When you’ve got a choice between staying there with those disgusting perverts or taking off and risk going back to jail, he’s probably thought jail is a better option.”
Police have defended a seven-hour delay in alerting the public to Darling’s disappearance, saying they were following routine procedures.
Force spokesman Clair White said investigators responded quickly to the escape.
“Once the appropriate approval was obtained, a media release was issued in the attempt to garner public awareness,” she said.

Free to leave ‘Village of the Damned’
Security is so lax at the sex offenders’ “Village of the Damned’’ there is no physical barrier stopping residents strolling out of the complex.
Residents of Corella Place, who are regarded as being in the community, are allowed to own modified mobile phones, keep pets and roam the facility.
Seven paedophiles and other repeat sex offenders have fled since it opened eight years ago. A Victorian Supreme Court document details security as being so minimal at Corella Place, which is described as a “40-bed ‘non-secure’ residential facility”, there is little to stop its 40 residents leaving, including:
* PRISON officers are not employed at Corella Place.
* NO secure perimeter barrier, only a “pool-style’’ fence which can be opened.
* RESIDENTS are not locked in by staff at night and have keys to their units.
* STAFF have little power to “physically detain an offender should they choose to abscond’’ and must call police.
* ONLY four CCTV cameras operate, which are pointed at the carpark and “breezeway’’.
Visitors, staff and “offenders’’ are not screened at the entry point, which is not manned, and there is no supervision point with a “line of sight’’ to all units and common areas.
A spokesman for Corrections Minister Edward O’Donohue said ESO tracking devices, such as the one cut off by Andrew Darling on Sunday, were the strongest measure available for sex offenders who had completed their sentences.
“Having these offenders reside at Corella Place adds an extra layer of security and supervision of offenders who are technically free.
“Any attempt to strengthen the scheme or increase security at Corella Place would be overturned by the High Court, as these offenders have done their time in jail.’’

www.news.com.au (7-7-2014)

Police hunt escaped child rapist Andrew Darling (6-7-2014)

Police are searching for escaped sex offender Andrew Darling

A child rapist is on the run after walking out of a correctional facility in Ararat.
Andrew Darling was last seen at the Corella Place facility in Warrak Rd shortly after 2.30am today before leaving on foot.
Police searched the area but were unable to find Darling, who is known to frequent licensed venues.
It is the second time in five years that Darling has been hunted by police after breaking his parole just a day after being released from jail.
Darling was released from Port Phillip Prison in May 2009 after serving a nine-year sentence for raping a 13-year-old girl.
He assaulted the girl in her bed after breaking into her family’s home to commit a burglary.
Required to live at a residential address in Ararat as a condition of his parole, Darling was reported missing 24 hours later.
The 42-year-old is described as caucasian, about 176cm, with a medium build, blue eyes, fair, close-cropped hair, and a fair complexion.
Both his ears are pierced with tattoos on his right lower leg, back and arms.
Police say it’s unclear what he was last wearing, but he is known to wear camouflage clothing.
Anyone sighting him is urged not to approach him and to phone 000 immediately.

www.news.com.au (6-7-2014)

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Child Rapist Caught After Two Days on Run

Police have arrested convicted rapist Andrew Darling, 39, two days after he disappeared while serving an extended supervision order.
Darling was arrested soon after suppression orders keeping his name secret were lifted.
Darling was living in a compound of Victoria's worst released sex offenders when he lkp ccescaped, and was being hunted by police before being caught without incident in Ararat, just about 11.05am (AEDTO).
But the Herald Sun could not name Darling despite knowing his details and having photos because a court suppressed the publication of any information that could identify him.
Judge Sue Pullen was told that the Department of Justice wanted Darling's name and image to be made public if it could help in his recapture.
Barrister Dimitry Rozkin told the judge that when the original suppression order was granted a standard clause allowing police to name an offender if they fled was not included.
Mr Rozkin said it was simply an oversight and asked the judge to amend the suppression order to add the new clause.
In another bizarre twist, it has been revealed that although Darling was wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet when he disappeared, it was not equipped with GPS and cannot be used to track him down.
A prominent crime victims group said last night it was a disgrace that privacy concerns were apparently more important than protecting the state's children.
Crime Victims Support Association president Noel McNamara yesterday said legislators and judges had created a secret society.
"You can't have these types of offenders wandering around the countryside and us not being allowed to name them," Mr McNamara said. "This was always going to happen sooner or later. The Government is a disgrace for allowing it to happen and the judiciary has to share the blame.
"You just can't have a secret society with the criminals having all the rights and the victims - and future victims - not knowing where these people are going."
A County Court judge banned publication of any information that could identify the wanted man under the provisions of the Serious Sex Offenders Monitoring Act at a hearing last September.The man was subject to an extended supervision order and was living in the so-called "village of the damned" outside Ararat Jail when he vanished in the early hours of Wednesday morning.
An ankle bracelet alerted authorities that he had breached the perimeter at 1.50am.

Herald Sun (29-1-2010)

Child Rapist Arrested in Brisbane After Victorian Jail Release

Brisbane City police have arrested a child rapist wanted in Victoria for breaking his parole just 24 hours after being released from jail.
The man, 39, was freed on parole last Wednesday, after serving a nine-year sentence for raping a girl, 13, during a burglary.
He moved into a house at Ararat, west of Melbourne, when released from jail but was reported missing early the next morning.
Victorian Police issued a public alert, saying they were anxious to find the man for his own good, "and that of the community".
It now appears he fled to Queensland but his bid for freedom ended early this morning when eagle-eyed city police arrested him in Albert St, Brisbane.
He is being held in custody until a court appearance where Victorian Police are expected to seek his extradition.

The Courier Mail (2-6-2009)
Robyn Ironside

Police Hunt Child Rapist Andrew Darling After he Broke Parole

A child rapist who broke his parole only 24 hours after being released from jail is being hunted by police.
Andrew Darling was released on parole last week after serving a nine-year sentence for raping a 13-year-old girl.
Darling, 39, assaulted the girl in her bed after breaking into her family's home to commit a burglary.
He moved into a house in Ararat when he was released last week, but was reported missing early next morning.
Det-Sgt Mick Gunn said police were anxious to find Darling "for his own good as well as the community's".
Parole Board general manager David Provan said Darling was required to live at an address in Ararat as a condition of his parole.
Mr Provan said Darling served more than his minimum sentence after initially refusing to complete a sex offenders' rehabilitation program.
He still "owed" the board five months of his remaining parole period.
Darling was released from Port Phillip Prison last Wednesday, moved to Ararat but was reported missing on Friday.
Mr Provan said the board had issued a warrant for Darling's arrest and he would be returned to jail as soon as he was arrested.
Darling is 176cm, of medium build and has blue eyes, brown hair and a fair complexion.
Anyone with information which could help police locate him is asked to ring Crime Stoppers.

Herald Sun (28-5-2009)
Geoff Wilkinson

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