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Name: Andrew Timothy Davies (Deceased 7-9-2007)

Age: 45 yrs old (2013)

State:VIC - Ardeer

Sentence: Sentenced in a VIC Court in July 2002 to an indefinite period in jail...April 2005 Davies indefinite jail term is reduced to 11 years non-parole.

Offence/Other: Andrew Timothy Davies - Pedophile/ Repeat Offender - Convicted of the abduction and digital rape of two 6 yr old girls in Nagambi.. Davies has raped 3 girls aged 7 yrs or under,and attacked 2 others.. He has has also been caught loitering in school grounds.. He is now on the Victorian Sex Offender Registry which will be linked to a National database tracking sex offenders interstate and overseas.

Andrew Davies

Serial child-rapist Andrew Davies' heart-attack death 'could have been prevented'

A coroner has criticised a company that provides healthcare to Victorian prisoners after a child rapist died from a heart attack and no properly qualified medical staff were available to examine him.
Sixteen days before he died on September 7, 2007, 39-year-old Andrew Davies went to the medical centre at Ararat prison and complained of chest pain. An examination showed he had lost blood, but there was no medical follow-up.
In 2002, Davies was jailed indefinitely for the 2001 rape of two six-year-old girls he abducted from a primary school in Nagambie, in central Victoria. The indefinite jail term was varied on appeal to 16 years, with a minimum 12-year term.
Davies had previously been jailed in 1993 for raping a girl after lying in wait in a school toilet, in 1997 for loitering at a kindergarten and in 1998 for waiting for a child at a primary school.
About half of Ararat prison's 388 inmates are sex offenders.
When he went to the jail's medical clinic, Davies had chest pains and some difficulty breathing, coroner Audrey Jamieson said in her recently published finding. He was prescribed paracetamol and given a "rest in cell" certificate for three days. The next day, the nurse in the clinic a specialised psychiatric nurse noted that Davies continued to have "cold and flu symptoms" and was told to return for follow-up the next day. An electrocardiogram a test to detect heart abnormalities returned a normal result. Davies returned only to collect prescribed medicines.
On September 4, Davies complained again of chest pain and pain in his arms. An ambulance took him to hospital, first in Ararat and then to Melbourne, where he went into cardiac arrest and was admitted to the intensive care unit at St Vincent's Hospital.
At the inquest, a cardiologist testified that Davies had had a minor heart attack the day before he went to the prison clinic, but this was missed.
Three experts also testified that relying on an electrocardiogram to determine how to respond to chest pain of a patient is fraught.
One told the inquest that he sees between 200 and 500 tests reported as being abnormal each week, when they are actually normal. It was less common, he said, to see a normal report actually be abnormal.
Pacific Shores Healthcare provides services at nine Victorian prisons, including Ararat prison, under contract from the Department of Justice.
Ms Jamieson said its procedures encouraged the nurse to work without guidelines that would have ensured an adequate follow-up.
She found the nurse incorrectly relied on the machine because he was not properly trained. Although the nurse was working alone at the time, he could have phoned a supervising manager, Ms Jamieson said.
Pacific Shores has since increased the number of staff working on weekends, and Justice Health - the Justice Department's health unit - has ordered that all diagnostic tests be reported by an appropriately-trained professional.
The coroner said the healthcare procedures at the prison "lacked rigour", meaning the electrocardiogram was not reviewed in a timely manner, which in turn denied Davies an appropriate medical assessment. One expert said that if the procedure had been followed, Davies would have "done extremely well". Ms Jamieson agreed, ruling Davies' death could have been prevented.
Pacific Shores and Justice Health have adopted new practices in the wake of Davies' death, the coroner noted. She urged a formal policy be introduced, and recommended there be improved communication between staff.
Justice Health should in turn, the coroner said, change the terms of its service agreement with Pacific Shores and other health providers to ensure the standard of health care was "at a standard comparable" with primary health services received by ordinary Victorians.

www.bordermail.com.au (8-8-2013)
Adrian Lowe

Sex Fiend Wins Case

ONE of the state's worst sex fiends will one day be back on the streets after a court threw out his indefinite jail term.
Remorseless sex predator Andrew Timothy Davies - who refused sex offender treatment - was deemed by a County Court judge to be such a danger to the community he should be given the maximum sentence available in Victoria.
Indefinite prison terms are extremely rare and have been given to only three other rapists.
But the Court of Appeal said Davies, whose attacks on two six-year-old girls sparked the indefinite sentence, should be given another chance.
Justices Stephen Charles, Geoffrey Nettle and Hartley Hansen handed him a new sentence of 16 years with a minimum of 12.
The judges noted Davies, who was 34 when locked up in December 2002, had spent less time in jail and had not re-offended on release as quickly as the others given the indefinite sentence.
They argued that faced with the prospect of at least 12 years behind bars, Davies may change his mind about accepting treatment.
The Ardeer tyre fitter has been offending against children for a decade, with crimes including:
RAPING a girl, 7, in a school toilet block the day after being given an intensive corrections order for another crime and while serving a community-based order in 1993.
ABUSING another girl, aged 5, in a different school toilet block two weeks later.
BEING caught inside a primary school girls' toilet block in 1998 while serving a community-based order.
RAPING two girls, aged 6, after forcing them into an empty school classroom in a country town in May 2001, 18 months after being freed from jail.
Davies pleaded not guilty to the last crime but was convicted by a jury in 2002 of two counts of rape and two counts of abduction.
County Court Judge Bill White jailed Davies for an indefinite period with a nominal non-parole period of 11 years for the double rape, saying his chances of rehabilitation were slight at best.
It was clear fixed jail terms had not deterred Davies in the past, he said.

Herald Sun (22-4-2005)
Elissa Hunt

Serial Sex Offender Wins Appeal

Serial child molester Andrew Timothy Davies today won an appeal against an indefinite jail sentence imposed for his depraved attack on two six-year-old girls in Victoria.
A county Court judge jailed Davies indefinitely in December 2002 for the rape of the two girls in an empty primary school classroom in the central Victorian town of Nagambie in 2001.
The judge described the attack as "appalling and abhorrent".
Davies, 36, had a record of 29 prior offences which included offences against three small children.
Today, the Victorian Court of Appeal dismissed Davies' appeal against conviction but allowed his appeal against the indefinite sentence.
The court re-sentenced Davies to 16 years jail with a minimum of 12 years.
In the judgment, the court, presided over by Justice Stephen Charles stated: "The power to sentence to an indefinite period, is, as has already been seen, one that the courts have repeatedly stressed must be confined to very exceptional cases."

AAP (21-4-2005)

Man Who Preyed On Children faces Life behind Bars

Depraved sexual predator Andrew Timothy Davies looks set to spend the rest of his life behind bars after being jailed yesterday for an indefinite period.
Davies criminal history history of preying on young girls and refusals to accept treatment led a judge to make him the fourth Victorian to receive the maximum available penalty.
Yesterday, he rocked slightly from side to side and occasionally crossed his arms as County Court Judge Bill White told him his conduct delved the depths of depravity.
The short 34-year-old tyre fitter from Ardeer was convicted this year of stalking, abducting and then digitally raping two six-year-old girls in a Victorian country town.
"It could be said that words are inadequate to describe your criminal conduct," Judge White said.
"(The girls) were forced to endure disgraceful sexual abuse in order to satisfy your depraved sexual desires."
The crimes have led to the breakdown of the marriage of one of the girl's parents and damaged the victims, families and their small community.
Outside court, Sen-Det Michael Burns, who investigated the latest case, said the families of the two girls were satisfied with the sentence.
"It would be fair to say that these offences have caused a great amount of damage, not just to the girls involved, (but) to their families and -to that community of, that small country town," Sen-Det Burns said.
"Those offences were, over in a matter of minutes, but the ripple effect that's taken place is ongoing, and will be for sometime."
Judge White set a nominal minimum sentence of 11 years, after which Davies can apply to, the court for parole. But the Judge, who may not be involved in that hearing, indicated Davies prospects looked dim.
Judge White referred to Davies' frequent breaching of previous court orders, his not guilty plea to the latest offences and his refusal to take part in programs for sexual offenders while in prison.
"This is not indicative of 'any desire for rehabilitation or expression of remorse," he said.
"I find the rehabilitation prospects of the prisoner to be, slight at best."
Judge White detailed Davies' crimmal career, focusing on the string of sexual offences that have brought him before the courts.
As a 17-year-old, Davies grabbed a seven-year-old girl on a suburban street and tried to drag her away.
The next year, be digitally raped a seven-year-old girl in a country town's primary school toilets. He was on a smoke break during a court enforced treatment program.
Nine days later, in almost identical circumstances, he sexually assaulted a five-year-old girl.
For those offences, he was jailed for a maximum of 3 1/2 years, but was released on parole after two years and four months despite warnings that he would offend again.
"Unfortunately, the predictions of potential re-offending have come to pass," Judge White said yesterday.
After his release, Davies was caught stealing $1.57 (in 1c and 2c pieces) from Mordialloc Primary School and given a community based order for being a sex offender loitering at a school.
The next year he was caught in the female toilets of Sunshine Primary School and was jailed for at least nine months.
Davies refused to do a sex offender program and served the maximum term of 15 months.
"It is clear that definite sentences have failed, to date, to deter the prisoner from further serious sexual offending," Judge White said.
"Accordingly, other sentencing options need to be considered."

AAP (13-12-2002)
Jeremy Kelly

What They Said

"People like you are a pest to the community... you blame everybody else tor your failures. If (you do not change) you are going to finish up in very, very serious trouble."
- Judge Joseph 0'Shea, sentencing Davies in 1993.

"He points to a relatively light sentence as being evidence that the offending was not that bad. This is obviously a major concern."
- Forensic psychologist Ian Joblin in 1995.

"He offered nothing to convince (me) that he will not re-offend."
- Community corrections officer Angela Sharp in 1996.

"Mr Davies tends to be hostile and, aggressive."
Psychologist David Ball in 1998.

Child rapist not capable of rehabilitation, judge told

A serial child rapist was not capable of rehabilitation and should be jailed indefinitely, the County Court heard yesterday.
Andrew Timothy Davies was found guilty by jury verdict in June of the rape and abduction of two girls in a Nagambie primary school last year.
It was the fourth time that Davies, 34, formerly of Ardeer, had been convicted of sex offences in schools and kindergartens.
Raymond Gibson, on behalf of the Director of Public Prosecutions, said the crimes were "predatory in nature... against small, vulnerable children".
Mr Gibson said: "He will not reform. His past indicates that he is not prepared to avail himself of the opportunities given to him by the courts."
He said Davies refused to participate in a sex offender program while in prison, where he arranged to live with another prisoner, who was jailed for incest, when both were released.
In July, the Director of Public Prosecutions asked Judge Bill White to take the rare step of jailing Davies indefinitely. If he agrees, Davies would become only the fourth person in Victoria to be jailed under indefinite sentencing.
Mr Gibson said the abductions and rapes of the girls were "at the highest level of seriousness" and that imprisonment was unlikely to deter Davies from reoffending.
"One could say he is clearly in denial about his reoffending and... he has difficulty modifying his behaviour," Mr Gibson said.
Davies' "perverse curiosity" led him to commit the offences. He claimed to have been subjected to abuse from family members.
Benjamin Lindner, for Davies, said his client's criminal record "paled into insignificance" compared with the three other men - Kevin John Carr, Geoffrey John Moffatt and Anthony John Carolan - who have been sentenced indefinitely since the legislation was introduced in 1993.
Mr Lindner said Carr had 57 prior convictions from 22 court appearances over 18 years, appearing before the court five times for sex offences.
Davies had 29 prior convictions in 11 court appearances over seven years and "only four" of these convictions were of a sexual nature, Mr Lindner said.
Mr Gibson said there was nothing to suggest that Davies suffered from any sort of mental illness. Mr Lindner said his client had an IQ of 80 and had a personality disorder.
Judge Joseph O'Shea described Davies as "a pest to the community" and warned him to take "an about-turn" or face "very, very serious trouble."
Davies' pre-sentence hearing is expected to continue today.

www.theage.com.au (29-10-2002)
Jamie Berry

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