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Anthony Kurt Power, jailed for filming boys from his church congregation in the shower, loses bid to continue practising law

Anthony Power pleaded guilty to indecently filming people, including children, as a youth leader at his home and a campsite.
A solicitor and youth group leader who indecently filmed children in his church congregation has lost his bid to continue practising law.
Anthony Kurt Power, 30, installed hidden cameras in toilets and a bathroom and transmitted the images to his laptop.
In 2011, the District Court jailed Power for 15 months , with a non-parole period of four months, after he pleaded guilty to three counts of indecent filming - two against a minor - and two counts of possessing child pornography between December 2007 and March 2010.
The Full Court of the Supreme Court on Thursday ordered Power's name be taken off the state's Register of Legal Practitioners holding a practising certificate.
Power had argued that, after surrendering his practising certificate in March 2010 immediately following his arrest, he should be suspended rather than struck off.
But, in their judgment, Justices John Sulan, Tim Anderson and Malcolm Blue have ruled the gravity of Power's unprofessional conduct warrants removing his name from the practitioners roll. "The offences disclose character defects that affect the practitioner's capacity and fitness to be a practitioner," the judgment says.
"They involved a serious breach of the law. They are of a kind that damage a practitioner's ability to maintain a relationship of trust and confidence with other members of the profession and with clients."
Power was a Lutheran church congregation member at the time of the offences.
His role as youth group leader involved running youth group meetings and accompanying youths on trips and church camps.
Power admitted using a hidden camera to indecently film boys and men in the shower of his home, in the toilets of his Lutheran church and at a church camp.
He was found to have 4403 images and 610 videos stored on his computers.
The judgment says suspending Power was not a sufficient penalty, despite his genuine remorse and contrition, his positive steps towards rehabilitation and the unlikeliness he would reoffend.
"The public could not have complete confidence in a person with such serious and recent convictions," the judgment says.
"To continue to hold the practitioner out as a fit and proper person to remain a member of the profession would bring the profession into disrepute."
The judgment says maintaining public confidence in the legal system is of "utmost importance".
"Legal practitioners play an integral part in the administration of justice," the judgment says.
"The obligations which accompany a practitioner's position are commensurate with the responsibility involved.
"The duties of legal practitioners include a duty to uphold the law, a duty to the court, a duty to clients and a more general duty to members of the public."
The judgment says Power appears to be a candidate for readmission to legal practice within a "relatively short time" depending on how he applies himself over the next few years.

www.news.com.au (4-11-2013)

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'Lower than normal' jail for deviant Anthony Kurt Power

Anthony Kurt Power is a socially inept, sexually repressed and deeply religious man whose crimes, doctors say, were more voyeuristic than predatory.
Yesterday those factors, combined with his genuine attempts at rehabilitation, were not enough to spare him an immediate jail term.
The District Court jailed Power - who filmed friends in toilets and collected child pornography - for 15 months.
Judge Paul Cuthbertson said the unique circumstances did not warrant a suspended sentence, but deserved a "lower-than-normal" non-parole period of four months.
"You engaged in surreptitious filming as a rather poor substitute for engaging with other human beings, on the basis this was less blame-worthy in the eyes of God," he said.
"It's likely (the pornography) was a poor substitute for an as-yet ill-defined sexuality that had been repressed."
Power, 28, of Wynn Vale, had previously admitted indecently filming boys and men in the shower of his home, in the toilets of his Lutheran church and while serving as a youth leader.
He also confessed to downloading 4403 images and 610 videos of child pornography - 3917 of which featured children aged less than 14 years.
In sentencing, Judge Cuthbertson said Power - a former District Court judicial associate - was dissimilar to other offenders of his type.
He pointed to psychological analyses that dubbed his offending "voyeuristic, not predatory" and suggested it arose from "backward social development".
"You have grown up as a socially inept person (who is) stunted in your development as a sexual being," he said.
"As you reached the age of having sexual desires, to your dismay they turned out to be homosexual desires.
"This was greatly perplexing to you, as you had been brought up with values that homosexuality was wrong."
Judge Cuthbertson said legal precedent held immediate jail was the only appropriate penalty for his crimes.

www.news.com.au (9-3-2012)

Judge shows sympathy to pedophile

Anthony Kurt Power betrayed his friends and church by indecently filming men and downloading child pornography.
The SA District Court, however, has questioned the fairness of "sacrificing" the former judge's associate by imposing an immediate jail term.
Judge Paul Cuthbertson yesterday said evidence tendered in court suggested Power's crimes arose from conflict between his social awkwardness, homosexual urges and Lutheran faith.
"He did not know how to cope with or bring out, in a lawful manner, his sexual urges," he said. "It must be a terrible thing to have a sexual desire that you cannot lawfully fulfil.
"For him, it was illegal, in the sense it was against all his religious beliefs."
That stance was strongly opposed by prosecutor Domenico Petraccaro. "Anthony Power is not here because he's clumsy with relationships, he's here because he has engaged in illegal filming of people and the downloading of child pornography," he said.
"With respect, he can lawfully fulfil (his sexual desires) ... he can legally enter a homosexual relationship.

www.heraldsun.com.au (17-2-2012)
Sean Fewster

Lawyers call for delay in sentencing of confessed sex offender Anthony Kurt Power

A former judge's associate indecently filmed children, at a Christrian Fellowship Camp and on church premises, a court has heard.
Anthony Kurt Power, 28, of Wynn Vale appeared in the District Court today for sentencing submissions.
He has previously pleaded guilty to three counts of indecent filming - two against a minor - and two of possessing child pornography.
Today, lawyers for Power called for sentencing to be adjourned for at least nine months under a "Griffiths Remand" which would allow him to undergo an intensive rehabilitation program while living under strict bail conditions.
Dominic Petraccaro, prosecuting, opposed an eventual suspended sentence because of the "serious" nature of Power's offending.
"We're not just talking about the possession of child pornography, there is also indecent filming charges of people known to (Mr) Power, at his premises, at the church premises and at a Christian Fellowship Camp premises," Mr Petraccaro said.
"Even if (Power) was to successfully complete the program, one would still have to look at the nature of the material and the amount of it."
Lindy Powell, QC, for Power, said the defendant was "doing well" under a program at rehabilitation facility Owenia House, formerly known as the Sexual Offenders Treatment Assessment Program.
She said it was necessary to fully consider Power's rehabilitation potential before sentencing him.
"Let's sit back and let's see how, over the next nine months or thereabouts, he goes under this program," Ms Powell said.
"If he is still getting reasonable reports, then that's a very significant factor towards suspension or non-suspension of a prison term."
Judge Paul Cuthbertson remanded Power on continuing bail until October for further submissions and to rule on the Griffiths Remand.

www.adelaidenow.com.au (28-6-2011)
Candice Keller

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