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Age: 52 yrs old - 2013

State: VIC

Sentence: Sentenced in 1986 to life in jail - min 22 yrs jail in 1986... (Jan-2008)Anthony Stone has been recently Released from jail.

Offence/Other: Anthony Arthur Stone and his brother Clive Edward Stone,raped and murdered a 21 yr old intellectually disabled woman in June 1985..
To be updated
Arthur Stone

Killer Clive Stone Arrested For Breaking Curfew On Parole

Violent and vicious criminal Clive Edward Stone has been apprehended this morning by police after being on the run for more than 10 days.
The 51-year-old was located in a hotel in Kings Way, Melbourne before 8am and he will be returned to jail.
The Victorian Adult Parole Board issued a Warrant to Apprehend And Return To Prison on January 11 when he failed to meet curfew.
Stone was sentenced to serve 22 years for the 1985 murder of intellectually disabled woman Lorna Jane Gibson, 21, in Fitzroy.
Stone and his brother Anthony picked up Ms Gibson from her family home in Fitzroy and took her to a nearby Merri Creek parkland and stabbed and sexually mutilated her.
Stone was sent back to jail in August last year - three months after his first release - for failing a random alcohol and drug test.
The brothers had been drinking heavily before murdering Ms Gibson.
Clive bashed Ms Gibson repeatedly by the creek and left the scene to collect a steak knife from his sister's house while Anthony kept the victim pinned down with a foot on her throat.
When Clive returned, he stabbed her in the stomach and chest while Anthony gouged her eyes and tried to bite her nose off.
They then dragged her to a water puddle and pushed her face down in it to drown her.
Clive was sentenced to a minimum of 15 years and Anthony to 12, but this was increased to life with a 22-year minimum after a challenge by the Office of Public Prosecutions.
Anthony Stone has been released recently.
In January, Victorian Adult Parole Board general manager David Provan told the Herald Sun the board was told Stone had breached the curfew and immediately signed a warrant for his arrest.
Family, friends and People Against Lenient Sentencing's Steve Medcraft said they were shocked Stone had been released, but not surprised he had breached parole.

Herald Sun (21-1-2008)
Holly Lloyd-McDonald

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Killer Has Family From Jail

A sadistic killer who raped and murdered a woman has been allowed to marry and father a son while in jail.
Anthony Arthur Stone bashed, mutilated and murdered an intellectually disabled woman.
He is eligible to be released this year to be reunited with his wife and nine-year-old son.
Stone and older brother Clive killed Lorna Jane Gibson 22 years ago today.
Revelations about the new life awaiting him have outraged community groups and his own family.
Stone was married 13 years ago and reportedly became a father in late 1998 after a conjugal visit.
His daughter Tammie, 26, who doesn't want her surname revealed, said she was still horrified by his role in the murder of Ms Gibson by Merri Creek, in North Fitzroy.
"He's not only ruined the lives of Lorna's family, he's also ruined ours," Tammie said.
"And now he's got a new life. He's married and got a son but we can't start again.
"It sounds better than a dating service in jail. I'm so mad it hurts."
Lorna's mother, Petra, said: "All I want to do is get on with my life.
"It (the murder) is something I can't forget, but I wish I could."
Pastor Keith Vethaak conducted Stone's wedding in Barwon Prison on December 3, 1993.
It is understood Stone's wife conceived a son during a conjugal family visit.
Mr Vethaak said Stone, who started making life-sized models out of matchsticks in jail, had matured and regretted the murder.
"He's a very hands-on father and loves (his son), obviously," he said.
"He's made him lots of paintings, matchwork and even a racing car bed."
Tammie said: "It's not like I want to spend time with him but I'm more than angry that he thinks everything's going to be OK by starting a new life with another woman.
"He's left his twin girls and our mother scarred.
"Where's the punishment in all of this?"
A spokeswoman for Corrections Victoria commissioner Kelvin Anderson said: "To be granted permission for a prison wedding, inmates must apply to the general manager of the prison.
"In recent years, this process has increasingly taken into consideration the impact this . . . may have on victims and wider community.
"(Conjugal visits) are a privilege to long-term prisoners after a very detailed assessment process."
In 1986, Anthony and Clive were sentenced to 12- and 15-year jail terms for the brutal murder.
Anthony, then 24, tried to bite off Ms Gibson's nose and stamped his foot on her throat before Clive, then 29, stabbed and mutilated her on June 2, 1985.
The brothers, who drank heavily before the murder, also tried to drown the 21-year-old in a puddle.
Clive pleaded guilty. Anthony pleaded not guilty, saying he didn't know why he'd helped his brother.
A court heard he told a relative after the murder: "Clive stabbed her in the chest. I bit off her nose and gouged her eyes out.
"I was worried she would scream, so I put her bra in her mouth.
"I'm glad I did it. She was a no-one, anyway."
The Stones' terms were raised to life with 22-year minimums on appeal.
Clive Stone was granted parole on May 14.
The Adult Parole Board said Anthony's earliest possible parole date was at the end of the year.
Yesterday Crime Victims Support Association president Noel McNamara said conjugal visits for violent prisoners were wrong.
"They're there to be punished. Our jails have turned into holiday resorts," Mr McNamara said.

Herald Sun (2-6-2007)
Paul Anderson

Killer Goes Free

A sadistic killer has walked free on early parole, leaving his victim's mother shattered.
Clive Edward Stone walked from jail last Monday, about eight weeks short of his 22-year minimum term for the murder of Lorna Jane Gibson.
Ms Gibson, an intellectually disabled 21-year-old, was bashed, stabbed and mutilated near Merri Creek in 1985 in a crime that shocked Melbourne.
Stone was sentenced to a maximum of life but was released before his minimum date because of accrued credits for lockdowns and other jail concessions.
Lorna Gibson's mother, who wanted to be identified only as Petra, said she was shocked when the Adult Parole Board told her Stone was free.
"It was like reliving the horrible crime all over again. My family and I were numb at the time Lorna was killed and it was as if the whole crime came back again," she said.
Lorna, described as easily led because of her mental disability, was one of six children.
"I'm very proud of my children," Petra said.
"They've done well, but Lorna wasn't given that opportunity. To the Stone brothers she was nothing."
Clive Stone, then 29, and his brother Anthony, 24, had sex with Ms Gibson near Merri Creek in Fitzroy on the night of June 2, 1985, before Clive started bashing her.
During the attack Ms Gibson's face was bitten, her eye gouged and her throat stepped on before Clive stabbed her repeatedly in the chest and stomach.
Three Court of Appeal judges said of the murder: "It was a barbarous and callous execution. We think that community horror at such a killing should be marked by a sentence of life imprisonment."
To rub salt into the Gibson family's wounds, Anthony Stone is expected to be paroled by the end of the year.
People Against Lenient Sentencing president Steve Medcraft said he was outraged.
"These two guys should have been given life without parole," he said.
"At their age they could still pose a threat to society.
"The system has looked after their rights instead of the victim's family."
Petra said she hoped the Stone brothers could live peacefully in the community.
"I hope for their sake they can live good lives," she told the Herald Sun. "We don't want any family to go through what we've been through."
Clive Stone, classed as the instigator in the killing, pleaded guilty. Anthony went to trial and was found guilty.
Prosecutor Nigel Parkinson told the 1986 murder trial the brothers picked up Ms Gibson from her family home and drove her to Merri Creek where they both had sex with her.
"The Crown says that Clive Stone then commenced to punch Lorna about the face," Mr Parkinson said.
"At some point around this time he said, 'We'll have to knock (kill) her'."
While Clive went to collect a steak knife from his sister's house, Anthony stood with his foot on a naked Ms Gibson's throat.
"The Crown case is, on Clive's return he, Clive Stone, stabbed her," Mr Parkinson told the court.
"You will hear that Clive Stone and (Anthony Stone) then dragged her over to the pylon and left her there, stopping on the way on the dirt track to put her face in a puddle of water to drown her."
A Supreme Court judge sentenced the brothers to minimum sentences of 15 and 12 years in December 1986.
The Court of Appeal then increased the sentences to life with 22-year minimums for both men after the Office of Public Prosecutions contested the leniency of the terms.
The Adult Parole Board told the Herald Sun that Clive Stone was released "subject to standard strict parole conditions as well as special conditions".
"Mr Stone will be subject to a strict supervision regime and closely monitored by Corrections Victoria and the (parole) board," the board said in a statement.
"Two of the special conditions include that Mr Stone must not contact, either directly or indirectly, any member of the victim's family, and that he must abstain from alcohol."

Herald Sun (22-5-2007)
Paul Anderson

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