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Rapist Who offers Rides To His Victims

HE first struck in 1997 and police believe his next rape could be imminent.
The rapist has lured at least five women, aged between 17 and 25, into his car over the past eight years on the pretext of offering them a ride.
He drives his victim to an isolated location, threatens and then rapes them.
In one attack, his victim was assaulted as well as being raped. In another, he suggested to his victim he had a weapon.
His attacks have been linked through DNA. But the DNA is yet to identify the man behind the rapes.
He committed his first known rape in the early hours of August 10, 1997.
He picked up a young woman at Salisbury North, drove her to Penfield and raped her.
It was more than six years before DNA again showed he had been involved in a rape in the city.
On the night of December 26, 2003, his victim accepted a ride from him in Hindley St, was driven to a city car park and raped.
His reported attacks have since escalated in frequency, coming every few months.
"Since 2003, the offences have been more frequent," Detective Superintendent Grant Stevens said.
"We have concerns about the frequency of the offences increasing.
"It's been three months now since the last reported offence, given the pattern we're concerned that someone else may become a victim if we're not able to identify the offender."
In the early hours of April 18, last year, a woman was waiting for a taxi in Hindley St when she accepted a lift from the man. He drove her to Hindmarsh and raped her.
On June 29, last year, a woman was walking on Torrens Rd, Croyden Park, and accepted a lift from him. He drove her to Hindmarsh and raped her.
The most recent attack reported to police took place in the early hours of November 14. A young woman accepted a lift in Currte St. She said she believed she was getting into a taxi. The rapist took her to the South Parklands and attacked her.
Supt Stevens said it was possible the rapist had attacked more women but that those victims had chosen not to come forward. He urged those victims to come forward now.
"The first offence was in August 1997 - the next time we could prove, using DNA, that he had committed another sexual assault was in December 2003," he said.
"It raises the question as to his whereabouts during those six years.
"There's certainly a question there as to whether there are other assaults that we dont know about. Those crimes may have been committed in other states and we're yet to find out about them. There is also every possibility that the person has committed offences where we haven't been able to retrieve DNA evidence.
"Anybody who may have been approached and had concerns or has been assaulted- we'd be calling on them to come forward because their information may be invaluable in solving this series of offences."
Supt Stevens said it was important for the public to be aware of their safety when accepting lifts.
The offender is described as being 172cm to 176cm tall, 30 to 40 years old with dark olive skin, black hair which is shaved or closely cropped and he has bushy eyebrows.
The man has been driving a light-coloured,late-model car on all occasions.
It would appear he was frequently driving around the city area and particularly in and about Hindley St.
Anyone who has experienced a similiar incident or who has information on the rapist is urged to contact CrimeStoppers - 1800 333 000.

Adelaide Advertiser (1-3-2005)
Edith Bevin


VICTIMS: Young women
DATES: August 10, 1997/ December 26, 2003/ April 18, 2004/ June 29, 2004/ November 14, 2004
LOCATIONS: City and various suburbs.
INVESTIGATION: The six-year gap between first rape and 2003 rape. Could the offender be responsible for unreported crimes interstate or in Adelaide? DNA could be the key to Identifying the offender.



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