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Holly Wells And Jessica Chapman

PAEDOPHILES FACE LIFE TERMS- LONDON: Life sentences could be made mandatory for paedophiles, even those committing their first offence. The British Government is conducting a reveiw of laws against sex crimes in the wake of the murder of eight year old Sarah Payne, which sparked nationwide outrage.

Acccused of the Double Murders

Ian Huntley

Also Charged In Connection With Their Murders
Maxine Carr

Killer's Ex- Girlfriend Living Life Of Luxury

THE life of luxury being enjoyed by Maxine Carr was revealed yesterday.
Soham killer lan Huntley's former girlfriend is living in a plush manor house in the grounds of a nunnery. She has also landed a comfortable job.
The way she is being pampered - funded largely by the taxpayer - is in sharp contrast to the compensation given to the parents of murdered schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman.
They are due to receive a mere $28, 300 each in criminal injuries payouts.
Two months after her release from prison, Carr- lives surrounded by works of art and enjoys full police protection.
An informed source says she is "delighted" with her new home, which is better than anything she could have dreamed of as she served out her prison sentence.
She shares the stylishly decorated rural period property with other women who have had a "troubled" past.
But, after an image make- over which dramatically changed her appearance, her new friends, as well as colleagues at her bakery job, are unaware of her real identity.
She has been spending her earnings on clothes and treats.
Protected by the law, 27-year-old Carr is free to rebuild her life without public scrutiny.

Adelaide Advertiser (11-7-2004)
Stephen Wright

Bullet-Proof Carr

MAXINE Carr- will have to wear a bulletproof vest every time she goes out.
Released from a British jail on Friday, she was advised by police to take the drastic security measures after receiving two death threats.
The High Court heard that two letters claimed she would be shot for providing an alibi to the murderer of two schoolgirls, lan Huntley.
The revelations came as legal experts warned the draconian gagging order protecting her new identity could "open the flood-gates" for other criminals to demand similar anonymity.
The controversial injunction, which prohibits publication of her new name, whereabouts, care or treatment, is likely to have sweeping implications for the justice system.
Her counsel, Edward Fitzgerald QC, told the High Court on Friday "drastic and disturbing developments" during the past few days justified the injunction.
One letter sent to her jail was headed: "D-Day Maxine Can-". It read: "You will get to have six whole days of freedom before I kill you. Enjoy your six days of freedom Max, because it's all finished for you after that date".
Carr, 21, also received a threat referring to April 23 - St George's Day - as "gun down day", the court heard, Mr Fitzgerald said:
"The threats are being taken seriously and being investigated by the police".
Because of the warnings, she had been advised to wear body armour at all times when she was out, he said.
As the girlfriend of Huntley, she had a "special and unique notoriety" that required the order, he said. The British Home Office, Probation Service and police were all supporting it.
Mr Justice Eady ruled the order, which was introduced on Thursday at the request of Carr's lawyers, should stay in place until a full hearing on June 8.
It is the first time such an Injunction has been applied to someone who committed a crime as an adult. Carr served 21 months for giving a false alibi to Huntley. She is believed to be in a safe house following her release.
Media lawyer Mark Stephens said of the measures protecting Carr, "It is a quite extraordinary form of protection. It is a robust order, possibly the most robust order we have seen".
A senior civil servant had documents concerning Carr stolen on Tuesday after leaving her briefcase in her car. The briefcase was found four hours later on Hampstead Heath.

Adelaide Advertiser (16-5-2004)
Tom Kelly

Carr Released Early After Security Blunder

MAXINE Carr- was freed early from prison yesterday after serving just 21 months behind bars.
She was smuggled out of Foston Hall jail near the English town of Derby two days earlier than scheduled after confidential $A2.6 million plans for her release were wrecked by a security blunder.
On the eve of her release, documents outlining Carr's new life, including where she was due to live under police protection, were stolen from a car belonging to a senior Home Office official.
Also stolen from the female civil servant's car were papers containing details of her new bank accounts and National Insurance number. as well as the location of police safe houses which had been made ready to accommodate Carr. It is believed the papers did not include her new name.
The shambles forced officials to bring forward her release. Carr, who had been locked up for 635 days since her arrest on August 17, 2002, for her involvement in the murders of Soham schoolgirls Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells, was yesterday at a "temporary secure address", believed to be a police station, as plans were being made to find her a new safe house.
Australian Justice Minister Chris Ellison yesterday denied reports that a deal was in place to allow Carr to live in Australia under a new identity.
"While it's not generally the practice of the Australian Government to comment on such matters, British reports stating that the Federal Government has agreed to accept Marine Carr are incorrect," a spokesman for Senator Ellison said.
"No such agreement has been struck and I'm not aware of any request to the Australian government to relocate Ms Carr to Australia," he said..
Britain's Home Office yesterday confirmed Carr's' release after the parents of murdered schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman had been informed privately of developments.
Home Secretary David Blunkett was said to be "furious" about the embarrassing security bungle which, according to insiders, "totally compromised" plans for Carr's release. The paper documents were taken from a Ford Fiesta parked on London's Hampstead Heath. The owner of the vehicle - a high-ranking adviser to the Home Secretary - had left the car unattended while visiting the area.
A thief broke into the car and stole the documents, which are said to go into "substantial" detail about the release plan. It is believed the papers included many confidential details about her new life and in effect her new identity.
Although the papers were later found discarded on nearby Hampstead Heath, detectives fear the thief read details of Carr's release and may attempt to sell them.

Adelaide Advertiser (14-5-2004)
Stephen Wright

Carr Avoids Jail For Fraud Deception

MAXINE Carr, the former fiancee of Soham killer lan Huntley, has vanished into anonymity under police guard after escaping a jail sentence for six years of lies.
She had pleaded guilty to 20 benefit fraud and deception charges which could have carried a 10-year jail term.
But she was freed under a community rehabilitation order by Judge Richard Pollard.
Yesterday's case before a Nottingham Crown Court took place days before she was expected to be released from the 42-month jail sentence imposed for giving Huntley a false alibi after he murdered Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman in 2002, She served half the term. Carr is destined to walk free before the end of this week under a new identity. Probation sources suggested she would move to council accommodation in a new area with her mother.
The National Association of Probation Officers said she would report on a weekly, fortnightly then monthly basis until the end of the order.
The sentence brought criticism that she had been afforded "special treatment".
Norman Brennan, of the Victims of Crime Trust, said she should have been jailed on the fraud charges.
Carr, 27, committed benefit frauds and made false qualification claims to secure jobs. One of the deceptions was a false CV which helped her get her teaching assistant's job in Soham, where Holly and Jessica attended school.

Adelaide Advertiser (12-5-2004)
Paul Harris

Just Days From A Lifetime In Hiding

MAXINE Carr may be freed before her official release date, it emerged yesterday.
The former fiancee of Soham killer lan Huntley was due to be moved into police protection on May 17.
But it is now thought she may be taken from prison to a sate house a few days early as part of a cloak-and-dagger operation to stop vigilantes discovering her whereabouts.
Carr 27, will then begin her life under a new identity, shielded by police at a cost of about $2.5 million a year.
Before she slips from view, Carr is expected to appear in public one more time -- at Nottingham Crown Court tomorrow to answer a string of dishonesty allegations.
She is expected to enter pleas to charges of benefit fraud and lying about her qualifications for work at a primary school in Soham, Cambridgeshire.
Details of her "release plan", which is being overseen by the Home Office, are known to only a handful. of police and probation and prison officers.
After her court appearance she is expected to return to Foston Hall prison in Derbyshire for a few days before being smuggled out.
The former teaching assistant will live in a series of safe houses likely to be fitted with panic alarms, closed-circuit cameras and other measures to protect her from vigilantes angry at her attempt to cover up for Huntley's murder ot schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman.
Yesterday, sources stressed arrangements for Carr's release had yet to be finalised.
"Things could be changed at the last minute depending on circumstances," said one.
In December, Carr was jailed for 3 1/2 years for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice over the Soham case. But the amount of time she spent in custody awaiting trial means she is eligible for release on May 17 after serving two thirds of her sentence.
Yesterday, for the second time in less than a week, other inmates at Foston Hall protested Carr had received special treatment. At one window a sign was pushed through the metal bars bearing the words "burn the bitch on the stake, she's pure evil".

Adelaide Advertiser (9-5-2004)
Stephen Wright/ Beth Hale

Huntley Asked Penpal To Wear Soccer Shirt

CHILD-KILLER lan Huntley wrote to a penpal while he was awaiting trial for the murders of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, asking her to send a photograph of herself wearing a Manchester United shirt.
Publication of the letter reported in yesterday's Daily Mirror newspaper, came as police said the 1999 death of a next-door neighbour of Huntley would be re-examined.
Holly and Jessica were wearing Manchester United tops when they were murdered by Huntley, who is serving two life sentences.
The last photograph of the 10-year-olds - taken only hours before their deaths on August 4, 2002 - wearing the tops became a poignant symbol of the case.
Huntley asked the penpal, who was not named, three times to send the photo, the Daily Mirror reported, which published a selection of letters she received from Huntley.

In one letter he wrote:

"When I'm down I'm a miserable git and when I'm cheerful, I'm a barking woof, woof. All I can say is that I hope my future has plenty of woof woof woof moments. God I am nuts."
He also wrote he felt "totally devastated" when he read police statements as he awaited trial that his lover Maxine Carr had kissed two men during a drunken night on the weekend he killed Holly and Jessica.
He said Carr, who is serving a jail sentence for perverting the course of justice, had not been as faithful to him in the past as he had been to her.
Explaining that he had written to Carr but was still waiting for a response, he wrote: "I am praying that she says it is all lies as I can't handle the alternative."
Lincolnshire Police said material gathered during an investigation into the death of Hugh Wallace, 60, had been referred to West Yorkshire Police for further action.
The man was found dead by Huntley in October, 1999.
A police spokesman said Mr Wallace, who was found near flats in Scotter, Lincolnshire, had a history of heart disease and a post-mortem examination had concluded he died of natural causes due to coronary heart disease.
No inquest was held.

Adelaide Advertiser(13-1-2004)
Nick Mead

UPDATE- Monster Huntley Sex Assault History

SCHOOLGIRL killer Ian Huntley sexually abused at least nine other girls but was left at large to murder Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman.
Huntley, now jailed for two life terms, was a serial sexual predator who had been investigated for sex crimes many times. But he was never brought to trial and bureaucratic bungling allowed him to win the school caretaker's job that placed him close to his ultimate prey.
An inquiry has been launched into how police checks failed to pick up his molestations.
Britain's Home Office will also demand to know why a dossier was not built up on Huntley.
He was investigated over four rapes, three allegations of sexual intercourse with a minor, and an indecent assault. He was charged over a 1998 rape but the case was dropped. Another allegation of sex with a minor was not reported to police.
Huntley also tried to strangle women, including his ex-wife, Claire.
One victim insisted: "If the police had believed me six years ago, Huntley would have been behind bars and Holly and Jessica would still be alive."
Jessica's father, Les Chapman, said: "Huntley was a time bomb just ready to go off, and unfortunately both our girls were in the wrong place at the wrong time."
Holly's father, Kevin, 40, said he felt "a great sense of relief" as the verdicts were announced, adding: "There was certainly no sense of euphoria."
He said he hoped the families would be involved in the inquiry.
Police blunders enabled Huntley to get the all-clear to work with children.
He was using the alias Ian Nixon, but did provide the name Huntley to the school. Astonishingly, no checks were done on the name Huntley.
"The irony is that he didn't lie at all on his job application," an education authority insider said.
Cambridgeshire Chief Constable Tom Lloyd admitted the "vetting hadn't worked as well as we would have liked".
From 1995-98, authorities were alerted to allegations Huntley had sex with two girls aged 15, one 14, one 13, and one 11.
But no action was taken. One of the 15-year-olds said Huntley had threatened her with violence when she fell pregnant.
Another, 11, said he threatened her, telling her he was a karate black belt: "I can either do it the easy way or the hard way".
"When he finished he put his hands around my neck. I thought he was going to kill me," she said.
He warned: "If you dare say anything to anyone I'll find you and kill you."
She said a policewoman told her: "It's not that I don't believe you. It's that the CPS doesn't believe there's enough evidence.
"He will be caught one day . . . one day he'll do it to another little girl. He will push it too far and the truth will come out."
In April 1998, Huntley was arrested for raping a girl, 18, he met at a nightclub but police said there was insufficient evidence. The next month, another 18-year-old said she had been raped on the way home from the same nightclub by a man who threatened to kill her.
The case against Huntley again was dropped.
In February 1999, a girl, 17, who met Huntley at the same nightclub, accused him of raping her. Again, the case was dropped.
In July, he was arrested for another rape but not prosecuted after girlfriend Maxine Carr provided an alibi for him, and the victim failed to identify him.
Carr was jailed for 3 1/2 years for conspiring to pervert the course of justice for lying for Huntley over the girls' murders.
Huntley always got away with his sexual crimes until he lost control on August 3, 2002, and killed Holly and Jessica, 10.
He then dumped their bodies in remote woodland, stripped them and burned them before returning to pretend to join the search. He told reporters he may have been the "last friendly face" the girls had seen.
Justice Alan Moses slammed his "persistent cruelty and cynicism" to the girls' families.
"Your tears have never been for them, only for yourself," he said.
The families' pain has been worsened by Huntley's refusal to say exactly what he did to the girls.
"There's only one man who can answer that question, and whether he has the guts to answer the question publicly is down to him," Mr Chapman said. "I hope that the next time I have to see him is how we saw our daughters in a coffin."

Herald Sun (19-12-2003)
Ben English

Lover Tells Of Huntley's Rape Charge

IAN Huntley was charged with rape four years before he allegedly murdered Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, it emerged yesterday.
The case went to court but he was acquitted, his former girlfriend Maxine Carr told British detectives following her arrest.
Carr said the rape allegation had become a "tombstone" around Huntley's neck. She felt he would be "fitted up" over the deaths of the 10-year-olds because of his past, the court was told. It was because of this, she said, that she lied to police about her whereabouts on the day the girls went missing - August 4 last year - in order to provide Huntley with an alibi.
Carr admitted she had falsely claimed she was in the bath at their home in Soham when in fact she was 160km away in Grimsby. The court was told this week the girls died in the couple's bathroom.
The jury also was told for the first time that Huntley had a daughter. The revelations came in transcripts of Carr's police interviews, which were read to the jury yesterday.
Carr, 26, was arrested on August 17 at Cambridgeshire, where she had been sent by police searching Huntley's house. The girls' bodies were found later the same day.
The court, with Holly and Jessica's parents in the public gallery, was also shown the bathroom where Huntley says the girls died.
His version of events - given by his lawyer the previous day - was dismissed yesterday by pathologist Dr Nat Cary.
Dr Cary told the Old Bailey it was "unlikely, to say the least," that Holly Wells had drowned in the bath after being accidentally knocked in by Huntley, Dr Cary also said Huntley's assertion that Jessica Chapman was smoth- ered as he tried to stop her screaming was "wholly implausible".
Carr denies two counts of assisting an offender and one of conspiring to pervert the course of justice.
Huntley denies two counts of murder but admits conspiring to pervert the course of justice.
The case continues.

Adelaide Advertiser (28-11-2003)
Gordon Rayner

Huntley Obsessed By DNA

IAN Huntley asked police detailed questions about DNA evidence on the day he is alleged to have burned the bodies of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman.
He quizzed three officers, asking how long DNA evidence lasted, the Old Bailey was told yesterday.
And he asked one of them: "How much DNA would they need?"
The prosecution claims Huntley murdered the 10-year-olds and later returned to their bodies and set fire to them after becoming concerned about forensic evidence.
He was seen near the dumping site shortly after the conversations about DNA and allegedly had a petrol can in his office the same day.
The jury also heard how Huntley became a nuisance with repeated questions to police and journalists about how the search was going.
Special Constable Michael Kerr spoke to him in Soham at 2.20pm on Wednesday, August 7 last year, three days after the girls had gone missing in the Cambridgeshire village.
Huntley, 29, told him he was the caretaker at Soham Village College.
"1 can't remember how the conversation came to it but I remember Mr Huntley asking about DNA evidence, words similar to what did the police need for DNA," Constable Kerr said. "I said hair, skin cells or saliva. I think I said DNA can be taken from a single hair,"
Special Constable Nichola Peacock, who was also there, recalled Huntley asking: "Where would they get the DNA from and how much DNA would they need?".
Later that evening Huntley approached two more police officers.
Special Constable Sharon Gilbert, who was sitting in a police van, said: "He asked how long DNA evidence could be used and I said they'd used it on woolly mammoths and on the Tsar's family and I didn't think there was any time limit." An hour after that conversation, Huntley was seen outside the home of his Grandmother, Lily Gollings, on the outskirts of Lakenheath, Suffolk.
The girls' bodies were later four in a ditch near the perimeter fence of the Lakenheath airbase.
The prosecution claims Huntley murdered Holly and Jessica "within minutes or at the most hours" of their disappearance shortly after 6.30pm on August 4, and dumped the bodies the same night.
But the Crown says the bodies were burned at a later date using an accelerant such as petrol. The trial continues.

Daily Mail (20-11-2003)
Gordon Rayner

Girls' Burnt Clothes Found In Bin

THE charred remnants of Manchester United soccer shirts belonging to Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman were found in a bin mixed with hairs matching those of lan Huntley, a jury heard yesterday.
The girls' red football tops had been cut from their bodies and set alight with their shorts, trainers and underclothes in the bin at their school.
Police discovered them during a search of a locked storage building on the Soham Village College site. A set of keys to the building were found in Huntley's bedroom. His fingerprints were found on a bin liner which had been placed inside the bin, concealing the clothes from view.
On the second day of Huntley's trial for the murder of the 10-year-olds, the prosecution described how Huntley tried to cover his tracks after allegedly killing the girls in August last year and dumping their bodies, assisted by girlfriend Maxine Carr.
The Old Bailey was told that:
HUNTLEY changed the tyres on his Ford Fiesta the day after Holly and Jessica went missing.
HE "sanitised" the car by cleaning it inside and out and removing the boot's carpet.
CARR and Huntley concocted a "tissue of lies" in an attempt to mislead police.
The court was told that after the girls allegedly died in his home, Huntley told reporters he was "praying that they are alive and well". He also repeatedly pressed police for information about their investigation, asking where they would be searching and how long DNA evidence could last.
Huntley, 29, denies two counts of murder, but the prosecution has said he is "unlikely to deny" that Holly and Jessica died in his home while he was alone with them, or that he dumped their bodies. He admits conspiring to pervert the course of justice.
Carr, 26, denies two charges of assisting an offender and one charge of conspiring to pervert the course of justice.
Yesterday Huntley was not in court for the final 20-minute session of the prosecution's opening, because, his counsel told the jury, he was "feeling unwell". The case continues.

Daily Mail (8-11-2003)
Gordon Rayner

Caretaker Overdoses In Jail Cell

LONDON: A former school caretaker charged with murdering two 10-year-old girls was in a stable but critical condition after reportedly overdosing on drugs while in jail.
lan Huntley, 29, faces trial for the deaths of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman last August.
The search for the two missing friends, and the trauma which spread through their village of Soham, gripped the nation's attention.
The Prison Service said he was in intensive care after a "serious incident of self-harm".
Harry Fletcher, of the National Association of Probation Officers, cited unidentified sources as saying Huntley had overdosed on prescribed anti-depressants,
Mr Fletcher said Huntley apparently had collected the drugs and hidden them in teabags inside his cell.
Huntley is expected to go on trial in October with former girlfriend Maxine Carr, 26.

Adelaide Advertiser (11-6-2003)

Girls' Accused Killer Now Fit To Stand Trial

IAN Huntley, the 28-year-old school caretaker charged with the murder of 10-year-olds Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, was last night judged mentally fit to stand trial.
Mr Huntley sat shaking in the dock at Peterborough Crown Court, Cambridgeshire, as Judge Nicholas Coleman officially lifted any legal doubts about his ability to stand trial.
He remanded Huntley until November 15, with his partner Maxine Carr".
Mr Huntley was immediately taken to a maximum security jail instead of being sent back to Rampton mental hospital. He is charged with both murders, and attempting to pervert the course of justice, Ms Carr faces a similar perversion charge, but is not charged with the murders.
Police mounted a huge security operation outside the court, fearing a repeat of angry demonstrations against Mr Huntley, but his arrival and departure went virtually unnoticed. One man stood by holding a placard.
Prosecutor Karim Khalil read to the court the conclusions of a report from Dr Christopher Clark, a consultant forensic psychiatrist who has been assessing Mr Huntley at Rampton.
Mr Khalil said the report concluded: "Mr Huntley is fit to enter a plea and to stand trial." No plea was recorded in yesterday's proceedings.
He said Mr Huntley was "not suffering from any form of major mental illness" and there was "no evidence that he has been suffering from a significant mood disorder".
Mr Huntley, who was helped to his courtroom seat by a nurse and looked shaken and confused, repeatedly blinked, swallowed and wrung his hands as the proceedings went on.
Reading from the report, Mr Khalil said Mr Huntley's long-term and short-term memory and his concentration span were "entirely normal".
He concluded: "Mr Huntley is not currently subject to any mental disorder which makes it appropriate for him to receive treatment in hospital."
At the end of the hearing, Judge Coleman told the accused he was being remanded into custody and asked him to leave the court.
Mr Huntley appeared not to understand, hesitated, and then stumbled after being helped to his feet.

Adelaide Advertiser (9-10-2002)
Bruce Wilson

Kill Pair To Meet In Court

IAN Huntley and Maxine Carr, the Soham couple co-accused of involvement in the murders of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, almost certainly will come face-to-face in Norwich Crown Court in November.
The pair, who are engaged to be married, have not seen each other since their arrests on August 19 and have been prevented from communicating as the police investigation continues.
Huntley, 25, has not yet been declared fit to stand trial as he undergoes evaluation at a pyschiatric hospital but police are confident the school caretaker - who has been charged with murdering the 10-year-old friends - eventually will stand trial.
Carr, 28, reappeared yesterday by videolink in Peterborough Crown Court, where she again was remanded to Holloway Prison to appear in Norwich Crown Court on November 12 - the day Huntley also is expected to be in the same court before Justice Moses.
Carr, wearing a black ring-necked T-shirt with a silver necklace and bright red lipstick, has been accused of attempting to pervert the course of justice. It is likely she will be charged also with conspiracy, a charge Huntley already faces.

Adelaide Advertiser (29-9-2002)
Leo Schlink

Bail To Safe House Planned

MAXINE Carr, the woman accused of lying to police investigating the disappearance of murdered schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, could be released from Holloway Prison to a safe house.
Lawyer Roy James revealed Ms Carr, 25, is planning to apply for bail. The former teaching assistant in Holly and Jessica's class at Soham's St Andrew's school is accused of attempting to pervert the course of justice by providing a false alibi for her fiancee lan Huntley.
Mr Huntley, 28, has been charged with murdering the 10-year- olds.
"People have misunderstood the position," Mr James told the Law Society's Gazette.
"She (Carri has not been charged with the girls' murder and, if the media background to the case is ignored, she would be granted bail as a matter of course.
"Although the case is at a very early stage, we are considering bail if a safe house can be provided." Ms Carr remains in a heavily- guarded segregation unit at Holloway Prison in north London.
She was remanded in custody to reappear in Peterborough Magistrates Court on September 27 after last week making a video-link appearance in court.
When she appeared in Peterborough's Crown Court two weeks ago, an angry crowd screamed abuse at her as she was driven in and out of the court complex.
Mr James conceded any safe house would need to be a long distance from Soham and its location kept secret.
Ms Carr's cell at Holloway is made largely of cardboard and is usually allocated to prisoners deemed liable to commit suicide.
Mr James is confident saturation media coverage of the arrests will not prejudice Mr Huntley and Ms Carr's hopes of a fair trial.
Private funerals for Holly and Jessica, whose bodies were found on August 17, will be held this week.

Adelaide Advertiser (4-9-2002)
Leo Schlink

Carr Appears In Court- Charged In Connection With Their Deaths

SHE came into court with a smile and took her seat in the dock.
Maxine Carr had just been driven through a screaming crowd outside, but it didn't seem to have affected her.
Now she was about to hear once again how Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells disappeared, and her gaze drifted up to the ceiling.
Even in the emotionless language of the court it remained a desperately tragic story.
How two girls vanished, and how their parents spent frantic hours searching for them in vain.
Then, how their bodies were found dumped in a forest not far from their homes 13 days later.
Ms Carr tugged at her dark auburn hair and smoothed the creases from her blue jeans.
This was the first time the 25-year-old teaching assistant. who used to help in the 10-year- olds' class at St Andrews Primary School in Soham, Cambridgeshire, had appeared in court since police charged her with perverting the course of justice.
The allegation is she lied to detectives searching for the girls and their killer. The maximum sentence is life imprisonment.
Here in the small, modern courtroom, 17 days after Holly and Jessica disappeared, was one of the two key figures at the centre of the inquiry.
The other is Ms Carr's boyfriend, lan Huntley, in custody in a psychiatric hospital and facing a double murder charge.
Ms Carr wore no make-up and her T-shirt was plain black. Even when she spoke to confirm her name, address and date of birth, February 16, 1977, nothing in her voice betrayed her.
When they started to talk about the maximum life sentence, she sat with her head buried in her lap for two minutes, hands clasped behind her neck.
Her eyes remained closed for a u-'hTJf ^ffgrshf sal up, and everyone craned to see if there were tears. There weren't. Mostly she stared at the impressive wrought-iron crest on a wall of the court - its motto honi soit qui mal y pense (shame on him who thinks evil of it).
The 50-minute hearing in Peterborough Crown Court began only moments after Ms Carr had been led into the glass- panelled dock by three female security officers.
Mrs Gill Wild took her place as chairman of the bench, sitting with two colleagues.
The clerk of the court read the charge: "Between August 9 and August 18, 2002, in the county of Cambridgeshire, with intent to pervert the course of public justice, you did a series of acts which had the tendency to pervert the course of public Justice, in that you gave false information to police officers in a criminal investigation and that is contrary to common law."
August 9 was five days after Holly and Jessica went missing, a time when there could hardly have been a parent in the country who did not share the agony of Leslie and Sharon Chapman and Kevin and Nicola Wells.
August 18 was one day after two bodies were discovered in woodland at Lakenheath, several kilometres from Soham.
Yesterday, it was finally confirmed they had been identified as the missing girls.
Ms Carr's solicitor, Roy James, made no application for bail and she was remanded in custody to appear at a preliminary hearing at Peterborough Crown Court on August 29.
None of the dead girls' parents was in court. They spent yesterday morning paying their private respects at the spot where their daughters' bodies were found.
Later they walked side by side in Soham, alongside a steady stream of people carrying flowers to add to the sea of bouquets in the parish churchyard.
That quietly moving scene was in stark contrast to those outside court yesterday.
It began with an eruption of hatred at the arrival of the police convoy which escorted the blacked-out van carrying Ms Carr into the court building. By the time she came out, more than 500 people were there.
Much of the anger was directed at the fact that Mr Huntley was not being brought to court, although everyone phrased it far more robustly than that. A look at the banners they waved was enough to tell why - "Rot in Hell for ever" said one held aloft by two children.
Others ran through police barriers to smash their fists on the van. Bottles and other missiles were thrown as the convoy headed to London's Hollowayjail where Ms Carr will be kept under a suicide watch.
Despite the arrests, police still have a long way to go in the murder investigation.
About 50 items of potential evidence have been taken from a bungalow in Littleport, Cambridgeshire - belonging to Mr Huntley's father, Kevin, for analysis which could take weeks.

Adelaide Advertiser (23-8-2002)
Paul Harris/ Bruce Wilson

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