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Victim's Dog fights Off Sex Attacker

A pet dog fought off a tree branch-wielding sex attacker who tried to rape a northern suburbs woman along a popular walking track.
Detective Sergeant Rob Jordan said there was little doubt the woman's dog saved her from being raped.
"If it wasn't for the dog the assault would have been more serious," he said.
The attack happened as the woman, 34, walked her blue heeler-cross kelpie on the Jingili side of Rapid Creek reserve about 7am last Friday. The woman noticed her attacker lurking behind as she walked on the dirt track approaching the Water Gardens and started sprinting for safety but was tackled and assaulted behind bushes.
The frightened woman lashed out as her attacker tried to rip her clothes off when the dog forced him back by snapping at his ankles.
The cowardly attacker then grabbed a tree branch to fend off the dog and continue the assault but the dog bit at his ankles again.
The woman's screams were heard by two women on the other side of the creek and the man fled.
Sgt Jordan said police waited five days to alert the public about the attempted rape because of delays in getting a statement from the traumatised victim.
He warned women to be alert at all times when exercising.
"Everyone has the right to walk in safety but women should be mindful assaults can happen and they should take precautions by exercising with someone else or with their dog," he said.
Police do not believe the attempted rape is linked to an indecent assault on a woman sleeping in her nearby Rapid Creek home less than 24 hours later.
The attacker is described as Aboriginal, about 180cm tall, skinny build, aged in his late 20s to early 30s with wild, black bushy hair. He was wearing navy blue football shorts.
Anyone with information should call police on 131 444.

AAP (8-6-2005)


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