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Victim Sickened By Serial Groper Attack

DAYS after being attacked, Molly is still sickened by what the Wynnum serial fondler did to her.
Since her assault on Saturday, the man, who is believed to be responsible for eight attacks on women in the Brisbane eastern bayside suburb over the past two months, has gone underground.
Police believe he is likely to attack again.
Molly, 21, said he needed to be caught immediately.
"He shouldn't be allowed to get away with it," she said. "It's just sick."
Miss Brown became the eighth victim to be attacked by the man as she walked along the Waterloo Esplanade with her border collie on Saturday, about 4.15pm.
She was aware somebody was behind her but thought he wanted to overtake her.
"But as I was rounding a corner a person came up and grabbed me around the chest and squeezed my . . . at the front," Molly said.
"I screamed, said lots of swear words and elbowed them. Then they let go and ran away.
"I just stood there and watched him because I couldn't comprehend it.
"He kept looking back at me, just watching me and seeing if I was going to run after him."
Molly said that while she was physically fine, she was really concerned for the other women, especially the elderly, whom the man had also attacked.
At 21, she is 67 years younger than the man's oldest victim.
He is believed to have attacked two women in their 80s and has grabbed most from behind. Some he has just robbed.
"I'm young and fit and could have punched him off, but an 88-year-old might not be as strong," Molly said. "He needs to be caught."
Police are appealing for anyone who might have seen the man who is described as being in his late teens, of a slim build, about 173cm tall, with dark brown hair and a fair complexion.
Detectives are also still hunting the man who sexually assaulted a girl, 6, during a bush dance at Wynnum North Primary School on Saturday night.
Acting Detective Senior Sergeant Damien Watson said police were looking through family video footage from the night.
He said the girl had given an updated description of her attacker: in his 40s, taller than 170cm, wearing glasses with a dark coloured frame that might have been blue or purple, a watch with a brown band on his right hand, grey coloured jeans and a blue and black chequered jacket.
The man was also wearing a distinctive earring in one ear a sleeper that might have had a diamante hanging on it.
Information on these crimes to Crime Stoppers-1800 333 000.

The Courier Mail (31-8-2005)
Tanya Chilcott-Moore


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