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Alleged Gang Rape Victim Cancels Court Case

The alleged victim of a violent gang rape has told police she does not want the case to proceed, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) has said.
Adam Jade Pinner, the alleged leader of the rape, had faced a charge of aggravated sexual assault in company before the charge was dropped in Downing Centre Local Court today.
The ODPP today said the victim told police she did not intend to give evidence.
"The complainant indicated strongly to the police, ODPP officers and Witness Assistance Services officers that she did not want the case to proceed and that she did not intend to give evidence in the proceedings," the ODPP said.
She was alleged to have been raped for up to an hour on the evening of June 8, after she was lured into a public toilet near the Chinese Gardens, at Darling Harbour.
Four men were alleged to have attacked the woman while a fifth man acted as a lookout.
The ODPP rejected reports the charges would not proceed because of the unreliability of the woman's evidence in light of her learning disabilities.
"This claim is insulting to the complainant and inaccurate," the ODPP said.
A court has also dropped the charge of aggravated sexual assault in company against a 16-year-old Villawood boy who was alleged to have been involved in the alleged rape.
Magistrate Geraldine Beattie withdrew and dismissed the charge when the youth faced Bidura Children's Court on Tuesday.
The ODPP said the charges against the pair were dropped on September 18, with the matter finalised in court today.
"Such a direction means that, at this stage, based on the information and material presently available, the matter will not be pursued in court," the statement said.
"This direction can be reversed in the future should further evidence become available through investigation or if other relevant information is obtained."

AAP (19-10-2006)

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Darling Harbour gang rape: bail granted

The alleged ringleader of a group of young men and teenagers accused of pack raping a teenager at Sydney's Darling Harbour has been granted bail.
The order to release 25-year-old student painter Adam Jade Pinner, of Lurmeah, was made by magistrate Allan Moore when police did not object to a bail application at Central Local Court today.
The $100,000 bail will be put up by Pinner's aunt in Queensland, who is prepared to put up her home as surety.
The conditions of bail are that Pinner, a father of two with a third baby on the way, must report twice daily to police at Campbelltown and reside with his family at Lurmeah.
He was also ordered not to approach his alleged victim and co-accused, or any witnesses.
He was also banned from going within the precincts of Darling Harbour and not to apply for a passport or leave the Sydney metropolitan area.
The decision to release Pinne comes two weeks after his arrest amid criticism of police for not warning the public of the attack for two months.
Pinner is charged with the aggravated rape of a 19-year-old woman in company with four other males in a toilet block in Darling Harbour on June 8.
In police evidence tendered at his first court appearance at Bankstown and again today at Central Local Court, Pinner is alleged to have told police when he surrendered two weeks ago that he believed the intercourse was consesual and that the woman was a prostitute.
According to the police evidence, the group, described as student painters, is alleged to have subjected the young woman to a two-hour ordeal of rape in a toilet block beginning at 5.30pm, after surrounding her.
One of the group is alleged to have stood guard at the entrance to the toilet warding away anyone who wanted to use it.
City Central detectives have so far charged three others over the assault.
They include a 16-year-old Villawood youth, charged with rape, an 18-year-old Oakhurst man, charged with stealing the victim's mobile phone, and a 19-year-old Belfield man charged with disposing of the phone.
Pinner, who appeared before the couort via a video link from Silverwater jail, was silent throughout the late bail hearing.
The case was adjourned for mention before the court on October 19.

www.smh.com.au (23-8-2006)
Les Kennedy

Gag order lifted on gang rape

Five males allegedly involved in the pack rape of a 19-year-old woman are all apprentice painters - and the police know who they are, a Sydney court heard today.
Bankstown Local Court was also told today that the alleged instigator of the attack in a women's toilet block at Darling Harbour on June 8 was Adam Jade Pinner, 25, of Leumeah, whose de facto wife is expecting their third child.
But defence counsel for Pinner, solicitor Ken Buckman, said his client believed the victim was a prostitute who had solicited him and four other males.
The court was told Pinner was on a bond for violence and had changed his surname from Duncan.
He was alleged to have told police yesterday that the woman agreed to have sex with the group for $15 after she had exposed her breasts to them.
An at times angry magistrate Paul Falzon said he found it incredible that even a prostitute - whom police said the victim was not - would agree to engage in sex with five men for $15.
In denying a bail application on the grounds of public safety and the risk that Pinner might reoffend, Mr Falzon said that, when confronted by a group of males who were threatening to rape a woman, there was a belief among many that it was better to submit.
Police alleged that the woman went with the group to the toilet block because she feared she would be hurt.
Pinner, whom police said was referred to as Duncan by his victim, is alleged to have made a derogatory remark about the woman's breasts as she was walking through Darling Harbour at 6.30pm on June 8.
Quoting sections of the police statement from the bench, Mr Falzon said Pinner said: "Are you doing some shopping or are you doing a shift as a prostitute, because you're too beautiful not to be a prostitute.
"You have got a beautiful mouth and I know where to put something in your mouth.
"If I f--- you I hope I don't come soon 'cause I can go for hours".
At one point Mr Falzon became angry with the police for trying to have details suppressed on the basis that they would affect investigations into three others who had not been arrested.
At this Mr Falzon expressed incredulity, saying that the alleged offenders were all apprentice painters and police knew who they were.
Mr Falzon said at one point Pinner that was alleged to have told a younger male to go and get condoms while one of the group stood guard at the toilet block entrance and at one stage warded off a woman who wanted to use the toilets.

www.smh.com.au (10-8-2006)
Les Kennedy

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