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Name: Bevan Spencer Von Einem

Age: 65 yrs old (2011) (DOB-29-5-1946)


Sentence: Sentenced in the Adelaide Supreme Court in 1984 to 36 yrs jail/ 24 yrs non parole/ Eligible for parole in 2007. Sentenced in June 2009 to another 3 months jail for possessing child pornography in his cell.

Offence/Other: Von Einem abducted and murdered 15 year old Richard Kelvin in 1983. Also believed to be involved in the so-called "Family" Murders. Read more about Von Einem below..
Bevan Spencer Von Einem

Bevan Spencer Von Einem

Lost diary gives South Australia police new lead into Alan Barnes murder by The Family (8-2-2014)

Bevan Spencer Von Einem sentenced for child pornography

Notorious sex murderer Bevan Spencer von Einem has been ordered to serve an extra three months in jail for possessing child pornography in his cell.
Von Einem, 63, was today sentenced in the Adelaide Magistrates Court to three months in prison for one count of possessing child pornography relating to three hand-written stories which detailed acts between children and children and an adult.
The stories were found in von Einem's Yatala jail cell after a police raid in November 2005
Magistrate Maria Panagiotidis said the matter would be sent to the Supreme Court to review his non-parole period because she was "not required to say it commenced at a particular time".
In November 1984, von Einem was ordered to serve 24 years in prison for the 1983 sexually-motivated murder of teenager Richard Kelvin.
That non-parole period ended in November 2007, but von Einem is yet to apply for parole.
Sam Abbot, for von Einem, had previously argued a fine would be a bigger penalty for the murderer because Premier Mike Rann had made a personal promise to keep von Einem in jail for the rest of his life.
Those remarks were today upheld by Attorney-General Michael Atkinson who issued a statement saying he would seek further advice from the Crown Solicitor in light of von Einem's conviction.
"Bevan Spencer von Einem is a notorious and dangerous offender and the Government is determined to ensure he will never again pose any danger to the public," Mr Atkinson said.
Wearing a navy jumper, Von Einem closely watched Magistrate Panagiotidis deliver her sentencing remarks.
"There is no actual victim who was exploited or used in this instance," Ms Panagiotidis said.
"You did not have a prurient interest in (the stories)... I categorise your offending as being at the low end of the scale of seriousness."
The court heard the material was allegedly written by another prisoner, convicted paedophile Anthony James Wheatman, and was found in a sealed envelope marked "legal professional privilege" with von Einem's fingerprint on the envelope.
His lawyers had argued von Einem had been given the stories by an unnamed prisoner for security against Wheatman, who wanted to harm von Einem.
Magistrate Panagiotidis reduced von Einem's sentence from four months to three due to his guilty plea.
She said a further prison term was warranted to deter others from similar offences because "child pornography generally involves the exploitation of children".
Von Einem will appear in the Supreme Court in July.

www.adelaidenow.com.au (24-6-2009)
Jordanna Schriever

Bevan Spencer von Einem 'Should be Fined for Child Porn'

Notorious sex murderer Bevan Spencer von Einem should be fined for possessing child pornography because that would be a greater penalty than jail, his lawyer says.
Sam Abbott, for von Einem, today told the Adelaide Magistrates Court that Premier Mike Rann had made a personal promise to keep von Einem in jail for the rest of his life and "it will not have a punishing effect on him because he is there anyway".
"The premier has said that he will try to take steps to keep this man in jail for the rest of his life," Mr Abbott said.
Von Einem, who turns 63 today, was last year charged with one count of possessing child pornography relating to three hand-written stories which detailed acts between children and children and an adult.
They court heard they were kept by von Einem as insurance against another prisoner, Anthony James Wheatman, a convicted pedophile who had written the stories and wanted to harm von Einem.
Police discovered the stories in von Einem's Yatala prison cell in November 2005.
Mr Abbot said von Einem was paid $18 a week while working in the prison's education department, an amount which was reduced to $12 when he was moved to Port Augusta prison after the child pornography charge was laid 18 months ago.
"He has $200 in a trust account which is what is left over from a legacy of his mother's estate," Mr Abbott said.
He said von Einem spent about $5-6 a week on comfort items such as shampoo, soap and pens.
Mr Abbot said von Einem's offending was in "the very, very lowest portion of the range for the seriousness of this offending" and penalty would almost certainly be less than four months - a time that would have already expired because the non-parole period imposed for his conviction for the 1983 murder of Richard Kelvin ended in November 2007.
Prosecutor John Wells said a fine would be inappropriate because it did not show general deterrence to the public.
"When child pornography is produced it feeds into the appetite of those who have a sexual interest in children ... it is inherently dangerous and inherently harmful," Mr Wells said.
He said von Einem's murder conviction implied he kept the stories for a prurient purpose, a claim Mr Abbott rejected.
Magistrate Maria Panagiotidis will sentence von Einem next month.

Adelaide Advertiser (29-5-2009)
Jordana Schriever

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Dropped Allegations Convicted Murderer and Pedophile Bevan Spencer von Einem Wrote Stories

PROSECUTORS have dropped allegations convicted murderer and pedophile Bevan Spencer von Einem wrote stories of child pornography in his jail cell.
But the 61-year-old - is serving a life prison term for the 1982 murder of teenager Richard Kelvin - remains charged with possessing the hand-written, fictional accounts of sexual deviancy.
In June last year, von Einem made his first public appearance in more than 15 years after being arrested in his Port Augusta Prison cell.
At the time, police alleged three hand-written stories were found in his Yatala Labour Prison cell, detailing sex acts between an adult male and a young child.
The child in the story is believed to be fictitious.
The documents were allegedly found in a search related to an investigation of other claims concerning von Einem.
In the Adelaide Magistrates Court today, Ben Sale, for von Einem, said prosecutors had dropped the allegation of production following months of negotiations.
His client did not appear in court.
"There have been very fruitful discussions,'' Mr Sale said.
"We are inching closer to a resolution.''
He asked the case be put off for six weeks so negotiations could continue.
Magistrate Alfio Grasso agreed, remanding von Einem in custody to a hearing next month

AAP (18-9-2008)
Sean Fewster

Von Einem 'Link' On Film

Police are investigating claims that convicted murderer Bevan Spencer von Einem, may be linked to the disappearance of the Beaumont children by film footage from 1966.
The archived film shows a man of similar appearance to von Einem watching while a drain is investigated by searchers. The three Beaumont children went missing from a Glenelg beach on Australia Day, 1966. The footage has been handed to police.

Adelaide Advertiser (9-8-2007)

Killers Locked Up For Life

Six convicted killers eligible for release from prison within 12 months will be locked up for life under a State Government plan.
Sources say those targeted are Bevan Spencer von Einem, Judith Lynette Dowell, Stephen Byron, Robert Schasko, Lindsay Allan Fry, and Stephen Wayne McBride. All are notorious killers.
The Criminal Law (Sentencing) (Dangerous Offenders) Amendment Bill 2007, to be passed in Parliament today, allows for the Government to apply to have the state's most dangerous offenders locked up forever.
Correctional Services Minister Carmel Zollo has been preparing a list of criminals she believes should never be released from prison.
Prisoners who do not participate in rehabilitation programs, or whose crimes are determined to be unforgivable, will be referred to the Court of Criminal Appeal by Attorney-General Michael Atkinson under the new law, before their non-parole period ends.
Premier Mike Rann has vowed that Von Einem, who is eligible for parole on November 1 this year, will be the first offender to be targeted by the new laws. It is understood Solicitor-General Chris Kourakis is already preparing a legal brief.
That case will test the new legislation, which the Government hopes will not be challenged on constitutional grounds.
Other states faced challenges after introducing similar laws.
Mr Atkinson said he believed the new legislation would ensure the community would be protected.
The laws will also set a minimum non-parole period for murderers and offenders convicted of causing the death of, or permanently incapacitating, another person.
"For murder that means twenty years," he said.
" . . . Where the victim has died or been left permanently incapacitated, we will require that the offender serve at least four-fifths of their head sentence."
Opposition Legal Affairs spokeswoman Isobel Redmond said: "I am uncomfortable with a situation where you have specified individuals who simply aren't treated the same in our legal system because fundamentally our law should apply to everyone equally."

Adelaide Advertiser (26-7-2007)
Nick Henderson

Jail Treats Lead To Crackdown

Sweeping changes will be made to practices and policies within the Correctional Services Department as a result of an internal investigation into the preferential treatment of convicted murderer Bevan Spencer von Einem.
The key changes will introduce a tenure of service for prison officers and prevent prisoners accessing money deposited anonymously into their trust accounts.
Correctional Services Minister Carmel Zollo said this week while the investigation was still not finished, these measures "can be implemented regardless of the final outcome" of the inquiry.
The internal investigation was sparked by the Sunday Mail in October when it told the department that prison officers were buying hand-painted greeting cards from von Einem for $20 each and paying the money anonymously into his account in cash or postal money orders.
It also was revealed von Einem was being afforded preferential treatment, which included being cooked bacon and eggs for breakfast, being brought home-cooked meals by a prison officer and given access to restricted areas and mobile telephones.
The State Government was outraged when the Sunday Mail also revealed von Einem was prescribed the erectile dysfunction drug Cialis by a prison doctor.
In a statement to Parliament, Ms Zollo said the internal investigation had discovered that some prisoners had been receiving "monies into their trust account by mail, thus making it impossible to establish who the sender of those monies is".
"This is a matter of general application and concern, not just in the case of prisoner von Einem," she said. "The department is currently preparing the relevant procedural changes to prevent prisoners from keeping and accessing monies which are anonymously deposited into their trust accounts."
The department also was seeking advice on legislative amendments that would make it an offence for prisoners to enter into a transaction with staff.
Ms Zollo said negotiations with the Public Service Association regarding the rotation of staff within prisons would begin soon.
It would be introduced to "prevent over-familiarity between staff and prisoners".
"This will relate to staff being deployed over periods of time in various areas in a prison rather than continuously working just one single area," she said.
Ms Zollo said besides the strengthening of protocols on the exchange of information between Correctional Services and the Health Department concerning prisoners, a review had been launched to identify services and medications prisoners should not be able to access.
"Advice has already been received from the Crown Solicitor's Office identifying possible changes to regulations to prevent prisoner access to certain medications," she said.

AAP (10-12-2006)
Nigel Hunt

Prison For Officer With Link To Von Einem

A prison officer who was disciplined for secretly providing convicted killer Bevan Spencer von Einem with female clothing is now a prisoner after being convicted of social security fraud.
Amanda Jayne Patterson, 37, is in protective custody at the Northfield prison complex after pleading guilty to defrauding Centerlik of almost $35,000.
But she will serve just eight weeks of a 12-month sentence in custody after fears were expressed for her safety because of her occupation.
Last year Patterson was issued with a formal reprimand after an internal investigation established she had smuggled unauthorised clothing to von Einem, who is serving a 24-year on-parole period for the 1983 murder of Richard Kelvin.
The issue sparked a furore in State Parliament and prompted allegations von Einem was being afforded special treatment, prompting Correctional Services Minister Terry Roberts to confirm a prison officer had been punished.
Christies Beach Magistrates Court heard Patterson was charged with obtaining a financial advantage from Centrlink she was not entitled to between October,2000, and January, 2004, totalling $34,728.44.
She had continued to accept unemployment benefits after she started working as a prison officer at Yatala Labour Prison.
In sentencing Patterson, Magistrate Derek Sprod said he took into account the risk to her safety if he imposed the full jail term.
"The defendant, by reason of her employment, although presently suspended, is in a rather unique position and I accept she is at considerable risk within the prison environment and that is a peculiar feature of this matter and there is room for the exercise of mercy and leniency," he siad.
Magistrate Sprod said had it not been for Patterson's guilty plea, her good record and concerns for her safety he would have imposed a prison sentence of 15 months.
He reduced that to 12 months and said he had given "careful and anxious consideration" as to whether Patterson should be ordered to serve "all or any of that sentence".
"Notwithstanding the matters personal to the defendant... and the substantial risk that she may face if incarcerated, she cannot hope to escape, given the seriouness of her offending, service of a portion of that sentence," he said.
Magistrate Sprod ordered Patterson to serve eight weeks and be released on a $500 good behaviour bond for two years.
He also ordered Patterson to repay the money she had falsely claimed, noting that about $4000 had already been repaid at the rate of $150 per week.

Adelaide Advertiser (9-8-2005)
Nigel Hunt

Von Einem A Jail Cross-Dresser

Startling revelations that a dress and make-up were smuggled into Yatala Labour Prison for notorious murderer Bevan Spencer von Einem to "parade himself in" were made in State Parliament yesterday.
The Opposition, which released a letter from a fellow inmate, said von Einem enjoyed "celebrity status", unlimited and unsupervised access to the prison classroom and was listed for eye surgery at a cost to taxpayers of $6000.
The State Government yesterday rejected Opposition claims that von Eioem was receiving "special treatment" in prison but confirmed "one unauthorised item of clothing - an apron" had been taken into the prison and given to von Einem by a female Correctional Services officer last year.
"An investigation was conducted which resulted in disciplinary proceedings against the officer involved," Correctional Services Minister Terry Roberts said following Question Time in Parliament.
A spokesman for Mr Roberts confirmed that von Einem required eye surgery for cataracts, which was considered to be "required surgery, not elective surgery".
"He is on a waiting list, just like any other South Australian and will not be getting any preferential treatment," the spokesman said.
Von Einem, 59, is serving a life sentence, with a 24-year non- parole period, for the murder of teenager Richard Kelvin in November, 1983.
The letter from an anonymous inmate says von Einem was "openly involved in a sexual relationship with a young prisoner" who later was moved to another division in the prison.
"Prisoner von Einem regularly preys upon other prisoners (and the younger, the better)," the letter says.
The inmate also claims von Einem showers selected prisoners with gifts "in an attempt to coerce them into sexual compliance". Money is sent from von Einem's friends "to prisoners he is pampering".
The letter says von Einem has a "status both amongst all staff and prisoners which can only be compared to that of a celebrity", Mr Roberts said von Einem was not afforded any special privileges.
"I'm also advised that there is no evidence to support claims of sexual abuse," he said.
"Prison authorities also say they have no record of, and there is no evidence of, any movement of prisoners as a result of such claims.
"Allegations of sexual abuse in prison are taken seriously, and are fully investigated."
Mr Roberts earlier told Parliament von Einem, "like others, would have rights of access to educational material and to programs".
He said the Correctional Services Department previously had informed him von Einem was given a dress.
"At that time. I did not see the issue as being out of control," he said. "The situation was being handled by the prison authorities and that is where it was left. I have said that I will seek further information. It may have been a fancy dress party; I do not know."
Opposition justice spokesman Robert Lawson said Mr Roberts' response was inadequate and that the allegations should be investigated immediately by the Government.

Adelaide Advertiser (9-12-2004)
Leanne Craig

Paedophile Ring Claims

Witness statements allegedly linking "high- profile" South Australians to child abuse are being banded over to Federal MPs.
Child Protection Watchdog Director Wendy Utting, hoped to organise immunity from prosecution for key witnesses willing to testify against alleged members of "The Family", a reputed elite pedophile ring.

Adelaide Advertiser (18-11-2004)

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