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Name: Bill D'Arcy

Age: 71 yrs old (2011)

State: QLD

Sentence: Sentenced to 14 yrs jail without parole/ Reduced to 10 yrs jail in 2001. Convicted again in 2004/ eligible for parole in 2006.

Offence/Other:Three counts of rape, four counts of indecent dealings with a boy (under 14) and 11 counts of indecent dealings with girls (under the age of 12). D'Arcy is due to face another 30 charges of indecent dealing against another 10 girls and two boys
( to be updated).
D'Arcy was a school teacher and a member of the Queensland Parliment for 22 years.
Found guilty 27-5-2004 in the Brisbane District Court to more child sex offences. These counts involved D'Arcy molesting the then 10 yr old girl in the school sick bay. Due for sentencing June 17th.

Pedophile Ex-MP Loses Appeal

Disgraced former Queensland Labor MP Bill D'Arcy today failed in a bid to overturn his most recent conviction for child sex offences.
In June last year, the 66-year-old ex-teacher was sentenced to six months jail for molesting a 10-year-old girl, now aged in her 40s, at a school south of Brisbane in 1971.
D'Arcy was first convicted and jailed in November 2000 for 14 years after a Brisbane Supreme Court jury found him guilty of 18 child sex charges, including two counts of rape, while he was a teacher in outback Queensland between 1961 and 1972.
The sentence was later reduced to 10 years on appeal after lawyers argued he would die in jail because of a heart condition, but he was also sentenced to a further six months on more child sex charges in November, 2002. The six-month term imposed last year extended his total sentence to 11 years.
Lawyers for D'Arcy appealed against last year's conviction and the six-month sentence, arguing his trial was unfairly tainted by media bias and too long had passed since the offence.
But the Queensland Court of Appeal today dismissed the application, saying the verdict was not unreasonable, as D'Arcy's lawyers had submitted, and the sentence was not "manifestly excessive".
In an unanimous decision, the justices said any problem with pre-trial publicity was overcome by proper direction from the trial judge.
"The adverse publicity to which (D'Arcy) had been subjected in the media was something which the jury would inevitably be told to ignore," Justice Patrick Keane wrote.
"They were given such directions in this case, both at the commencement of the trial and in the summing up and there is no reason to suppose that they were unwilling or unable to act in conformity with the directions given to them."
Justice Keane also dismissed the argument by D'Arcy's lawyers that last year's six-month sentence should have been served concurrently with his 10-year sentence.
Instead Justice Keane maintained D'Arcy's most recent offence was serious and it needed to be dealt with separately.

AAP (16-8-2005)
Johanna Leggatt

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