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Name:Brian Bertram Morris Perkins (Deceased - 2009)

Age: 71yrs old

State: SA/ QLD

Sentence: Sentenced in the Adelaide District Court to 10yrs jail/ 6 1/2yrs non parole. Time served he will be eligible for parole in 4 1/2yrs.

Offence/Other: Repeat Offender.Pleaded guilty in August 2003 to 2 counts of causing a child to expose his body, 2 counts of indecent assault (boys were under the age of 16yrs/12yrs) and 1 count of inciting a child to do an indecent act.Ex-Bus driver (St Anne's Special School/ Catholic church). Victim's were intellectually disabled boys. On some occasions SA Paedophile Robert Kingsley Hawkes joined Perkins in molesting the boys. Prior convictions for carnal knowledge.

Mediation begins between Catholic Church and St Ann’s sex abuse victims seeking compensation

Out-of-court negotiations have begun to settle compensation claims over the St Ann’s Special School sexual abuse case.
A father of one of the abuse victims, Peter Mitchell, said this morning that the Catholic Church had entered talks with the victims’ families who are seeking compensation.
“We’re grateful to Archbishop (Philip) Wilson that we’re entering mediation to settle our claims,” he said.
“But we can’t provide any further comment as we don’t want to jeopardise the mediation process.”
The mediation could end 12 years of legal battles over paedophile Brian Perkins’ molestation of 36 students at St Ann’s Special School more than 20 years ago.
Between 1987 and 1991, Perkins videotaped, photographed and sexually assaulted 36 students at the Marion school, where he worked as a volunteer bus driver. He fled interstate and was not arrested for his crimes until 2002.
He was jailed a year later and has since died in custody.
Victims of the abuse have been waging a long battle for compensation since, on the grounds that the school and church failed to protect them from Perkins’ crimes.
The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse heard evidence on the abuse when it sat in Adelaide in March.
Earlier this year, Mr Mitchell launched on online petition on change.org calling on the Catholic Church to settle the compensation claims.
The petition has since attracted more than 104,000 signatures.
A Catholic Archdiocese spokeswoman said she could not specifically comment on any mediation claims, citing legalities.
“Archbishop Philip Wilson has, from the outset, acknowledged the victims’ rights to seek compensation through the civil courts and he has also demonstrated his willingness to explore avenues for resolution outside the traditional court process,” she said. “It would be inappropriate to comment on any specific case.”

www.adelaidenow.com.au (19-6-2014)
Ben Hyde

Catholic Education Office chief’s sorrow over abuse at St Ann’s Special School

The sexual abuse of intellectually disabled students was “shocking and appalling” and the handling of the case in 1991 was “unacceptable”, says the former director of the Catholic Education Office.
Allan Dooley also apologised to victims of paedophile Brian Perkins, who worked at St Ann’s Special School in Marion more than two decades ago.
“For the former students and families affected, I am deeply sorry that the abuse at St Ann’s ever occurred,” he said.
“In everything I did I tried to engage and work in an open and transparent way with all the different people and organisations that were involved in the Church’s response.’’
The apology followed a detailed statement from Mr Dooley to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, which is examining the claims of sex abuse at St Ann’s.
Mr Dooley outlined his efforts to investigate Perkins involvement at the school, when he first became aware of the claims in 2001 after being contacted by a concerned parent.
As part of this investigation, Mr Dooley told the inquiry he interviewed the school principal at the time, Claude Hamam, several times.
Mr Dooley said Mr Hamam originally told him he had done a police check on Perkins prior to offering Perkins employment at the school as a bus driver.
At a later interview, Mr Hamam then told Mr Dooley he had not done a police check.
“This was contrary to what he had previously said,” he told the Commission.
“I also made recommendations for the suspension and dismissal of Hamam from employment, based on my view … that Hamam was not a fit and proper person to be employed in Catholic education in South Australia.”
Counsel Assisting the Commission Sophie David then questioned Mr Dooley about whether the Archbishop at the time, Archbishop Leonard Faulkner, was aware of allegations in 1991 of sexual abuse by Perkins of at least one student at the school.
The Commission was shown a statement from Archbishop Faulkner saying he first became aware of the allegations against Perkins in 1993.
Mr Dooley said he doesn’t know if Archbishop was aware of the allegations in 1991, but he didn’t remember seeing any information about Perkins when he started with Catholic Education a few years later, in 1994.
Mr Dooley told the Commission if he had been made aware of the allegations in 1994, he would have pursued the same investigation that he did when he first became aware of the abuse allegations in 2001.
The hearing continues on Friday with the former principal expected to give evidence.

www.adelaidenow.com.au (20-3-2014)
Sally Brooks

South Australia’s top detective shut down investigation into paedophile bus driver Brian Perkins after his arrest in 1993, inquiry told

The state’s most senior detective shut down an investigation into paedophile bus driver Brian Perkins after his arrest in 1993 that prevented further victims being identified, an inquiry has heard.
The order, given by Assistant Commissioner Colin Watkins, angered detectives involved in the operation who believed Perkins may have sexually abused more students at St Ann’s Special School than the one he had been charged in connection with.
Detective Sergeant Len Mosheev told the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse that he had been in a meeting with the officers involved in Operation Deny when Mr Watkins telephoned the forward commander Detective Chief Inspector Peter Simons and gave the order.
A visibly agitated Det Mosheev said Det Chief Insp Simons was “told to inform us to cease.’’ He said the detectives were not allowed to examine any material seized from Perkins when they arrested him, which included a large number of photographs of naked men and boys, or continue further inquiries to identify any other potential victims.
Presiding member Jennifer Coate asked Det Mosheev if he was given any reasons and he replied “no, they would not give us reasons — none at all — and we were really angry and that’s documented in the ACB report’’.
“We didn’t know what was going on behind the scenes, but we didn’t think it was appropriate,’’ he replied.
Det Mosheev said there was “so much more to look at’’ but he could not continue because disobeying a commissioned officer would mean “disciplinary action, possible sacking’’.
The inquiry heard Perkins could have been arrested on the day his house was first searched in 1991 for evidence of child pornography if police had police checked for any outstanding warrants.
A check would have found he had an outstanding arrest warrant for a drink driving charge.
After detectives searched his house on August 21, 1991, he fled and when he could not be located in ensuing weeks, the investigation file was eventually closed.
The inquiry also heard that Det Sgt Mosheev also failed to conduct a criminal records check on Perkins before the August 21, 1991, search of his house.
If that had been done he would have discovered Perkins had three previous convictions for child sex offences — in 1956, 1969 and 1974.
The inquiry is examining the handling of claims of child sexual abuse at St Ann’s special school at Marion between 1985 and 1991 by the Catholic Church and SAPOL.
Perkins was employed by the school as a bus driver and also volunteered in the woodworking workshop.
He was charged in 1993, but fled Adelaide after skipping bail in January, 1994.
Although police located him in Queensland in 1998, he was not arrestedand extradited back to Adelaide until 2002.
Perkins pleaded guilty to five sex offences against three St Ann’s students and was sentenced to 10 years in jail.
He died in prison in 2009.

www.news.com.au (19-3-2014)

School For Disabled Sued Over Sex Abuse

Two disabled men who as boys suffered five years of sexual abuse at the hands of notorious pedophile Brian Perkins have launched a civil lawsuit in the District Court.
Known only as X and Y, the men - who have Down syndrome - are seeking unspecified damages from Perkins, St Anne's Special School and the Catholic Church.
Defence papers have not yet been lodged with the court. In their statement of claim, the men say the memories of their childhoods will continue to be "dominated" by the abuse.
"They are unable to recall many favourable experiences of their childhood as a result," the court documents say.
In 2003, Perkins pleaded guilty in the District Court to two counts of causing or inducing a child to expose his body, two of indecent assault and one of inciting or procuring a child to perform an indecent act.
The court was told that between 1987 and 1991, he videotaped, photographed and sexually assaulted three boys with Down syndrome who attended the school where he worked as a bus driver.
He also volunteered at the school as a woodwork teacher.
Judge Jeffrey Anderson sentenced him to 10 1/2 years jail, with a non- parole period of six years.
The sentence was backdated to March, 2002, when he was taken into custody.
The Judge said Perkins had previous convictions for carnal knowledge from 1969 and 1974.
X and Y allege St Anne's Special School and the church failed to protect them from Perkins, who they say abused them from the ages of 10 and 17 respectively.
"(They) had a duty of care to ensure the plaintiffs' safety as they were persons suffering intellectual disability and (were) therefore vulnerable," the papers say.
They say the school failed to properly investigate Perkins' criminal history before employing him. "(It) failed to take any... adequate steps to investigate whether or not X and Y and others had been sexually assaulted by Perkins when they first became aware of the abuse in (about) 1987," it says.
"(It) failed to take any.. . action to investigate...repeated complaints by parents as to the inordinate delays in the students' daily trip home by bus or the repeated unscheduled detours referred to by the students."
X and Y also claim one of the state's most infamous pedophiles, Robert Kingsley Hawkes, joined Perkins in forcing them to perform sexual acts.
"The plaintiffs ... continue to suffer nightmares (and) severe depression," the documents say.
"(They) will continue to have some difficulty trusting strangers, particularly men.
"This lack of trust will cause them difficulties in their future career and... social life."

Adelaide Advertiser (15-7-2005)
Nick Henderson

Paedophile Not Too Old For Prison, Says Judge

A lawyer acting for a pedophile bus driver has been rebuked by the Court or Criminal Appeal for referring to his client as a "geriatric".
Justice John Sulan yesterday said convicted pedophile Brian Bertram Morris Perkins, 67, was "not far off" his own age, and no different to other prisoners in the system.
In September, Perkins was jailed for 10 years, with a six-year non- parole period, after pleading guilty to videotaping, photographing and sexually assaulting three boys with Down Syndrome from a Catholic school between 1987 and 1991.
He was employed at the school as a bus driver and volunteered as a woodwork teacher and a respite care-giver,
Nick Vadasz, for Perkins, argued that District Court Judge Jeffrey Anderson had failed to take into account his client's age and health problems when passing sentence.
"The sentence is manifestly excessive and totally out of kilter with respect to these offences and more serious offences," Mr Vadasz said. He said his client suffered from various illnesses and medical problems, including Ross River virus, diabetes, sleep apnoea and gout.
"He was a man of advanced age (when sentenced) and insufficient consideration was given to the effects of his health and age on his term of imprisonment." he said. "Jail is not typically full of geriatrics and I doubt if the prison system is set up to deal with unwell geriatrics."
Justice Sulan disagreed with Mr Vadasz's assessment: "I would not regard him as a geriatric - I'm not far off his age.
"He is certainly older and is well above the average age of the population in jail but there are a number of people who receive long sentences Who are of a comparable age."
He said there "was nothing" in Judge Robertson's decision "to suggest error", and refused to grant leave to appeal.
Outside court, a spokeswoman for Perkins' victims said they were "thrilled and relieved" at Justice Sulan's decision.

Adelaide Advertiser (26-11-2004)
Sean Fewster

Paedophile Loses as Boys' Pain Goes On

Victims of pedophile bus driver Brian Bertram Morris Peritins continue to struggle with their recovery - even though their tormentor has lost his last chance for a reduced sentence, perkins, 67, will serve his full six-year non-parole period after the Court of Criminal Appeal unanimously rejected his second appeal yesterday.
He was jailed last November for 10 years for videotaping, photographing and sexually assaulting three Catholic schoolboys with Down syndrome between 1987 and 1991.
He was employed at their school as a bus driver and volunteered as a woodwork teacher and a respite care-giver. He abused the boys both alone and in the company of other men.
Yesterday's decision was welcomed by both the families of the victims and the Catholic Church.
But a family spokeswoman said the boys found it hard to cope without the counselling that had been paid for by the church until it made its "gift of love" - an unconditional $2 million compensation package to victims of church sex abuse, "Some of the victims are moving ahead in leaps and bounds - but all were doing better with the counselling," the spokeswoman said. As soon as (the church) made the 'gift of love', all counselling stopped being paid for -even for people who hadn't accepted their packages.
"Some counsellors have kept it up on a voluntary basis but others have refused."
Catholic Archbishop Philip Wilson said "more than 95 per cent" of affected families had accepted the "gift".
"I re-emphasise my concern again for the students and their families, which is the reason why I made the offer of a gift to them last year." he said, "It will assist them in supporting these young people into the future, including counselling if parents decide that is what they need."
Yesterday's decision by Chief Justice John Doyle, and Justices John perry and Ted Mullighan, means Perkins has exhausted all legal avenues.
Chief Justice Doyle said the fact Perkins had not re-offended did not mean he had rehabilitated.
"It is like someone saying they committed an armed robbery five years ago, have only now been caught but did not commit any more crimes in-between," he said.
"So what? Sometimes the lack of further offending says something positive about the person - but it does not here."

Adelaide Advertiser (19-2-2004)
Sean Fewster

Paedophile Bus Driver Did Not Act Alone, Victims Tell Counsellor

A former Catholic Church school worker jailed tor sexually abusing several intellectually disabled boys had not acted alone, it was claimed yesterday.
A psychologist counselling some of the victims of the jailed pedophile, former bus driver Brian Bertram Morris Perkins, 67, said they had told him of ,'systematic abuse by a number of men". "There is no doubt in my mind that we're talking about a ring ot pedophiles, not a single man who behaves inappropriately on a bus," Malcolm Robinson said. "I am told by my clients that other people were involved. That story is consistent from one boy to the other to the other."
Mr Robinson said he had forwarded details of the allegations to police working on a child abuse taskforce.
Bertram was sentenced last month to 10 years' jail, with a six-year non-parole period, after pleading guilty to videotaping, photographing and sexually assaulting three boys with Down Syndrome who attended St Ann's Catholic School, Marion, between 1981 and 1991.
A police spokeswoman said any allegations by victims would be investigated.
Mr Robinson also accused the Catholic Church of "washing its hands" of the victims of the abuse.
Last month, the church offered families of three of Perkins's victims $100,000 each in unconditional financial compensation.
Another 10 families were offered £15,000 each and 21 victims were offered $50,000 as part of a $2.1 million compensation package.
But Mr Robinson claimed there were strings attached to the payments.
He said the victims - whom he had been counselling after being approached by the church - had to pay for their own treatment from November 23.
"The Catholic Church at that point washes its hands of this matter," he said. He also called for the church's Vicar General, Monsignor David Cappo, to resign from his position as head of the State Government's Social Inclusion Unit.
"I'm not making any personal judgment about David Cappo whatsoever," Mr Robinson said.
He said Fr Cappo was in a "key position advising the Premier and advising the Archbishop in relationship to matters such as this".
A spokeswoman for the church said Fr Cappo would not comment on Mr Robinson's statements.

Adelaide Advertiser (22-10-2003)
Melissa King


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