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Violent date rapist jailed for 10 years

A man who raped a woman he met through a personal advertisement, has been jailed for more than 10 years.
Yesterday, Brady's violent 2008 rape of a woman earned him more than 10 years jail - one of the longest head sentences imposed in the past seven years for the sexual assault of a single victim.
Judge Rauf Soulio sentenced Brady, 49, of Plympton Park, for six counts of rape that took place in the hours after he and his date watched a pornographic DVD together in 2008.
"The victim was a mature woman you met through an advertisement in the personal section you saw in a newspaper," he said.
"You met at your house and together you visited people known to you. (Later) you asked her to play a pornographic DVD which you had brought to her house."
Judge Soulio said Brady had tied up his frightened victim, "cut and tore" off her clothes and raped her in a number of ways, including using objects against her will.
He said his actions were "partly fuelled by fantasy" and partly by amphetamines which "helped you stay awake, lose weight and enhance your sex drive".
Brady's crimes included aspects of sexual violence which left his victim humiliated and degraded during the rape, which lasted for several hours. "You subjected her to a number of humiliating and degrading acts during which at times she feared for her life," he said.
Judge Soulio said Brady, a father-of-two, had shown no remorse or contrition. "You have some hope for rehabilitation although your failure to accept responsibility is a case for some concern," he said.
Judge Soulio said Brady's crime was "so serious as to require a very substantial period of imprisonment".
He sentenced Brady to 10 years and 4 months' jail with a six-year non-parole period.
In 2004, Vivian Edward Davey was sentenced to a record 19 years' jail for the false imprisonment and rape of a partially blind woman.
His girlfriend and co-accused Nicole Anne Yates was ordered to serve a 16-year, and eight-month term with an 11-year non-parole period.
In 2008, knife-wielding rapist Glen James Mitchell received a 14-year jail term for the 1997 rape of a girl, 17.

www.news.com.au (12-5-2011)

Woman bound, gagged for 13 hours

A rapist subjected his bound and gagged victim to a 13-hour ordeal because he "wanted to put the fear of God" into her, a court has heard.
Bruce Dale Brady, 48, went to his victim's house in April 2008 equipped with pornographic DVDs and "various apparatus", intending to rape her.
Jayne Powell, prosecuting, today told the District Court the woman was subjected to acts that were "brutal and physically painful" and "humiliating in the extreme".
"It was his intention to make (the victim) fear for her life, saying to her repeatedly that he `wanted to put the fear of God' in her.
"She was a prisoner in her home for approximately 13 hours."
Mrs Powell said the woman "was bound by the arms and legs and gagged for many hours".
"She was cold and tired and subjected to an emotional and physical ordeal that she was not sure she would survive," she said.
She said the victim's ordeal had not ended there as she endured months of regular health checks and STDs tests, interviews with police, counsellors and prosecutors and gave two days of evidence at trial.
The woman's final blow was "hearing the accused deny his guilty in the face of the jury verdict".
"This is a crime for which there has been no expression of remorse, no apology and it is plain that Brady does not accept the verdict of the jury."
Mrs Powell said a severe penalty was warranted.
George Mancini, for Brady, said his client would find prison more difficult than other prisoners because of his deteriorating mental health.
He said his client may yet accept the verdict.
The case will return to court in three weeks.

AdelaideNow (28-2-2011)
Jordanna Schriever

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