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Residents Picket Child Sex Abuser

Angry residents stormed a Sunbury street yesterday, calling for the removal of a convicted WA pedophile living metres from primary schools, soccer and football clubs.
Charles Alan Smith, 72, is listed with police as residing at his daughter Leanne's rented home where more than 70 furious residents picketed yesterday with painted banners.
Slogans such as "daddy can I sleep safe tonight?", "p--s off" and "not wanted here" were daubed on the placards.
But to give residents the slip, the Herald Sun believes Smith is living between both Leanne's home and another Sunbury residence, believed to be her brother's, where Leanne's car was parked yesterday.
Holding a sign that read: "Daddy can I sleep safe tonight?", Karl Hosking, 30, had the help of his two-year-old daughter, Mia who printed her hands on a sign he hammered into the nature-strip.
"She's too young to understand but I was thinking of her the whole time as I made the sign," he said.
Angry father of five, Darren Parke described Smith as "like a kid in a lolly shop" with such close proximity to child-dominated amenities.
"If we need to run him out of town then there's plenty in Sunbury to do it," Mr Parke, 36 said.
Brian Barker, 35, who has a nine-year-old son, said he would happily spend time in jail if anyone like Mr Smith hurt his child.
"People do crimes for murder, spur of the moment things, but these people are sick, it's calculated and kids are vulnerable," he said.
"But if he touched our kids, I would do 20 years with a smile on my face."
Overnight, vigilantes had broken a passenger car window parked in Leanne's driveway. Glass littered the pavement, while dried eggs covered the house's front windows and a smashed beer bottle lay on the doormat.
Smith is a former Salvation Army major who served less than eight years of a 15-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to 76 sex offences against boys aged 10-17 dating from 1958.
Paroled in WA in February, Smith moved to Victoria to live with his daughter in May after his sister in Perth was diagnosed with cancer.
It's understood Smith is one of five interstate pedophiles living in Victoria under a state government sanctioned parole exchange scheme.
But Leanne told the Herald Sun her father was not living with her or mother Val, 72, but said she saw him regularly.
"No, he's not here," Leanne said. "But I'm trying to keep it as low key as I can because of my mother.
"I understand where people are coming from. I really do, but hey, he's served his time.
"Let him get on with his life.
"He's done everything he's been asked.
"What more can he do?"
Three police cars also attended the protest after the daughter's address was announced mid-morning
on radio. The public outrage for Smith's departure follows the recent relocation of notorious pedophile, Brian Keith Jones, known as Mr Baldy.
It's believed Jones, released from Ararat Prison on July 13 after serving 12 years for child sex offences, will live in a government-funded house in Ararat Prison and must wear an electronic ankle tag. On Jones' release, he was placed in an Ascot Vale house near schools, but was quickly moved when the Herald Sun traced him.
Steve Medcraft, president for People Against Lenient Sentencing, and a City of Hume councillor, said he had asked police for advice on Smith's parole conditions and if he had to report to police.
"But unfortunately it doesn't seem to be a priority as I haven't had an answer," Mr Medcraft said.
"Pedophiles will never ever be rehabilitated. It's proven, you cannot trust them as it's a disease between the ears."
He said Smith should be a part of a program like Mr Baldy, with close monitoring.
But Mr Medcraft said his concern was a talk he had had with Smith's daughter, Leanne.
"I do feel sorry for her as she's not the one we're targeting," he said.
"But I said to her, 'your father is the Mr Baldy of WA' and she said 'his offences weren't that bad', that's when I lost it."
But Leanne said she was trying to protect her fragile mother who could "go to pieces at any time". "Mum's scared stiff," she said.
"She's had to live through it and live through the ridicule." Leanne said she still loved her father and would stand by him. "He's never done anything wrong to me," she said.

AAP (29-8-2005)
Holly Lloyd-McDonald/ Anthony Dowsley

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Pedophiles Enjoy Suburban Anonymity

ONE of Australia's worst child sex predators is living in a northwest Melbourne suburb, only metres from two schools and a sports ground.
The Sunday Herald Sun has tracked Charles Alan Smith, 72, to an address in Sunbury where he is living with his daughter and son-in-law.
Smith is one of five interstate pedophiles secretly living in Victoria with the State Government's approval.
Last week, this newspaper revealed Smith was moved secretly to Melbourne in May after serving less than eight years of a 15-year jail term for sexually abusing boys aged 10-17. In 1997, Smith, then 65, was jailed for sexually molesting boys in his care. He had earlier pleaded guilty to 76 offences against 20 boys in Perth from 1958 to 1977.
Smith was sacked by the Salvation Army in 1974 after receiving a good behaviour bond for child molestation, but was reinstated five years later.
The State Government has refused to release details of the predators, their whereabouts or their parole conditions, but the Sunday Herald Sun understands all are housed in Melbourne suburbs.
The office of Police and Corrections Minister Tim Holding has confirmed that five interstate pedophiles have moved to Victoria in the past three years under a parole exchange scheme.
Smith, whose depraved abuse of children was described by a Perth judge as "close to the outer limits of depravity", has not left his hideaway in the past two days. His daughter's only comments were: "Go away, stop harassing us. You are endangering our lives."
The house in which Smith now lives is 100m from children's sports grounds and two blocks from primary and secondary schools.
Dozens of children unknowingly walked past Smith's new address on the way to and from school on Friday and hundreds were playing on the sports grounds yesterday.
The Sunday Herald Sun saw no evidence that Smith was being monitored and authorities have admitted he is not fitted with an electronic bracelet.
A neighbour, who did not wish to be named, said: "It is a concern. A lot of school kids walk directly past the house.
"There is a primary school and a high school within one kilometre and there's a pre-school close by as well."
Another neighbour, who has three children, said Smith's relocation was "an outrage".
"How can they just plonk him down among us and not say anything?," the mother said.
"It's outrageous. He's a dangerous man and we deserve to at least know he's here."
Another woman, who gave her name as Marilyn, said:
"It's a family area and there is no way we want people like that around here. I think people will be a little more concerned about their kids because they just roam the streets around here."
Eggs have been splattered on the front window of the small brick-veneer house where Smith is living and abuse was yelled from passing cars.
Opposition Leader Robert Doyle said pedophiles should be banned from living within 500m of schools and that their victims should be notified of prison release dates and the general location of where the pedophiles will live.
"Traditionally, when an offender has done their time, they are entitled to return to society with a clean slate," Mr Doyle said.
"That should not apply to serial pedophiles. Research shows that many have a high risk of committing further offences."
Mr Doyle said that, on release from jail, serial pedophiles should face indefinite monitoring, including electronic bracelets, curfews and ongoing treatment.
Corrections Minister Tim Holding said there were provisions for serial sex offenders to be fitted with electronic bracelets.
"We have laws that allow for them to be monitored after they've finished their sentence," he said.

Sunday Herald Sun (28-8-2005)
Ian Haberfield/ Kelvin Healey

Serial Child Sex Predator On The Loose

One of Australia's worst serial child sex predators is on the loose in Victoria, and his family fears he will strike again.
A spokesman for Victorian Premier Steve Bracks confirmed yesterday that notorious Perth pedophile Charles Alan Smith had been secretly relocated to Victoria but refused to explain how he was being monitored.
Smith arrived in Victoria under an arrangement that allows child sex offenders, murderers and drug runners to move interstate, avoiding scrutiny in the states where they committed their crimes.
Smith's placement follows public outrage after child rapist Brian Keith Jones, known as Mr Baldy, was freed from jail and placed in a home close to kindergartens, primary schools, playgrounds and the Melbourne showground.
Smith was released from a Perth prison in February after serving less than eight years of a 15-year jail term for sexually abusing boys aged 10 to 17 over a period of two decades.

The Sunday Telegraph (21-8-2005)

Pedophile Transfer Defended

A notorious pedophile who moved from Western Australia to Victoria under a parole transfer scheme will be carefully monitored, Corrections Commissioner Kelvin Anderson said today.
Charles Alan Smith, now in his 70s, was released from a Perth jail in February after serving less than eight years of a 15-year sentence. He was convicted of 39 sexual offences against boys aged 10 to 17 between 1964 and 1978.
The move, which has raised the ire of Victoria's opposition, comes just a week after revelations another convicted pedophile from WA, Otto Darcy-Searle, was paroled to live with relatives in the northern NSW town of Banora Point, after serving five years of an 11 year term.
The case sparked a major row between the New South Wales and WA governments, and in the outcry that followed, Darcy-Searle volunteered to return to WA where he is now back in jail while the parole board is reviewing his future.
The Smith and Darcy-Searle cases followed the release of convicted serial child rapist Brian Keith Jones, known as Mr Baldy.
Jones, 58, was electronically tagged and subjected to strict parole conditions when he was released last month, including a curfew and a ban on contact with children. On August 8, Jones agreed to a court-imposed 15-year extended supervision order.
Smith, a former Salvation Army major who ran a house for homeless boys, had earlier pleaded guilty to a further 76 charges relating to offences committed between 1958 and 1977.
Commissioner Anderson has confirmed Smith's parole was transferred to Victoria from WA earlier this year. Reports suggest he may have moved in with his son and daughter-in-law.
"When he was released from prison in Western Australia, I understand he is 72 or 73 and he was living with a relative," Mr Anderson said.
"I understand that arrangement broke down due to some ill health.
"We have an indication that there are some mobility issues with this parolee himself and he then applied to come to live with a family member here."
Smith would be closely monitored, Mr Anderson said.
"In WA, this man participated in a sex offender treatment program and has been linked into the Victorian sex offender treatment program.
"He's under the supervision of the parole board and under the supervision of community corrections officers."

AAP (21-8-2005)

Call To Send Pedophile Back To WA

A convicted pedophile that moved to Victoria under a parole transfer scheme should be forced to return to Western Australia, a child protection group said today.
Charles Alan Smith was released from a Perth prison in February after serving less than eight years of a 15-year sentence. He had been convicted of 39 sex offences against boys aged 10 to 17 between 1964 and 1978.
His parole was transferred to Victoria earlier this year.
The Australian Childhood Foundation today said the Victorian government should not "import" sex offenders like Smith into the state.
Smith, a former Salvation Army major aged in his 70s who once ran a house for homeless boys, had earlier pleaded guilty to a further 76 charges relating to offences committed between 1958 and 1977.
Reports suggest he may have moved in with his son and daughter-in-law.
The move comes following an outcry over another WA paedophile, Otto Darcy-Searle, who was paroled to NSW. Australian Childhood Foundation chief executive Joe Tucci said he was concerned about what he described as the lack of transparency behind the release of both Smith and Jones.
"It's undermining confidence in the community about how well the system is able to monitor the risk of sex offenders to children," he said.
He called on authorities to inform the community about how sex offenders would be monitored and the risk they posed to children after their release.
Dr Tucci said Smith should not be allowed to remain in Victoria.
"There's no reason he should stay, particularly in a system where we can't guarantee he's not going to be a risk to children."

AAP (21-8-2005)

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