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Pervert Jailed Over Threats

A shoe fetishist is in jail for threatening children he molested by making them fulfil his sick fantasy to be kicked in the groin with high heels.
Colin Allan Lazarus was initially freed on a community-based order after a girl, 11, and her brother, 8, ignored his warning that they not tell their parents of his perversions.
But he later sent 10 menacing text-messages to the children's father, the County Court heard.
"Hello the clock is ticking I'm going to bust your sons (sic) kidney I would keep a close eye on them as I can take them out in the blink of an eye," he wrote in one.
"I am coming for u and your family you don't f--k with an ex crim," he wrote in another.
The butcher, 32, had made the girl wear high heels and kick him in the groin, the court heard.
He also told her to put her shoed foot in his mouth, and another time to stand on his neck while her brother kicked him in the groin.
Judge Lance Pilgrim said he was astounded by Lazarus's actions.
"I've been in the courts for 49 years and a judicial officer for 25 years and . . . I've never heard of any circumstances as I've heard in this case," he said.
"This is unusual and grossly offensive type of behaviour."
In June 2005, Lazarus bought the children ice-cream and took them to his Footscray home, where he lay on four outdoor chairs while the children kicked him.
The court heard the children had wanted to pat his cats, but he said they would have to kick him first.
Lazarus and the two children remained clothed. Before driving them home, Lazarus warned them not to tell their parents.
However, the two children told their mother that night, and police were alerted the next day.
The children told police he'd made them kick him on other occasions from mid- 2004, at a North Melbourne park and near a school and a horse paddock in Glenroy.
Lazarus was convicted of four counts of committing an indecent act with a child under 16. On January 23 last year a Sunshine magistrate gave him a 15-month community-based order.
But he breached it by sending the threats between December 2006 and January this year.
Lazarus told police he had sent the texts because he was angry.
In June, he was convicted in the Melbourne Magistrates' Court of stalking, making threats to kill and making threats to injure, and was sentenced to 12 months' jail with a minimum of six months.
He appealed to the County Court against the sentence.
Judge Pilgrim yesterday sentenced him to six months' jail. He has already served 43 days.
Saying Lazarus had shown no remorse for the sex offences, the judge also imposed a 12-month sentence, suspended for 18 months, on those counts and ordered he be put on the sex offenders register.

Herald Sun (1-11-2007)
Kate Jones

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Butcher 'Gets Kicks Out of Shoe Fetish'

A butcher with a shoe fetish made an 11-year-old girl wear high heels and kick him in the genitals, a court has been told.
Colin Lazarus, 32, of Footscray, bought the girl black pointy platform shoes then persuaded her to wear them so she could kick him in the genitals, the Victoria County Court was told today.
Lazarus warned the girl not to tell her parents about the incident, which happened in North Melbourne in 2004, or she would be in trouble.
In another incident in 2005, Lazarus asked the girl to kick him in the genitals and put her shoed foot into his mouth, the court was told.
The girl and her brother, 8, kicked him a number of times and Lazarus told them not to tell their parents.
Lazarus also asked the pair to kick him when he took them to his horse agistment in the Glenroy area in mid-2004, the court was told.
One time, he bought the girl high heel shoes to wear, while another time he told her to stand on his neck while her brother kicked him.
Lazarus and the victims remained clothed during the incidents.
He admitted to police he had a sexual fetish for shoes and people standing on him, the court was told.
A police search of his house in 2005 uncovered downloaded images of such acts.
On a separate occasion, Lazarus sent SMS messages to his victims' father in 2006, threatening him and his family.
In June, he was sentenced in Melbourne Magistrates Court to six months' jail over four counts of indecent assault with a child under 16, and 12 months' jail for making a threat to kill, intentionally threatening serious injury and stalking.
He lost his appeal against the sentences in the County Court today.
Judge Lance Pilgrim said it was the strangest case he had dealt with in his 49 years in court.
"It's a particularly unusual and grossly offensive type of behaviour," he said.
He said Lazarus had failed to show remorse for his actions.
He ordered him to serve a 12-month jail term, suspended for 18 months, for the sexual offences and a six-month term for the others.
The term includes the 43 days Lazarus has spent in custody.
Judge Pilgrim also ordered he be listed as a sex offender for life.

AAP (31-10-2007)
Melissa Iaria

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