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Craig Anthony Ellis jailed for sexual assault of girl, 3

A pedophile who broke into a Brisbane family's home, stripped naked and molested a three-year-old girl and took indecent photographs of the toddler as she slept has received a combined jail term of effectively eight years.
The Brisbane District Court was told Craig Anthony Ellis broke into the family's Aspley home on Brisbane's northside and sexually assaulted the toddler on January 21, 2009.
Ellis, then aged 29, tried to flee when the girl's parents were awoken by their daughter's muffled cries - resulting in the toddler's father crash tackling the naked intruder while the mother struck the pedophile with an ornamental samurai sword.
Judge Michael Rackemann said Ellis' behaviour and abuse of the girl was "very disturbing" and warranted an eight-year term. During today's hearing Ellis threatened to kill the judge, the prosecutor, his child victim and her mother
However, the judge said because Ellis had already been behind bars on remand for two years and nine months, a sentence of five years and three-months was appropriate under the circumstances.
Ellis will be eligible for release on parole on January 21, 2013 - after having spent a total of four years in jail - but it would up to parole authorities to consider if he would be suitable for release at that time.
Judge Rackemann also ordered a transcript of today's hearing, complete with Ellis's explicit menacing threats, be referred to Queensland's Director of Public Prosecutions Tony Moynihan, SC, to consider whether Ellis should face further criminal charges.
Ellis, who was placed in the purpose-built enclosed glass dock of Court 7 due to previous court outbursts, unleashed a tirade of expletive-riddled abuse shortly after proceedings started after 10am.
At various times Ellis threatened prosecutor Vicki Loury, before then turning on Judge Rackemann and then the victim's family - telling them "your going to end up dead."
Ellis even went so far to call various people either "corrupt", a "whore", "pedophiles' or "a sick piece of s***t" before describing himself as "the f***ing victim."
In September last year Ellis, then aged 31, pleaded not guilty to charges of burglary and rape.
Judge Rackemann said on the third day of a District Court jury trial that Ellis changed his plea to guilty to burglary and two counts of indecent treatment of a child aged under 12 years after the Crown's overwhelming case against Ellis became even stronger
Ellis, the court was told, broke into the girl's home and removed the toddler's pyjama pants before sexually assaulting her and taking indecent photographs of her.
The young girl's parents, who had earlier in the day celebrated their son's birthday, awoke to find a naked Ellis walking from their daughter's bedroom.
The parents noticed their daughter was awake, huddled on her bed and that her pyjama pants had been removed, but she was still wearing her Dora the Explorer top.
The girl's mother testified she was awoken by her daughter's muffled cries and found the toddler with "her knees up to her chest and she was crying."
The toddler's father testified: "I tackled him to the ground in our hallway. I was going to do whatever it took to stop him getting away."
In the 13 months since the trial, Ellis has been refused an application to change his guilty plea and sacked several sets of lawyers.
Judge Rackemann today gave Ellis several opportunities to make submissions on sentence, but was forced to order the pedophile's removal from the court on several occasions as his behaviour deteriorated into often unintelligible rants and threats.

www.couriermail.com.au (7-11-2011)
Tony Keim

Child sex offender craig anthony ellis disrupts sentence hearing for second time

A man who broke into a family home on Brisbane's northside and sexually assaulted a sleeping three-year-old girl is facing further charges for allegedly threatening to kill the child's mother during his sentence hearing.
Craig Anthony Ellis was again removed from his sentence hearing in the District Court in Brisbane on Monday after repeatedly hurling abuse at prosecutor Vicki Loury.
It was the second time Judge Michael Rackemann has had Ellis taken from the courtroom after he was thrown out of the first day of his hearing last month.
As he was being led away on that occasion Ellis abused the girl's mother who was sitting in the public gallery and allegedly threatened to kill her.
Judge Rackemann further adjourned the hearing today to get a pre-sentence report compiled on Ellis because of Ellis's repeated outbursts in court.
The sentence will now be completed on November 7.
However, Judge Rackemann said he wanted to raise a matter arising out of Ellis's behaviour on the first day of the hearing.
He said the statements made by Ellis to the child's mother appeared to him to be a direct threat and he would refer a transcript of what was said to the Director of Public Prosecutions for possible criminal charges.
Ellis has repeatedly tried to change the guilty plea he entered after three days of a District Court trial last September.
He has also sacked several sets of lawyers and maintained it was illegal to sentence him.
At the start of the trial, Ellis,32, pleaded not guilty to burglary and rape charges but changed his plea to guilty to burglary and two counts of indecent treatment of a child under 12-years-old, on January 21, 2009.
Ellis has repeatedly disrupted his two sentence hearings by claiming to be innocent, abusing Ms Loury and Judge Rackemann and claiming he was in effect framed.
As Ms Loury began to read the facts of the case to the court today Ellis repeatedly interjected saying: "No, I didn't."
Judge Rackemann warned Ellis several times to allow Ms Loury "to do her job" before having him removed from the courtroom.
Ms Loury detailed how at about 2am Ellis broke into the family's Aspley home on Brisbane's northside and went to the little girl's bedroom.
He removed items of her clothing before taking photographs of her.
Ms Loury said the child woke up and cried out with her parents arriving to find a naked Ellis trying to leave.
The girl's father tackled Ellis and held him until police arrived.
Ms Loury said during the struggle Ellis had removed the memory card from his camera and hidden it under a carpet where police later located it.
She said Ellis told police he was out looking for bats when he heard a noise at the house and went to investigate.
Ms Loury said the incident had turned into a nightmare for the family who had waited two years and seven months for Ellis to be sentenced.

www.couriermail.com.au (5-9-2011)

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