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$52,000 for victim of Buderim date rape

A convicted rapist who repeatedly violated a Dutch backpacker during a blind date at Buderim has been ordered to pay more than $50,000 to compensate the victim for her ongoing physical and emotional suffering.
Dale Andrew Oliver, who was jailed for seven years after a Maroochydore District Court jury convicted him on five counts of rape in 2002, must pay $52,500 in criminal compensation after the now 28-year-old woman sought civil action for injuries.
During the prolonged ordeal, the then 25-year-old tourist was held captive in the bathroom of a Buderim house, threatened with broken glass and raped over a number of hours on January 7, 2002.
Judge Keith Dodds said the victims affidavit and medical reports revealed she was left traumatised, depressed and vulnerable.
She had flashbacks, feelings of insecurity, was hyper vigilant, had lost her spontaneity and had concerns about her health, he said.
These latter concerns arose out of information that the respondent had a sexually transmitted disease. Eventually she was able to be reassured that had not been passed on to her.
In her affidavit she speaks of feelings of violation, loss of self-esteem and self-confidence, difficulty making and maintaining friends, living a secluded and restricted lifestyle trying to protect herself from further harm, avoiding crowded places as she feels insecure, and becoming easily agitated on hearing loud noises.
Judge Dodds said the woman found her perception of sexuality became distorted and she struggled to trust.
She has not had an intimate relationship or sexual relations with anyone since and is fearful of ever settling into a stable relationship.
The woman took about two years to overcome an eating disorder and problems with eczema. She still suffers a mild form of post-traumatic stress while memory difficulties had impacted on her ability find employment.

www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au (22-6-2005)
Rae Wilson

Raped Tourist Wins Payout

A Dutch backpacker repeatedly raped on a blind date while holidaying on the Sunshine Coast has been awarded more than $50,000 in criminal compensation by Maroochydore District Court.
In a written judgment on the civil action that became available yesterday, Judge Keith Dodds ordered rapist Dale Andrew Oliver to pay the 28-year-old woman $52,500 compensation for injury.
Oliver was convicted of five counts of rape on August 29, 2002, after a trial in the Maroochydore District Court in relation to the offences which occurred at his Buderim home on January 7, 2002. He was sentenced to seven years' jail.
A subsequent appeal against conviction was dismissed by the Court of Appeal on November 22, 2002.
An affidavit provided by the victim and medical reports showed she suffered severe post-traumatic stress after the incident, which still continues to a lesser extent, and developed eczema and a serious eating disorder from which it took her two years to recover.
The victim also described feelings of violation, loss of self-esteem and self-confidence.

AAP (21-6-2005)
Leanne Edmistone

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