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Men's Drinks Spiked

Men are having their drinks spiked as often as women, the Territory Health Department revealed yesterday.
Research had shown there were two reasons for the spiking - as a prank or to "take out" the competition for girls in bars.
Drug program acting director Di Rayson said "focus group work" had shown men were now just as often victims as women.
But she said many men were too embarrassed to report it to police. "People need to report it so we can get evidence," she said.
Ms Rayson was speaking after a man's drink was spiked in a Darwin nightclub last week. He did not report it.
The man had drunk only three beers but he vomited several times during the night and next day.
At least 10 incidents of drink spiking at Darwin nightspots were being reported to police every month last year.
Accurate figures on the number of men who fall prey to drink spiking were not available, with police still collating 2003 figures.
But reports have been received in Darwin, Palmerston and Alice Springs.
Ms Rayson warned people to be aware of what was going into their drink, keep an eye on their drink at all times and to watch out for friends they were drinking with.
The drugs used include benzodiazapine, rohypnol, ketamine and ecstasy. Ms Rayson said people who suspected drink spiking should:
KEEP the drink, including the bottle or glass. MAKE a report to police. TAKE the victim to hospital.
If a sexual assault has taken place or you suspect a sexual assault has occurred as a result of drink spiking you should call the Sexual Assault Referral Centre on 8922 7156.

Courier Mail (4-9-2003)
Edith Bevin


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