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Age: 40 yrs old (2011)

State: NSW

Sentence: Sentenced in a district court in Nov 2004 to 40 yrs jail. Sentence was reduced to 30 yrs jail/ 22 yrs 5 months non parole in March 2006.

Offence/Other: Gang rapist.Pleaded guilty to numerous charges including- sexual assault in company. Victim was a 16 year old girl who Aslett and 3 other men (Stephen Aslett/ Christopher Bonham/ other offender is 17yrs and cannnot be named) raped at knifepoint. "Aslett held a knife against his victim's cheek as he raped her, threatening to "poke out her eyes"".

Dudley Aslett

Parents Tell Of Intrusion Nightmare

The parents of a girl who was gang-raped at knifepoint while they were tied up in their home thought they would be stabbed to death during the two-hour robbery a court has heard.
The victim's mother said that when her daughter, 16, was taken to a bedroom in their Newington unit, she assumed the girl was being spared the sight of seeing her father killed.
But the girl was so brutally assaulted by three males she was later hospitalised for several days, she said. Her parents were uncertain what had happened to her until after the intruders left. The intruders told the family not to speak or they would be killed.
One of the males had attempted to shower the girl before tying her to her parents with telephone cords on the living room floor, the court heard.
Her father told the NSW District Court: "My daughter never really cried. I felt nervous at that time I hear sounds crying. It's like something happened. I just felt it."
Her mother, who was crying in the witness box, said: "When we were free I hugged my daughter and this is when I asked her if she was OK and she said they actually raped her."
The family sat on the couch in a state of shock and cried, she said.
Both parents were giving evidence at the trial of a man known as John Hill, 33. He is accused of leading three teenagers, aged 17 and 18, in the attack on July 17 last year.
The court has given him and his two co-accused nephews. known as Steven and Jamie Hill, pseudonyms.
The fourth male, Christopher Bonham, has pleaded guilty to the sexual assault and armed robbery and named the three others to police, the court heard.
The father said he was woken on the couch, after returning home from a double shift as a chef about midnight.
He was pushed to the floor by a masked man wearing gloves and wielding a knife his daughter was playing on the computer in her parent's bedroom, where her mother lay asleep, he said.
"He said to me, 'Don't shout, don't make noise or I'll kill you'," the father said.
"I begged, I begged, I begged. I tell him get whatever you want Just don't hurt us. I was scared. I thought he would kill me.'
The parents described this man as "the ringleader". The Crown alleges this was John Hill. He is the only one who wore a condom and gloves, and there is no DNA evidence linking him to the crimes, the court has heard.
The family cannot identify him because he was masked and they were ordered to keep their heads under a blanket, but the mother glimpsed a red tracksuit, she said.
The four had targeted people of Asian background and had entered the first-floor unit via an unlocked balcony door and taken Jewellery cash and computer and entertainment equipment, the court heard.
The family is originally from the Philippines. They were asking me, 'I smell the money here, I smell the money here, where's the money? Where's the safe?" the father said.
When they left, according to the mother, they said: "If you tell anything about this to police you better go back to your country or we will kill you."

The Sydney Morning herald (5-9-2004)
Natasha Wallace

Gang Rapist's Sentence Cut

A GANG rapist yesterday had 10 years cut from his sentence after objecting to being labelled a "dangerous criminal" by the trial judge.
The Court of Criminal Appeal yesterday ruled the law did not allow a judge to "lock away" a criminal based on his view of that offender as a "clear danger to society".
Dudley Mark Aslett, 35, was jailed for 40 years in November 2004 by District Court Judge Michael Finnane.
Aslett was the ringleader of four masked men who in July 2003 broke into the Newington unit of an Asian family, intending to rob them.
The gang tied up the mother and father and repeatedly raped their 16-year-old daughter at knifepoint before ransacking their home.
Aslett faced life in jail after pleading guilty to eight charges including aggravated break and enter and sexual assault in company. His sentence was yesterday found to be "excessive".
Aslett's cohort and nephew Steven James Aslett - just 18 at the time of the offence - was also successful on appeal, with his sentence cut from 24 to 20 years yesterday.
On sentencing Dudley Aslett, Judge Finnane said the "only way to protect society from him is to lock him away ... for many years. To take any other course would be to fail to protect society, and women especially".
Court of Criminal Appeal Justices James Spigelman, Graham Barr and Roderick Howie yesterday reduced Aslett's jail term to 30 years, with a non-parole period of 22.5 years.
"A sentencing court should not increase a sentence beyond what is proportionate to the crime in order merely to extend the period of protection of society from the risk of recidivism on the part of the offender," Justice Barr said in the judgment.
Aslett - branded a "callous, vicious and extremely dangerous criminal" at trial - is serving a life sentence for the murder of a Sydney chemist in 2003.
Yesterday's decision came despite Justice Barr noting, "the offences fell into the worst category of cases".
Aslett held a knife against his victim's cheek as he raped her, threatening to "poke out her eyes". She was bleeding and injured, but he spurred the others to rape her regardless.
"[The victim's] ordeal amounted to torture and extended over a few hours," Justice Barr said.
"The complainant suffered physical and lasting emotional harm. She was imprisoned, degraded and humiliated."
In the judgment for Steven Aslett, Justice Barr found his sentence was not in line with that of his co-offender Christopher Bonham, also aged 18 on the date of the crime.
Bonham will serve up to 15 years for his crime, while the fourth offender - who was just 17 and cannot be named - will serve a total of five years.

The Daily Telegraph (25-3-2006)
Viva Goldner

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