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Name: Garry Francis Newman

Age: 51 yrs old (2010)

State: VIC

Sentence: Sentenced to 29 yrs jail-non parole-starting from 3/3/2007.

Offence/Other: Child Killer- Newman assaulted and suffocated 15 yr old Carly Ryan on the beach at Port Elliot, south of Adelaide- SA, in 2007.
Garry Francis Newman
Garry Francis Newman

Murderer of Carly Ryan loses challenge against life sentence

The social networking predator who stalked and murdered Carly Ryan will serve his full life sentence.
Sonya Ryan began a crusade in the name of her murdered daughter knowing it could all be wiped out by a single legal decision.
She knew that, despite its success, the Carly Ryan Foundation would have to be shut down if social networking predator Garry Francis Newman won an appeal against his conviction.
"If the decision went the wrong way, it would have torn down everything we'd achieved and what we had hoped to achieve in the future," she said yesterday.
"I had a very anxious, sleepless night waiting for the appeal to be decided."
Yesterday, after almost five months of deliberation, the Court of Criminal Appeal unanimously rejected Newman's challenge.
The court's decision means the overweight, balding predator will serve his full life sentence - a thought that left Ms Ryan feeling "ecstatic".
"To me, Garry Newman is worth nothing," she said.
"I feel that, the moment he made the choice to take the life of an innocent child, he lost all his rights."
A Supreme Court jury last year found Newman, 50, guilty of murdering Miss Ryan, 15, at Port Elliot in 2007.
He had spent the months leading up to the murder deceiving and seducing her through his fake cyberspace alter-ego, Brandon Kane.
When Miss Ryan rejected his advances, Newman bashed her and dragged her into the water to drown.
Newman was jailed for life, with a 29-year non-parole period.
He subsequently appealed his conviction on several grounds. One of those claimed Miss Ryan's mother should not have been allowed to give evidence at trial.
Yesterday, justices Tom Gray, Richard White and Chris Kourakis rejected those grounds.
They said it was important the jury be provided with "context" about events leading up to the murder and found the evidence that Newman intended to kill Miss Ryan "overwhelming".
Mrs Ryan told The Advertiser: "Finally, Carly can have some peace and we can continue on with what she'd want us to do - ensuring this can't happen to another innocent child."

www.adelaidenow.com.au (30-4-2011) Sean Fewster


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Garry Francis Newman loses appeal over Carly Ryan murder

A Victorian man has lost an appeal against his conviction for killing Adelaide teenager Carly Ryan.
The South Australian Court of Criminal Appeal today rejected 51-year-old Garry Francis Newman's appeal over his murder conviction for the death of 15-year-old Carly at a secluded beach, south of Adelaide, in July 2007.
His counsel Nick Vadasz had argued that her mother, Sonya, should not have been allowed to give evidence at trial of a conversation she had with her daughter before her death.
Justices Tom Gray, Richard White and Chris Kourakis rejected those grounds, saying it was important that the jury had context about events leading to her murder.
Newman is serving a minimum of 29 years after being found guilty of murder.
He used an cyberspace alter-ego "Brandon Kane'' to communicate with Carly after meeting her through a gothic vampire website.
The teenager fell in love with the fictitious guitarist who portrayed himself as a member of the "emo'' subculture.
But when Newman travelled to Adelaide in February 2007 in a bid to fulfil his sexual fantasies, Carly rejected his advances.
Evidence at the trial revealed she had been bashed, suffocated and placed in the water at Port Elliott, south of Adelaide, where she drowned.

AAP (29-4-2011)

Carly Ryan's murderer revealed at last

Son found guilty over Heyward murder plot A Supreme Court justice has jailed the man who murdered teenager Carly Ryan and allowed his identity to be revealed.
South Australian Justice Trish Kelly ruled that Garry Francis Newman, 51, from Victoria, can be identified after having his name suppressed during the trial.
In sentencing today, Justice Kelly ruled that his name and image could be published.
Newman has been set a non-parole term of 29 years.
He assaulted and suffocated 15-year-old Carly on the beach at Port Elliot, south of Adelaide, in 2007, then left her in the water where she drowned.
Justice Kelly said Newman had been sexually obsessed with the teenager and had lured her with a fake internet identity.
Carly Ryan's mother Sonya released a statement saying she was relieved the community now knew the truth.
"I am relieved that Garry Newman is no longer a danger to the community and other innocent children," she said.
"I am pleased that the truth has been revealed for Carly and the community can now see the enormous level of manipulation and cruelty carried out by this man."
She has established a foundation in her daughter's memory, carlyryanfoundation@live.com.au.
Newman is to appeal against his conviction.

ABC News (31-3-2010)
Candice Marcus

Victorian father 'boasted about killing' teenager Carly Ryan

A VICTORIAN father began plotting the murder of Carly Ryan just days after the teenager spurned his romantic advances, the man's son has told a court.
The 22-year-old, who cannot be identified, today took the stand in the Supreme Court to give evidence against his father and younger brother, Adelaide Now reports.
He told the jury he rejected his father's requests that he join the vendetta against Carly, 15, and begged him via letter not to involve his other child.
Those pleas, he said today, fell on deaf ears. And his father and younger brother went to Adelaide, then returned boasting of their actions.
"My father showed me his knuckles and asked 'do these look bruised to you?'," he said.
"He told me that he had punched Carly Ryan in the face, that he had killed her, that he had 'done the job'.
"He said he had punched her in the face, pushed her face into the sand and, after that, he had thrown her into the water."
The father, 50, and younger son, 20, have each pleaded not guilty to murdering Carly in February 2007.
Prosecutors have alleged the father and his son used the "cyberspace alter-ego" of Brandon Kane to seduce the teen.
They claim that, after Carly spurned the father at her 15th birthday party, the duo used their "internet construct" to lure her to Port Elliot, where she was bashed and drowned.
Giving evidence today, the older son said his father was angry when he returned to Victoria following Carly's party.
"At first he said he wanted to go on a holiday, back to Adelaide, with me and my brother," he said.
"Later, he said he wanted to 'fix up' Carly and said other things that indicated he wanted to harm her.
"He wanted me to help him while he was there, to help him kill her.
"I didn't know what to do... I was stumped."
Shocked and upset, the older son moved out of the house but left behind a letter.
"I wrote that he wasn't the same person he was before, and that I couldn't believe he was trying to bring me and my brother into it," he said.
"I told him if that, if he kept going, he was going to lose his sons.
"The letter was pretty abusive... I was hoping I might persuade my father about wanting to kill her."
The son said his father and brother went to Adelaide and, upon their return, visited him at his new home and spoke about Carly.
"My brother said that he had hooked up with Carly, and at the time I took that to mean they had kissed," he said.
"My brother is quite boastful, and he would have mentioned if he had gotten any further than that."
The trial, before Justice Trish Kelly, is continuing.

Adelaide Now (7-12-2009)
Dean Fewster

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