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Royal commission into child sexual abuse: Paedophile offered to organise funeral for victim who committed suicide

A serial paedophile offered to organise the funeral for one of his victims after the man committed suicide, a child sex abuse royal commission has heard.
In 1989, the man known as ADO killed himself after claiming he had been sexually abused by Marist Brother Gregory Sutton in the 1970s.
ADO was about nine years old at the time of the abuse and was attending a school in north Queensland.
Principal Brother John Holdsworth told the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse that ADO's father contacted him shortly after the suicide.
He said the father wanted to get in touch with Brother Sutton about the allegations.
"I was quite shocked because Brother Sutton had offered to organise the funeral," Brother Holdsworth told the hearing in Canberra.
"He (ADO's father) was obviously angry and most upset and wanted to have it out with him."
Brother Holdsworth said he organised the meeting with Brother Sutton and let ADO's father speak with him alone.
Brother Holdsworth said that during the conversation Brother Sutton admitted to the sexual abuse.
Counsel Assisting the inquiry Simeon Beckett asked why Brother Holdsworth did not report Brother Sutton's admission to the police.

Mr Beckett: "It was certainly a grave thing to have done to a child, wasn't it?"
Brother Holdsworth: "Yes, I think I was more focused on the consequence."
Mr Beckett: "And what was the consequence?"
Brother Holdsworth: "The suicide."
Mr Beckett: "Do you think it is desirable or undesirable for the police to investigate such matters?"
Brother Holdsworth: "Now, it would be desirable. Then, I'm not so sure."

Brother unsure when he realised sex with children was illegal
Brother Holdsworth conceded that though he had been a teacher since 1953, he could not remember when he realised having sex with children was against the law.
Commissioner Jennifer Coate asked Brother Holdsworth whether in 1989 he understood committing a sexual act upon a child was a crime.
"I'm unsure. It could well be the case. I'm unsure of that," Brother Holdsworth said.
Brother Sutton was eventually allowed to leave the country and when police finally caught up with him in 1996, he was the principal at a school in St Louis, Missouri.
He was extradited and pleaded guilty to 67 charges of child sexual assault and released from jail in 2008.
Through his lawyer, Brother Sutton last week apologised to three of his victims who have given evidence at the inquiry.

Marist Brother recounts boyhood paedophile encounter
A former Marist Brother and colleague of Brother Sutton broke down while recalling sexual abuse committed against him as a "very young boy" and how years later he failed in preventing similar attacks on other children.
Brother Denis Doherty told the inquiry he taught at the north Queensland school at the same time Brother Sutton began his teaching career.
"I was extremely angry that I had told the brothers about him in the 1970s and they did nothing, and Greg (Brother Sutton) went on to do some of the most dreadful things," Mr Doherty said.
Mr Doherty said he was aware of the warning signs of paedophilia having experienced them once as a child at a cinema.
"I was a very young boy," he said.
"A man sat beside me and fed me chocolate and tried to put his hand up my pants, and I ran home and told my mother and she caused merry hell with the cinema."
He said Brother Sutton would hand out lollies to the students, as well take them for car rides, and wrestle and tickle them in the classroom.
But Mr Doherty said he fought an up-hill battle trying to tell Brother Holdsworth about it.
"I got the feeling that John (Brother Holdsworth) felt I was too hard on Greg (Brother Sutton) and that I should go easy on him," he said.

Principal allowed paedophile on children's camp
Mr Doherty said Brother Holdsworth once overruled him and allowed Brother Sutton to go on a camp with several children.
"John (Brother Holdsworth) came to me and said, 'Look it will be alright. Next time he goes I will insist he has adults with him'," he said.
But Brother Holdsworth said he could not remember receiving the warnings from Mr Doherty and denied ever having concerns about Brother Sutton.
"He was certainly very interactive," Brother Holdsworth said.
"He was a buoyant sort of fellow and youthful in his outlook.
"I can envisage him down there on the tractor... he would have a lad on his lap or perhaps sitting somewhere in front."
When asked by Mr Beckett if he was concerned, Brother Holdsworth said he was not.
"I wasn't really, no. Unfortunately no," he said. (16-6-2014)
Ewan Gilbert

Marist brother left diary on desk which revealed liaisons with young girl Royal Commission told

Marist brother Gregory Sutton kept a diary openly on his desk about his encounters with an underage girl the Royal Commission has been told.

When Marist brother Gregory Sutton was caught lying about taking an after noon off school, a suspicious teacher looked in the diary he kept openly on his desk.
“Picked up (girl). What an ­afternoon. She is magnificent,” the former assistant principal of ­Lismore’s St Carthage’s Primary School, Jan O’Grady, said she read in Sutton’s diary.
His entry for the following day said: “I had a fight with (same girl) and we made up.”
Ms O’Grady told the royal commission into child sex abuse yesterday that, when she rang the Catholic Education Office, they suggested Sutton should take a month off and then return to the school.
She said she was furious, almost hysterical, and contacted the then director of Catholic ­Education for the Diocese of ­Lismore, John Kelly. It was only then that Sutton left the school.
Ten years later, when Sutton was tracked down in the US and extradited to NSW, he pleaded guilty to 67 counts of child sexual assault, including having intercourse with the girl, then aged 10 or 11.
He had been moved to St ­Carthage’s after leaving Marist College Canberra and St Thomas More School at Campbelltown, where he also abused girls and boys.
A former head of Marist College, Brother Terry Heinrich, said he had never been told about ­Sutton’s history nor warned about Brother Kostka Chute, who was abusing dozens of young boys at the school while Brother Heinrich was ­principal.
Brother Heinrich said he was only told about one incident of Brother Kostka fondling a boy’s genitals during a film night at the school, but it never crossed his mind that it was a criminal offence.
He said Brother Kostka told him it was all a mistake in the dark.
He said he would have called in the police if a brother had stabbed a pupil but not for something as “intimate” as an allegation like that against a brother. Instead, he told the provincial of the Marist Brothers in Australia.
“It sounds like a cover-up, doesn’t it,” said Peter O’Brien, ­the barrister for one of the victims of Brother Kostka.
“I don’t know what it sounds like but it’s certainly not a cover-up,” Brother Heinrich, now working in Cambodia, said.
The commission is investigating how the Marist Brothers moved the two serial paedophiles around schools in the eastern states.
The hearing continues. (13-6-2014)

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