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Name: Jason Van Der Baan

Age: 41yrs old (2011)

State: NSW

Sentence: Pleaded guilty, 17-2-2002 in the NSW District Court to rape. Sentenced 8-11-2002 to 8 yrs jail-6 yrs non parole. Will be in prison until at least 2021 after being sentenced for 2 other rapes ..see news articles below.

Offence/Other: Serial Rapist. Victim was a 39 yr old woman who was raped at gunpoint in her home after Van Der Baan had responded to her add for a housemate in Sydney.

60 minutes footage- Betrayed

Jason Van Der Baan

Convicted rapist Jason Van Der Baan was accused of murdering his aunt Irene Wilson but was acquitted.
Convicted rapist Jason Van Der Baan was accused of murdering his aunt Irene Wilson but was acquitted.

Evidence shows justice was not done in Jason Van Der Baan's trial

TWO words Tony Van Der Baan will never forgive or forget: Not guilty.
"I turned to the jury and told them to just read the newspapers tomorrow and see what the truth is," he said.
"It was not a fair trial."
The jury that acquitted his nephew Jason Van Der Baan of murder was never told of evidence - including his confession to an undercover police officer - after a string of decisions by the trial judge.
The victim was Irene Wilson, Tony's sister and Jason's aunt.
The mother-of-three was found tied up and strangled in the bedroom of her west Sydney home in 1995.
When Jason Van Der Baan faced trial in 2002, Justice Greg James ruled the jury could not hear admissions he had made to an undercover police officer during four conversations in prison and in a prison van.
The judge indicated he believed the police had acted improperly and that the confessions were not voluntary.
Prior convictions are inadmissible so the jury did not know that Van Der Baan had two convictions for rape, one in which the victim had been bound and assaulted in a similar fashion to Mrs Wilson.
The judge also ruled inadmissible evidence that Van Der Baan had an obsession with his aunt and in 1985 stole a bra and a pair of her underpants and mutilated them.
Van Der Baan has since pleaded guilty to two other rapes. All four rapes were committed in 1995 and 1996 with two victims sodomised.
Mrs Wilson had suffered eight anal tears but this was not accepted as evidence she had been raped. In the confessions to the undercover officer, Van Der Baan said he had not left semen but had been concerned police would find his hairs.
Tony Van Der Baan said the family had lost faith in the judicial system and juries were treated like idiots.
"There was an arrogance in court about what they could and could not hear. I lost faith in the judicial system but I have regained faith in the police," he said.
It is not the only notorious example of the vagaries of the jury system.
In 1994 Jay Thomas Hart, 42, was of acquitted of the murder of a 16-year-old youth. In 2006 he was acquitted of the murder of Evelyn Greenup, aged 4. Both victims were linked to Hart in the northern NSW community of Bowraville.
An inquest was told that it appeared the primary reason the murder charges failed was because of alleged sightings of both young people after the crown said they had died.
Homicide detectives have told an inquest Hart was the only person with the motive and opportunity to have killed both people. Former state coroner John Abernethy believed there was enough evidence to convict.

The Daily Telegraph (30-6-2010)
Janet Fife-Yeomans

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DNA link traps a serial rapist - sex beast suspected of other crimes

IN his youth, Jason Van Der Baan was merely a disturbed child. He blew his finger off bombing mailboxes.
In his late teens he graduated to theft. But in adulthood, Van Der Baan proved capable of holding a blade to a 15-year-old's neck and raping her on the banks of the Parramatta River.
And he almost got away with it. However, last year as he awaited release from jail for two separate rapes dating back to the mid-1990s, detectives matched Van Der Baan's DNA to the 15-year-old girl's case and he was charged.
Now, after a recent decision in the Sydney District Court, the 40-year-old Van Der Baan will remain behind bars until at least 2021.
Noting Van Der Baan was "driven by a need to sadistically dominate, demean and degrade" his victims, Judge Michael King SC sentenced him to 12 years for the girl's rape and six years and nine months for the rape of an 18-year-old girl.
The decision means Van Der Baan has now been convicted of four rapes committed between April 1995 and October 1996.
After pleading guilty to the two fresh rape charges, Van Der Baan did not give evidence in court during his sentencing.
Judge King noted in his judgement that Van Der Baan had been described as a "compulsive liar" with no evidence that he felt contrition or remorse.
He also noted there was no evidence to support Van Der Baan's claim he had written letters of apology to his victims.
"Remorse or contrition may occur at any time but 13 or 14 years is an inordinately lengthy period of inaction," Judge King said. "The court is unable . . . to find that the evidence before the court demonstrates any significant past rehabilitation or prospect of future rehabilitation."
Amid a swell of public outrage in 2002, Van Der Baan was acquitted of the 1995 murder of his aunt Irene Wilson at Northmead.
Vital evidence, including an alleged confession recorded by an undercover detective, was ruled inadmissible.
Ms Wilson's body was discovered in a bedroom with her hands bound. She had been strangled with a black cord.
Her brother and Jason Van Der Baan's uncle Tony Van Der Baan, 57, still lives in hope her killer will one day be brought to justice.
"My sister was my best friend," he said. "She was a generous person. Every single day, she is in my thoughts."
Police fear that Van Der Baan has committed more sexual assaults in the Parramatta area dating back to the mid-1990s and are keen to follow new leads.
Detective Inspector Ian McNab tracked Van Der Baan's crimes for more than a decade. "We will chase him until he is brought to justice for every rape he might have committed," he said.

The Daily Telegraph (18-2-2010)
David Barrett

Van Der Bann gets eight years for rape

A man acquitted of murdering his aunt -- despite allegedly confessing to the crime -- has been sentenced for his second rape offence.
33-year-old Jason Van Der Baan was today jailed for eight and a half years with a non-parole period of six years.
The court heard Van Der Baan went to the 39-year-old's house responding to a newspaper share accommodation advertisement.
He'd pleaded guilty in the NSW District Court to raping the single mother in her home at Rozelle- Read more.

http://www.highbeam.com/doc/1P1-69414699.html (8-11-2002)

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