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Name: Jeffrey Peter Bavage

Age: 49 yrs old (2011)

State: VIC - Lara

Sentence: Found guilty of charges/ Sentenced in the Victorian County Court in May 2009 to 27 yrs jail/ 21 yrs non parole.
2014 - Sentenced to 3yrs jail/ Pleaded guilty to rape/ common assault/ Victim was woman/ Eligible for parole in 2027.

Offence/Other: Bavage broke into the annexe of a caravan at Torquay in 2007, and sexually assaulted a 7 yr old girl.
Repeat offender-"Bavage has 95 prior convictions from 28 court appearances between 1980 and 2006, including a raft of sex offences"

Geelong Advertiser (18-3-2009) - Sex predator Jeffrey Peter Bavage has been found guilty of crimes dating back decades, including indecent acts against a girl at Torquay Caravan Park in 2007.
After a suppression order was lifted yesterday, the Geelong Advertiser can now reveal Bavage committed numerous sex offences as far back as 1977.
County Court judge Felicity Hampel lifted the order on the Lara man's identity after a jury returned a guilty verdict on the final of four back-to-back trials involving Bavage in Melbourne County Court.
One of the trials related to charges which stemmed from Bavage entering an annexe at Torquay Caravan Park on January 2, 2007, where a seven-year-old girl was sleeping.
Bavage was later arrested and charged with committing indecent acts in the presence of a child under 16 and aggravated burglary.
The Geelong Advertiser can now report Bavage was found guilty on both counts - Read more below.

Pic- Jeffrey Bavage

Pic- Jeffrey Bavage

Is this man one of Australia’s most evil criminals?

He’s been described as everyone’s worst nightmare and likened to Daniel Morcombe’s killer Brett Cowan.
He raped and kidnapped women and children, attacked and threatened police and terrorised the community.
Jeffrey Peter Bavage could be our most evil man.
A Geelong Advertiser investigation into the former Lara man has revealed 102 criminal convictions spanning 30 years of total disdain for others and the law, while numerous other charges have not been proceeded with.
“What (he) did represents everyone’s worst nightmare. It makes parents and children alike afraid in their homes, in their beds and in their sleep,” Judge Felicity Hampel said of the brazen serial sex offender.
His chilling sexual attack on a 7-year-old girl sleeping metres away from her siblings and parents at a Torquay caravan park in 2007 brought about his downfall and saw the County Court in Geelong sentence him to jail until at least 2027.
Six previous victims came forward during the investigation to help police piece together the background of a monster.
One then 17-year-old victim was offered a lift to work before Bavage raped her, held her by the throat and taunted “what will I do with you now?” He told her he would do the same to her sister if she told anyone.
One 13-year-old victim was raped as she slept, inches from her sister — Bavage’s then-girlfriend.
A father who struggled for years to get his traumatised daughter out of Bavage’s web of evil told police Bavage “has frightened the daylights out of me, my wife and my children”.
Bavage’s parting words to his daughter were “I will get you”, but she bravely came forward years later alleging years of torment including how he’d Supaglued her vagina and tried to throw her off a cliff.
In a plea bargain, those charges were dropped, but Judge Geoffrey Chettle this month found the remaining charges were part of a campaign of “psychological warfare” by a cruel, malicious and dangerous man.
Police who have worked with him and his victims say he has similar characteristics to Daniel Morcombe’s killer, Cowan, and there could be many more victims who have not yet come forward.
The Geelong Advertiser can also now reveal police confiscated Bavage’s assets, freezing funds from the sale of his Lara properties before, in February this year, ordering $100,000 in compensation be divided between four of his victims.
The Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal has also paid out a combined $81,000 to his victims for their pain, suffering and ongoing treatment.

As her tormentor of more than 20 years was led away a prisoner, the emotion bubbled over.
“I screamed out ‘There’s no little girls where you’re going’.
“I wanted the last word. I wanted him to go away with that thought.
“He winked and smiled as they dragged him out but then after the door closed there was a loud bang, he must have punched the wall.
“I’d won and I’m glad I got that.”
But after the initial high of seeing him handed a record 27-year sentence on 14 counts of brutal and cruel sexual offending, celebrating didn’t seem quite right.
Jane* and her sister had both witnessed the evolution of a monster and there was little to celebrate in his reign of terror.
“His victims are numerous. His victims are his family,” Jane said from her Geelong home this week.
“There was no reason for him to turn out the way he did.
“It’s all about him, he thinks he’s got every right to do what he does, he’s always got an excuse but there is no excuse.
“His only regret is getting caught.”
With his characteristic smug smile and chin defiantly jutted out, Jeffrey Peter Bavage was this month handed an extra five years, with three to serve, for crimes that represented the tip of the iceberg of horrific offending against a former girlfriend.
Chillingly, all who have dealt with the 52-year-old Bavage believe his 102 convictions are just a snapshot of his history of crime.
They believe the barely-literate offending chameleon has no intention of changing and is refining his technique, becoming more violent, more confident, and more determined not to get caught again.
As a 7-year-old Jane would lay in bed terrified, straining to hear the sound she dreaded. The sound of a 16-year-old Bavage, commando crawling down the hall of her family home.
She would hope the already-naked Bavage wouldn’t be coming for her, but equally terrified he would pick her sister instead.
“Some nights we’d get in the same bed hoping that would put him off,” Jane said.
“He was treated like part of the family so how do you say anything to draw attention to it. I thought my parents might believe him more than us.”
Bavage ruined the loving nickname Jane’s dad had given her, twisting it around into sexual innuendo when others were just out of earshot and creating a wedge between father and daughter.
He tainted words, loading them with painful repressed history, so Jane had to practice saying ‘penis’ and ‘vagina’ to give her evidence to the court.
“The 1980s was all about AIDS fear and I spent my teen years thinking I was going to die. It was really scary and I had no one to talk to,” Jane said.
“He would stand in the paddock and leap the fence like it was part of his training, he’d lift the locked sliding door off the tracks. It’s all a game and what new could he learn to help.
“He is sly, he would take every advantage. We would think he was in Mildura and then he’d be in my bed.
“I felt like I was safe when we shifted away, but we moved back and he stalked us. We lay tin along the side of the house so we could hear if anyone was there and we’d hear him and be completely frozen, we couldn’t call out, he still had that power over us.
“So the look on his face in court was priceless; I wanted him to be scared of seeing me.
“I wanted him to worry about me like I’d worried about him.”
Jane decided to come forward after hearing police were looking for a man who’d brazenly entered a family’s caravan in Torquay and sexually assaulted a young girl as she slept in 2007.
“I thought it sounded like Jeff, like something he’d do but we were blown away when it was him,” she said.
“I thought I need to talk to the police, I just wanted them to know it’d been going on forever.”
Jane was surprised she had enough for a case against Bavage but was not surprised there were other victims.
She had made a choice many years earlier not to let Bavage win, and finally she was strong enough to show him.
“It’s always there but I made a decision that it wasn’t going to be a path I took. I didn’t want him to have an effect on my life. I’d take charge,” she said.
“You don’t have to be a product of your upbringing, he didn’t have a bad upbringing so why does he use it as an excuse?
“Offending was his choice. We all have choices.
“People say why did I wait for so long to report it, why would I bring it up again after so long, but the time has to be right. I’d been so terrified that whole time, you can’t deal with it, you have to wait until you have the ability to deal with it.
“If the police and my husband hadn’t been so good I don’t know if I would have gone through with it, they were fantastic.
“I’m not doing it for anything other than to help others.
“I did it for my children, my grandchildren, my friends, to stop it happening to them because people like Jeff just keep going.”

Where to get help
In sentencing Bavage in 2009, County Court Judge Felicity Hampel made a point of urging parents to trust and support their children if they aired allegations of abuse.
Three of Bavage’s young victims had told their mothers, but were told not to speak of it.
“Things are certainly better than 20 years ago but we still get calls from parents about what’s normal behaviour for a child,” Barwon CASA chief Helen Bolton said.
“Children usually don’t lie and learn behaviour from others, so anything that doesn’t fit with their normal behaviour is always worth investigating.
“No matter how small it seems it’s important to seek support and support is available 24 hours a day.”
Police: 000
Geelong Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Investigation Team: 5225 3100
Barwon Centre Against Sexual Assault:1800 806 292 (24-hour line) or 5222 4318
Zena Women’s Services: 5224 2903
Domestic Violence Crisis Service: 1800 015 188 — 24 hour line
Barwon Community Legal Service: 1300 430 599
Adults Surviving Child Abuse: 1300 657 380

- Through play
- Painting, drawing, games
- Through behaviour — nightmares, outbursts, acting out of character
- Directly - By asking questions about possible sexual assault

- Thank them for telling you
- Tell them they are not alone
- Be open and clear
- Don’t blame them
- Don’t tell them to forget about it
- Don’t interrupt them, let them talk at their own pace
- Report it and seek help

www.geelongadvertiser.com.au (26-4-2014)
Anthea Cannon

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Serial Lara rapist locked up until 2027

Serial rapist Jeffrey Bavage has had three years added to his minimum 17-year jail term over another brutal attack.
County Court Judge Geoffrey Chettle said yesterday protecting the community from the “manipulative” and “dangerous” 52-year-old was his main concern.
Judge Chettle said Bavage, formerly of Lara, had “abused, humiliated and grossly harmed” the victim from 2004 onward as part of a deliberate psychological “war”, including violently raping her over a dispute about takeaway chicken.
“Your assault (on her) was cowardly. Real men do not hit women,” he said.
“Your destruction of (her heirloom) ring was ­malicious and cruel and ­designed to cause significant distress.”
Judge Chettle said the victim was now scared of men.
“She sits and cries a lot thinking about what you’ve done to her,” he said.
Judge Chettle said Bavage, jailed in 1989, 1992, 1994, 1995 and 2003, had “long been a ­ violent, dangerous man”.
Since 2007, he has been serving a 21-year jail term with a minimum of 17 years for 14 offences against five victims. Those offences included two counts of rape and a number of serious sexual assaults.
With the new charges, Bavage must serve a total of 20 years before he is eligible for parole on a total 26-year term.
Judge Chettle said Bavage was “barely literate”, had a long history of amphetamine use and had a “stunted personal development”.
His guilty plea for rape, ­ assault and criminal damage had spared the victim the pain of a trial and was “worthy of a significant discount”, Judge Chettle ruled.
But Bavage hit back, calling the sentence “a bit harsh”.
“I had no intention to plead guilty, you (Judge Chettle) influenced me. I’m not happy. You tricked me,” he yelled, ­ alleging he had been promised no extra jail time.
“I reject that totally,” Judge Chettle said.

www.geelongadvertiser.com.au (17-4-2014)

Bavage’s ‘psychological warfare’ against rape victim

A rape victim has told how she still feels haunted and heartbroken by her Lara attacker’s “psychological warfare”.
County Court Judge Geoffrey Chettle yesterday described the behaviour of Jeffrey Peter Bavage, 52, as an “almost terrorist campaign” to isolate, intimidate and oppress the woman.
Bavage, 52, of Barwon Prison, pleaded guilty to rape, common assault and criminal damage.
Today’s sentence will add to his current 21-year jail term for 14 sexual offences — including against a seven-year-old girl at a Torquay caravan park in 2007.
Crown Prosecutor Ray Gibson said Bavage was “controlling, dominating and aggressive” toward the victim from 2004 onward.
He said the victim only came forward after knowing Bavage was secure in jail.
The court heard Bavage was originally charged with a raft of “horrific” offences against the victim, but a plea bargain was accepted after the matter was listed for trial.
Mr Gibson said Bavage raped the woman after accusing her of wasting food from a meal and destroyed the woman’s heirloom ring.
After a fight about the woman contacting her parents, Bavage dragged her into the bathroom, punched her to the nose and told her it was her fault he hit her, Mr Gibson said.
“The victim said she accepted this was the way life had to be so her parents and sister would be safe,” Mr Gibson said.
“He said if she left him he would hunt her down and hurt her.”
The woman’s victim impact statement, which was read to the court, spoke of her pain and withdrawal from society.
“I get anxiety, I get very scared ... I feel Jeff is still out there watching me,” she said.
“I feel like a prisoner in my own home.
“I have a lot of nightmares [where] I feel like I’m reliving it all over again.
“I only hope this pain will ease over time.”
Michael Stanton said Bavage had been the victim of domestic violence as a child and hadn’t recovered from the death of his brother and mother while he was young.
He said Bavage had faced “the real prospect he may never live to see the outside of prison again” and argued the sentence should be moderated as it would have been partially cumulated had it been dealt with at the time of the other offences.
Mr Stanton said while there were “guarded” prospects for Bavage’s rehabilitation, “there is a crack of light”.
Bavage will be sentenced as a serious sex offender.

www.geelongadvertiser.com.au (16-4-2014)
Anthea Cannon

Sentence reduced for serial sex offender

A serial sex offender who committed brazen attacks on young children has had his sentence reduced by six years.
Jeffrey Bavage, 50, was jailed for 27 years after being convicted of 14 sexual offences over a 30-year period in a series of Victorian County Court trials.
His offences included breaking into a caravan and molesting a seven-year-old girl who was sleeping next to her brothers in the popular Victorian seaside town of Torquay.
He offered another of his victims, a 17-year-old girl, a lift to work in 2002 before "brutally" raping her by a creek north of Melbourne.
But on Friday, the Victorian Court of Appeal reduced Bavage's sentence to 21 years.
The reduction came after prosecutors conceded at a hearing earlier this month that the trial prosecutor had submitted a sentencing range that was "not in conformity with current sentencing practices".
Bavage must now serve a minimum of 17 years in prison before being eligible for parole.
He has already served more than five years in custody.

www.couriermail.com.au (2-8-2012)

Sex offender Bavage applies for reduced sentence

One of Victoria's worst sex offenders has acknowledged his crimes for the first time, in a bid to have his sentence reduced.
Jeffrey Bavage is serving a 27-year sentence for the sexual assault of five girls, including a seven-year-old as she slept at a Torquay caravan park in 2007.
Bavage's crimes spanned a 30-year period and when he was jailed, the sentencing judge said he was everybody's worst nightmare.
In the Victorian Court of Appeal, Bavage's lawyer has argued his sentence should be "almost cut in half", as it was manifestly excessive.
The families of his victims were in court to hear Bavage acknowledge his wrongdoings, despite having always protested his innocence.
The Office of Public Prosecution agreed the 21-year minimum jail term fell outside sentencing practices and said Bavage's acknowledgement showed some glimmer of hope.
The court will hand down its decision next week.

www.abc.net.au (14-6-2012)
Sarah Farnsworth

Multiple Rapist Assaulted Seven-year-old Girl in Caravan Park

A sex offender who assaulted a seven-year-old girl in a caravan park should be jailed for at least 20 years, a court has been told.
Jeffrey Peter Bavage, 47, has been found guilty of sexual assaults on five girls in four trials since September.
One of the victims, who was assaulted from the age of seven to 11, told the County Court today: "He took away my virginity at an age when I should have been playing with barbie dolls."
Bavage has 95 prior convictions from 28 court appearances between 1980 and 2006, including a raft of sex offences.
In the recent trials he has been found guilty of 14 offences.
But Bavage still denies the offences.
He appeared in the County Court today for a pre-sentence hearing.
Prosecutor Brendan Kissane told the court that the offence against a seven-year-old girl at a Torquay caravan park in 2007 was gratuitous and hideous.
The little girl was asleep when Bavage entered the caravan annex. She awoke to find Bavage committing an indecent act with her.
Bavage was also found guilty of raping a 17-year-old girl, raping a 13-year-old girl and the ongoing sexual assault of two girls over almost six years.
Mr Kissane said Bavage should be jailed for 23 to 26 years, with a non-parole period of 20 to 23 years.
But Bavage's barrister Nick Papas said such a sentence would be crushing.
He suggested a maximum of 17 to 21 years, with a parole period of five years.
The court heard Bavage has a brain injury which contributes to impulsive tendancies.
Bavage was found guilty of six counts of indecent assault on a girl under 16, two counts of rape and one each of carnal knowledge of a girl under 10, sexual penetration of a child, attempted indecent assault, false imprisonment, aggravated burglary and indecent act with a child under 16.
Judge Felicity Hampel will sentence Bavage on May 13

Herald Sun (24-4-2009)
Shelley Hadfield

Sex Predator Bavage Guilty

SEX predator Jeffrey Peter Bavage has been found guilty of crimes dating back decades, including indecent acts against a girl at Torquay Caravan Park in 2007.
After a suppression order was lifted yesterday, the Geelong Advertiser can now reveal Bavage committed numerous sex offences as far back as 1977.
County Court judge Felicity Hampel lifted the order on the Lara man's identity after a jury returned a guilty verdict on the final of four back-to-back trials involving Bavage in Melbourne County Court.
One of the trials related to charges which stemmed from Bavage entering an annexe at Torquay Caravan Park on January 2, 2007, where a seven-year-old girl was sleeping.
Bavage was later arrested and charged with committing indecent acts in the presence of a child under 16 and aggravated burglary.
The Geelong Advertiser can now report Bavage was found guilty on both counts.
During the second trial Bavage was found guilty in relation to charges of sexual assault committed in the Lara area between 1977 and 1983.
Those charges included carnal knowledge of a girl under 10, sexual penetration of a girl under 16 and some other sexual offences.
In the third trial Bavage was found guilty of raping a 17-year-old girl at Pykes Creek in 2001.
The fourth and final trial concluded yesterday with a jury returning a guilty verdict over the rape of a 13-year-old girl at Sandringham in 1993.
Throughout the trials, publication of Bavage's details was suppressed to avoid influencing potential jurors.
Bavage, 47, and the father of three girls, had pleaded not guilty to all charges.
A plea hearing in relation to all matters will be heard in Melbourne County Court before Judge Hampel on April 8.

Geelong Advertiser (18-3-2009)
Karen Matthews

New Lead In Torquay Sex Attack

Identikit image of a man police want to speak with over the sex attack.
POLICE have released the first image of a man they believe may be involved in the sexual assault of a seven-year-old girl in Torquay.
Sexual Crimes Squad detectives hope publication of the identikit image will lead to a man seen near the victim's caravan just before the girl was assaulted as she slept in her family's annex on January 2.
Investigators believe the man may be able to help with their inquiries, as a media campaign and police caravan at the park yielded a witness who saw the man hanging around the victim's caravan about an hour before she was attacked.
Sexual Crimes Squad Detective Sergeant Jason Walsh said police did not know if the man of interest was a local or not.
"We are hopeful this might trigger someone else's memory," Det-Sgt Walsh said.
"Someone else who might have information might recognise it as being someone they had seen in the area."
He said detectives had already spoken to known sex offenders living in the area but did not have any ``strong leads at the moment".
"We tend to think the person who committed the crime would have been staying in the caravan park but having said that, it's also a thoroughfare to the beach," Det-Sgt Walsh said.
"Every time we put something in the media we get a response from the general public _ there's still plenty of interest in it."
The man police wish to speak to is between 16 to 22-years-of-age with short blond hair.
Anyone with information can call Crimestoppers.

AAP (16-1-2007)
Rainie Fraser

Police Narrow List Of Assault Suspects

CRIME CARAVAN: Ballarat's Travis Fullertan and Joel Vangils talk to Detective Senior Constable Nick Densley at the police caravan in Torquay yesterday.
POLICE believe the man who sexually assaulted a young girl at a Torquay caravan park last week had been camping at the foreshore.
Detective Sergeant Jason Walsh of the sexual crimes squad said police had already spoken to "quite a few" suspects and were yet to speak to a number more about the assault which happened at the Torquay Foreshore Caravan Park 5.40am last Tuesday.
"We tend to think it was a person staying in the park just due to where it happened and the time," Det-Sgt Walsh said.
He said a number of suspects had been ruled out as they were able to provide alibis.
The man preyed on the seven-year-old girl while she slept inside the annex of her family's caravan. Her two brothers were also asleep inside the annex during the attack, while her parents were sleeping in the caravan.
She woke to find the man leaning against her bed. He fled after the girl screamed for her mother, waking one of her brothers.
Police manned an information caravan outside the park yesterday and Det-Sgt Walsh said more than 20 people had come to speak to them by 10am.
He said police had the records of everybody who had been staying at the park and had spoken to 5000 of them.
Det-Sgt Walsh said the park's inhabitants included many interstate and overseas visitors.
"We've had a great response from the public and have received lots of information," Det-Sgt Walsh said.
He said it was too soon to speculate what charges the offender could face.
Det-Sgt Walsh said the girl and her family were still at the park, having decided to continue with their holiday despite the traumatic experience.
He said while the attack had been "the talk of the park" and parents were aware of it, it hadn't spoilt families' holidays.
Ballarat's Josh Carey, 16, said the attack had been a shock for his family.
"We've had a lot of little kids staying with us so everyone has become really cautious after finding out about it," he said.
The attacker has been described as Caucasian and aged between 16 and 22 years. He is believed to have blond, spiky hair and was wearing a pair of jeans at the time of the attack.

AAP (10-1-2007)
Julie McNamara

Fresh Leads In Sex Attack Case

POLICE are closing in on the predator who sexually assaulted a seven-year-old girl at a Torquay caravan park on Tuesday.
Detective Sergeant Jason Walsh of the Sex Crimes Squad yesterday said police were investigating several leads and had interviewed a man who possibly saw the attacker on the night of the attack.
He said police and Crime Stoppers had received thousands of phone calls about the sex attack after reports in the media this week.
The seven-year-old girl was sexually assaulted while she slept inside the annex of her family's caravan with her two brothers aged 10 and 12. Her parents were asleep in an adjoining caravan.
Police said the girl woke to find the man leaning against her bed between 5am and 5.30am on Tuesday. The attacker fled after the girl screamed for her mother, waking one of her brothers.
Det-Sgt Walsh said police had visited the 400 sites in the caravan park and interviewed the 5000 campers staying there.
"We have also interviewed a man aged in his 20s who was staying at the caravan park and he has got some information and is assisting us with our enquires," he said.
"We are also waiting on DNA results from the lab."
Det-Sgt Walsh spoke with the little girl and her family yesterday and said they intended to continue their holiday in the caravan park.
"I spoke to the girl and she is fighting on. They're a really good family and the statement they released really came from the heart," he said.
The girl's parents pleaded for the public's help in a statement released on Wednesday.
"Our daughter is raised in a loving, close-knit, happy family. We are sickened and disgusted by the actions of the person responsible for this," they said in the statement.
The attacker has been described as Caucasian and aged between 16 and 22 years. He is believed to have blond, spiky hair and was wearing a pair of jeans at the time of the attack.
Anyone with information is asked to phone Torquay CIU on 5261 4514 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

AAP (5-1-2007)
Lauren Pike

Girl, 7, Sexually Assaulted In Caravan Park

A SEVEN-YEAR-OLD girl was sexually assaulted yesterday morning while she slept inside her family's annex in a Torquay caravan park.
Police said the attack happened between 5am and 5.30am when a man entered the annex where the girl was sleeping.
Detective Sergeant Mick Baker from Torquay CIU said the girl's two brothers, aged 10 and 12, were also asleep inside the annex while their parents slept inside the caravan.
The attack happened inside the Torquay Foreshore Caravan Park.
"He (the attacker) has remained inside the annex and things have happened while the two boys (her brothers) remained asleep," Det-Sgt Baker said.
"When the girl called out to her mum, the man has decamped because one of her brothers woke up."
Det-Sgt Baker said the girl, from Melbourne, was taken to Geelong Hospital yesterday for a full medical examination and was released last night.
"We are still investigating what has happened to the girl but she has certainly been a victim of sexual assault," he said.
Det-Sgt Baker said there was a possibility the girl, who was a regular visitor to the Surf Coast, may have seen the man in the past couple of days.
He said police were unsure if the man had known where the girl was staying or if it was a random attack.
"It's possible the person could be staying in the caravan park or had visited someone in the last few days," Det-Sgt Baker said.
"We are unsure if the man knew where the girl lived or if he had tip-toed into four or five tents beforehand."
Police yesterday said the man was believed to be Caucasian and aged between 16 and 22 years. He is thought to have blond spiky hair and was wearing a pair of jeans.
The Sexual Crimes Squad was called in to assist with the investigation while police yesterday door-knocked campers staying at the Bell St caravan park.
The sex attack has shocked residents of the Torquay Foreshore Caravan Park who yesterday described the assault as "horrible" and "scary".
A father of three young daughters said the attack had destroyed the days of going on holidays and relaxing.
He said since news of the attack had filtered through the park, his children had been under constant supervision.
"This is a community. Everybody looks out for each other's kids but now you can't do anything," he said. Anyone with information about the attack is asked to call Torquay CIU or Crime Stoppers.

AAP (3-1-2007)
Lauren Pike

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