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Age: 44 yrs old (2013) (D.O.B- 31-5-1969)

State: NSW/ VIC

Sentence: Sentenced April 1999 in the VIC Supreme Court to 2 life jail terms. Camilleri received a non-fixed sentence, which means he should never get out of jail. Sentenced again in december 2013 to another 28yrs jail for the abduction/ murder of 13yr old schoolgirl, Prue Bird/ sentence to be served concurrently with life sentences/ no parole.

Offence/Other: Found guilty of the abduction, rape and murder of Bega schoolgirls- Lauren Barry (aged 14 yrs) and Nichole Collins (aged 16 yrs), in October 1997. See also Lindsay Hoani Beckett.

    For more information on this crime/ offender please purchase a copy of "Little Girls Lost" by Helen Reade.

Our thoughts go out to the victims families of these horrific crimes - their courage should be an inspiration to us all

Let's see he is NEVER released into society again.

Herald Sun- Galleries: schoolgirl killer Leslie Camilleri

Crime Investigation Australia - The Bega Schoolgirls

Leslie Camilleri

Leslie Camilleri

Leslie Camilleri
Triple killer Leslie Camilleri sentenced to another 28 years for schoolgirl Prue Bird's murder

The mother of murdered schoolgirl Prue Bird says she will always pray for a miracle to reveal the resting place of her missing teenage daughter.
Jenny Bird wept in the Supreme Court yesterday as Justice Elizabeth Curtain sentenced depraved triple killer Leslie Alfred Camilleri to a 28-year sentence for Prue's 1992 murder.
The sentence is to be served concurrently with the life sentences without parole Camilleri is already serving for the 1997 murders of raped Bega schoolgirls Lauren Barry and Nichole Collins.
Camilleri has still not told the truth about how and why he killed 13-year-old Prue, Justice Curtain said during her near two-hour sentence.
The judge told Camilleri, a hulking Islamic convert, his account of the crime was "implausible".
Outside court an exhausted Jenny Bird said: "I just pray one day that I might know what happened to Prue. I still don't know what happened to her. I still haven't got Prue back...(but) I pray.
"I stood up (in court) and faced him and asked him (where my daughter is). I've written to him twice.
I think he's gutless. That's just who he is - he's a nobody and I don't want him to take up any more time in my life."
Camilleri, 44, admitted to killing Prue, who disappeared from her Glenroy home on February 2, 1992.
He disputed the Crown contention that he and another man, a now dead violent associate named Mark McConville, kidnapped Prue and held her captive before she was killed.
Camilleri contended the killing was an opportunistic crime, that he acted alone, and that he accidentally suffocated Prue.
He claimed he later dumped her body in a Frankston tip near where he had scattered the dismembered body parts of an unidentified man.
"Your conduct bespeaks criminality of a very high order and is demonstrative of a cruel and callous disregard for the sanctity of human life," Justice Curtain said.
"Your utter disregard of human life is entrenched ... You will remain in custody until the day of your death.
"Your account does not sit with other evidence given on the plea," Justice Curtain told Camilleri.
The judge said she was satisfied "by the combined force of the evidence" that Camilleri and McConville drove the streets of Glenroy looking for the house where a young girl lived prior to February 2, and that Camilleri and two others - possibly including McConville - snatched Prue from her home.
"You were involved with others in the abduction of a defenceless child from the sanctuary of her home in circumstances which must have been terrifying," Justice Curtain said.
"Her body has never been found and most likely never will." It was a police theory that Prue was killed as payback for statements her grandmother, Julie, and Julie's partner, Paul Hetzel, made against those who bombed the Russell St police complex in 1986.
It was decided the Walsh St allegation could not be proved beyond a reasonable doubt, Crown prosecutor Michele Williams, SC, told the court earlier this year.
Mrs Bird said she still believed the motive for Prue's abduction was payback for the making of those statements. Justice Curtain told Camilleri he had destroyed Mrs Bird's life.
"I am satisfied that the nature of this offence, your past history which includes two convictions for murder, the fact that you will never be released back into the community, and that you present as a real and serious danger to the community - and especially to young girls - all render it inappropriate to fix a non-parole period," the judge said.
"And I decline to do so."
Police fully investigated Camilleri's claim about where he put Prue's body, but found no evidence to support his version.
Through his barrister John Kelly, Camilleri had apologised to Mrs Bird for what he had put her through.
Mrs Bird rejected that apology, and Justice Curtain described it as "feeble".

www.news.com.au (5-12-2013)

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Schoolgirl killer Leslie Camilleri refuses to reveal more about the murder of Prue Bird

Triple killer Leslie Alfred Camilleri has failed to reveal where he dumped the body of Melbourne schoolgirl Prue Bird.
Ignoring a plea made yesterday by Supreme Court judge Justice Elizabeth Curtain to “exercise his conscience” and tell all, Camilleri has remained silent on the whereabouts of Prue’s remains.
Camilleri pleaded guilty late last year to the murder of 13-year-old Prue, who police say was snatched from her Glenroy home on February 2, 1992.
But he disagrees with the facts and circumstances alleged by the Crown.
Prue's remains have never been found, despite a mixed bag of confessions Camilleri has told other prisoners and maps he has drawn.
In one version he claimed he stuffed Prue’s body in an old fridge at a tip near Kananook train station.
In another confession, he said he buried Prue next to an unidentified man he claims he murdered as payback for abuse he was subjected to at an earlier age.
In the Supreme Court this morning, no announcement was made regarding any revelations on where Prue's remains lay hidden.
The Supreme Court has heard that for some time after her kidnapping Prue lay huddled in a locked backyard shed, crying and saying she wanted to go home to her mum.
A female witness, referred to only as Witness K, has told police she awoke semi-naked in the shed - which belonged to Camilleri associate and drug trafficker Mark McConville - and saw the sobbing teen.
Prue said she had been taken from her home and threatened with death, according to the woman.
Michele Williams, SC, for the Crown, said that Camilleri and McConville, who has since died, were criminal mates and that evidence suggested the pair kidnapped Prue and held her captive before Camilleri murdered her.
Under cross examination during Camilleri's contested plea hearing this morning, Witness K - a former McConville associate - described the shed as a small tin structure which contained McConville's bed, a kettle, covered junk, bed linen for curtains and shelves with paint tins.
When asked how it was locked, she said: "He (McConville) had a padlock on it."
According to her statement, she last saw Prue when let out of the shed.
Witness K has also told police she overheard allegedly damning conversations between Camilleri and McConville.
Defence barrister John Kelly spent some time attacking Witness K’s credibility this morning, grilling her on dates and her claims of past injuries when compared to doctor reports.
Witness K admitted to having used amphetamines and sedatives, and denied she knew about any reward offered during the Prue Bird investigation.
Camilleri is serving life without parole for the shocking 1997 murders of raped Bega schoolgirls Lauren Barry and Nichole Collins.
He claims he encountered Prue in her street while hunting a man who molested him when he was younger.
After asking Prue a question and being told “where to go'', he claims he choked her unconscious, hog-tied her and put her in his car.
He says he realised later she was not breathing.
“We say that version is completely fanciful,'' Ms Williams told the hearing yesterday.
“We say this was a planned murder.''
Ms Williams said Camilleri and McConville were once overheard discussing a plan to knock off a Glenroy girl.
The plea hearing continues.

Herald Sun (5-2-2013)
Paul Anderson

Prue Bird killing was planned, court told

A notorious murderer claims he killed Melbourne teenager Prue Bird when she refused to reveal the whereabouts of her father who he believed might have sexually abused him, a court has heard.
Bega schoolgirl killer Leslie Alfred Camilleri says he became angry and strangled Prue in a Melbourne street in February 1992 when she would not say where her father was.
Camilleri's pre-sentence hearing in the Victorian Supreme Court was told on Monday that he had told fellow prisoners he believed Prue's father may have been one of two men who abused him as a child.
The prosecution told the court Camilleri, 43, also claimed to fellow prisoners he killed one of the two men, whose body was buried near Prue's.
He said he could not say where Prue was buried because he did not want the alleged abuser's body to be found.
Camilleri also told one prisoner he had killed another three people.
But prosecutors dispute Camilleri's version of events and say he planned to kill Prue and committed the crime with another man, Mark McConville, who is now dead.
Justice Elizabeth Curtain said it might now be time for Camilleri to "exercise his conscience" and reveal where Prue was buried.
Prosecutor Michele Williams SC told the court that a woman woke up in a shed after being assaulted by McConville in February 1992 and found a 13-year-old girl with her in the shed.
Prue had told the woman, who is known as witness K, that she "wanted to be taken home to her mother", Ms Williams told the court.
Witness K had said Prue had told her she had been warned that if she did the wrong thing she would be killed.
When Witness K later saw pictures of Prue Bird she believed it was the same person.
Earlier Witness K had been in the car with Camilleri and McConville when Camilleri said there was a girl in Glenroy that "had to be bumped off" and "if they didn't get rid of her they were f***ed".
Camilleri told a number of different versions of his story to police and other prisoners, Ms Williams said.
She said he also gave different versions about where the body was buried, including that he put the body in a fridge at a rubbish tip next to a Melbourne train station, the court heard.
"Much of the admissions are self-serving ... ultimately we would make the submission that he did not commit the murder in the way he says he did," Ms Williams said.
"This was a planned murder."
She said there was evidence that Prue was abducted from her Glenroy home, including that her lunch was uneaten and the house door was open.
Ms Williams said it would not be alleged by the prosecution that a connection between Prue and a Russell Street bombing witness was the motive for the murder, as it could not be proved.
Prue's mother Jenny sat just metres from Camilleri during the hearing.
Camilleri, wearing a white t-shirt, sat with beads in his hand.
The court heard he had converted to Islam while in prison.
Camilleri pleaded guilty last year to murdering Prue.
He is already serving life in prison for the murder of Bega schoolgirls Lauren Barry and Nichole Collins in 1997.
McConville died in prison in 2003.
The hearing resumes on Tuesday.

AAP (4-2-2013)
Danial Fogarty

Judge calls on schoolgirl killer Leslie Camilleri to reveal more about the murder of Prue Bird

Notorious Bega schoolgirl killer Leslie Camilleri has been urged by a judge to "exercise his conscience" and reveal where murdered teen Prue Bird is buried.
Triple killer Camilleri has pleaded guilty to murdering 13-year-old Prue after she was taken from her Glenroy home on February 2, 1992.
Despite the plea, Camilleri is contesting the prosecution’s version of the facts and circumstances surrounding the death.
Today the Supreme Court heard that a former associate of a man implicated in the disappearance told police she awoke semi-naked and drugged in a backyard shed beside Prue, who was sobbing for her mother.
The now dead criminal Mark McConville’s former associate, who can only be referred to as Witness K, told detectives the violent drug trafficker would often lock her in the shed.
After waking up in there on one occasion semi-naked and drugged, she noticed a frightened young girl huddled on the floor next to her.
The Supreme Court was told that the girl told Witness K her name was Prue and that she had been taken from her home and told that if she “f---ed up” she would be “knocked straight away”.
Camilleri claims he came across Prue in her street while hunting for one of two men who sexually abused him earlier in his life and, after asking Prue a question and being “told where to go”, he grabbed her, choked her and later stuffed her body in a refrigerator at a rubbish tip.
It is a claim not accepted by the prosecution.
“We say that version of events is completely fanciful,” Ms Williams told Justice Elizabeth Curtain today.
“We say this was a planned murder – for whatever motive.”
Ms Williams said the Crown was not relying on “the Russell St bombing motive”; a motive previously alleged in court suggesting Prue was snatched and killed as payback for two of her relatives testifying against the men who carried out the fatal 1986 bombing of the Russell Street police complex.
Ms Williams said evidence suggested Camilleri had acted with McConville to snatch Prue from inside her home – where her dinner sat untouched and the television left on.
Ms Williams said Camilleri and McConville were associates “based on drugs and crime”.
McConville, a former associate of cold-blooded hitman Rodney Collins, was convicted of murdering couple Ray and Dorothy Abbey in 1987 - but was acquitted at retrial.
Prue’s body has never been found, despite Camilleri’s alleged confessions and maps being drawn as to her whereabouts.
“This man (Camilleri) does have a tendency to pick up young girls and does have a tendency to kill them,” Ms Williams said today of the man serving life without parole for the shocking murders of raped Bega schoolgirls Lauren Barry and Nichole Collins.
Prue’s long-suffering mother, Jenny Bird, sobbed in court as Ms Williams read through the Crown’s opening and outlined what relevant witnesses are expected to say in evidence.
Ms Williams said Witness K overheard conversations between McConville and Camilleri in which they discussed “knocking off” a Glenroy girl who was a Crown witness, before scouting streets in a car and looking at a particular high school.
The court heard Witness K told police that the girl in the shed who said her name was Prue “kept saying she wanted to go home to her mother”.
Ms Williams said Witness K later identified the girl as Prue Bird after being shown images of Prue.
The court heard a person named Witness L had undergone hypnotherapy to provide police with a description of last seeing Prue in the back of a car yelling “help me!” and banging her hands against the window.
The court was told a car seen in the area at the time matched that of McConville’s blue hatchback.
Ms Williams outlined how several witnesses had told police of jail conversations with Camilleri during which he made differing admissions about how he killed Prue, including raping and burying her.
He told others he accidentally strangled her before dumping her in a fridge at a tip near Kananook railway station, while another version had Prue’s remains lying next to a man Camilleri murdered for sexually abusing him at an earlier age.
Camilleri, who sat in the dock with eyes closed for most of today’s proceedings, told police he acted alone when he killed Prue.
Before adjourning the case for the day, Justice Curtain suggested Camilleri “exercise his conscience” and reveal where Prue’s remains were buried.
The hearing resumes tomorrow.

Herald Sun (4-2-2013)
Paul Anderson

Man makes admissions in 20-year mystery of Prue Bird murder, court told

A man charged over the cold case murder of missing Glenroy teenager Prue Bird has made certain admissions, a court has heard.
While Leslie Camilleri had made admissions in a police record of interview, certain issues were in dispute, the Melbourne Magistrates' Court was told today.
The dispute centred on alleged motive and how the murder happened, defence lawyer Jacqui Kennedy said.
Ms Kennedy asked that the matter be adjourned for six weeks, as she had only just finished reading the extensive police brief.
She said Mr Camilleri also needed time to study the police documents in full.
"It's not going to be wasted time," Ms Kennedy said of the requested adjournment.
Magistrate Charlie Rozencwajg decided to adjourn the case for three weeks.
Mr Camilleri, 42, appeared via a video link from prison, but will be required in court on July 11.
Police believe Prue, 13, was murdered between February 2-9, 1992, in the days after she disappeared from her Glenroy home.
In February this year, Det-Sgt Brent Fisher, of the homicide squad, alleged in court that the motive for Prue's abduction and murder revolved around payback over police statements made against the men who bombed the Russell Street police building in 1986.
Prue's grandmother, Julie, and her partner, Paul Kurt Hetzel, gave statements to police about the fatal bombing, Melbourne Magistrates' Court was told in February.
Police unsuccessfully searched for Prue's remains in Gippsland earlier this year.

Herald Sun (20-6-2012)
Paul Anderson

Les Camilleri charged with missing Glenroy teen Prue Bird's murder

Prue Bird was was 13 when she disappeared from her Melbourne home in 1992
Prue Bird was was 13 when she disappeared from her Melbourne home in 1992

- Prue Bird went missing from her home in 1992
- Les Camilleri, 42, has been charged with murder
- Teen last seen peering through car window

POLICE have charged a man with the murder of a Melbourne teenager who went missing 20 years ago.
Les Camilleri, 42, was today charged with the murder of Prue Bird, 13.
He is expected to face Melbourne Magistrates’ Court via video link next Wednesday.
Homicide squad detectives last week revealed they were confident of solving the Bird killing.
They yesterday successfully applied to a court to question him.
The Herald Sun revealed two years ago that Camilleri was under investigation over the Prue Bird killing.
She was last seen alive peering through the rear window of a Ford Laser as it drove from the area around her Glenroy home on February 2, 1992.
The teenager had been left in the care of a family friend who went to a shed to pack boxes while Prue made her lunch.
When she returned, Prue was gone.
The Justin Ave property’s front door was open, a television set was on and a hot meal sat on the table.

Herald Sun (9-2-2012)
Mark Buttler

Schoolgirl killer a suspect again

BEGA schoolgirl killer Les Camilleri has emerged as the prime suspect in one of Melbourne's most disturbing cold case murders.
The sinister Camilleri is under scrutiny over the baffling 1992 disappearance of 13-year-old Glenroy girl Prue Bird, the Herald Sun reports.
Camilleri is already serving two life sentences for the murder of Lauren Barry, 14, and Nichole Collins, 16, in 1997.
He and an accomplice abducted the girls in southern NSW, raped them and murdered them by a creek in Victoria's east.
The investigation into the killing of Prue Bird was first thought to be linked to the Russell St police bombings or a notorious armed robber who was friendly with her family.
But Camilleri is now in the sights of the homicide squad.
Investigators have been trying to piece together Camilleri's movements in the period when Prue vanished.
She was last seen alive preparing lunch in the kitchen of her mother's Justin Avenue house on February 2, 1992.
A family friend who had been packing boxes in a garage returned to find the front door open and the television on.
Earlier this year, police publicly appealed for anyone who knew of Camilleri's whereabouts or could place him in Melbourne in the 1990s to come forward, but did not specify why.
A $500,000 reward is in place for anyone able to help find Prue's killer.
Victoria Police would not comment on any link between Camilleri and the Bird case.
"The investigation into the murder of Prue Bird remains unsolved, and police urge any person with information in relation to the homicide to contact CrimeStoppers," a police statement said.
In 1999, Supreme Court judge Frank Vincent sentenced Camilleri to life in jail with no minimum term.
"Through your own acts, you have forfeited your right to ever walk among us again," Justice Vincent said.
Now 39, Camilleri is serving his term in the state's most secure jail, Barwon Prison, near Geelong.
His accomplice, Lindsay Beckett, was sentenced to life in jail with a minimum of 35 years before he can be considered for parole.
One of the early theories after Prue disappeared was that her death was linked to the Russell St police bombings of 1986.
Her grandmother was a long-time partner of convicted armed robber Paul Hetzel, who turned Crown witness against four men accused of the bombing.
At one stage, police also examined whether a sexually twisted armed robber, who had spent time with the family, was responsible.
That man, known at one stage as Bank Enemy Number One, had sexually assaulted a relative of Prue's.
Anyone with information on the murder of Prue Bird can contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or visit www.crimestoppers.com.au.

Herald Sun 29-12-2009
Mark Buttler

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