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The 'MAKO/Files' Online and MAKO/Files Online WTC are Australia's 1st " FREE PUBLIC" Paedophile/Sex offender registries, and collectively list/ name over 2000 offenders nationwide, with more offenders being added on a regular basis.. 98+% of offenders listed in the MAKO/Files Online and MAKO/Files Online- (WTC) have been convicted by a court of law.
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A typical Online MAKO/File (offenders file) may include the offenders name,age(2008),photo where possible,occupation,offence-s committed,sentence received by the court, and last known location-
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Not only can the MAKO/Files online be used by the Australian PUBLIC to better protect themselves and their CHILDREN/ families from proven sex offenders, they have many other benefits, including..

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Age: 50 yrs old (2011)

State: QLD- Brisbane and Victoria

Sentence: Sentenced to 3.5 yrs jail - Increased to 4.5 yrs - Eligible for parole.

Offence/Other: Mark Foy - Pleaded guilty on the 22-1-2001,in a QLD District Court to 12 counts of indecent treatment of children under 12 yrs old,1 count of indecent treatment of a child under 16 yrs old. Offences occured in October 1999. Victims were 9 boys and girls (aged 6-12 yrs)..Foy has many priors for sexual offending dating back to 1986..Current offences occured only 9 months after he had been released from prison.

Queensland Government accused of providing a false name to shield sex criminal Mark Anthony Foy

The State Government has been accused of giving a pseudonym to one of Queensland's most dangerous pedophiles when housing him in the community.
Mark Anthony Foy, who has been convicted on a string of child-sex offences, was recently employed by dairy farmers in the small town Harrisville, south of Ipswich.
The union representing prison officers says Queensland Corrective Services gave Foy a false surname and didn't tell his would-be employees the nature of his crimes.
Police and Corrective Services Minister Neil Roberts said this was not the case, but United Voice representative Peter Clark said no one was told who Foy was or what he'd done.
"They didn't know who he was because they didn't give him the right surname," he said.
"They told him he had minor offences. They were shocked when they found out."
Mr Clark, who has guarded several "high risk" pedophiles in his career, said the public had a right to know who they were employing.
The dairy farmer who employed Foy didn't want to be named, but told The Courier-Mail on Monday he did not know Foy's true background and found out by accident.
Mr Roberts said he understood the offender's former employers were told his full name, made aware of his offences "and that he was subject to the Dangerous Prisoners Sexual Offenders Act".
He said two offenders had been convicted of sexual or violent offences while on a supervision order.
"Three are currently before the courts, four offenders have been found not guilty and four have had their charges discontinued. I am advised that four offenders subject to the DPSOA are now deceased," Mr Roberts said.
Mr Roberts said he recognised "under reporting" of sexual offences in the community, but one of the reasons was most child-sex offenders were known to their victims.
Foy, who previously breached his community supervision order, has since been shifted back to transitional housing at Wacol.

www.news.com.au (16-11-2011)

Rickuss angry at paedophile move

A member for Lockyer Ian Rickuss has questioned the State Government's policy for placing sex offenders following a convicted pedophile's brief placement to a property near Harrisville.
In a speech to State Parliament last night Mr Rickuss said the decision to place paedophile Mark Anthony Foy in the Scenic Rim town of Harrisville was an "inappropriate, stupid decision."
Mr Rickuss said Foy was a "repeat offender" who was a "high risk" of re-offending.
"In 2001 Foy underwent a sex offenders program...The co-ordinator deemed there was still a high risk of Foy re-offending," Mr Rickuss said.
"So after the expert information - what does the Corrective Services Minister do with Mr Foy?
"He imposes him on one of the smallest communities in south east Queensland - the small community of Harrisville."
Mr Rickuss said the Foy's employers during his Harrisville stay were unaware of his crimes.
"Even the resident who's house Foy was living in and the people he was doing casual work for did not know what a creep Foy was."
However Corrective Services acting commissioner Marlene Morison said Foy's employers were aware of his crimes.
"She was made aware of the details of the offences and the ages of the victims," she said.
"She stated that she was unsure of whether she wanted to take responsibility for housing a 'paedophile' and stated that she would need to reconsider her offer.
"The woman contacted Wacol staff the following day on 19 August, 2011, and advised she had spoken with her husband, and they decided to give offender Foy a chance at residing on their farm and working for them."
Ms Morison said Foy had been located an appropriate distance from facilities where children would be present.
"The property was set on acreage approximately 3.5 kilometres from the centre of Harrisville, 2.3 km from the nearest Primary School.
"The closest parks were 5.9km and 6.6km from the property. The closest licenses premises was 2.6km from the property and the closest shopping centre was... 20.5km from the residence."

www.qt.com.au (16-11-2011
Geoff Egan

Paedophile forced out

A convicted paedophile's brief settlement in a rural town near Ipswich has sparked outrage in the community.
Mark Anthony Foy, who has served jail time for a string of child sex offences, is believed to have been relocated to a property outside Harrisville, south of Ipswich, before being moved to "contingency accommodation" at the Wacol prison reserve on November 2.
Foy was jailed in 2001 for 12 counts of indecent treatment of children under 12 years old and one count of indecent treatment of a child under 16 years old.
A Harrisville Neighbourhood Watch meeting saw more than double its usual turnout as residents voiced their outrage.
Harrisville Neighbourhood Watch president Pam Lobwein said people were irate at Foy's presence.
"People are very, very upset," she said.
"They want him removed there and then, they want him removed and they don't want him in the area."
Ms Lobwein said while it is believed he is located outside of Harrisville he has been spotted, wearing a monitoring bracelet, in town and close to the school.
"Why is he allowed near the school?" she asked.
Member for Lockyer Ian Rickuss said he was outraged a convicted paedophile had been placed in a small community such as Harrisville.
"(Harrisville residents) are bloody fuming," he said. "It's a small community; there is only one police officer out here at the moment.
"Why would you place someone with such a bad record as Foy in a town with so few facilities?
"It's totally inappropriate to put them in places like Harrisville.
"You've got to question the process of where they place these blokes if Harrisville is an option."
Department of Corrective Services acting commissioner Peter Bottomley said while an offender had been living in the area that person was moved.
"An offender subject to a community-based supervision order under the terms of the Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act was living in approved accommodation in the Ipswich region," Mr Bottomley said.
"The offender was under the supervision of Queensland Corrective Services, including electronic monitoring.
"The offender was yesterday (Wednesday) relocated to alternative contingency accommodation."
Foy was found in breach of his supervision order in 2008 after being caught swimming in the Chuwar quarry with two teenage boys.

The Queensland Times (4-11-2011)
Geoff Egan

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The Courier Mail newspaper (Brisbane-Qld) recently informed the public of 30 convicted paedophiles/ sex offenders names, offence and sentence.

State's web of evil exposed

Thirty serious sex offenders are still living in Queensland communities - despite the State Government's fears that they will reoffend.
Authorities yesterday said there were no guarantees they would not attack again after a 59-year-old man, who cannot be named under Queensland law, was arrested for breaching his supervision order.
The accused man appeared in Brisbane Magistrate's Court today charged with rape, assaulting a person over 60 years and administering a stupefying drug with the intent to commit an offence.
Police said the victim was allegedly attacked at her Palm Beach home on Wednesday.
Magistrate Noel Nunan remanded the man to reappear in Southport Magistrates Court on April 14.
A second serious sex offender has also been interviewed by police over the alleged rape.
Convicted pedophile Mark Anthony Foy is believed to have been in a Palm Beach unit on at the time the alleged rape occurred.
Foy and the alleged offender are among five serious sex attackers who are back behind bars after breaching strict supervision orders in the past fortnight.
However 30 other former inmates remain free after the government unsuccessfully fought to keep them in jail.
Foy was arrested on Wednesday night after the alleged rape occurred for breaches of his supervision order relating to his alleged failure to attend probation and parole appointments on time, positive drug tests and wilful damage.
It is understood the pair were regular visitors to the unit block where the woman was allegedly raped.
A neighbour said the two men often visited the woman and drank alcohol together.
"(They) had been here off and on for the last six months or so more often lately," the neighbour said.
A past victim of the accused rapist said she felt "ill" when she heard the alleged rape took place about 2km from where she was living.
She slammed "bleeding heart" judges and politicians for allowing sex attackers back into the community.
"I cried, I just cried," she said.
The victim said she always believed the accused would reoffend.
"I don't call people like him sick because sick people can be cured. He is just evil," she said.
The recent spate of breaches has raised questions about the effectiveness of supervision orders made by the Supreme Court under the Dangerous Prisoner (Sexual Offenders) Act.
Convicted pedophile John Bragg and violent sex offender Darren Francis failed drug tests last month, and just over a week ago repeat rapist Shane Harvey was charged with attempted murder after allegedly bashing a woman, 54, with a walking stick.
The laws were created by the State Government to allow repeat sex offenders to be jailed indefinitely where necessary.
But of the 46 offenders taken to court so far, 16 are currently behind bars, while 30 have been freed and are living under various restrictions including curfews, are banned from interacting with children and undergo regular drug tests.
Eleven of the offenders are forced to wear electronic tracking bracelets.
Corrective Services director-general Frank Rockett yesterday launched a thinly veiled attack on the Supreme Court judgments, saying he was concerned that every one of the offenders posed a risk to the community.
"Every time we have argued to the court this person should not be released to the community," he told ABC Radio. "Arguments are put strongly using the best possible legal defence. In most cases, the Supreme Court chooses to release them on very strict supervision orders."
Mr Rockett said that in the past four years there had been 25 breaches of supervision orders.
"But we haven't had anyone on a supervision order reoffend sexually, until now," he said.
Corrective Services Minister Judy Spence said the laws were currently under review and the Government was considering ways to close loopholes.
"We are frustrated that the courts will not allow us to keep people (like the accused man) behind bars indefinitely," she said. "He has shown through his past behaviours that he is a despicable human being.
"We can't give any guarantees. The only place we can guarantee these people won't reoffend is if they're behind a prison gate."
Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg demanded Ms Spence be sacked if the rape allegations were proven.
"One of the major responsibilities of any government is to protect its citizens, and if these allegations are found to be proven, the Government is failing to protect the most vulnerable Queenslanders," he said.
He supported changes to the laws which would keep sex offenders behind bars indefinitely.
Hetty Johnston, from child safety group Bravehearts, said courts were not using the laws as they were meant to be used to keep dangerous offenders out of the community.
"We have to keep these people locked up," she said.
But Queensland Council of Civil Liberties president Michael Cope said the laws should not exist at all.
"What we object to in this legislation is that they've served their time, but they're being locked up on the basis of what they might do," he said.
Earlier in the day, the accused rapist appeared in the Supreme Court on two alleged breaches of his supervision order.
Despite protesting his innocence through defence barrister Dan O'Gorman, he was remanded in custody.

Courier Mail (5-4-2008)
Robyn Ironside/ Greg Stolz/ Rosemary Odgers

Convicted pedophile Mark Anthony Foy arrested again

A NOTORIOUS Queensland pedophile is back in custody accused of again breaching the conditions of his release.
A Queensland Corrective Services spokesman said Mark Anthony Foy was taken into custody last night after allegedly breaching his supervision order.
It is the third time Foy has been returned to custody since he was released from prison on a Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act supervision order in January 2005.
He is being held at the Brisbane Watchhouse pending a hearing in the Supreme Court.
He was returned to jail in March 2007 after being caught selling morphine to an undercover police officer and then spitting in his face, and again in November of that year for talking to two children aged 12 and 14.
Foy served four-and-a-half-years jail for offences against nine children aged between six and 12.
His supervision order does not expire until January 2015.

AAP (19-12-2008)

Pedophile Mark Anthony Foy 'caught swimming with boy'

A CONVICTED pedophile has allegedly breached the conditions of his release by swimming in a waterhole with a 13-year-old boy.
Mark Anthony Foy, 47, was taken into custody on last night after allegedly breaching his supervision order the previous day.
Documents filed in the Supreme Court in Brisbane allege Foy was swimming in a disused quarry at Chuwar, west of Brisbane, when he was spotted by police.
The documents show police had chanced upon him when they noticed his empty car at the entrance to the quarry.
A registration check revealed it was Foy's, who was flagged as a person of interest, the documents state.
It's alleged police walked down to the water where they found Foy swimming and chatting with two boys aged 16 and 13.
Under the conditions of his community-based supervision order, Foy is forbidden from having contact with children under 16.
He briefly appeared in the Supreme Court today and was remanded in custody until a hearing into the alleged breach can take place.
It is the third time Foy has been returned to custody since he was released from prison on a Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act supervision order in January 2005.
He returned to jail in March 2007 after being caught selling morphine to an undercover police officer and then spitting in his face, and again in November that year for talking to two children aged 12 and 14.
Foy served four and a half years' jail for offences against nine children aged between six and 12.
His supervision order does not expire until January 2015.

AAP (19-12-2008)
Christine Flatley

Pedophile May Be Locked Up For Good

A NOTORIOUS pedophile faces indefinite imprisonment after he allegedly breached his strict release conditions.
Mark Foy, 44, whose history of molesting children dates back as far as 1986, was released in December 2004 after spending four and a half years in jail in Brisbane for offences against nine children.
In January last year, Supreme Court Justice James Douglas rejected an application by then state Attorney-General Rod Welford to detain Foy indefinitely under Queensland's beefed-up Dangerous Prisoners (Sex Offenders) Act.
The law allows prisoners to be held indefinitely, even after they have served their sentence, if they are still considered a threat to the community.
Justice Douglas rejected the application for indefinite detention and released Foy under 24 strict supervisory conditions requiring him to report to authorities for 10 years.
Attorney-General Linda Lavarch today launched a fresh application in the Brisbane Supreme Court seeking to jail Foy indefinitely or at least tighten his supervision conditions.
The move was prompted by allegations Foy had recently breached his reporting conditions.
The details of the alleged breach were not read out in court but were presented sealed in an envelope.
Justice Anthe Philippides ordered the application be heard by a Supreme Court justice on June 13-14, and for two psychiatric reports on Foy to be prepared in the interim.
Foy underwent a sex offenders treatment program for 13 months starting in 2001, after which the program coordinators deemed there was still a high risk of him re-offending.

AAP (20-2-2006)

Paedophile Moved Away From School

One of Queensland's most notorious paedophiles has been relocated after community outrage that he was living opposite a school.
Mark Anthony Foy was living in a halfway house opposite a special school in the Ipswich suburb of Goodna.
The Department of Corrective Services Department spent several weeks trying to find a more suitable location after the State Government last month failed to have him jailed indefinitely.
He was moved yesterday.
Dr Wendell Rosevear helps victims and perpetrators of sexual assault.
He says there is a risk with continually running these type of people out of the community.
"The major factor with reoffending is denial or secrecy so the best preventative is to value honesty and nurture honesty, so communities deserve understanding and information so they can act with awareness," he said.
The department says Foy's will remain under close supervision, but his location will not be released.

AAP (6-2-2005)

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