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Name: MICHAEL MORRIS WILSON (Michael Wilson)

Age: 53 yrs old (2008)

State: VIC - Melbourne

Sentence: Sentenced to 16 yrs jail - 12 yrs non parole.

Offence/Other: Michael Morris Wilson - Former Melbourne naturopath, who in 2008 was convicted of sexual offences against 13 female clients between 1987 and 2006.

News - Fifty-three-year-old Michael Wilson inappropriately massaged 13 female patients including two children over an 18 year period at his clinics in the Melbourne suburbs of Prahran and Blackburn.
Between 1987 and 2006, he raped and indecently assaulted the women who came to him for treatment for headaches, back pain and depression.
One of victims was a 12-year-old girl - Read More Below.

Sex-trial laws 'confusing' judges and jurors

Victorian sex-offence laws are so complex that judges are confused and the system of trial by jury is in doubt, a senior judge says.
Two of his colleagues have described the requirements of a judge in instructing a jury before deliberations as ''too complex'', leading to an increased number of successful appeals against conviction.
The President of the Court of Appeal, Justice Chris Maxwell, called on the state government to urgently review the relevant laws that direct judges when they instruct jurors.
''The law governing the trial of sexual offences is now so extraordinarily complex as to throw into doubt the expectations on which the system of trial by jury is founded,'' Justice Maxwell said.
The comments were made in the successful appeal of Melbourne naturopath Michael Morris Wilson, who in 2008 was convicted of 35 sexual offences against 13 female clients between 1987 and 2006.
The County Court trial ran for 5 weeks and the jury deliberated for almost two weeks.
The Court of Appeal took seven months to finalise its reasons, in which it ordered a retrial on 17 counts, finding that the trial judge's directions to the jury about the accused's awareness of consent were in error.
It is the latest in a string of successful appeals this year in sex offence cases because of the complex nature of a judge's directions to a jury.
The prosecution alleged that Wilson, qualified in Swedish massage and Bowen therapy, attacked the women while practising at Blackburn, Surrey Hills and Prahran, mostly while massaging them. The youngest complainant was 15 at the time.
Eighteen other convictions from the trial, and the sentence of 9 years' jail, did not change.
Justice Maxwell and justices Robert Redlich and Emilios Kyrou ruled that the trial had miscarried because the jury was misdirected as to Wilson's belief in the women's consent.
By law, if an accused has a genuine belief of consent, it does not matter if the belief is unreasonable.
They said that Judge Liz Gaynor's directions could have left the jury with the impression that if the belief of consent was unreasonable, it could be used to determine guilt.
The judges said the jury might have been satisfied through an ''impermissible path of reasoning'' that Wilson was aware four of the women were not consenting, or might not be consenting.
They said Judge Gaynor had instructed the jury correctly according to the charge book (guidelines given to judges) but that the book was wrong. That book was amended in March.
Justices Kyrou and Redlich said in their joint reasons that: ''The fact that there has been an increasing number of successful appeals against conviction in this area of the law is due in no small measure to the fact that this area of the law is too complex and too difficult to explain to a jury.''
Justice Maxwell said a judge should be reasonably expected to explain the relevant law to the jury, with all of its combinations, without error, and that the jury should understand the law and be able to apply it to the evidence that they have heard.
Many sexual-offence trials include what is known as ''uncharged acts'' evidence, where the prosecution can lead evidence about prior behaviour of the accused, but for which they are not charged. Justice Maxwell said the relevant laws were uncertain and creating difficulties for trial judges.
''If the Victorian community is to continue to have confidence in the operation of jury trials, there needs to be legislative intervention to simplify the directions which judges are required to give,'' he said.

www.theage.com.au (31-10-2011)
Adrian Low

Naturopath jailed for sexual assaults on patients

A Melbourne naturopath has been sentenced to 16 years jail for raping and indecently assaulting his patients.
Fifty-three-year-old Michael Wilson inappropriately massaged 13 female patients including two children over an 18 year period at his clinics in the Melbourne suburbs of Prahran and Blackburn.
Between 1987 and 2006, he raped and indecently assaulted the women who came to him for treatment for headaches, back pain and depression.
One of victims was a 12-year-old girl.
In sentencing, County Court Judge Liz Gaynor said Wilson is a callous, self-centred sexual abuser, who was so arrogant his actions continued even after complaints were made.
Outside court, Detective Sergeant Eddie Logonder said Wilson was a serious sexual predator.
"I'd consider Michael Wilson one of the worst sex offenders I've come across," he said.
Outside court, one of his victims encouraged other victims of sexual abuse to contact authorities.
"You need to come forward you need to speak up," she said.
"We've come forward and as a consequence he's in jail for 16 years now and can't do it to anyone else for a very long time."
He must serve at least 12 years in prison.

www.abc.net.au (29-10-2008)

Rape Accused Still In Job

A Naturopath charged with raping clients is still offering massages to women.
Last month detectives arrested Armadale man Michael Wilson, 51, and charged him with 11 counts of rape and 16 of indecent assault after two former clients complained to police.
Mr Wilson is booking clients for appointments, taking on new clients and spruiking his ability to fix back ailments.
When twice approached by the Herald Sun posing as prospective clients, Mr Wilson said he was still personally treating patients although he acknowledged there had been some "trouble".
He said he used a variety of techniques to treat his patients, including massage. He did not declare charges of sexual assault were pending.
Mr Wilson said he was still working by saying, "Yes, sort of," before hanging up.
Mr Wilson, who treated many celebrity clients, allegedly abused the women at his Prahran clinic.
Detectives are investigating whether Mr Wilson, who works at Melbourne Complementary Medicine, used hypnosis and filmed or photographed clients.
During a search of the clinic, police seized a computer and a list containing clients' names.
Acting Det-Sgt Eddie Logonder said Mr Wilson's bail conditions did not prevent him working and there was no legislation or regulatory body to suspend him until the case is heard by a court.
Mr Wilson is a member of the Complementary Medicine Association, which has posted a statement on its website that one of its members is facing a court matter.
Mr Wilson is not named on the website and the nature of the charges is not declared, although it states "we are monitoring this matter very closely".
A spokesman for the association said it did not have the power to stop practitioners working.
Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association committee member George Perdomo said anybody could work as a naturopath.
He said Mr Wilson was not a member of the association and naturopaths were not answerable to any regulatory body.
"At the moment, because there is no regulation, anybody can hang a shingle out the door saying they're a naturopath," he said. Naturopaths were campaigning for national registration.
The charges against Mr Wilson are listed for a preliminary mention in Melbourne Magistrates' Court on January 22.

Herald Sun (17-11-2006)
Anthony Dowsley/ Shannon McRae

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