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Name: Michael John Coulbourn

Age: 52 yrs old (2011)

State: TAS- Moonah

Sentence: Sentenced in the Supreme Court of TAS in August 2008 to 5 1/2yrs jail/ 3 yrs non parole. Sentence was appealed in September 2009 and Colbourn was released after serving 15months jail...

Offence/Other: Pleaded guilty to 1 count of using a carriage service to access child pornography material/ 1 count of possessing child exploitation material Police raided Colbourns home and found 145,000 child pornography images of children some as young as 6 months. Former public servant. Judge described images as' disturbing and disgusting. Colbourn was arrested with 11 other Australians as part of an International FBI operation.

Michael Colbourn

Child-Porn Man Free

The man sent to jail for one of the biggest child pornography seizures in Tasmanian history is free.
He served just 15 months of his 5-year sentence and before he had completed a program designed to reform sex offenders.
His appeal was successful because the Supreme Court found the sentence excessive.
The case was described as one of the worst of its kind to come before a Tasmanian court and involved images of children as young as six months old.
Former Hobart public servant Michael John Coulbourn was caught as part of an international sting in 2007.
He was found in possession of 145,000 pornographic images involving children aged between six months and 15 years engaged in sexual activity with adults. The images involved nudity, abuse and animals.
In sentencing Coulbourn in August last year Justice Shan Tennant described the images the 50-year-old Moonah man had downloaded as disturbing and disgusting.
"They degraded children in every imaginable way," she said.
"You clearly gave little thought to the harm the industry you supported can create."
Coulbourn was caught along with 11 other Australians when the FBI uncovered his identity by posting fake messages on a website dedicated to child pornography.
The FBI passed Coulbourn's details on to the Australian Federal Police who raided his house in March 2007.
Despite Justice Tennant giving Coulbourn a non-parole period of three years and ordering he be listed on the sex offenders' register for five years, yesterday he walked from the Supreme Court of Tasmania a free man.
Coulbourn appealed in September this year and appeared before Chief Justice Ewan Crawford and Justices Alan Blow and David Porter.
The appeal was upheld yesterday on the grounds the sentence was "manifestly excessive" and Justice Tennant had erred in her judgment.
The appeal court took the position that the personal viewing of material the defendant had not paid for and simply downloaded did not warrant such a severe penalty compared to someone actually producing the material.
Coulbourn's release has angered child-abuse campaigners who labelled the decision as "appalling" and "crazy".
Beyond Abuse spokesman Steve Fisher said there was an urgent need to reform Tasmania's laws dealing with child-sex offenders.
"Just when you think the sentencing laws are getting tougher this happens and a guy walks from jail with a slap on the wrist," Mr Fisher said.
"Think of those images and how he must have obtained it. He is creating a market.
"People who deal in this stuff are just as guilty as the ones who make it."
Liberal justice spokeswoman Vanessa Goodwin reiterated calls for all sex offenders serving a prison sentence to participate in a treatment program and be provided with support after release.
"That is what the community expects. It is also in the best interests of the offender," Dr Goodwin said.
The Tasmanian Law Reform Institute has recommended a similar course of action.

www.themercury.com.au (11-12-2009)
Damien Brown

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