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Age: 49 yrs old (2011)


Sentence: Sentenced 12-11-2004 in the WA District Court to an indefinite jail sentence for an attack on 2 girls.

Offence/Other: Repeat Offender..Victims were a 14 yr old girl and an 8 yr old girl. This time McGarry attacked a 14 yr old girl school girl, (who was walking to school) after dragging her off the path. The assault included McGarry,tearing the girls clothes off and blindfolding her. Long history of sex offences dating back to the mid 1980’s. Priors include aggravated sexual assault (21 counts)/ wilful exposure and indecent dealing. Jailed for close to 8yrs for sexually assaulting 2 girls (8-10 yrs old) in the 1990’s/ Jailed 1998 to indefinite jail term for masturbating in front of an 11 yr old girl- Released September 2001 after a High Court ruling... Judge Michael Muller said McGarry posed a serious threat to society and should be locked up indefinitely...

Michael McGarry

Sex menace Michael McGarry a 'serious danger' - Supreme Court judge

Sex monster: Repeat sex offender Michael McGarry will remain behind bars indefinitely after a Supreme Court judge ruled he is a 'serious danger' to the community.

Serial sex offender Michael McGarry will stay behind bars indefinitely after a Supreme Court judge ruled he continues to pose a "serious danger'' to the community. In Justice Stephen Hall's judgment on McGarry's annual review, released today, he said McGarry's risk of re-offending could not be managed by way of a community supervision order. "It is clear on the evidence that Mr McGarry remains a serious danger to the community," he said. McGarry, 50, has been convicted of numerous child sex offences since 1985 and is being held in prison indefinitely under WA's Dangerous Sex Offender laws. He is one of a handful of WA prisoners held under the tough legislation, designed to keep notorious sex offenders behind bars. In 2009, McGarry was released on a community supervision order but was arrested within days after breaching the strict conditions. During his annual prisoner review last month, the Supreme Court was told he had received psychiatric treatment and was taking anti-libidinal medication, though he had reported he had halved the amount of medication he was taking because of the drug's side-effects. The court also heard police had raised concerns about where McGarry would live if released. McGarry will be reviewed again next year.

PerthNow (20-9-2012)
Katie Robertson

Sex offender Michael McGarry loses bid for early release review

Serial sex offender Michael McGarry has failed in his bid to have his indefinite term of detention reviewed this year.
Michael Alexander McGarry applied to the Supreme Court to have his ongoing detention under WA’s dangerous sex offender laws reviewed this August.
But the State Director of Public Prosecutions argued the review should not take place until August next year, a year after his earliest possible release date.
Mr McGarry committed sex offences against women and girls in the mid-1980s and completed a five-year jail term in January 2009.
He was sent back to prison just days after being released for breaching strict orders which were imposed on him when he was freed from jail.
He was sentenced to an additional 18-months prison last year for two previous sex offences committed against children in the 1990s and in 2003.
This morning Justice John McKechnie ruled the first annual review of Mr McGarry’s ongoing detention would be held on a date after August 4 2012.
Mr McGarry’s lawyer David McKenzie had argued that when the continuing detention order was handed down in September 2009, Mr McGarry was not serving a term of imprisonment and therefore was not in custody.
Justice McKechnie rejected the argument.
“There is a distinct difference between in custody and imprisonment,” Justice McKechnie said.
“A person may be detained in custody for many purposes. A person who was arrested by police is in lawful custody.
“The Dangerous Sex Offenders (DSO) Act itself provides another example as illustrated in this case.”

www.perthnow.com.au (19-5-2011)
Phil Hickey

Paedophile fights for jail term review

Notorious paedophile Michael Alexander McGarry is embroiled in a legal stoush with State prosecutors over when his indefinite jail term for predatory Behaviour against children should be reviewed by the Supreme Court.
McGarry, 49, wants the Supreme Court to review his ongoing detention under the State's dangerous sex offender laws in August this year, 12 months before prosecutors say his case should be reconsidered.
McGarry's case sparked heated community debate when the Supreme Court granted his release in August 2009 on a supervision order which included 52 conditions, including a curfew, limited access to shopping centres and a ban on contact with children.
He was arrested less than 10 days after his release for breaching two of the conditions, which included meeting one of his victims four days after he was allowed to return to the community.
In February last year, McGarry was sentenced to a further 18 months jail for two historic sex offences committed against children in 1994 and 2003. The offences came to light after his supervised release was granted.
In the Supreme Court this morning, prosecutor Tom Scutt said McGarry's indefinite detention should not be reviewed until August next year.
Mr Scutt said the order would only become due for a review a year after his earliest release date on the additional jail term imposed in February.
But defence lawyer David McKenzie said McGarry argued that the review should be conducted in August this year.
Justice John McKechnie said the question would need to be resolved by the court and adjourned the case until May.

The West Australian (30-3-2011)
Amanda Banks

Sex Fiend Locked Away Again

Sexual deviant Michael Alexander McGarry was jailed indefinitely yesterday after a District Court juge ruled he would remain a danger to society if released.
The 43-year-old compulsive sex offender has the rare distinction of being given "the key"- prison jargon for indefinite terms- twice for different sex attacks.
In 1998, then District Court chief judge Kevin Hammond imposed an indefinite term on top of McGarry's five-year term for masturbating in front of an 11-year-old girl he tracked down after her photograph appeared in a local newspaper.
But in September 2001, he walked free after the High Court ruled indefinite terms should be ordered only sparingly and in clear-cut cases.
Seven months later McGarry grabbed a 14-year-old girl who was walking to school on an isolated footpath in Bull Creek. He dragged her into bush, tore her clothes off and masturbated in front of her.
McGarry had a shocking record of sex offences dating back to 1985, including aggravated sexual assault, indecent dealing, wilful exposure and having evil designs.
His offences escalated in the early 1990s and he was jailed for nearly eight years for sexually abusing a 10-year-old girl.
In sentencing, Judge Michael Muller said was possible McGarry, formerly of Palmyra, could be helped by intensive long-term treatment involving a mixture of hormones to suppress sex drive, anti-depressants and one-on-one counselling.
It was essential that McGarry undergo compulsory post-release supervision and treatment but he could not enforce it.
"He would be free in the community with no supervision or treatment plan in place," Judge Muller said.
"In that situation the risk of his reoffendng seriously is exceptionally high."
He sentenced McGarry to four years jail and refused parole before imposing an indefinite sentence on top.

The West Australian (13-11-2004)
David Darragh

Perth Paedophile Jailed Indefinitely

ONE of Western Australia's worst paedophiles, branded a sexual predator of young girls for almost two decades, was today jailed indefinitely for the second time in six years today.
Michael Alexander McGarry, now 43, had already been sentenced to an indefinite jail term in 1998 but was released in 2001 after the High Court quashed the ruling.
Within months, McGarry was arrested after an attack on a 14-year-old Rossmoyne schoolgirl, who was bundled to the ground and stripped naked from the waist down before McGarry performed an indecent act beside her.
Passing sentence in the District Court today for this attack, and another on an eight-year-old girl in a Perth park, Judge Michael Muller said McGarry posed a serious threat to society and should be locked up indefinitely.
"I am satisfied that if released at the end of the nominal sentence, the offender ... would engage in conduct the consequences of the commission of which would properly be called grave or serious for society as a whole," Judge Muller said in his written decision.
Handing down a three-year concurrent jail term for the two attacks, Judge Muller used his discretion saying he was not willing to give McGarry parole.
Without the provision of parole McGarry could not be compelled to undergo treatment on his release.
"He would be free in the community with no supervision or treatment plan in place. In that situation the risk of his re-offending seriously is exceptionally high," Judge Muller said.
"It simply cannot be allowed to happen."
At a hearing earlier this month, the court was told by psychologists that despite completing sex offender treatments in jail, just six months after his release McGarry dragged the 14-year-old schoolgirl into bushland, stripped her and then blindfolded her with her own clothes, before masturbating to ejaculation.
Judge Muller today described the attack on the teenager as "depraved and disgusting".
"It is understandable how she must have feared the very worst," Judge Muller said. "Her inability to see what was happening must have made the situation even more terrifying."
McGarry's history of sex offending prompted the judge who imposed the indefinite sentence in 1998, then District Court Chief Justice Kevin Hammond, to rule him a danger to the community.
His first conviction, for an act of wilful exposure, was recorded in 1985 and a similar offence later that year led to a three-month jail term.
In 1991, there followed convictions for 21 aggravated indecent assaults, four counts of aggravated sexual assault, and seven counts of wilful exposure, involving two girls aged eight and 10 years-old.
The offence for which McGarry received his first indefinite sentence involved him tracking down an 11-year-old girl, whose picture had appeared in a local newspaper.
After using the telephone directory to find her home address, he went to the house, knocked on the window and performed an indecent act in front of the girl, and her 14-year-old sister.

AAP (12-11-2004)
Tim Clarke

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