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The purpose of this website/ information is to promote public awareness/ protection, prevent you and those close to you from the potential dangers posed by individuals who have committed sex offences in the past and to deter sex offenders from offending/re-offending. Any criminal actions taken by persons against these offenders, may result in arrest and prosecution of those persons.

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Help Us Find This Evil Man

PARENTS PLEA FOR HELP TO FIND EVIL CRIMINAL- As parents of the child who was sexually assaulted in the Myer Centre toilets on June 21, we would like to appeal to the public to help us find the criminal who did this.
Over the last week both us and our family have listened to the media have their say when what was supposed to happen was a Crime Stoppers press release to help us find the man who did this.
We are disturbed that this tragic event in our sons' life has turned into political agenda to sell newspapers and have better ratings on talkback radio.
We find it appalling that in all the stories published and all the talk on the radio, not one line has been printed, not one sentence uttered about having the public help us find this man who violated our son.
It is very hard for a 14- year- old boy to discuss with anyone what this man has put him through.
Our son had the courage to confide in the appropriate people what had happened to him that morning on his way to school, and it seems certain members of the media are more focused on how the police should do their job, when they are obviously not aware of what the police do and how they investigate this sort of crime.
We would like to appeal to parents and boys if you or your child has experienced this and you have not reported this to the police please don't hesitate to report it as the police are working very hard to find these criminals.
As a family we have been through two house break- ins, and our son being assaulted, all within eight weeks of each other. The police need community support to find the criminals in our society who do things like this.
It seems to have been forgotten that it is the criminals who make the wrong choices, not the people who are working hard to make our communities safer, we beg you, if you think you recognise the picture of the man in the paper, or think you may have any information which you might even think is the tiniest information that would help us find this person, please ring the police.
If you see something you think is suspicious in your neighbourhoods or shopping centres, report it to police.
Talk to your children and make sure mothing has happened to them and if it has, report it.
The police are working to find these criminals, if they go the media one day or four weeks after the event it is because they made an important decision about when to do that with good reasons.
Radio morning hosts, ask why the parents didn't go the media the next day, well, the answer is because we were busy supporting and helping our son get through this terrible time, as you would have done if you were in our shoes.
Quite frankly, we can't understand anyone even asking a question like that.
So we ask you, let's focus on coming together as a community as a whole and help the police, we all need to come together to find these criminals not pull each other down which means in the long run the criminals win.
Please help us find this man...Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000.

Adelaide Advertiser (29-7-2004)
Parents of the victim

Identikit of suspect
Victim- 14yr old boy



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Police Sound Alarm An Entire Month Too Late

ADELAIDE CIB released details yesterday of two sexual assaults in the city - one on a 14- year- old boy more than a month ago.
Police suspect one of the offenders "has done it before" and that there may be another victim from the second assault.
A police spokesman said the public wasn't warned about the assaults as "police were following positive lines of inquiry" at the time, despite both assaults occurring in one of the city's busiest shopping precincts.
The public was only advised yesterday that those lines of inquiry "did not come to fruition". "At this stage those investigations have come to a standstill," Detective Senior Constable Dion Stendt said.
"We're now appealing to the public, to gather more evidence or more information in the matter," he said.
Yet in Sydney police took only about a day to warn the public a five- year- old boy had been lured into a suburban shopping centre toilet where he was sexually assaulted on Monday.
The Adelaide assaults occurred in public toilets in the Rundle Mall area - one in the Myer Centre, prompting extra security guards in the centre, and the other in James Place "I find it very alarming that that can happen at that time of day ... that that can happen especially in a large shopping centre - somebody may have seen someone acting suspiciously," Det Sen-Const Stendt said.
The first Adelaide assault happened around 8.30am on Monday, June 21. The 14- year- old boy, on his way to school, went into the toilets of the food court in the Myer Centre.
He was confronted by a man holding a knife who threatened him and held him in a locked cubicle for more than an hour while he was sexually assaulted before being able to escape and call police.
"Whether that is because the offender allowed him to leave or because somebody else was coming into the toilet, that's speculation, I don't know," Det. Sen- Const Stendt said.
"I do suspect this person has done it before and may well have been waiting," he said.
The offender is described as being aged in his 30s, 183cm tall with short, brown hair. The man was wearing a blue jumper with black nylon "Adidas" brand track pants. On July 9, in what police believe is an unrelated incident, a woman aged in her 20s entered the public toilets in James Place about 7pm.
She was pushed back into the cubicle she emerged from and was indecently assaulted. The woman fought her attacker and managed to escape.
We believe a second female entered the toilets just after this incident and may well have witnessed the male or has been assaulted herself," Det Sen- Const Stendt said.
Last seen walking along James Place towards Grenfell St, the second offender is described as being 180cm tall with a slim build. He had short red hair and a trimmed red beard.
At the time of the assault, he was wearing a light blue beanie, blue jumper and jeans.
Police said no surveillance footage was available that clearly showed either offender.

Adelaide Advertiser (22-7-2004)
Sam Riches

Identikit of suspect
Victim- 14yr old boy

Identikit of suspect
Victim- Woman in her 20s

Our Responsibility To Victims

AS a community, we have a responsibility to acknowledge the plea of the family of a young boy, barely out of puberty, who was the victim of a brazen and violent attack by a sexual deviant in the toilets at the Myer Centre on June 31.
This act was the ultimate in human depravity and the perpetrator must be brought to justice.
As most criminal acts are solved through public co- operation, this case must he no exception, as a very clear identikit image of the offending fiend has been made available.
Let us hope and pray that the freedom of this morally corrupted creature who has forfeited the right to human status will be short- lived. The 14- year- old victim will carry the psychological scars of this terrible experience for the rest of his life and while the offender is still part of society no youngster can feel safe and secure from similar crimes even in the sanctity of their homes.
It is right and proper that in the absence of capital punishment, the individual responsible should, in the event of being caught, be jailed for life because he has forfeited bis right to freedom. The hearts of all in the community will, I am sure, go out to the victim and the family.

V.P Munt (SA)

Several Leads In Inquiry (29-7-2004)


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